The Declaration Of Animal Rights

SINCE THE DAWN OF HUMANITY, there remains a group so persistently abused and marginalized, that their suffering is ingrained in our everyday lives. If animals could freely talk, their chorus of cries would drown out every other sound in the world. We are all animals. We are all living, breathing beings who share the same Earth. We all feel pain and suffer when we are hurt or deprived of our lives, our families, our freedom. We all have the right to experience kindness, compassion and dignity. We believe in the kinship of all beings, and the possibility for us to coexist in peace and harmony on planet Earth.

CONSIDERING that all living beings on planet Earth came originally from the same source, and follow the same evolutional principles;

CONSIDERING that all living beings on planet Earth inhabit the same lands, seas and air, and therefore share them and their resources to live within, and to live off of, comprising one ecological system;

CONSIDERING that all living beings possess the same basic needs: to survive, to seek happiness and pleasure and avoid pain, to live comfortably, to procreate, create families and other social structures;

CONSIDERING that all living beings, as known to humankind, are sentient beings, and therefore can feel pain, pleasure, sensations, feelings and emotions;

CONSIDERING that the human species is only one of millions of animal species, and comprises a minute minority in number, compared to the billions of animals living on this planet;


  1. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all beings are created equal, and have a right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of their Happiness.
  2. Therefore, all animals have the same natural right to exist, as any other living being.
  3. All animals have the right to be free, to live their lives on their own terms, as intended by nature.
  4. All animals have the right to eat, sleep, be physically and psychologically comfortable, be mobile, healthy, safe, and fulfill all their natural and essential needs. As such, all animals are to be free from hunger, thirst, and malnutrition; physical discomfort and exhaustion; confinement against their will, bad treatment, abusive or cruel actions; pain, injury and disease; fear and distress; and free to express their normal patterns of behavior.
  5. All animals have the right to reproduce, live with their offspring, families, tribes or communities, and maintain a natural social life. They have the right to live in their natural environment, grow to a rhythm natural to their species, and maintain a life that corresponds to their natural longevity.
  6. Animals are not the property or commodity of humans, and are not theirs to use for their benefit or sustenance. Therefore, they are to be free from slavery, exploitation, oppression, victimization, brutality, abuse, and any other treatment that disregards their safety, own free will and dignity. They should not be slaughtered for food, killed for their skins, experimented on, killed for religious purposes, used for forced labor, abused and killed for sport and entertainment, abused for commercial profit, hunted, persecuted or exterminated for human pleasure, need, or other ends.
  7. Humans shall do whatever is within their means to protect all animals. Any animal who is dependent on a human, has the right to proper sustenance and care, and shall not be neglected, abandoned, or killed.
  8. Animals who have died must be treated with respect and dignity, as humans are.
  9. We call for the protection of these rights. They must be recognized and defended by law, as human rights are. Any act which compromises the wellbeing or survival of an animal or species, or jeopardizes, contradicts, or deprives an animal or species of the rights listed above, should be deemed a crime, and should be punished accordingly.

   IN WITNESS THEREOF, this Declaration is hereby signed today, Sunday, June 5th 2011, The First    National Animal Rights Day, in the City of New York, The United States of America.

(Original text written by Aylam Orian and anonymous, and edited by Aylam Orian and Zelda Penzel)

La Declaración de los Derechos de los Animales

DESDE EL COMIENZO DE LA HUMANIDAD quedó un grupo tan persistentemente maltratado y marginalizado que su sufrimiento permanece profundamente arraigado en nuestra vida cotidiana. Si los animales pudiesen hablar libremente, su coro de gritos ahogaría cualquier otro sonido del mundo. Todos somos animales. Todos nosotros somos seres que respiramos y compartimos la misma Tierra. Todos sentimos dolor y sufrimos cuando nos lastiman o nos privan de nuestra vida, de nuestra familia, nuestra libertad. Todos tenemos el derecho a experimentar la bondad, la compasión y la dignidad. Nosotros creemos en el parentesco de todos los seres, y en la posibilidad de que convivamos en paz y armonía en el planeta Tierra.

CONSIDERANDO que todo ser viviente del planeta Tierra proviene originalmente de la misma fuente, y que seguimos los mismos principios evolutivos;

CONSIDERANDO que todo ser viviente del planeta Tierra habita las mismas tierras, los mismos mares y el mismo aire, y que por tanto, compartimos los mismos recursos que necesitamos para vivir, formando un sistema ecológico;

CONSIDERANDO que todo ser viviente posee las mismas necesidades: las de sobrevivir, buscar la felicidad y el placer y evitar el sufrimiento, de vivir cómodamente, reproducirse y formar familias y otras estructuras sociales;

CONSIDERANDO que todo ser viviente, tal y como conoce la humanidad, es un ser sensible, y por lo tanto, siente dolor, placer, sensaciones, sentimientos y emociones;

CONSIDERANDO que la especie humana es sólo una de las millones de especies de animales que existen, y que forma una minoría en comparación a los miles de millones de animales que viven en este planeta;


  1. Consideramos que estas verdades son evidentes por sí mismas, que todos los seres son creados iguales, con derecho a la Vida, Libertad y la búsqueda de su Felicidad.
  2. Por consiguiente, todos los animales tienen el mismo derecho innato a existir, como cualquier otro ser viviente.
  3. Todos los animales tienen derecho a ser libres, a vivir sus vidas en sus propios términos según la intención de la naturaleza.
  4. Todos los animales tienen derecho a comer, dormir, estar física y psicológicamente cómodos, poder moverse y mantenerse sano y a salvo, para satisfacer sus necesidades naturales y esenciales. Como tales, todos los animales han de ser libres del hambre, de la sed y de la desnutrición; del agotamiento y del malestar físico; del confinamiento contra su voluntad, malos tratos, actos abusivos o crueles; dolor, lesiones y enfermedades; miedo y angustia; y poder manifestar los patrones naturales de su comportamiento.
  5. Todos los animales tienen derecho a reproducirse, vivir con sus propias crías, familias, tribus o comunidades y mantener una vida social natural. Tienen el derecho a vivir en su ambiente natural, de crecer al ritmo natural de su especie, y que la duración de su vida corresponda a su longevidad natural.
  6. Los animales no son propiedades ni productos de los humanos, ni les pertenecen para su beneficio o sustento. Por lo tanto, los animales deben ser libres de esclavitud, explotación, opresión, victimización, persecución, brutalidad, abuso y cualquier otro trato que desconsidere su seguridad, propia voluntad y dignidad. No deben ser matados para ser usados como alimento, matados por sus pieles, ser sometidos a experimentos, matados por fines religiosos, utilizados para trabajos forzados, abusados y matados en deportes o por entretemiento, abusados por beneficios comerciales, cazados, perseguidos o exterminados por placer humano, necesidad u otros fines.
  7. Los humanos deben hacer lo que esté a su alcance para proteger a todos los animales. Cualquier animal que dependa de un humano tiene derecho a un sustento apropiado y ser cuidado y no será desatendido, abandonado o matado.
  8. Los animales que hayan fallecido deben ser tratados con respeto y dignidad, igual que los humanos.
  9. Hacemos un llamamiento para la protección de estos derechos. Deben ser reconocidos y defendidos por ley, como lo son los derechos humanos. Cualquier acto que ponga en peligro el bienestar o la supervivencia de un animal o una especie, o que perjudique, contradiga o prive a un animal o especie de los derechos mencionados anteriormente debe ser considerado un crimen, y por tanto, deberá ser castigado acordemente.

   EN FE LO CUAL, esta Declaración se suscribe hoy, domingo, 5 de junio de 2011. El Primer Día Nacional    de los Derechos Animales, en la ciudad de Nueva York de los Estados Unidos de América.

(Spanish translation made by Marissa López Pérez, and edited by Jose Valle)

La Déclaration des Droits des Animaux

DEPUIS L’AUBE DE L’HUMANITÉ, il demeure un groupe tellement maltraité et marginalisé, que leur souffrance est enracinée dans notre vie de tous les jours. Si les animaux pouvaient parler librement, leurs cris en chœur engloutiraient tout autre son dans le monde. Nous sommes tous des animaux. Nous sommes tous des êtres vivants qui respirent le même air, et partagent la même terre. Nous ressentons tous la douleur et souffrons tous lorsque nous sommes blessés ou privés de notre vie, de notre famille, de notre liberté. Nous avons tous le droit de connaître la gentillesse, la compassion et la dignité. Nous croyons en un lien de parenté entre tous les êtres, et en la possibilité pour nous de coexister dans la paix et l’harmonie sur la planète Terre.

CONSIDÉRANT que tous les êtres vivants sur la planète Terre proviennent à l’origine de la même souche, et suivent les mêmes principes de l’évolution;

CONSIDÉRANT que tous les êtres vivants sur la planète Terre ont en commun les mêmes terres, mers et atmosphère, et partagent par conséquent les mêmes ressources pour vivre, le tout constituant un seul écosystème;

CONSIDÉRANT que tous les êtres vivants possèdent les mêmes besoins fondamentaux: survivre, rechercher du bonheur et du plaisir, éviter la douleur, vivre confortablement, procréer, créer des familles et d’autres organisations sociales;

CONSIDÉRANT, d’après les connaissances humaines, que tous les êtres vivants sont des êtres sentients, et peuvent donc ressentir la douleur, le plaisir, les sensations, les sentiments et les émotions;

CONSIDÉRANT que l’espèce humaine est seulement une parmi des millions d’espèces animales, et constitue une infime minorité en nombre, comparée aux milliards d’animaux vivant sur cette planète;


  1. Nous tenons pour évidentes les vérités suivantes : tous les êtres sont créés égaux, et ont un droit à la vie, à la liberté et à la recherche du bonheur.
  2. Par conséquent, chaque animal possède le même droit naturel d’exister, comme tout autre être vivant.
  3. Tous les animaux ont le droit d’être libre, de vivre leurs vies selon leurs propres termes, comme prévu par la nature.
  4. Tous les animaux ont le droit de manger, dormir, être physiquement et psychologiquement à l’aise, être libre de mouvement, en bonne santé, en sécurité, et en mesure de satisfaire tous leur besoins naturels et essentiels. En tant que tel, tous les animaux doivent être exempts de faim, de soif, et de malnutrition; d’inconfort et d’épuisement; de captivité forcée, de mauvais traitements, d’actes abusifs et cruels; de douleur, de blessures et de maladies; de peur et de détresse; et doivent être libres d’exprimer leur schéma comportemental normal.
  5. Tous les animaux ont le droit de se reproduire, de vivre avec leurs descendances, familles, tribus ou communautés, et de conserver une vie sociale naturelle. Ils ont le droit de vivre dans leur environnement naturel, de grandir à un rythme correspondant au rythme naturel de leur espèce, et d’avoir une durée de vie qui correspond à leur longévité naturelle.
  6. Les animaux ne sont pas des propriétés ou des biens-objets à la disposition des humains, et ils ne sont pas leur à des fins de profit personnel ou de subsistance. Par conséquent, ils doivent être libérés de toute forme d’esclavage, d’exploitation, d’oppression, de représailles, de brutalité, de maltraitance, et de tout autre traitement qui méprise leur sécurité, leur libre arbitre et leur dignité. Ils ne doivent pas être abattus dans un but alimentaire, tués pour leur peau, sujets d’expérimentations, tués pour des raisons religieuses, utilisés pour des travaux forcés, maltraités et tués pour le sport et le divertissement, exploités dans un but de profit commercial, chassés, persécutés ou exterminés pour le plaisir humain, pour son besoin ou pour d'autres fins.
  7. Les humains doivent faire tout ce qui est en leur pouvoir pour protéger tous les animaux. Chaque animal qui dépend de l’humain, a droit à un entretien et à des soins attentifs, et ne doit pas être négligé, abandonné, ou tué.
  8. Les animaux décédés doivent être traités dans le respect et la dignité, tout comme les humains le sont.
  9. Nous appelons à la protection de ces droits. Ils doivent être reconnus et défendus par la loi, au même titre que les droits humains. Tout acte qui compromet le bien-être ou la survie d’un animal ou d’une espèce, ou met en péril, va à l’encontre ou prive un animal ou une espèce des droits énoncés ci-dessus, doit être considéré comme un crime, et doit être puni en conséquence.

   EN FOI DE QUOI, cette déclaration est signée aujourd’hui, dimanche 5 juin 2011, La Première Journée    Nationale des Droits des Animaux, dans la ville de New York, Etats-Unis d’Amérique.

(French translation made by Lionel Rouge, and edited by Aylam Orian)

La Dichiarazione Dei Diritti Animali

DAGLI ALBORI DELL'UMANITÀ, permane un gruppo così persistentemente maltratto ed emarginato, la cui sofferenza è radicata nella nostra quotidianità. Se gli animali potessero parlare liberamente, il coro delle loro grida sovrasterebbe ogni altro suono nel mondo.Siamo tutti animali. Siamo tutti esseri viventi, vitali, che condividono la stessa Terra. Proviamo tutti dolore e soffriamo quando ci viene fatto del male o quando veniamo privati delle nostre vite, delle nostre famiglie, della nostra libertà. Abbiamo tutti il diritto di provare gentilezza, compassione e dignità. Crediamo nell'affinità di tutti gli esseri viventi, e nella possibilità di coesistere in pace e in armonia sul pianeta Terra.

CONSIDERATO che tutti gli esseri viventi sul pianeta Terra hanno origine dalla stessa fonte e seguono gli stessi principi evolutivi;

CONSIDERATO che tutti gli esseri viventi sul pianeta Terra vivono nelle stesse terre, negli stessi mari e nella stessa aria e quindi condividono le stesse risorse per sopravvivere, formando un sistema ecologico unico;

CONSIDERATO che tutti gli esseri viventi hanno gli stessi bisogni di base: quello di sopravvivere, di cercare la felicità e il piacere e di evitare il dolore, di vivere comodamente, di procreare, di creare famiglie e altre strutture sociali;

CONSIDERATO che tutti gli esseri viventi, per per quel che conosce l'umanità, sono esseri senzienti e pertanto possono provare dolore, piacere, sensazioni, sentimenti ed emozioni;

CONSIDERATO che la specie umana è soltanto una delle milioni di specie animali e costituisce, per numero, una piccola minoranza in confronto ai miliardi di animali che abitano questo pianeta;


  1. Noi riteniamo le seguenti verità evidenti di per sé, che tutti gli esseri viventi sono stati creati uguali e hanno diritto alla Vita, alla Libertà e al perseguimento della loro Felicità.
  2. Pertanto, tutti gli animali hanno lo stesso diritto naturale di esistere, come qualsiasi altro essere vivente.
  3. Tutti gli animali hanno il diritto di essere liberi, di vivere la loro vita a modo loro, come la natura ha deciso.
  4. Tutti gli animali hanno il diritto di mangiare, di dormire, di essere fisicamente e psicologicamente a proprio agio e liberi di muoversi, di rimanere sani, di stare al sicuro, e di soddisfare tutti i loro bisogni naturali ed essenziali. Di conseguenza, tutti gli animali devono poter essere liberi da fame, sete e malnutrizione; da sofferenza e sfinimento; da reclusione involontaria, maltrattamento, azioni violente o crudeli; da dolore, lesioni e malattia; da paura e angoscia; e liberi di esprimere i loro normali modelli di comportamento.
  5. Tutti gli animali hanno il diritto di riprodursi, di vivere con i loro piccoli, le loro famiglie, tribù, o comunità e di sostenere una vita sociale naturale. Hanno il diritto di vivere nel loro ambiente naturale, crescere al ritmo normale della loro specie e vivere secondo la loro longevità naturale.
  6. Gli animali non sono né una proprietà né un bene degli esseri umani, e non appartengono loro per trarne beneficio e sostentamento. Pertanto, devono essere liberi da schiavitù, sfruttamento, oppressione, persecuzione, brutalità, maltrattamento o qualsiasi altro trattamento che trascuri la loro sicurezza, la loro volontà e la loro dignità. Non dovrebbero essere macellati per diventare cibo, uccisi per le loro pellicce, usati per esperimenti, uccisi per scopi religiosi, usati per il lavoro forzato, maltrattati e uccisi per sport e per divertimento o per trarre profitto commerciale; cacciati, perseguitati o sterminati per piacere, necessità o altri fini.
  7. Gli umani faranno il possibile per proteggere tutti gli animali. Qualsiasi animale che dipende da un umano ha il diritto al nutrimento e alle cure necessarie e non deve essere trascurato, abbandonato, o ucciso.
  8. Gli animali che muoiono devono essere trattati con rispetto e dignità, tanto quanto gli umani.
  9. Noi chiediamo la tutela di tali diritti; devono essere riconosciuti e difesi dalla legge, come lo sono i diritti umani. Qualsiasi atto che comprometta il benessere o la sopravvivenza di un animale o di una specie, che li metta in pericolo o li privi dei diritti elencati qui sopra dovrebbe essere ritenuto un reato ed essere punito come tale.

   IN FEDE DI CHE, la presente Dichiarazione è stata sottoscritta oggi, domenica 5 giugno 2011, prima    Giornata Nazionale dei Diritti Animali, nella città di New York, Stati Uniti d'America.

(Italian translation made by Alicia Andrews, and edited by Giulia Endrizzi)

Die Deklaration der Tierrechte

SEIT ANBEGINN DER MENSCHHEIT gibt es eine Gruppe, die derart missbraucht und marginalisiert wird, dass ihr Leid in unserem täglichen Leben tief verwurzelt ist. Wenn Tiere frei sprechen könnten, würde der Chor ihrer Schreie jeden anderen Laut dieser Welt übertönen. Wir sind alle Tiere. Wir sind alle lebende, atmende Lebewesen, die sich dieselbe Erde teilen. Wir alle fühlen Schmerz und Leiden, wenn wir verletzt, oder unseres Lebens, unserer Familien, unserer Freiheit beraubt werden. Wir haben alle das Recht, Güte, Mitgefühl und Würde zu erfahren. Wir glauben an die Verwandtschaft aller Lebewesen, und an die Möglichkeit für uns in Frieden und Harmonie auf dem Planeten Erde miteinander zu leben.

IN ANBETRACHT DER TATSACHE dass alle Lebewesen auf dem Planeten Erde ursprünglich von derselben Quelle stammten und den gleichen evolutionären Prinzipien folgten;

IN ANBETRACHT DER TATSACHE dass alle Lebewesen auf dem Planeten Erde, die gleichen Länder, die gleichen Gewässer, die gleiche Luft bevölkern und sie und ihre Ressourcen aufgrund dessen teilen, um darauf und davon zu leben in dem sie ein einziges ökologisches System bilden;

IN ANBETRACHT DER TATSACHE dass alle Lebewesen die gleichen Grundbedürfnisse haben: zu überleben, nach Glück und Freude zu streben und Schmerz zu vermeiden, sich wohlzufühlen, sich fortzupflanzen, Familien und andere soziale Strukturen zu bilden;

IN ANBETRACHT DER TATSACHE dass alle Lebewesen, soweit es der Menschheit bekannt ist, fühlende Wesen sind und deswegen Schmerz, Freude, Empfindungen, Gefühle und Emotionen wahrnehmen können;

IN ANBETRACHT DER TATSACHE dass die menschliche Spezies nur eine unter Milliarden Tieren ist und aus einer Minderzahl besteht im Vergleich zu den Milliarden Tieren auf diesem Planeten;


  1. Folgende Wahrheiten erachten wir als selbstverständlich, dass alle Lebewesen sind gleich geschaffen und haben ein Recht auf Leben, Freiheit und das Streben nach ihrem Glück.
  2. Deswegen haben alle Tiere das gleiche natürliche Recht zu existieren wie jedes andere Lebewesen.
  3. Alle Tiere haben das Recht auf Freiheit, ihr Leben nach ihren eigenen Bedingungen zu leben, wie von der Natur beabsichtigt.
  4. Alle Tiere haben das Recht zu essen, zu schlafen, sich körperlich und seelisch wohlzufühlen, beweglich, gesund, in Sicherheit zu sein und all ihre natürlichen und essentiellen Bedürfnisse zu erfüllen. Dementsprechend sollen alle Tiere frei von Hunger, Durst und Mangelernährung sein; frei von körperlichem Unwohlsein und Erschöpfung sein; frei von Einsperrung gegen ihren Willen, schlechter Behandlung, missbräuchlichen oder grausamen Taten sein; frei von Schmerz, Verletzung und Krankheit sein; frei von Angst und Not sein; und frei sein ihre normalen Verhaltensmuster auszudrücken.
  5. Alle Tiere haben das Recht sich fortzupflanzen, mit ihrem Nachwuchs, ihren Familien, Stämmen oder Gemeinschaften zu leben, und ein natürliches soziales Leben aufrechtzuerhalten. Sie haben das Recht in ihrer natürlichen Umgebung zu leben, in dem natürlichen Rythmus ihrer Spezies zu wachsen, und ein Leben aufrechtzuerhalten dass ihrer natürlichen Lebensdauer entspricht.
  6. Tiere sind nicht das Eigentum oder die Ware von Menschen, und gehören ihnen nicht um sie für ihre eigenen Zwecke zu benutzen oder ihnen als Nahrung zu dienen. Aus diesem Grund sollten sie frei von Sklaverei, Ausbeutung, Unterdrückung, Schikanierung, Brutalität, Missbrauch und jeder anderen Behandlung, die ihre Sicherheit, ihren eigenen freien Willen und ihre Würde missachtet. Sie sollten nicht für Nahrung geschlachtet, für ihre Haut getötet, für Experimente benutzt, aus religiösen Gründen getötet, für erzwungene Arbeit benutzt, missbraucht und aus Sport und zur Unterhaltung umgebracht, für kommerziellen Profit missbraucht, für das Vergnügen, den Bedarf oder andere Zwecke der Menschen, gejagt, verfolgt oder vernichtet werden.
  7. Menschen sollten alles tun, was in ihrer Macht steht, um alle Tiere zu schützen. Jedes Tier, das von einem Menschen abhängig ist, hat das Recht auf ordentliche Nahrung und Pflege und darf nicht vernachlässigt, allein gelassen oder umgebracht werden.
  8. Tiere, die gestorben sind, müssen mit Respekt und Würde behandelt werden, ebenso wie es Menschen widerfährt.
  9. Wir fordern den Schutz dieser Rechte. Sie müssen per Gesetz anerkannt und geschützt werden, wie es für Menschenrechte gilt. Jede Handlung, die das Wohl oder das Überleben eines Tieres oder einer Spezies kompromittiert, beziehungsweise gefährdet, ihm widerspricht oder es der oben aufgeführten Rechte beraubt, sollte als Verbrechen erachtet und dementsprechend verurteilt und bestraft werden.

   Somit wird diese Erklärung am Sonntag, dem 05. Juni 2011, dem ersten nationalen Tag der Tierrechte, in    der Stadt von New York, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, UNTER ZEUGEN unterschrieben.

(German translation made by Wanda Hausmann, and edited by Ute Hopfgartner and Oliver Gruber)

Декларация Прав Животных

С САМОГО ЗАРОЖДЕНИЯ ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСТВА остается группа живых существ, правами которой столь рьяно злоупотребляют и маргинализируют, что их страдания вошли в нашу повседневную жизнь. Если бы все животные могли говорить свободно, то хор их криков заглушил бы любые другие звуки в мире. Мы все являемся животными. Мы все есть живыми, дышащими существами, которые делят между собой Землю. Мы все чувствуем боль и страдаем, когда нам больно или нас лишают жизни, семьи, свободы. Мы все имеем право чувствовать доброту, сострадание и достоинство. Мы верим в родство всех живых существ, а также в возможность сосуществовать в мире и гармонии на планете Земля.

УЧИТЫВАЯ, что все живые существа на планете Земля были родом из одного источника и наследуют те же эволюционные принципы;

УЧИТЫВАЯ, что все живые существа на планете Земля населяют те же земли, моря и воздух, а следовательно и разделяют их и их ресурсы для существования и потребления, составляя единую экологическую систему;

УЧИТЫВАЯ, что все живые существа обладают теми же основными потребностями: выживать, стремиться к счастью и удовольствию и избегать боли, жить комфортно, рожать детей, создавать семьи и другие социальные структуры;

УЧИТЫВАЯ, что все известные человечеству живые существа чувствительны, а следовательно могут чувствовать боль, радость, чувства и эмоции;

УЧИТЫВАЯ, что человеческий вид является лишь одним из миллионов животных, и количественно в значительном меньшинстве при сравнении к миллиардам животных, населяющих эту планету;


  1. Мы считаем эти истины самоочевидны и не требующими доказательств, что все живые существа созданы равными и имеют право на Жизнь, Свободу и стремление к Счастью.
  2. Таким образом, все животные должны иметь такое же естественное право на существование, как и любое другое живое существо.
  3. Все животные имеют право быть свободными, жить своей жизнью на своих собственных условиях, как предназначено природой.
  4. Все животные имеют право есть, спать, чувствовать физический и психологический комфорт, свободно передвигаться, быть здоровыми, в безопасности, и осуществлять все свои природные и основные потребности. Таким образом, все животные имеют право на свободу от голода, жажды и недостаточности питания; от физического дискомфорта и усталости; от заключения против их воли, плохого обращения, оскорбительных или жестоких действий; от боли, травм и болезней, страха и горя, а также на свободу в выражении нормальной модели поведения.
  5. Все животные имеют право размножаться, жить со своими потомками, семьями, племенами или общинами и поддерживать естественную социальную жизнь; жить в своей естественной среде, расти в естественном ритме и поддерживать жизнь, что соответствует их естественной продолжительности жизни.
  6. Животные не являются собственностью или товаром для людей, и не мы не должны их использовать в свою пользу или как средства к существованию. Таким образом, они должны быть свободными от рабства, эксплуатации, угнетения, преследования, жестокости, насилия и любого другого поведения, что игнорирует их безопасность, собственную волю и достоинство. Они не должны быть забиты на продукты питания, убиты ради их шкур или по религиозным мотивам, использоваться в опытах или для принудительного труда, в насильственных или убийственных спортивных соревнованиях и развлечениях, коммерции, охоте, преследовании или уничтожении для человеческого удовольствия, потребностей или других целей .
  7. Люди должны делать все в пределах своих возможностей для защиты всех животных. Любое животное, зависящая от человека, имеет право на соответствующий уход и заботу и не должно быть беспризорным, брошеным или убитым.
  8. Животные, которые умерли, заслуживают уважительного и достойного отношения, как и к человеку.
  9. Мы призываем к защите этих прав. Они должны быть признаны и защищены законом, подобно правам человека. Любое действие, что ставит под угрозу благополучие или выживание животного или вида; что угрожает, противоречит или лишает животное или вид вышеупомянутых прав, следует считать преступлением, заслуживающим соответствующего наказания.

В УДОСТОВЕРЕНИЕ ЧЕГО, эта Декларация скреплена подписями сегодня, в воскресенье, 5 июня 2011, в первый национальный День прав животных в Нью-Йорк, Соединенных Штатах Америки.

(Russian translation made by Andrei Romanov, and edited by Annushka Kulichenko)

Declaração Dos Direitos Dos Animais

DESDE OS PRIMÓRDIOS DA HUMANIDADE, há ainda um grupo tão persistentemente abusado e marginalizado, que seu sofrimento está entranhado na nossa vida quotidiana. Se os animais pudessem falar, os seus gritos abafariam qualquer outro som no mundo. Nós todos somos animais. Nós todos somos seres que respiram e vivem e compartilham do mesmo planeta Terra. Nós todos sentimos dor e sofremos quando somos machucados ou privados de nossas vidas, nossas famílias, nossa liberdade. Nós todos têmos o direito de experimentar a bondade, a compaixão e dignidade. Nós acreditamos na afinidade entre todos os seres, e na possibilidade de que nós possamos conviver em paz e harmonia no planeta Terra.

CONSIDERANDO que todos os seres vivos no planeta Terra tem a mesma origem, e seguem os mesmos princípios evolutivos;

CONSIDERANDO que todos os seres vivos no planeta Terra habitam as mesmas terras, mares e ar, contidos em um mesmo sistema ecológico, compartilham de seus recursos para viver , e sobreviver;

CONSIDERANDO que todos os seres vivos possuem as mesmas necessidades básicas: para sobreviver, para procurar a felicidade e prazer e evitar a dor, para viver confortavelmente, para procriar, criar famílias e outras estruturas sociais;

CONSIDERANDO que todos os seres vivos, como são conhecidos pela humanidade, são seres sencientes, ou seja podem sentir dor, prazer, sensações, sentimentos e emoções;

CONSIDERANDO que a espécie humana é apenas uma das milhares de espécies de animais, e é composta por uma minoria em número, em comparação com os bilhões de animais que vivem neste planeta;


  1. Consideramos estas verdades como evidentes por si mesmas, que todos os seres são criados iguais, e têm o direito à Vida, Liberdade e a busca da sua Felicidade.
  2. Portanto, todos os animais têm o mesmo direito natural de existir, como qualquer outro ser vivo.
  3. Todos os animais têm o direito à liberdade, de viver suas vidas em seus próprios termos, como pretende a natureza.
  4. Todos os animais têm o direito de comer, dormir, estar fisicamente e psicologicamente confortável, se locomover, saudável, seguro, e cumprir todas as suas necessidades naturais e essenciais. Como tal, todos os animais devem estar livres de fome, sede e desnutrição; desconforto físico e exaustão; confinamento contra a sua vontade, mau tratamento, ações abusivas ou cruéis; dor, ferimentos e doenças; medo e angústia; e livre para expressar seus padrões normais de comportamento.
  5. Todos os animais têm o direito à reprodução, viver com seus descendentes, famílias, tribos ou comunidades, e manter uma vida social natural. Eles têm o direito de viver em seu ambiente natural, crescer a um ritmo natural de sua espécie, e manter uma vida que corresponda à sua longevidade natural.
  6. Os animais não são de propriedade ou mercadoria de seres humanos, e não são deles para usar em seu benefício ou sustento. Portanto, eles devem estar livres da escravidão, a exploração, a opressão, a vitimização, a brutalidade, o abuso, e qualquer outro tratamento que não respeita a sua segurança, livre e espontânea vontade e dignidade. Eles não devem ser abatidos para alimentação, mortos por suas peles, usados em experimentos científicos , mortos para fins religiosos, usados para trabalho forçado, abusados e mortos para o esporte e entretenimento, abusados para fins lucrativos, caçados, perseguidos ou exterminados para prazer humano, necessidade, ou outros fins.
  7. Os seres humanos devem fazer tudo o que está dentro de seu alcance para proteger todos os animais. Qualquer animal que é dependente de um ser humano, tem o direito de sustento e cuidados adequados, e não devem ser negligenciados, abandonados ou matados.
  8. Os animais que têm morrido devem ser tratados com respeito e dignidade, bem como os seres humanos o são.
  9. Apelamos para a proteção destes direitos. Eles devem ser reconhecidos e defendidos por lei, como os direitos humanos o são. Qualquer ato que compromete o bem-estar ou a sobrevivência de um animal ou espécie, põe em risco, contradiz, ou priva um animal ou uma espécie dos direitos listados acima, deve ser considerado um crime, e deve ser punido conformemente.

   EM FÉ DO QUE, esta declaração fica assinada hoje, Domingo, 5 de Junho de 2011, O Primeiro Dia    Nacional de Direitos Animais, na Cidade de Nova Iorque, dos Estados Unidos da América.

Декларація Прав Тварин

ІЗ САМОГО ЗАРОДЖЕННЯ ЛЮДСТВА залишається група живих створінь, правами якої настільки завзято зловживають та маргіналізують, що їхні страждання вкоренилися в наше повсякденне життя. Якби всі тварини могли говорити вільно, хор їхніх криків заглушив би будь-які інші звуки у світі. Ми всі є тваринами. Ми всі є живими, дихаючими істотами, які поділяють між собою Землю. Ми всі відчуваємо біль і страждаємо, коли нам боляче або нас позбавляють життя, родини, свободи. Ми всі маємо право відчувати доброту, співчуття та гідність. Ми віримо у спорідненість усіх живих істот, а також у можливість співіснувати у мирі і гармонії на планеті Земля.

ВРАХОВУЮЧИ, що всі живі істоти на планеті Земля були родом із одного джерела і наслідують ті ж еволюційні принципи;

ВРАХОВУЮЧИ, що всі живі істоти на планеті Земля населяють ті ж землі, моря та повітря, а отже і поділяють їх та їхні ресурси для існування та споживання, складаючи єдину екологічну систему;

ВРАХОВУЮЧИ, що всі живі істоти володіють тими ж основними потребами: виживати, прагнути щастя та задоволення і уникати болю, жити комфортно, народжувати дітей, створювати родини та інші соціальні структури;

ВРАХОВУЮЧИ, що всі відомі людству живі істоти є чутливими, а отже можуть відчувати біль, радість, почуття та емоції;

ВРАХОВУЮЧИ, що людський вид є лише одним із мільйонів тварин, і кількісно у значній меншості при порівнянні до мільярдів тварин, що населяють цю планету;


  1. Ми вважаємо всіх істот створеними рівними з невід’ємним правом на Життя, Свободу і прагненням до Щастя. Ці істини є самоочевидними; тобто такими, що не потребують доказів.
  2. Таким чином, всі тварини повинні мати таке ж природне право на існування, як і будь-яка інша жива істота.
  3. Всі тварини мають право бути вільними, жити своїм життям на своїх власних умовах, як призначено природою.
  4. Всі тварини мають право їсти, спати, відчувати фізичний та психологічний комфорт, вільно пересуватись, бути здоровими, у безпеці, і здійснювати всі свої природні і основні потреби. Таким чином, всі тварини мають право на свободу від голоду, спраги і недостатності харчування; від фізичного дискомфорту і втоми; від ув’язнення проти їхньої волі, поганого поводження, образливих або жорстоких дій; від болю, травм і хвороб, страху і горя, а також на свободу у вираженні своєї нормальної моделі поведінки.
  5. Всі тварини мають право розмножуватись, жити зі своїми нащадками, родинами, племенами або общинами і підтримувати природне соціальне життя; жити в своєму природному середовищі, зростати у природному ритмі і підтримувати життя, що відповідає їхній природній тривалості життя.
  6. Тварини не є власністю або товаром людей, не належать їм для використання у своїх потребах чи у якості засобу для існування. Таким чином, вони повинні бути вільними від рабства, експлуатації, гноблення, переслідування, жорстокості, насильства і будь-якого іншого поводження, що ігнорує їхню безпеку, власну волю та гідність. Вони не мають бути забиті на продукти харчування, вбиті заради їхніх шкур або з релігійних мотивів, використовуватись у дослідах або для примусової праці, у насильницьких або вбивчих спортивних змаганнях та розвагах, комерції, полюванні, переслідуванні або знищенні задля людського задоволення, потреб або інших цілей.
  7. Люди повинні робити все в межах своїх можливостей для захисту всіх тварин. Будь-яка тварина, залежна від людини, має право на відповідний догляд та турботу і не має бути безпритульною, кинутою або вбитою.
  8. Тварини, які померли, заслуговують шанобливого та гідного ставлення, як і до людини.
  9. Ми закликаємо до захисту цих прав. Вони повинні бути визнані і захищені законом, подібно до прав людини. Будь-яка дія, що ставить під загрозу благополуччя або виживання тварини або виду; що наражає на безпеку, суперечить або позбавляє тварину або вид вищезазначених прав, слід вважати злочином, що заслуговує на відповідне покарання.

   НА ПОСВІДЧЕННЯ ЦЬОГО Декларацію скріплено підписами сьогодні, у 31 серпня 2014 року,    перший національний День прав тварин в Україні, в місті Києві, Україна.

(Ukrainian translation made by Ivanna Kudina)

Deklaracja Praw Zwierząt

OD ZARANIA LUDZKOŚCI istnieje grupa tak uporczywie krzywdzona i spychana na margines, że jej cierpienie wrosło w nasze codzienne życie. Gdyby zwierzęta mogły mówić swobodnie, chóry ich krzyków zagłuszyłyby każdy inny dźwięk na świecie. Wszyscy jesteśmy zwierzętami. Wszyscy jesteśmy żyjącymi, oddychającymi istotami, które dzielą między sobą tę samą Ziemię. Wszyscy odczuwamy ból i cierpimy, gdy jesteśmy ranni lub pozbawiani naszego życia, naszych rodzin, naszej wolności. Wszyscy mamy prawo do doświadczania dobroci, współczucia i poczucia godności. Wierzymy w pokrewieństwo wszystkich istot oraz możliwość ich współistnienia w pokoju i harmonii na planecie Ziemi.

WOBEC TEGO że wszystkie żywe istoty na Ziemi pochodzą z tego samego źródła oraz podlegają tym samym prawom ewolucji;

WOBEC TEGO że wszystkie żywe istoty na Ziemi zamieszkują te same lądy, wody i powietrze, a tym samym korzystają wspólnie z ich zasobów, aby żyć i przeżyć, tworząc jeden ekosystem;

WOBEC TEGO że wszystkie żywe istoty posiadają te same podstawowe potrzeby: przetrwania, poszukiwania szczęścia i przyjemności, unikania bólu, wygodnego życia, prokreacji, tworzenia rodzin oraz innych struktur społecznych;

WOBEC TEGO że wszystkie żywe istoty, znane ludziom, są istotami odczuwającymi, a zatem mogą odczuwać ból, przyjemność, doznania zmysłowe, uczucia i emocje;

WOBEC TEGO że gatunek ludzki jest tylko jednym z milionów gatunków zwierząt i liczebnie stanowi znaczącą mniejszość w porównaniu do miliardów zwierząt żyjących na tej planecie;


  1. Uważamy następujące prawdy za oczywiste: wszystkie istoty są równe i mają prawo do Życia, Wolności oraz dążenia do Szczęścia.
  2. W związku z tym wszystkie zwierzęta mają takie samo naturalne prawo do istnienia, jak każda inna żywa istota.
  3. Wszystkie zwierzęta mają prawo do bycia wolnymi, do przeżywania swojego życia na własnych warunkach, w sposób zamierzony przez naturę.
  4. Wszystkie zwierzęta mają prawo do jedzenia, snu, ruchu, wygody fizycznej i psychicznej, zdrowia, bezpieczeństwa, jak również zaspakajania wszystkich swoich naturalnych i istotnych potrzeb. Jako takie, wszystkie zwierzęta powinny być wolne od głodu, pragnienia i niedożywienia; fizycznego dyskomfortu i wyczerpania; przetrzymywania w niewoli, złego traktowania, wykorzystywania lub okrucieństwa; bólu, urazów i chorób; strachu i cierpienia oraz powinny mieć możliwość swobodnej realizacji naturalnych dla siebie wzorców zachowania.
  5. Wszystkie zwierzęta mają prawo do prokreacji i reprodukcji, życia ze swoim potomstwem w rodzinach, plemionach lub wspólnotach oraz prowadzenia naturalnego życia społecznego. Mają prawo do życia w swoim naturalnym środowisku, rozwoju w rytmie naturalnym dla ich gatunku, a także do takiej długości życia, jaka odpowiada ich naturze.
  6. Zwierzęta nie są towarem ani własnością ludzi i nie są przeznaczone dla ludzkiej korzyści ani dla wspierania ludzkiej egzystencji. W związku z tym nie mogą być pozbawiane wolności, wyzyskiwane, uciskane, krzywdzone, prześladowane ani traktowane w jakikolwiek inny sposób lekceważący ich bezpieczeństwo, wolę czy godność. Nie powinny być zabijane na jedzenie, dla skór, w celach religijnych, używane do eksperymentów, zmuszane do pracy, eksploatowane i zabijane dla sportu ani rozrywki, wykorzystywane do celów komercyjnych, mordowane w czasie polowań, prześladowane ani tępione dla ludzkiej przyjemności, potrzeby lub innych celów.
  7. Ludzie będą robić wszystko, co w ich mocy, aby chronić wszystkie zwierzęta. Każde zwierzę, które jest zależne od człowieka, ma prawo do właściwego wyżywienia i opieki oraz nie może zostać zaniedbane, opuszczone ani zabite.
  8. Zwierzęta po śmierci powinny być traktowane z szacunkiem i godnością, tak jak ludzie.
  9. Wzywamy do ochrony tych praw. Muszą być one prawnie uznawane i bronione, tak jak prawa człowieka. Każde działanie, które pogarsza dobrostan lub zagraża przetrwaniu zwierzęcia czy gatunku lub zagraża, zaprzecza czy pozbawia zwierzę lub gatunek praw wymienionych powyżej, powinno być uznane za przestępstwo oraz zostać odpowiednio ukarane.

NA DOWÓD POWYŻSZEGO niniejsza deklaracja zostaje podpisana dziś, w niedzielę, 5 czerwca 2011 r., w pierwszym Narodowym Dniu Praw Zwierząt, w mieście Nowy Jork, w Stanach Zjednoczonych Ameryki.

(Polish translation made by Barbara Ewa)

הצהרת זכויות בעלי החיים

משחר האנושות, חייה ביננו קבוצה המנוצלת ונדחקת לשוליים כה בעקביות, עד כי סבלם הוא חלק בלתי נפרד מחיי היום יום שלנו. אם בעלי החיים היו יכולים לדבר בחופשיות, מקהלת זעקותיהם הייתה מחרישה כל קול אחר בעולם. כולנו בעלי חיים. כולנו יצורים חיים ונושמים החולקים את אותו כדור הארץ. כולנו חווים כאב וסבל כשפוגעים בנו, או כשחיינו, משפחתנו או החופש שלנו נלקחים מאיתנו. לכולנו הזכות ליחס אדיב, חמלה וכבוד. אנו מאמינים בקרבה של כל היצורים החיים, וביכולת שלנו להתקיים ביחד בשלום ובהרמוניה על פני כדור הארץ‪.‬

בהתחשב בכך שכל היצורים החיים על פני כדור הארץ הגיעו מאותו המקור והתפתחו לפי אותם עקרונות אבולוציוניים‪;‬

בהתחשב בכך שכל היצורים החיים על פני כדור הארץ מאכלסים את אותם אדמות, ימים ואוויר, ולכן חולקים אותם ואת משאביהם לחיות בהם, ומהם, כמערכת אקולוגית אחת‪;‬

בהתחשב בכך שלכל היצורים החיים יש את אותם צרכים בסיסיים: לשרוד, לחפש אושר והנאה ולהימנע מכאב, לחיות בנוחות, לגדל צאצאים, ולבנות משפחות ומבנים חברתיים אחרים‪;‬

בהתחשב בכך שכל היצורים החיים, כפי שידוע לאדם, הם יצורים חשים, המרגישים כאב, עונג, תחושות ורגשות‪;‬

בהתחשב בכך שהמין האנושי הוא רק אחד מתוך מיליוני מינים של בעלי חיים, ומהווה מיעוט מספרי זעיר בהשוואה למיליארדי בעלי החיים שחיים על פני כדור הארץ‪;‬

אנו מצהירים בזאת כי‪:‬

  1. אנו מתייחסים לאמיתות אלו כמובנות מאליהן, שכל היצורים החיים נבראו שווים, ולהם הזכות לחיים, חירות ורדיפה אחר אושרם‪.‬
  2. לפיכך, לכל בעלי החיים אותה הזכות הטבעית להתקיים, כמו לכל יצור חי אחר‪.‬
  3. לכל בעלי החיים הזכות להיות חופשיים, לחיות את חייהם כראות עיניהם, כפי שהתכוון הטבע‪.‬
  4. לכל בעלי החיים הזכות לאכול, לישון, להרגיש בנוח פיזית ונפשית, להיות חופשיים לנוע, להיות בריאים, להרגיש ביטחון‪,‬ ולהגשים את כל צרכיהם הטבעיים והבסיסיים. לפיכך, לכל בעלי החיים הזכות להיות חופשיים מרעב, צמא ותת תזונה; אי נוחות פיזית ותשישות; כליאה בניגוד לרצונם, טיפול לקוי, מעשי התעללות ואכזריות; כאב, פציעה ומחלה; פחד ומצוקה; ולהיות חופשיים לבטא את דפוסי ההתנהגות הטבעיים שלהם‪.‬
  5. לכל בעלי החיים הזכות להתרבות, לחיות עם צאצאיהם, משפחותיהם, שבטיהם או קהילותיהם, ולקיים חיים חברתיים טבעיים‪.‬ יש להם הזכות לחיות בסביבתם הטבעית, לגדול בקצב הטבעי למין שלהם, ולחיות בהתאם לתוחלת חייהם הטבעית‪.‬
  6. בעלי חיים אינם רכוש או סחורה של בני האדם, ואינם שלהם לשימוש לטובתם או לקיומם. לפיכך, עליהם להיות חופשיים מעבדות‪,‬ ניצול, דיכוי, הפיכתם לקורבן, אכזריות, התעללות, וכל יחס אחר המתעלם מביטחונם, רצונם החופשי וכבודם. אין לשחוט אותם למזון, להורגם בשביל עורם, לבצע בהם ניסויים, להקריבם לצרכי דת, להשתמש בהם לעבודות כפייה, להתעלל בהם או להורגם למטרות ספורט ובידור, לנצלם לרווח מסחרי, לצוד, לרדוף או להשמיד אותם לשם הנאה, צורך או כל מטרה אחרת של בני האדם‪.‬
  7. על בני האדם לעשות כל שביכולתם להגן על כל בעלי החיים. לכל בעל חיים התלוי בבן אדם הזכות לקיום וטיפול הולם‪,‬ ואין להזניח אותו, לנטוש אותו או להורגו‪.‬
  8. יש להתייחס לבעלי חיים שמתו, בכבוד, בדומה לבני האדם‪.‬ .8
  9. אנו קוראים להגנה על זכויות אלו. יש להכיר בהן ולעגנן בחוק, בדומה לזכויותיהם של בני האדם. כל מעשה הפוגע בשלומו‪,‬ או בהישרדותו של בעל חיים או מין שלם, או שמסכן, סותר, או שולל מבעל חיים או מין שלם אי אילו מן הזכויות הנ"ל, יחשב כפשע ויענש בהתאם‪.‬

לעדות, הצהרה זו נחתמת בזאת היום, יום ראשון, החמישי ביוני 2011, היום הלאומי הראשון לזכויות בעלי החיים, בעיר ניו יורק, ארצות הברית של אמריקה‪.‬

(Hebrew translation made by Ido Goldberg, and edited by Reut and Aylam Orian)


TỪ THUỞ SƠ KHAI CỦA LOÀI NGƯỜI, trải qua biết bao sự phát triển và tiến h a; tuy nhiên đến nay vẫn còn một s động vật liên tục bị hành hạ và bị ngược đãi, sự đau khổ của chúng đã gắn liền vào cuộc s ng hàng ngày của chúng ta. Nếu động vật có thể nói chuyện với nhau, thì tiếng than khóc ai oán của chúng sẽ át đi mọi âm thanh khác trên thế giới này. Chúng ta cũng đều là động vật. Tất cả chúng ta đều s ng, hít thở và chia sẻ chung Trái Đất này. Tất cả chúng ta đều cảm thấy đau đớn và khổ sở khi bị tổn thương khi bị tước đoạt đi mạng s ng, gia đình và sự tự do. Tất cả chúng ta đều có quyền nhận được sự yêu thương, sự tha thứ cũng như sự tôn trọng. Chúng tôi tin vào m i quan hệ họ hàng của tất cả các động vật và điều đ chứng minh rằng chúng ta có thể cùng chung s ng với nhau trong sự bình an và hòa thuận trên Trái Đất này.

CHÚNG TA NHẬN THẤY RẰNG tất cả động vật trên Trái Đất đều hình thành từ một nguồn g c và cùng tuân theo thuyết tiến hóa;

CHÚNG TA NHẬN THẤY RẰNG tất cả động vật trên Trái Đất đều s ng trên cùng một vùng đất, vùng biển, bầu khí quyển và do đ cần có sự chia sẻ, hoặc dựa vào nguồn tài nguyên để s ng trong cùng một hệ sinh thái;

CHÚNG TA NHẬN THẤY RẰNG tất cả động vật đều có chung những nhu cầu cơ bản: được s ng, được tìm kiếm hạnh phúc, được vui vẻ, và tránh khỏi sự đau đớn, có một cuộc s ng thoải mái, được duy trì nòi gi ng, xây dựng gia đình và những m i quan hệ xã hội khác;

CHÚNG TA NHẬN THẤY RẰNG tất cả động vật, kể cả con người, đều là những động vật có tri giác, do đ có thể cảm thấy sự đau đớn, sự vui thích, sự cảm nhận và sự xúc cảm;

CHÚNG TA NHẬN THẤY RẰNG loài người chỉ là một trong hàng triệu loài động vật và chỉ là một con s bé nhỏ so với hàng tỷ động vật khác s ng trên hành tinh này;


  1. Chúng ta nắm giữ những sự thật này như một chân lý hiển nhiên, tất cả mọi người đều sinh ra có quyền bình đẳng. Tạo hóa cho họ những quyền không ai có thể xâm phạm được; trong những quyền ấy, có quyền được s ng, quyền tự do và quyền mưu cầu hạnh phúc.
  2. Vì vậy, tất cả các loài động vật đều có chung quyền tự do tồn tại tự nhiên.
  3. Tất cả các loài động vật đều có quyền được s ng tự do theo các bản năng v n có của chúng.
  4. Tất cả động vật đều có quyền được ăn, ngủ, được thoải mái cả về thể chất lẫn tinh thần, được đi lại, được khỏe mạnh, được bảo đảm an toàn và được đáp ứng những nhu cầu bản năng thiết yếu theo cách tự nhiên. Như vậy, tất cả các động vật đều không bị đ i, khát và suy dinh dưỡng; không khỏe mạnh về thể chất và tình trạng kiệt sức; Không bị giam nh t trái với ý mu n của chúng, không bị ngược đãi, không bị lạm dụng hoặc bị tra tấn; Không bị đau đớn, không bị hành hạ và dịch bệnh; Không phải sợ hãi và chịu đau đớn; Và được tự do thể hiện các hành vi bình thường của chúng.
  5. Tất cả động vật đều có quyền sinh sản, quyền s ng với con cái, với gia đình, với bầy đàn hoặc với cộng đồng của chúng và duy trì cuộc s ng xã hội tự nhiên. Chúng có quyền s ng trong môi trường tự nhiên, phát triển theo nhịp điệu tự nhiên của loài và duy trì cuộc s ng tương ứng với tuổi thọ tự nhiên của chúng.
  6. Động vật không phải là tài sản hay hàng hoá của con người và cũng không phải dùng vì lợi ích của họ hoặc dùng là nguồn thức ăn. Do đ , động vật không phải là nô lệ để chịu bóc lột, áp bức, hành hạ, ngược đãi một cách tàn bạo cũng như bất kỳ sự đ i xử nào khác mà không quan tâm đến sự an toàn, và mong mu n tự do của chúng. Vì vậy, động vật không phải bị giết trong lò mổ để lấy thịt, để lấy da, để làm thí nghiệm, bị giết để hiến tế cho các mục đích tôn giáo; sử dụng cưỡng bức như một công cụ lao động; lạm dụng và giết chúng vì mục đích thể thao và giải trí; lạm dụng chúng vì lợi nhuận thương mại; săn bắt, ngược đãi hoặc tiêu diệt vì nhu cầu lợi ích, để thỏa mãn sự vui thú của con người; Hoặc các kết cục tương tự khác.
  7. Con người sẽ làm bất cứ điều gì trong khả năng của mình để bảo vệ tất cả các động vật. Bất kỳ động vật nào có hay không phụ thuộc vào con người đều có quyền được chăm s c, nuôi dưỡng và không được bỏ mặc, vứt bỏ hoặc bị giết chết.
  8. Động vật đã chết phải được đ i xử tôn trọng như con người.
  9. Chúng tôi kêu gọi bảo vệ các quyền này. Các loài động vật phải được công nhận và bảo vệ bởi luật pháp, điều đ cũng gi ng như nhân quyền. Bất kỳ hành vi nào làm ảnh hưởng đến phúc lợi hoặc sự s ng còn của một con vật hoặc một gi ng loài, hoặc gây nguy hiểm, phủ nhận hoặc tước đoạt các quyền của một con vật hoặc một gi ng loài có các quyền nêu ở trên, phải được coi là một tội phạm và phải bị trừng phạt.

ĐỂ LÀM CHỨNG ĐIỀU NÀY, Bản Tuyên b này được ký ngày hôm nay, Chủ nhật, ngày 05/06/2011, Ngày Qu c Gia Vì Quyền Động Vật, tại Thành ph New York, Hoa Kỳ.

(Vietnamese translation made by SaigonAnimal, and edited by Tommy Nguyen)

Deklaracija o Pravima Životinja

OD SAMOG ZAČETKA ČOVJEČANSTVA, postoji skupina koja je toliko uporno zlostavljana i marginalizirana, da je njihova patnja ukorijenjena u naš svakodnevni život. Kada bi životinje mogle slobodno govoriti, njihov krik bi zaglušio svaki drugi zvuk na svijetu. Svi smo mi životinje. Svi mi živimo i dišemo te dijelimo istu Zemlju. Svi mi osjećamo bol i patnju kada smo povrijeđeni ili lišeni života, naše obitelji, naše slobode. Svi mi imamo pravo na ljubaznost, samilost i dostojanstvo. Svi mi vjerujemo u srodstvo svih bića, i mogućnost suživota u miru i skladu na Zemlji.

IMAJUĆI U VIDU da sva živa bića na Zemlji potječu iz istog izvora, i slijede jednake evoluitivne principe;

IMAJUĆI U VIDU da sva živa bića na Zemlji nastanjuju istu zemlju, mora i zrak, i stoga iste i dijele, živeći od njih, čineći jedinstveni ekološki sustav;

IMAJUĆI U VIDU da sva živa bića posjeduju jednake osnovne potrebe; za preživljavanjem, za traganjem sreće i zadovoljstva te izbjegavanje boli, za lagodnim životom, za razmnožavanjem, stvaranjem obitelji i ostalim društvenim strukturama;

IMAJUĆI U VIDU da su sva živa bića, poznata ljudskom rodu, osjećana bića, te stoga osjećaju bol, zadovoljstvo, dojmove i emocije;

IMAJUĆI U VIDU da je ljudska vrsta samo djelić od sveukupnih životinjskih vrsta, te čini brojčanu manjinu u usporedbi s milijardama životinja koje žive na Zemlji;


  1. Ove istine smatramo očiglednim, da su sva bića stvorena jednaka, i imaju pravo na život, slobodu i potragu za srećom.
  2. Stoga, sve životinje imaju jednaka prava na postojanje.
  3. Sve životinje imaju pravo na slobodu, na život po njihovim uvjetima, kako je i priroda namijenila.
  4. Sve životinje imaju pravo jesti, spavati, biti na miru - tjelesno i umno, prava na kretanje, zdravlje, sigurnost te ispunjenje svojih prirodnih i osnovnih potreba. Kao takve, sve životinje žele i imaju pravo biti lišene gladi, žeđi i neuhranjenosti; tjelesnih neudobnosti i iscrpljenosti; ograničenjem protiv njihove volje, loših postupanja, uvredljivim ili okrutnim radnjama; nanošenje boli, ozljeda i bolesti; straha i opasnosti; i slobodu izražavanja svojih normalnih struktura ponašanja u svom prirodnom staništu.
  5. Sve životinje imaju pravo na razmnožavanje, suživot sa svojim potomcima, obitelji, krdom ili grupom, i čuvanjem prirodnog društvenog života. Imaju pravo na život u svom prirodnom okruženju, razvoja prirodnim tempom svoje vrste, i održanju života koji odgovara njihovom prirodnom životnom vijeku.
  6. Životinje nisu ljudska imovina ili roba, te nisu tu za njihovu korist ili izdržavanje. Stoga, moraju biti slobodna od svakog zatočeništva, iskorištavanja, tlačenja, žrtvovanja, okrutnosti, zlostavljanja, i svih ostalih postupanja koji zanemaruju njihovu sigurnost, vlastitu slobodnu volju i dostojanstvo. Ne smiju biti zaklane za prehranu, ubijene zbog svoje kože, ne smiju se izvoditi pokusi na njima, kao ni ubijeni u vjerske svrhe, korišteni u prisilnom radu, zlostavljani i ubijeni radi zabave i sporta, zlostavljani u korist profita, te lovljene, proganjane ili istrijebljene za ljudsko zadovoljstvo, potrebe ili ostalo.
  7. Čovjek će činiti sve što je u njegovoj mogućnosti da zaštiti sve životinje. Svaka životinja koja je ovisna o čovjeku, ima pravo na pravilnu podršku i njegu te ne smije biti zanemarena, napuštena ili ubijena.
  8. Sa poštovanjem i dostojanstvom će se odnositi prema životinjama koje su umrle, kao i sa ljudima.
  9. Pozivamo na zaštitu ovih prava. Moraju biti prepoznana i branjena od strane zakona, kao i ljudska prava. Svaki čin koji ugrožava dobrobit ili opstanak pojedine životinje ili vrste, ili dovodi u opasnost, proturječi te uskraćuje njihova ovdje navedena prava, mora biti smatran zločinom i treba biti kažnjen u skladu s tim.

   POTVRĐUJUĆI GORE NAVEDENO, ova Deklaracija se potpisuje danas, Nedjelja, 5. Lipanj 2011, Prvog    Nacionalnog Dana Prava Životinja, u New York-u, Sjedinjene Američke Države.

(Croatian translation made by - )

Декларация За Правата На Животните

ОТ ЗОРАТА НА ЧОВЕЧЕСТВОТО, е останала група с която така упорито се злоупотребява, че нейното страдание е вкоренено в нашето ежедневие. Ако животните можеха да говорят, техният хор от викове щеше заглуши всеки друг звук в света. Всички ние сме животни. Всички ние сме живи, дишащи същества, които споделят една и съща Земя. Всички ние чувстваме болка и страдание, когато сме наранени или лишени от нашия живот, нашите семейства, нашата свобода. Всички ние имаме право да изпитаме доброта, състрадание и достойнство. Ние вярваме в родството на всички живи същества и възможността всички заедно да съжителстваме в мир и хармония на планетата Земя.

СЧИТАЙКИ, че всички живи същества на планетата Земя са произлезли първоначално от един и същ източник и следвайки същите еволюционни принципи;

СЧИТАЙКИ, че всички живи същества на планетата Земя обитават същите земи, морета и въздух, следователно ги споделят, както и техните ресурси;

СЧИТАЙКИ, че всички живи същества притежават едни и същи основни нужди: да оцелеят, да търсят щастие и удоволствие и да избягват болката, да живеят удобно, да се размножават, да създават семейства и други социални структури;

СЧИТАЙКИ, че всички живи същества, както е известно на човечеството, са чувствителни и следователно могат да чувстват болка, удоволствие, чувства и емоции;

СЧИТАЙКИ, че човешкият вид е само един от милионите животински видове и съставлява нищожна бройка, в сравнение с милиардите животни, които живеят на тази планета;


  1. Ние държим тези истини да бъдат пределно ясни - всички същества са създадени равни и имат право на живот, свобода и стремеж към щастие.
  2. Ето защо, всички животни имат едно и също физическо право да съществуват, както всяко друго живо същество.
  3. Всички животни имат правото да бъдат свободни, да живеят живота си по свои собствени условия, както е предвидено от природата.
  4. Всички животни имат право да се хранят, спят, да се чувстват физически и психологически комфортно, да бъдат мобилни, здрави, в безопасност и да изпълняват всички свои физически и основни нужди. Като такива, всички животни трябва да бъдат свободни от глад, жажда и недохранване; физически дискомфорт и изтощение; тъмничен затвор против тяхната воля, лошо отношение, злоупотребяващи или жестоки действия; болка, наранявания и болести; страх и стрес; и свободно да изразяват своите нормални модели на поведение.
  5. Всички животни имат правото да се възпроизвеждат, да живеят със своето потомство, семейства, племена и общности, и да поддържат нормален социален живот. Те имат право да живеят в естествената си среда, за да растат по естествен ритъм, с техния вид и да поддържат живота, който съответства на тяхното естествено дълголетие.
  6. Животните не са собственост или стока на хорат, и не са за негова полза или препитание. Следователно, те са свободни от робство, експлоатация, потисничество, виктимизация, бруталност, малтретиране, както и всяко друго отношение, което не зачита тяхната безопасност, свободна воля и достойнство. Те не трябва да бъдат колени за храна, убивани заради кожите им, ползвани за експерименти, убивани за религиозни цели, използвани за принудителен труд, малтретирани и убивани заради спорт и развлечение, употребявани с цел търговска печалба, гонени, преследвани или унищожавани за човешко удоволствие, нужда или други крайности.
  7. Хората трябва да направят всичко, което е в рамките на техните възможности, да защитят всички животни. Всяко животно, което е зависимо от човека, има право на подходяща храна и грижи, и не трябва да бъде пренебрегвано, изоставено или убито.
  8. Животните, които са умрели, трябва да бъдат третирани с уважение и достойнство, като хората.
  9. Ние призоваваме за защита на тези права. Те трябва да бъдат признати и защитени от закона, тъй както правата на човека са. Всяко действие, което застрашава благосъстоянието или оцеляването на животни или видове, или застрашава, противоречи, или лишава животни или видове от правата, изброени по-горе, следва да се счита за престъпление и трябва да бъде наказано.

   В УВЕРЕНИЕ, тази декларация се подписва днес, неделя, 05 юни 2011, Първият Национален Ден За    Правата На Животните, в град Ню Йорк, САЩ.

Az Állati Jogok Nyilatkozata

AZ EMBERISÉG KEZDETE ÓTA volt egy olyan csoport, amelyet annyira bántalmaztak és marginalizáltak, hogy szenvedésük mindennapi életünkben mélyen gyökerezik. Ha az állatok szabadon tudnának beszélni, sírásuk kórusa minden más hangot elfojtana a világon. Mindannyian állatok vagyunk. Mindannyian élünk, lélegző lények vagyunk, akiknek ugyanazon a Földön osztozunk. Mindannyian fájdalmat és szenvedést érezünk, amikor megsérülünk vagy megfosztanak életünktől, családunktól és szabadságunktól. Mindannyiunknak joga van a kedvességhez, együttérzéshez és méltósághoz. Hiszünk minden élőlény rokonságában és abban a lehetőségben, hogy békében és harmóniában együtt éljünk a Föld bolygón.

FIGYELEMBE VÉVE azt a tényt, hogy a Föld bolygón minden élőlény eredetileg ugyanabból a forrásból származik, és ugyanazokat az evolúciós elveket követte;

FIGYELEMBE VÉVE azt a tényt, hogy a Föld bolygón minden élőlény, ugyanazokon az országokon, ugyanazokon a vizeken, ugyanazon a levegőn él, ezért osztozik ezen erőforrásokon, hogy egy ökológiai rendszer kialakításával rajtuk és onnan éljenek;

FIGYELEMBE VÉVE azt a tényt, hogy minden élőlénynek azonos alapvető szükségletei vannak: túlélni, boldogulásra és örömre törekedni, fájdalmat elkerülni, jól érezni magát, szaporodni, családokat és más társadalmi struktúrákat felépíteni;

FIGYELEMBE VÉVE azt a tényt, hogy minden élő lény, amennyire az emberiség ezt tudja, érző lények, és ezért képes fájdalmat, örömöt, érzéseket és érzelmeket érzékelni;

FIGYELEMBE VÉVE azt a tényt, hogy az emberi faj csak egy a milliárd közül, és ezen a bolygón a milliárdhoz képest kisebbségben van;


  1. A következő igazságokat magától értetődőnek tekintjük, hogy minden élőlény egyenlő módon jön létre, és joga van az élethez, a szabadsághoz és a boldogságuk kereséséhez.
  2. Ezért minden állatnak ugyanolyan természetes joga van a létezéshez, mint bármely más élőlénynek.
  3. Minden állatnak joga van a szabadságához, hogy saját természete szerint, természetes környezetében élhesse életét.
  4. Minden állatnak joga van enni, aludni, fizikailag és mentálisan jól érezni magát, rugalmasan, egészségesen, biztonságban lenni, valamint természetes és alapvető szükségleteiket kielégíteni. Ennek megfelelően tehát nem szabad éheznie, szomjaznia, hiánybetegségekben szenvednie; mentes legyen a fizikai kényelmetlenségektől és kimerültségtől; a bebörtönzéstől, rossz bánásmódtól, bántalmazástól vagy kegyetlen cselekedetektől; mentes a fájdalomtól, sérülésektől és betegségektől; mentesnek kell lennie a félelemtől és a szükségtől; és legyen szabad a természetes viselkedési mintáit követni.
  5. Minden állatnak joga van a szaporodáshoz, utódjaikkal, családjukkal, törzseikkel vagy közösségeikkel együtt élni, valamint a természetes társadalmi életük fenntartásához. Joguk van természetes környezetükben élni, fajuk természetes ritmusában növekedni, és a természetes élettartamuknak megfelelő életet leélni.
  6. Az állatok nem az emberek tulajdonát vagy áruit képezik, és nem szolgálnak emberi élelmezési célokat. Ezért menteseknek kell lenniük rabszolgaságtól, kizsákmányolástól, elnyomástól, zaklatástól, brutalitástól, visszaéléstől és bármilyen más bánásmódtól, amely sérti biztonságukat, saját akaratukat és méltóságukat. Nem szabad élelmezés céljából levágni, a bőrük miatt megölni, a kísérletekhez felhasználni, vallási okokból megölni, kényszermunkához felhasználni, sporttal és szórakozás céljából bántalmazni és megölni, kereskedelmi haszon szerzéséért felhasználni szórakoztatás, egyéb emberi szükséglet vagy vadászat céljából üldözni vagy megölni.
  7. Az emberek mindent megtesznek az állatok védelme érdekében. Minden embertől függő állatnak joga van megfelelő táplálékhoz és gondozáshoz, ezért nem szabad elhanyagolni, elhagyni vagy megölni.
  8. Az elhullott állatokat tisztelettel és méltósággal kell kezelni, akárcsak az embereket.
  9. Ezen jogok védelmét követeljük. Törvénynek kell elismernie és védenie, éppúgy mint az emberi jogok esetében. Minden olyan cselekedet, amely veszélyezteti egy állat vagy egy állatfaj jólétét vagy túlélését, vagy megfosztja tőle a fent meghatározott jogokat, bűncselekménynek tekintendő, és ennek megfelelően elitélendő és büntetendő.

   FENTIEKET TANUSITVA ezt a nyilatkozatot ma, 2011. június 5-én, vasárnap, az első nemzeti állati jogok    napján, az Amerikai Egyesült Államok New York városában, aláírják.

(Hungarian translation made by Andrea Tömösy. Magyar fordítás: Tömösy Andrea)

Eläinten Oikeuksien Julistus

IHMISKUNNAN AAMUSTA ASTI, on ollut olemassa joukko, jota on keskeytymättä kohdeltu huonosti ja syrjitty. Näiden olentojen kärsimys kietoutuu jokapäiväiseen elämäämme. Jos eläimet osaisivat puhua, heidän huutojensa kuoro hukuttaisi alleen kaikki maailman äänet. Me kaikki olemme eläimiä. Me kaikki olemme eläviä, hengittäviä olentoja, jotka jaamme saman maan. Kaikki me tunnemme tuskaa ja kärsimme, kun meitä loukataan tai kun meiltä riistetään mahdollisuus elää mielekästä elämää; kun meiltä on riistetään perheemme tai vapautemme. Meillä kaikilla on oikeus kokea ystävällisyyttä, myötätuntoa ja oikeus omanarvontuntoon. Me uskomme kaikkien planeetta Maan olentojen sukulaisuuteen ja mahdollisuuteen elää yhdessä, rauhassa ja sopusoinnussa.

OTTAEN HUOMIOON, että planeetta Maan kaikilla elävillä olennoilla on sama alkuperä ja kaikki toteuttavat samoja evoluution periaatteita;

OTTAEN HUOMIOON, että planeetta Maan kaikki elävät olennot asuttavat samaa maata, vettä ja ilmaa ja siksi jakavat ne ja luonnonvarat, joista kaikki elävät. Tämä kaikki muodostaa yhden ekologisen järjestelmän;

OTTAEN HUOMIOON, että kaikilla elävillä olennoilla on samat perustarpeet: pysyä hengissä, etsiä onnea ja mielihyvää sekä välttää tuskaa; elää mukavasti, lisääntyä, luoda perheitä ja muita sosiaalisia muodostelmia;

OTTAEN HUOMIOON, että kaikki tunnetut elävät olennot ovat tajuisia ja siksi kykeneviä tuntemaan tuskaa, iloa ja muita tunteita;

OTTAEN HUOMIOON, että ihmislaji on vain yksi miljoonista eläinlajeista ja muodostaa pikkuruisen vähemmistön verrattuna miljardeihin tällä planeetalla eläviin eläimiin nähden;


  1. Meille nämä totuudet ovat itsestään selviä: että kaikki eläimet on luotu tasa-arvoisiksi, että heille on annettu tiettyjä luovuttamattomia oikeuksia, että näihin oikeuksiin kuuluvat elämä, vapaus ja pyrkimys onneen.
  2. Tämän vuoksi kaikilla eläimillä on samat luonnolliset oikeudet olemassaoloon kuin millä tahansa muulla elävällä olennolla.
  3. Kaikilla eläimillä on oikeus elää vapaina, elää elämänsä omilla ehdoillaan siten kuin luonto on tarkoittanut.
  4. Kaikilla eläimillä on oikeus syödä ja nukkua sekä olla tuntea olonsa fyysisesti ja psyykkisesti mukavaksi; liikkua, olla terveitä ja turvassa ja täyttää kaikki luonnolliset ja olennaiset tarpeensa. Todellakin, eläinten on oltava vapaita nälästä, janosta ja aliravitsemuksesta, fyysisestä epämukavuudesta ja ylirasituksesta. Synnyttämästä vastoin tahtoaan, huonosta hoidosta, loukkaavista tai julmista teoista; kivusta, loukkaantumisesta ja sairauksista, pelosta ja ahdistuksesta, vapaita käyttäytymään itselleen luontaisesti.
  5. Kaikilla eläimillä on oikeus lisääntyä, elää jälkeläistensä kanssa, perheittensä, heimojensa tai yhteisöjensä parissa ja pitää yllä normaalia sosiaalista elämää. Heillä on oikeus elää luonnollisessa ympäristössään, kasvaa lajilleen ominaisessa tahdissa ja elää luonnollisen elinkaarensa loppuun.
  6. Eläimet eivät ole ihmisten omaisuutta tai hyödykkeitä eivätkä näiden hyödynnettävissä tai käytettävissä ravinnoksi. Siksi heitä ei saa orjuuttaa, käyttää hyväksi, tukahduttaa, uhrata tai kohdella raa'asti. Heihin ei saa kohdistaa toimia, jotka eivät ota huomioon heidän turvallisuuttaan, omaa vapaata tahtoaan tai arvokkuuttaan. Heitä ei tulisi teurastaa ruoaksi, tappaa nahan tähden, pitää koe-eläiminä, tappaa uskonnollisten syiden takia, käyttää pakkotyöhön, rääkätä ja tappaa huvin tai viihteen vuoksi. Tai käyttää hyväksi taloudellisen hyödyn takia; metsästää, vainota tai tuhota huvin, ihmisten tarpeiden tai muiden syiden takia.
  7. Ihmisten on kaikin keinoin suojeltava kaikkia eläimiä. Jokaisella ihmisestä riippuvaisella eläimellä on oikeus asianmukaiseen ravintoon ja hoitoon. Niitä ei pidä laiminlyödä, hylätä eikä tappaa.
  8. Kuolleita eläimiä on, kuten ihmisiäkin, kohdeltava kunnioittavasti ja arvokkaasti.
  9. Me vaadimme näiden oikeuksien suojelua. Ne täytyy tunnustaa ja suojata lailla kuten ihmisoikeudetkin. Mikä tahansa teko, joka vaarantaa eläimen tai lajin hyvinvoinnin tai säilymisen tai joka riistää tai vaarantaa eläimen tai lajin yllä listatut oikeudet, tai on ristiriidassa niiden kanssa, pitäisi tuomita rikolliseksi ja siitä pitäisi rankaista sen mukaisesti.

   TÄMÄN VAKUUDEKSI, olen tänään allekirjoittanut julistuksen sunnuntaina, kesäkuun 5. päivänä 2011,    ensimmäisenä kansallisena Eläinten oikeuksien päivänä, New Yorkissa, USA:ssa.

(Finnish translation made by Elisa Kissa-Öberg)









  1. 我們認為以下為不證自明的真理: 所有有情識的生命都是平等的,並有生命與自由權,和追求快樂的權利。
  2. 因此,所有動物都有同等存活下去的自然權利。
  3. 所有動物都有自由權,以依照自己的天性存活。
  4. 所有動物都有進食、睡眠、身心安適、行動、健康與滿足其天性與基本需求的權利。同樣的,所有動物理應能夠遠離飢渴、營養缺乏、身體的不適與竭盡、非自願的監禁、不良的對待、虐待或殘酷的行為、痛苦、受傷與疾病、恐懼與壓力,並且能自由地展現其正常的行為模式。
  5. 所有動物都有權利繁衍,也有權利與其後代、家族、族群與群落活在一起並維繫自然的社交生活。他們應有權活在自然的棲地,依其物種之自然規律生長,並自然的終老。
  6. 動物並非是人類的財產,不該被用於營利與維生。因此,它們應免於奴役、剝削、壓迫、犧牲、暴力、虐待與其他任何罔顧他們的安全、意志與尊嚴的對待。他們不應被作為食物、皮草而宰殺,不應被作為實驗品,不應被用於獻祭,不應被迫勞動,我們不應因體育與娛樂活動為理由而傷害或殺害他們,不應用它們來牟利,不應狩獵與處決動物,也不應為了人類的慾望、需求或其他任何目的而殺害動物。
  7. 人們應盡其所能的保護動物。任何仰賴人類而活的動物都有權利獲得適當的營養與照護,而不應被忽略、遺棄與殺害。
  8. 死去的動物應被敬重與有尊嚴地對待,如同死者一般。
  9. 我們呼籲人們保護上述的權利。他們必須被法律所承認與保障。任何妥協了個別動物或任何物種的福祉與性命之行為,與任何危害、衝擊或剝奪了上述動物權利的行為,應被視為犯罪,並應被處以適當的罰則。


(Mandarin translation made by 伍冠瑋 Kuan Wei Wu, and edited by 高品瑄 Pin Syuan Kao)

إعلان حقوق الحيوان

منذ فجر الإنسانية, ولا تزال هناك مجموعة يساء التعامل معها باستمرار وتهميشها، والتي معاناتهم متأصلة في حياتنا اليومية. إذا الحيوانات تكلمت، فإن صوت صراخاتها يغرق كل صوت آخر في العالم. كلنا الحيوانات. نحن جميعا نعيش، نتفس حيوانات و البشر نشترك في نفس الأرض. نحن جميعا نشعر بالألم والمعاناة عندما نتأذا أو عندما نحرم من حياتنا، وعائلاتنا، وحرياتنا. لدينا كل الحق لتجربة اللطف والرحمة والكرامة. نحن نؤمن في التقرب من جميع البشر، وإنه ممكن بالنسبة لنا أن نتعايش في سلام ووئام على كوكب الأرض.

وإذ ترى أن جميع الكائنات الحية على كوكب الأرض أتت أصلاً من نفس المصدر، وتتبع نفس المبادئ التطورية;

وإذ ترى أن جميع الكائنات الحية على كوكب الأرض تسكن نفس الأراضي والبحار والأجواء،وتشترك في مواردها لتعيش في نظام بيئي واحد‪;‬

وإذ ترى أن جميع الكائنات الحية تمتلك نفس الاحتياجات الأساسية: للبقاء على قيد الحياة، وطلب السعادة واللذة وتجنب الألم، لتيعش حياة مريحة، في الإنجاب، وأنشاء العائلات والهياكل الاجتماعية الأخرى‪;‬

وإذ ترى أن جميع الحيوانات، كما هو معروف للبشرية، هي كائنات حية، وبالتالي يمكن أن تشعر بالألم، والسرور، والأحاسيس والمشاعر والعواطف‪;‬

وإذ ترى أن الجنس البشري هو واحد فقط من ملايين الأنواع الحيوانية، وهو أقلية في العدد، مقارنة مع المليارات من الحيوانات التي تعيش على هذا الكوكب‪;‬

ونحن هنا نعلن أن‪:‬

  1. نحمل هذه الحقائق لتكون بديهية، أن جميع الناس خلقوا متساوين، ولهم الحق في الحياة والحرية والسعي لتحقيق السعادة لهم.
  2. لذلك، فإن جميع الحيوانات لديها نفس الحق الطبيعي في الوجود، مثل أي كائن حي آخر.
  3. كل الحيوانات لديها الحق في أن تتمتع بلحرية، لتعيش حياتها وفقا لشروطها، كما تهدف بطبيعتها.
  4. جميع الحيوانات لديها الحق في تناول الطعام، والنوم، وان تكون جسديا ونفسيا مرتاحه، وحرية التنقل، في بيئه صحية وآمنة، لتلبي جميع احتياجاتها الطبيعية والأساسية. على هذا النحو، فإن جميع الحيوانات فهي تتحرر من الجوع، والعطش، وسوء التغذية؛و عدم الراحة الجسدية والإرهاق.و الحبس ضد إرادتها، والمعاملة السيئة، والإجراءات التعسفية أو القاسية.و الألم والإصابة والمرض.و الخوف والضيق‪.‬
  5. جميع الحيوانات لديها الحق في التكاثر، والعيش مع سلالاتها كالعائلات والقبائل أو المجتمعات، والحفاظ على الحياة الاجتماعية الطبيعية. لديها و الحق في العيش في بيئتها الطبيعية، وتنمو على إيقاعها الطبيعي الخاص، والحفاظ على الحياة الذي يتوافق مع طول العمر الطبيعي لها
  6. الحيوانات ليست ملكا أو سلعة للبشر، و ليست لهم لاستخدامها لصالحهم. وبالتالي، فهي تتحرر من العبودية والاستغلال والاضطهاد والإيذاء، والوحشية، والاعتداء، وأي معاملة أخرى تتجاهل سلامتها وان، تملك الإرادة الحرة والكرامة. ولا ينبغي أن تذبح للطعام،او تقتل لجلودها، او تستخدم لأغراض العمل القسري وإساءة المعاملة والقتل للرياضة والترفيه، وسوء المعاملة من أجل الربح التجاري، والمطاردة، والاضطهاد أو إبادتهم من أجل المتعة البشريه، أو اي غايات أخرى‪.‬
  7. على البشر ان تقوم بكل ما هو في حدود إمكانياتها لحماية جميع الحيوانات.او أي نوع حيوان الذي يعتمد على الإنسان،له الحق في القوت المناسب والرعاية، ولا يجوز إهماله،او هجره، أو قتله‪.‬
  8. الحيوانات التي تموت يجب أن تعامل باحترام وكرامة، كما البشر .
  9. ندعو لحماية هذه الحقوق. ولا بد من الاعتراف بها وان يدافع عنها القانون، وحقوق الإنسان.و أي فعل يمس رفاهية أو بقاء الحيوان ، أو يهدد،او يتناقض، أو يحرم حيوان من الحقوق المذكورة أعلاه، ينبغي أن يعتبر جريمة، ويجب أن يعاقب وفقا لذلك‪.‬

وإثباتا لذلك، وقعت على هذا الإعلان بهذا اليوم، الأحد، 5 يونيو، 2011، اليوم الوطني الأول لحقوق الحيوان، في مدينة نيويورك، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية‪.‬

(Arabic translation made by Mohammad Alfayez)









  1. 我々は、以下の事実を自明のことと信じる。すなわち、すべての生き物は生まれながらにして平等であり、生命、自由、及び幸福の追求の権利を与えられているということ。
  2. それ故、すべての動物は、他のいかなる生き物と同様に、生れながらにして生存の権利を有する。
  3. すべての動物は、生れながらにして自由になる権利及び思うままに生きる権利を有する。
  4. すべての動物は、以下の権利を有する。すなわち、食べること、睡眠、肉体的かつ精神的に快適な状態、移動、健康、安全及び生来的かつ本質的なあらゆる欲求を満たすこと。従って、すべての動物は、生れながらにして以下のことから自由になる権利を有する。すなわち、飢え、のどの渇き、栄養不良、肉体的不快及び疲労、彼らの意思に反する監禁、粗末な扱い、虐待的かつ残酷的行為、肉体的苦痛、負傷、疾病、恐怖、精神的苦痛。また、彼らは、正常な行動様式を表現する自由を有する。
  5. すべての動物は、以下の権利を有する。すなわち、繁殖、子孫・家族及び同族との生活又は群集における生活、自然発生的共同体生活の維持、自然環境での生活、彼らの種にとって自然なリズムに合わせて成長すること、また、彼らの自然寿命に合った生活の維持。
  6. 動物は人間の所有物及び商品ではない。また、動物は、人間が利得及び生活の為の手段として利用するものではない。それ故、彼らは、生れながらにして以下のことから自由になる権利を有する。すなわち、奴隷状態、搾取、圧制、犠牲、残虐行為、虐待、彼らの安全・自由意志及び尊厳を無視した、他のいかなる扱い、また、食糧として屠殺されること、彼らの皮及び毛皮の為に殺されること、実験台になること、宗教的目的で殺されること、強制的労働の為に利用されること、スポーツ及び娯楽の為の虐待及び殺害、商業的利益の為に酷使されること、人間の快楽・欲求及びその他の目的による狩猟、迫害及び絶滅。
  7. 人類は、あらゆる動物を守るための手段において可能な手段はどんな手段でも講じるものとする。人間に依存する動物は、いかなる動物も、適切なサポート及びケアを受ける権利を有し、彼らを放置、遺棄又は殺害してはならない。
  8. 亡くなった動物は、人間と同様に、尊重の念を持って厳かに扱われなければならない。
  9. 我々は以上の権利が守られることを求める。これらの権利は人権と同様に法律によって認められ、守られなければならない。動物若しくは動物種の幸福若しくは生存を脅かす行為、上に列挙された権利を脅かす若しくは否定する行為、又は、動物若しくは動物種からこれらの権利を奪う行為は、いかなる行為も犯罪とみなし、然るべく罰せられなければならない。


(Japanese translation made by Tatsuya Kawaguchi)

Ang Deklarasyon ng mga Karapatang Panghayop

BUHAT SA SIMULA NG SANGKATAUHAN, may nananatiling isang pangkat na patuloy na inaabuso at sinasamantala, sila na ang pagdurusa ay nakatanim sa pang-araw-araw nating pamumuhay. Kung ang mga hayop ay malayang nakapagsasalita, lulunurin ng koro ng kanilang mga hiyaw ang anupamang tinig sa mundo. Lahat tayo ay hayop. Lahat tayo ay nabubuhay, humihingang mga nilalang na nakikibahagi sa iisang Daigdig. Lahat tayo ay nakadarama ng sakit at nagdurusa sa tuwing nasasaktan o pinagkakaitan ng buhay, ng pamilya, ng kalayaan. Lahat tayo ay may karapatang makaranas ng kabutihan, pagkahabag at dignidad. Tayo ay naniniwala sa kaugnayan ng lahat ng mga nilalang, at sa posibilidad na magkakasamang mabuhay nang payapa dito sa ating Daigdig.

ISINASAALANG-ALANG na ang lahat ng nabubuhay na nilalang sa Daigdig ay iisa ang pinagmulan, at alinsunod sa magkakatulad na panuntunan ng ebolusyon;

ISINASAALANG-ALANG na ang lahat ng nabubuhay na nilalang sa Daigdig ay naninirahan sa iisang lupain, karagatan at himpapawid, at samakatuwid ay pinagbabahaginan ang mga yaman nito upang makapamuhay sa loob ng isang sistemang ekolohikal;

ISINASAALANG-ALANG na ang lahat ng nabubuhay na nilalang ay nagtataglay ng magkakatulad na pangangailangan: upang mabuhay, upang makahanap ng kaligayahan at kaluguran at makaiwas sa hirap, upang makaginhawa, upang magparami, lumikha ng pamilya at iba pang mga kaayusang panlipunan;

ISINASAALANG-ALANG na ang lahat ng nabubuhay na nilalang, na batid ng sangkatauhan, ay may kamalayan, at samakatuwid ay nakadarama ng sakit, kasiyahan, sensasyon, damdamin at emosyon;

ISINASAALANG-ALANG na ang sangkatauhan ay isa lamang sa milyun-milyong uri ng hayop na kumakatawan sa maliit na bilang kung ihahambing sa bilyun-bilyong mga hayop na naninirahan sa mundong ito;


  1. Pinanghahawakan natin ang katiyakan ng mga katotohanang ito, na ang lahat ng mga nilalang ay nilikhang magkakatumbas, at may karapatan sa Buhay, Kalayaan at pagtugis sa sariling Kaligayahan.
  2. Samakatuwid, ang lahat ng mga hayop ay may pantay na karapatan sa pag-iral, tulad ng anumang nabubuhay na nilalang.
  3. Ang lahat ng mga hayop ay may karapatan na maging malaya, ang mabuhay nang naaayon sa sariling kalooban, alinsunod sa layon ng kalikasan.
  4. Ang lahat ng mga hayop ay may karapatang kumain, matulog, makaranas ng ginhawa sa katawan at isip, makakilos, maging malusog, ligtas, at matamo ang lahat ng kanilang likas na pangangailangan. Sa gayon, ang lahat ng mga hayop ay nararapat lamang lumaya sa gutom, uhaw, at malnutrisyon; paghihirap at kapagalan; pagkakakulong, paghamak at pagmamalupit; sakit, pinsala at karamdaman; takot at pagkabalisa; at maging malayang ihayag ang kanilang likas na pag-uugali.
  5. Ang lahat ng mga hayop ay may karapatang magparami, mabuhay kapiling ang kanilang mga supling, pamilya, tribo o komunidad, at mapanatili ang likas na buhay panlipunan. Mayroon silang karapatang manirahan sa kanilang likas na kapaligiran, lumago sa isang ritmong likas sa kanilang uri, at mapanatili ang pamumuhay na tumutugma sa likas na kahabaan ng kanilang buhay.
  6. Ang mga hayop ay hindi pag-aari o kasangkapan ng mga tao, at hindi sa kanila upang gamitin sa pansariling kapakinabangan o kabuhayan. Samakatuwid, nararapat silang maging malaya mula sa pang-aalipin, pagsasamantala, pang-aapi, pambibiktima, kalupitan, pang-aabuso, at anumang pagwawalang-bahala sa kanilang kaligtasan, malayang kalooban at dignidad. Hindi sila nararapat patayin para sa pagkain, patayin para sa kanilang mga balat, pag-eksperimentuhan, patayin para sa mga layuning relihiyoso, gawing kasangkapan sa sapilitang paggawa, abusuhin at patayin para sa isport at libangan, pagkakitaan, tugisin, pagmalupitan o patayin upang tugunan ang pangangailangan ng tao sa aliw, kaluguran o anupaman.
  7. Gagawin ng tao ang lahat sa abot ng kaniyang makakaya upang mapangalagaan ang lahat ng mga hayop. Ang anumang hayop na umaasa sa isang tao, ay may karapatan sa wastong pamumuhay at pangangalaga, at hindi dapat pabayaan, abandunahin, o patayin.
  8. Ang mga hayop na namayapa ay dapat tratuhin nang may paggalang at dignidad, tulad din ng mga tao.
  9. Tinatawagan natin ng proteksyon ang mga karapatang ito. Nararapat silang kilalanin at ipagtanggol ng batas, tulad din ng mga karapatang pantao. Ang anumang gawain na nagkokompromiso sa kapakanan o kaligtasan ng isang hayop, o nagsasapanganib, tumutuligsa, o naghihigpit sa isang hayop ng mga karapatan na nakasaad sa itaas, ay nararapat ituring na isang krimen na may kaukulang parusa.

   BILANG KATUNAYAN NITO, ang Deklarasyong ito ay nilagdaan ngayong araw ng Linggo, ika-5 ng    Hunyo 2011, Ang Kauna-unahang Pambansang Araw ng mga Karapatang Panghayop, sa Lungsod ng New    York, Estados Unidos.

(Filipino translation made and edited by Andrew Salut)

La Deklaro Pri Bestaj Rajtoj

EKDE LA ORIGINO DE LA HOMARO, restas grupo tiel daŭre fitraktata kaj marĝenigata, ke ĝia sufero enstampiĝis en nian ĉiutagan vivon. Se bestoj povus paroli libere, ilia ĥora kriado forpelus ĉiujn aliajn sonojn en la mondo. Ni ĉiuj estas bestoj. Ni ĉiuj estas vivantaj, spirantaj estuloj, kiuj kunokupas la saman Teron. Ĉiuj ni sentas doloron kaj suferas, kiam estas vunditaj aŭ senigitaj de niaj vivo, familio, libero. Ĉiuj ni rajtas sperti komplezon, kompaton, kaj dignon. Ni kredas je parenceco de ĉiuj estuloj, kaj eblo, ke ni kunvivu en paco kaj harmonio sur la planedo Tero.

KONSIDERANTE, ke ĉiuj vivuloj sur la planedo Tero venis origine de la sama fonto, kaj sekvas samajn evoluajn principojn;

KONSIDERANTE, ke ĉiuj vivuloj sur la planedo Tero enloĝas samajn grundojn, akvojn, kaj aeron, kaj tial kundividas ilin kaj ties resursojn por vivi en kaj el ili, konsistigante unu ekologian sistemon;

KONSIDERANTE, ke ĉiuj vivuloj havas la samajn bazajn bezonojn : vivadi, strebi feliĉon kaj plezuron kaj eviti doloron, vivi komforte, generi, krei familiojn kaj aliajn sociajn strukturojn;

KONSIDERANTE, ke ĉiuj vivuloj, kiom konas ilin la homaro, estas sentkapablaj, kaj sekve povas percepti doloron, plezuron, sensaĵojn, sentaĵojn, kaj emociojn;

KONSIDERANTE, ke la homa specio estas nur unu el milionoj da bestaj specioj, kaj konsistigas ege etan malplimulton, kompare kun la miliardoj da bestoj vivantaj sur ĉi tiu planedo;


  1. Ni konsideras la jenajn verojn memevidentaj, ke ĉiuj estuloj kreiĝis egalaj, kaj rajtas je Vivo, Libero, kaj la Sekvado de sia Feliĉo.
  2. Sekve, ĉiuj bestoj havas la saman naturan rajton ekzisti, kiel ĉia alia vivulo.
  3. Ĉiuj bestoj rajtas esti liberaj, vivi sian vivon laŭ propra decido, kiel naturo intencas.
  4. Ĉiuj bestoj rajtas manĝi, dormi, ĝui korpan kaj mensan komforton, moviĝi, esti sanaj, sekuraj, kaj plenumi ĉiujn siajn naturajn kaj esencajn bezonojn. Do, neniu besto suferu malsaton, soifon, aŭ misnutradon; korpan malkomforton kaj elĉerpiĝon; enfermon kontraŭvolan, mistraktadon, perfortajn aŭ kruelajn agadojn; doloron, vundon, kaj malsanon; timon kaj streson; kaj ili estu liberaj esprimi siajn normalajn kondutajn manierojn.
  5. Ĉiuj bestoj rajtas reproduktiĝi, vivi kun siaj idoj, familio, tribo, aŭ komunumo, kaj disvolvi naturan socian vivon. Ili rajtas vivi en sia natura medio, kreski laŭ ritmo natura por sia specio, kaj disvolvi sian vivon dum nature kongrua longo.
  6. Bestoj ne estas posedaĵo aŭ varo por homoj, kiuj ilin ne uzu por propra profito aŭ vivteno. Tial, ili estu liberaj je sklaveco, ekspluatado, subpremo, viktimigo, perforto, fiuzo, kaj ĉia alia traktado, kiu malkonsideras ilian sekuron, memdecidon, kaj dignon. Oni devas ne buĉi ilin por manĝi, mortigi ilin por iliaj haŭtoj, uzi ilin por eksperimento, mortigi ilin por religia celo, uzi ilin por trudita laboro, fitrakti kaj pereigi ilin por sporto aŭ distro, fitrakti ilin por lukro, ĉasi, persekuti, aŭ ekstermi ilin por homa plezuro, bezono, aŭ alicele.
  7. Homoj faru laŭeble plej multe por protekti ĉiujn bestojn. Ĉiu besto, kiu dependas de homo, rajtas je taŭga vivtenado kaj zorgado, kaj ne estu neglektita, forlasita, aŭ mortigita.
  8. Bestoj, kiuj mortis, estu traktataj respekte kaj digne, same kiel homoj.
  9. Ni alvokas por gardado de ĉi tiuj rajtoj. Ilin agnosku kaj defendu leĝo, kiel por homaj rajtoj. Ĉian agon, kiu kompromitas la bonfarton aŭ transvivon de besto aŭ specio, aŭ endanĝerigas, kontraŭas, aŭ senigas beston aŭ specion je la supre listigitaj rajtoj, oni rigardu kiel krimon, kaj tiel punu.

   POR TIES ATESTO, ĉi tiu Deklaro estas subskribita jene hodiaŭ, dimanĉon, 5-an de Junio, 2011, la Unuan    Nacian Tagon de Bestaj Rajtoj, en la Urbo Novjorko, Usono.

(Esperanta traduko farita de Silvio KURTISO, kaj provlegita de Ŝtonĉjo SUBURUO kaj Vito MARKOVO. Esperanto translation made by Silvio Curtis, and edited by Ŝtonĉjo Soubourou and Vito Markovo)

पशु अधिकारों की घोषणा

मानव जाति के प्रारंभ से, एक समूह ऐसा रहा हैं जो तीव्रता से इतनी लगातार दुर्व्यवहारित व अधिकारहीन किया गया है, कि उस समूह की पीड़ा हमारे रोज़मर्रा की ज़िंदगी में दीर्घस्थायी बन चुकी है। अगर प्राणी खुलकर बात कर सकते, तो उनके आवाजो का सहगान दुनिया के हर दूसरे ध्वनि को डूबा देता। हम सब प्राणी ही हैं। हम सभी जीवित, साँस लेनेवाले प्राणी हैं, जो वही पृथ्वी सांझा करते हैं । हम सभी को कष्ट और पीड़ा होती हैं जब हमे दर्द महसूस होता है, या जब हमे अपने जीवन, परिवार, या स्वतंत्रता से वंचित किया जाता हैं । हम सभी को दया, करुणा और गरिमा का अनुभव करने का अधिकार हैं। हमे विश्वास है कि हर एक प्राणी दूसरे प्राणियों से संबंधित है, और यह संभव है कि हम सब साथ साथ शांति और समरसता से इस पृथ्वी पर जी सकते हैं।

चूंकि पृथ्वी पर सभी जीवित प्राणी मूल रूप से एक ही स्रोत से उद्भुत हुए हैं, और एक ही उद्विकासी सिद्धांत का पालन करते हैं;

चूंकि पृथ्वी पर सभी जीवित प्राणी एक ही भूमि, जल और हवा में निवास करते हैं, और इसलिए उन्हें और उनके संसाधनों को एक पारिस्थितिकीय प्रणाली में रहने के लिए और उसका प्रायोजन करने के लिए सांझा करते हैं;

चूंकि सभी जीवित प्राणियों की एक ही मूल आवश्यकता है: जीवित रहना, आनंद और सुख तलाशना और कष्ट टालना, आरामदायक जीवन बिताना, जन्माना, परिवारों और अन्य सामाजिक संरचनाओं का निर्माण करना;

चूंकि सभी जीवित प्राणी, जिस स्तर तक मानव जाति अवगत है, संवेदनशील हैं, और इसलिए कष्ट, सुख, संवेदनाएं, भावनाए और भावावेश महसूस कर सकते हैं;

चूंकि मानव प्रजाति केवल लाखों प्राणियों की प्रजातियों में से एक है, और इस ग्रह पर रहने वाले अरबों प्राणियों की तुलना में, मिनटअल्पसंख्यक संख्या में है;

हम यह घोषित करते हैं कि:

  1. १. हम इन सत्यों को स्वयंप्रमाण मानते हैं कि, सभी प्राणियों को समान बनाया गया है, और उन सभी को जीवन, स्वतंत्रता और उनकी खुशी खोजने का अधिकार है।
  2. २. इसलिए, सभी प्राणियों को अस्तित्व का समान प्राकृतिक अधिकार है, जैसा कि किसी अन्य जीवित प्राणी को है।
  3. ३. सभी प्राणियों को, प्रकृति के अनुसार, स्वतंत्र होने का, अपना जीवन अपनी शर्तों पर जीने का अधिकार है।
  4. ४. सभी प्राणियों को खाने, सोने, शारीरिक और मानसिक रूप से आरामदायक होने, चलनशील होने, स्वस्थ, सुरक्षित, और उनकी सभी प्राकृतिक और आवश्यक जरूरतों को पूरा करने का अधिकार है। उस हैसियत से, सभी प्राणी भूख, प्यास और कुपोषण; शारीरिक परेशानी और थकावट; उनकी इच्छा के विरूद्ध कारावास, बुरा उपचार, अपमानजनक या क्रूर कार्य; दर्द, चोट और बीमारी; भय और संकट से मुक्त होने चाहिए; और उन्हे अपने स्वाभाविक चाल-चलनो के प्रतिमानो को अभिव्यक्त करने की स्वतंत्रता होनी चाहिए।
  5. ५. सभी प्राणियों को प्रजनन करने का, अपने वंश, परिवारों, जनजातियों या समुदायों के साथ जीने का, और एक प्राकृतिक सामाजिक जीवन बनाए रखने का अधिकार है। उन्हें अपने प्राकृतिक वातावरण में रहने, उनकी प्रजाति के लिए प्राकृतिक ऐसी लय में बढ़ने का अधिकार है, और एक ऐसा जीवन बनाए रखने का अधिकार है जो उनकी प्राकृतिक दीर्घायु से मेल ख़ाता हो।
  6. ६. प्राणी मनुष्यों की संपत्ति या वस्तु नहीं हैं, और मनुष्य को लाभ अथवा उपजीवन के लिए उपयोग करने के लिए नही हैं। इसलिए, उन्हें गुलामी, शोषण, अत्याचार, उत्पीड़न, क्रूरता, दुरुपयोग से मुक्त होना चाहिए, और ऐसे कोई भी अन्य उपचार से मुक्त होना चाहिए जो उनकी सुरक्षा, स्वतंत्र इच्छा और गरिमा की अवहेलना करता हो। उनका उपयोग भोजन के लिए हत्या करके, उनकी खाल के लिए मारके, उनपे वैज्ञानिक प्रयोग करके, धार्मिक उद्देश्यों के लिए मारके, बेगारी के लिए इस्तेमाल करके, खेल और मनोरंजन के लिए उनके साथ दुर्व्यवहार करके और मारके, व्यावसायिक लाभ के लिए दुर्व्यवहार करके,उनकी शिकार करके, और मानव सुख, आवश्यकता, या अन्य सिरों के लिए सताके और मारके नही होना चाहिए।
  7. ७. मनुष्य सभी प्राणियों की रक्षा के लिए वह सब करेंगे जो उनके माध्यम मे हो। कोई भी प्राणी जो मनुष्य पर निर्भर है, उसे उचित भरण-पोषण और देखभाल का अधिकार है, और वह उपेक्षित, परित्यक्त, अथवा मारा नही जाएगा।
  8. ८. जो प्राणी मर चुके हैं, उन्हे मृत मनुष्यों की तरह, सम्मान और प्रतिष्ठा देनी चाहिए।
  9. ९. हम इन अधिकारों की सुरक्षा के लिए अनुरोध करते हैं। इन अधिकारों को, मानवाधिकारों की तरह, कानून द्वारा मान्यता और प्रतिरक्षा मिलनी चाहिए। कोई भी कार्य जो किसी प्राणी या प्रजाति की भलाई या अस्तित्व से समझौता करता है, या उसे खतरे में डालता है, विरोधाभासी है,या ऊपर सूचीबद्ध अधिकारों से किसी प्राणी या प्रजाति को वंचित करता है, उसे अपराध माना जाना चाहिए, और उस नुसार वह कार्य दंडित किया जाना चाहिए।

   यह साक्ष्य मानते हुए, यह घोषणापत्र आज, रविवार, ५ जून, २०११, प्रथम राष्ट्रीय पशु अधिकार दिवस के अवसर     पर, न्यूयॉर्क शहर, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका मे हस्ताक्षरित हुआ।

(हिन्दी अनुवाद चिरंतना मठकरी द्वारा. Hindi translation made by Chirantana Mathkari)

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If we, as the dominant species of this planet, have the ability to reduce the suffering we inflict, then it is our responsibility to the victim, to ourselves and to our impressionable children, to not willingly choose suffering.

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Animals are people and so what we do to them we do to ourselves. It’s up to us to elevate the lives of these people to a status that aligns with the inherent dignity shared by every living thing on Earth.

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We are to be the guardians of non-human animals. Our lives are only better for their protection. It is our sacred responsibility to treat them as the divine gifts of Mom nature which they are.

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Nous sommes tous égaux sur cette planète. Nous avons tous (Hommes, animaux, insectes etc..) le droit de vivre libre et avec respect. La terre ne survivra qu'à cette seule condition

Claire Stroud, United Kingdom

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Animals are superior, they do not have the faults we humans have such as dishonesty,greed, etc. We have a lot to learn from them. They have to be protected, respected and have rights.

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J'aime les animaux pour leur innocence ,leur pouvoir de résilience, et leur indéfectible appétit de vivre.

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Go vegan

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Live and let live

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Jesus bless this to go through “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” no meat/suffering was in Eden nor will there be Heaven by Your perfect kind design.

Alina Udale, United States

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Well done to all involved. I work with Sentient Rights Ireland, a political party in Ireland set up to advocate for animal rights.

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Animals are just so important than us.

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Because we are all earthlings,we are all animals, we are all equal.

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Thanks to stuti parekh Rajkot india I am able to understand pain of other living beings of planet and their pain. Thanks nard.

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Every living creature has the same rights and we must continue to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

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Stop using other creatures for your benifit each and every creature has right to live on earth it's there too

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Go vegan

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The day the neutral masses are made aware about the atrocities done to Animals, we will see a change in human consciousness and the fate of Animals.

Priyanka Kar, India

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A little contribution to an underrated cause. Animals have rights too.

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Plzz save the animals, plzz change the animal law

Ranadip Guha, India

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Polymnia Bradford, United Kingdom

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I need sponsorship to be an animal activist here in Zambia

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Thinking about all animals who are suffering abuse, cruelty and neglect - in the past, present and future. I pledge to continue to fight for animals' freedom to live their lives according to the Laws of Nature.

Udit Madan, India

朋恵 オダビ, Japan

Cathy Archer, Australia

Paul Kates, Canada

Rita Van Dresar, Canada

All animals deserve this!

Noah Ewing, Australia


Ash Holding, United Kingdom

Until every cage is empty ????

Scott Hunter, Australia

Forgot to sign when there today

Eloise Tedesco, Australia

Vegan for the animals and a secure compassionate future

Jagriti Kaushik, India

Karen Smart, Australia

Vegan for the animals and environment ????

rachel ong, Australia

Vegan for the animals!!

Gowri Kumaravelu, United States

They deserve better

Nathan Thipthorp, Australia

We must free the animals from our abuse

Paige Temple, United States

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Until every cage is empty x

Dawn Ward, United States

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peace to animals

Elfriede Rahn-Neumann, Germany

Silvia Premoli, Italy

Animali rights include respect, veganism, freedom, stop farming and stop animal testing.

Dianne Bradshaw, United Kingdom

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Melanie Leonhardt, Germany

Psalm Ronquillo, Philippines


gulino gianluca, Germany

Angelika Feilen, Germany

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I support.

Tanmayi S, India

Igor Virun, Ukraine

For Animal Rights

Patrick Smith, United Kingdom

George Harris, United Kingdom

Laura Lacerenza, United Kingdom

Ayshea Kelly, Germany

Sarah K, United Kingdom

Stop exploiting intelligent, sentient beings. Respect existence.

Sergii Samoilenko, Ukraine

Animal are not food!

ronan falsey, United Kingdom

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Until all are free. We must do better for the animals.

Rain Martin, United Kingdom

Anne-Aurélie Abecassis, France

Francesca Obi, Italy

Joanna Hardeman, United Kingdom

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end speciesism!

kyra shannon, United Kingdom

for every sentient being????

Michael Russell, United Kingdom

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Aditya Shah, India


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Rosanna Dolce, Italy

Take care of the create!

Giovanni Ruiz Delgado, United States

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Voice for the voiceless!

Tawnya Foster, Canada

Anna Campri, Italy

Ruby Dominguez, United States

Roberta Fusco, Italy

Antonio Palmieri, Italy

María Teresa Sandoval, Mexico


Micha Lema, Belgium


Alice Paoletich, Italy

Stefania Palombi, Italy

Stuti Parekh, India

Vogel Dani, Switzerland

Gina Hudson, United States

Thank You!!!

Shuji Kudo, Japan

David Saxby, United Kingdom

Yazmin Gaspar, United States

Long overdue. We are with you fellow animals we are all animals. Humans have been lying about being different from animals

Linda Pemberton, United States

Animal Rights are long overdue. Be vegan. Be their voice ????????✊????

Alicia Williams, United States

Rights for non-human animals can only further the goodness in this realm. May we seek to understand as much as we seek to be understood.

Jane Scopelite, United States

Animal Rights and all Creation Rights support optimum health for all existance which result in joy, peace, and love!

Maria Pinto, United States

Katia Simkó, Italy

Markus Dolder, Switzerland

Isabella Morelli, Italy

Susanna BALDINI ROSSI, Italy

Matteo Camarca, Italy

Sandra Tomboloni, Italy

Giovanna Caligiuri, Switzerland

Melodie Conrad, United States

Aleksandra Sidoruk, Poland

"Run to the rescue with love, and peace will follow"

Margareth Di vaia, Italy

Aurélia Puerta, France

Francesca Ligabò, Italy

Ogni essere vivente merita di vivere.

Chiara Di Palo, Italy

Mara Pezzoli, Italy

Silvia Muller, Italy

There's no excuse forse animal abuse!

Eri Tamaki, Japan

Enrico Vena, Italy

Gabriella Hillman, Australia

I think all animals should have the same rights as humans. they shouldn't be killed if they don't make enough money.

Grace Arob, Australia

Animals have the right to live!

Ivy Rapley, Australia

Not a single creature on earth has more or less right to be here.

florence gooch, Australia

Asha George, Australia

imagine if you were the animal get hurt killed and abused.

Zane Dean, Australia

This is wrong and animals should not be abused.

Eva Reid, Australia


Elliott Hughes, Australia

I think this is a great idea and I love animals and I love to support them.

Oliver van der Molen, Australia

if we don't do something more and more will die

Grace legge, Australia

I think that it is a good thing todo for the animals so they can be free

Emily Gibbons, Australia


Posie Tucker, Australia

hyeokie hine, Australia

stop animal race

william carswell, Australia

we need aniamals to live

Sara fadda, Italy

Dana Battista, United States

Juri Beaton, New Zealand

Manuel Lambertini, Italy

Jon Dunn, United States

Cristiano Mourato, Portugal

Cecilia Casu, Italy

Lionel Roudaut, France

Sofia Selmi, Italy

Enrico Piffer, Italy

Maria Martins, Portugal

Fiona Häseli, Swaziland

Dalia Odeh, Jordan

Ortensia Benussi, Italy

Justice and freedom for all beings!

Marta Chaves, Portugal

The End of Anthropocentrism Era

camilla ruzzu, Italy

la lotta è intersezionale se non sei l'unico animale che vale

Emily Grant, United States

Sara Lima, Spain

Lara Araujo Zick, Germany

Julia Willenbrock, Germany

Galina Haunschild, Germany

Haroon Ali, Malta

Until every cage is empty!

Mellany Risi, Switzerland

Gulshan Kumar, United States

Thank you for doing this ❤️

Joana Costa, Portugal

Devin Braden, United States

i actually would prefer not have my email on here don't know why you would need it?

Nathalie Fernández, Switzerland

Mansfield Michele, United Kingdom

Lisa Pellegrene, United States

Lisa Halton, United Kingdom

Alexandra Jutasi-Zianosz, Hungary

Angela Vasiliu, United Kingdom

Markos Zouganelis, Greece

Thank you!

Dean Thompson, United Kingdom

Nathalie St.Clair, United Kingdom

Wendy Lockwood, United Kingdom

Lorraine Stokes, United Kingdom

steve Ferrett, United Kingdom


Melissa Ferrett, United Kingdom

Animals deserve better! Let’s stop the abuse now!

Cecilia Devitt Barbecot, United Kingdom

Lisa James-Hahn, United Kingdom

Nicola Taylor, United States

Jake Clarke, United Kingdom


Martina Mercer-Hall, United Kingdom

Sian Whitehead, United Kingdom

Simoni Kapa, Ελλάδα

Catherine Elsacker, Belgique

Andrea Cencioni, United Kingdom

Ana M C Alba, United Kingdom

Ana Cabezas, United States

Joe Cuddy, United Kingdom

John Sasportas, United Kingdom

Bernard Stephanie, United States

David Ryan, United States

Animal Liberation! Human Liberation!

Sylvia DRIOULE, Belgium

Rebecca Cullinan, United Kingdom

Other animals deserve liberation from oppression there is no freedom until this is observed and acted.

David Jones, United Kingdom

We must learn from Animals and learn how to cohabit with those Magnificent,loving,caring,intelligent and beautiful creatures.

Edouard Monniot, France

Les Animaux ont le droit de vivre comme nous. Nous sommes tous connecter.

Laetitia Blanc, United Kingdom

Animals should be able to born with Rights.Humans should not have be allowed to remove their rights as Animals do belong to themselves. Respect Life because it is precious. Ignoring Animals will bring human race towards his Extinction.

Marco Valerio Manzini, Italy

Alessandra Resta, Italy

Gonzalo Greene, Chile

Nayan Agarwal, India

viola Acuña, Chile


Logan DePaul, United States

colette perrault, Canada

Valentina Amaya, Colombia

MariacrumS376IY MarycrumS279IY, Russian Federation

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Victoria Alejandro Diaz, United States

I believe deeply in the rights of animals to not experience pain at the hands of humans. We can do so much better to honor other living things on this planet.

Lilli Louise Borsos, Switzerland

Philip Taite, United Kingdom

Andreas Kriesi, Switzerland

Fabian Saavedra Forero, Colombia

johnny castro cruz, Colombia

Natalia Narvaez, Colombia


Karen González, Colombia

Arley Sánchez, Colombia

Nixon Rodriguez, Colombia

Ryan Powderly, United States

Alessandro Monti, Italy

brayan stiven martinez salazar, Colombia

Catalina Rodríguez, Colombia

Alexandra Saunders, United Kingdom

Jacky Jones, United Kingdom

Mathias Wendel, Germany

Garnett Samuel, France

Dany Mater, France, Metropolitan

Michelle Oberg, Canada

Their only crime is their good nature and trusting humans. We have to do the right thing and stop our horrific use of animals to eat, entertain us, research and testing and fashion. For the animals, the planet and our own health.

Anne-Aurélie Abecassis, France

Valérie Cloutour, France

Lynda Kinnard, United Kingdom

Nancy Arenas, United States

Darren Cook, United Kingdom

Olga Gee, United Kingdom

Kirstin Forsythe, United Kingdom

cervoni Jean-Charles, France

Jennifer Smith, United States

Nathalie Beltran, France

Manuel Herrera, Portugal

Isaac Lau, United States

Malika Kadoum, France

Susanne Menna, Finland

Vanja Stojaković, Slovenia

Linh Chi Phạm, Việt Nam

Tim Oseckas, Australia

Cimolai - Pellegrino Viviane, France

Bethany Davies, United Kingdom

Martin Laurens, France

Martine Bompar, France

Merci d’avoir créé ce jour. Les animaux ont besoin de nous

ghislaine lecocq, France

Marina Vuagniaux, France

Chloe Kerdel, France

Katarzyna Mrugała, Poland

lily walsh, Australia

sachiko kishimoto, Japan

Anne Lanteri, France

Cherriene Turnbull, Australia

Sarah Lockhart, Australia

Natalia Cruz, Mexico

Claudia Rodea, Mexico

Lucian Blake, United Kingdom

“I now establish my covenant with you and with your descendants after you and with every living creature that was with you—the birds, the livestock and all the wild animal…” Genesis 9

Farrah Carter, United Kingdom

Makiko Yasu, アメリカ

Michael Stefaner, Italy

May i already signed years ago i can't remember

Merikaste Jaana, Finland

Claudia Rodea, Mexico

Fanny Allegrini, Netherlands

Levina Grogg, Switzerland

Vanille Ashkanovna, Luxembourg

Lysiane Richard, France, Metropolitan

Victoria Richard, Luxembourg


Jonathan Bättig, Switzerland

Hanna de Ruyter, Finland

Minna Ouramo, Finland

Raija Virtanen, Finland

Prim Iamsomboon, Finland

Sofia Koskwla, Finland

Julia Koskela, Finland

Annu Koskela, Finland

Rosenborg Sisko, Finland

Kirsi Vesaikko, Finland

Eva Date, Finland

Humans must stop destroying animal habitats for their own material benefits and must see that they take necessary precautions to protect their properties so that no wild life will have to get killed.

Paul Wright, France

The Declaration of Animal Rights is absolutely essential ????

Jemma Williams, United Kingdom

Poppy Permatasari, Indonesia

arnal charlotte, France

Valentina Teréz Kovács-Uboh, Finland

Sathya Moodley, United States

Paula Blomberg, Finland

Marshall Lake, United States

Every animal has as much right to life as every human has.

mihalis michaelides, Cyprus

Negin Shokoohi, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


Bj Guerrero Nicolas, Philippines

Enric Noguera, Netherlands

Brynna Moran, United States

Lynn Acreman, Spain

Patricia Paynter, New Zealand

fernanda Crapa, Brazil

Ariel Culler, Austria

Simply want to say your article is as amazing. The clarity in your post is just excellent and i could assume you arre an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your feed to keep up to date with forthcoming

Ana Inês Oliveira, Portugal

Gerasimos Andrikopoulos, Greece

Miriam Wendlik, Germany

We arrived at the turn ining point, I hope most people realizing the consequences If we continue.

Reshma Arora, India

Marietta Helfer, Deutschland

Eva Barnas, Austria

Lênim Faber-Lopes, Brazil

Robert Conroy, United States

Marina De Simone, Switzerland

Rebecca Deutsch, United States

Līva Jēkabsone, Latvia

Camilo Boada, Colombia

Gina Caicedo, Colombia

Carlos Cipriam, Colombia

Santiago Zarate Gonzalez, Colombia

Juan Acosta, Colombia

juan david prieto, Colombia

satoko nakamura, 日本

Eto Ueno, Japan

SINCE THE DAWN OF HUMANITY, there remains a group so persistently abused and marginalized, that their suffering is ingrained in our everyday lives. If animals could freely talk, their chorus of cries would drown out every other sound in the

Shinobu Roletto, United States

Animals are not ours. They are individuals.

Maiko Takata, Japan

Hiroko Suzuki, Japan

VictorpvnBU VictorzmlBU, Sri Lanka

VictorfgyBU VictorjygBU, Pakistan

VictornzvBU VictorulpBU, Indonesia

Tina Therkildsen, Denmark

Thank you for your work. I am looking forward to hosting The NARD in Aarhus, Denmark.

eugene naka, Japan

Z shivam, India

Charlotte Cunnington, Australia

Mikayla Fitt, Australia

Eliza Kelett, Australia

Lucy Gray, Australia

Remy Westcott, Australia

Levi Bish, Australia

Maryanne Murray, Australia

I agree with Bill Broome; we must work towards treating all living things with respect and care. That means some difficult choices in our lives but we can do it; it is the next big shift in human "social evolution"

DILSHAD AHMAD, United States


Mihaila Alexandra, Tunisia

Kylie Muldeary, Australia

Jennifer Coleman, United States

Tupu Seppänen, Finland

Ilse Vanden Balck, Belgium

Benjamin Aitken, United Kingdom

Sue Fish, United States


Dr. Pam Youngquist, United States

Thank you for this piece of future constitutional law, for carrying the scrolls to gain allegiance in all corners of this human heavy world to commit to this declaration. Gratitude for all that you do.

Tammy Treadway, United States

Ivanira Pancheri, Brazil

Steve hohensee, United States

If humans are endowed with souls, then so are animals and every living being. No one life is more valuable, or superior to another.

Riana van der Westhuizen, South Africa

Gisela Jia, United States

Marek Bunczek, Poland

Peace Live ????

Rebecca Allen, United States

Puvaneaish Subramaniam, Malaysia

Bettie Scott, Canada

Marina Estrada, United States

We are all one with the one that is all. We are all related.

Mark Straatman, Netherlands

Mirjam Kösterke, Germany

Yann Milan Hauri, Switzerland

Jasmine keighley, New Zealand

Natasha Polychuk, Canada

Gabriela Logar, Switzerland

Emek Echo, United States

Dr. Edel Sanders, United States

It is the ethical thing to do. We are not the only species who should have rights.

Mona Taf, United States

Saubhagya Gupta, India

Karine Witek, France

Radhika Partha, United States

Anne-Aurelie Abecassis, France

Marissa Stevens, Netherlands

Mirelli Cabrera, United States

Lena Donaker, United States

Hiroko Omori, Japan

eileenEhat Tuttle, United States

what a wonderful day it will be when animals are no longer abused! god bless them and the work you do.

Suzette Cooper, Australia

The feeling of pain and fear are not unique to the human being it belongs to all living creatures. Animals cannot speak but the human can use this voice to help these sentient ones.

Jill Ensinck op kemna, Netherlands

Monique Gerards, United States

Rob Kleijnen, Netherlands

Christine Hornsleth, United States

Whenever asked in a survey which topics I want to be addressed to improve I always type in “animal Rights” on the “other” line.

Mahendra Beldar, India

Michaela Andelova, Netherlands

Marijn Van beljouw, Netherlands


Lisa Janssen, Netherlands

Tiffany Jansen, Netherlands

Enkhsaruul Sodnomdarjaa, Netherlands

Puck Verdoes, Netherlands

Nina Ansink, Netherlands

Liz Ansink, Netherlands

Luna Verbakel, Netherlands

Lily Vervoort, Belgium

Dian Bloodshoofd, Netherlands

Varsha Thakoersingh, Netherlands

Varsha Thakoersingh, Netherlands

Deborah Van de graaf, United States

Jeanique Kuipers, Netherlands

Eva Leenders, Netherlands

Kshitij Doshi, United States

Valerie van Hamme, Belgium

Joost Poort, Netherlands

Daan De graaf, Netherlands

Babette Varossieau, Netherlands

Charlotte Schuurmans, Belgium

Jinte Meybosch, Belgium

Ezra Jacobs, Netherlands

Gianni Van der bruggen, Netherlands

Melissa Van de vin, Netherlands

Thijs Smudde, Netherlands

Sophie Laan, Netherlands

Giorgia Di Saverio, Netherlands

Lesley van der Klaauw, Netherlands

Bono Nicolaes, Netherlands

Nash Ensinck op kemna, Netherlands

Stanley Siau, Netherlands

Danique Nieuwland, Netherlands

Robbie van Est, Netherlands

Marloes Nieuwland, Netherlands

Christel Jansen- de Haas, Netherlands

Belén González Álvarez, Spain

Tina van Gelder, Netherlands

Joris de Graaf, Netherlands

Cecile Besnard, France

Charu Srinivas, India

Julie Kaye, United States

Long overdue. It's an absolute sin what we do to animals of this world

Julie Ashton, France

Tina Desrivières, France

Je me permets de vous emprunter votre photo ;)

zoe smith, United Kingdom

Maria Soria, Australia

Julie Rouanet, France

Sandrine NORDLUND, France

J’espère que le nombre de signatures sera atteint.

Anand Doctor, India

Annu Abraham, India

Great Initiative ???? Hope it gets global recognition early on & implemented throughout! Let there be conscious Harmony !!!

VAISSE-COCHET Aurélie, France

Prithika Joddar, India

Vinay Golchha, India

Sylvie Grec, United States

Saharsh Jhajharia, India

janese hexon, United States

Vladimir Spasic, Canada


A. van der Molen, Netherlands

Anaïd Samouelian, France

Rosa Groenewoud, Netherlands

This is such a great move and initiative!

winnie guy, Canada

Helena Davidkova, United Kingdom

Laurence Hugon, France

Renee Brockway, United States

michael guyon, France

Qui sauve une vie sauve le monde...

virginie gautron, France

Pour que l'on deviennes vraiment des humains...

Deborah Ferraz, Netherlands

Heidi Fustinoni, United States

MENECIER Christine, France

Valérie Mareau, France

STOP à la cruauté

Maria Dufour, United States

Aakash Zure, India

Isabelle agostino, France

Alizée Deloire, France

Elto D'Souza, Australia

Elodie Buisson, France

Thierry Allibert, France, Metropolitan

Melek Mohamedova, United States

Giulio Di Anastasio, India

Celine Bignon, France

Pavithra R, India

Vegan environmenalist

Anagha Behere, India

Vivekan Brunschwig, France

Let's Unite with all Life forms so we can Truy Evolve in Love!

Estelle Witasse, Monaco

Stijn Gabeler, Netherlands

I am vegan since 8-8-2018

Fawn Flanagan, United States

Stefanie Queißer, Germany

Andrzej Woszczyński, Poland

Laurence Solle, France

Alain Sorel, France

Jayesh Patel, United Kingdom

Solange Coranotte, France

Claire Pite, United States

Rajlakshmi Desai, India

Be humane... Understand the pain of animals too

Aurélie Dacquin, France, Metropolitan

Taryn Wills, Australia

Assat Véronique, France

Christian Carougeat, France

Mark FERRY, France

Michael Queißer, Germany

Courell Crawford, United States

Courtney Crawford, United States

Sandra Fasola, France

Jacqueline Fasola, France

Eric Devillard, United States

Morgane Hurier, United States

Valérie Moulart, France

Keith Muir, United Kingdom

Christiane Peray, France

Céline Gioffred, France

Anjuman Deodhar, India

Liri Hoffman, United States

Save and stop the horror and torture af all ammnimals !! These humans are evil????????????????????????????????????????????????

Pushkar Kulkarni, India

Olaf Rostek, Germany

keep fighting for animal rights!

Leisha Dingley, Australia

Jayant Joshi, India


Junie Nandi, India

Willy Landeweerd, Netherlands

Ashwini Virji, India

Laura Gossmann, Switzerland

Suraj Pandey, India

Lukas Lassacher, Malta

Parth Bhasin, India

Tani Macaroco, Canada

Ophilia Gervais, Canada

Nargiz Gafarli, Azerbaijan

Kelly Bozek, Canada

Silvana Spasic, United States

Paul TaoWalker, United States

Katie Barrington, Canada

Olivia Murray, New Zealand

Michelle Ha, United States

Emily Paulsen, United States

Rick Hili, Canada

Stefan Bamberger, Switzerland

Carol Rodriguez, United States

Laura Mara Walde, Switzerland

Ivana Barbir, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Pat Schibly, United States

Vincent Jones, American Samoa

Humans place an immense amount of suffering on animals. They are used and discarded without respect to life. We prioritize our existence as so indispensable, yet ignore this part of our ecosystem that bore the load of our history. SHAME

Amee Beck, United States

Prishaa Sinha, India

Just because they can't speak it doesn't mean they don't feel pain. Every life is important!

Krish Goenka, India

Every living creature, be it humans or animals, have similar rights to live. If humans aren’t allowed to harm other humans, why are animals allowed to be harmed by humans?

Preeti Payaal, India

Pareen Sachdeva, India

Nabamita Kanjilal, India

Every living being deserves the right to life. There should be no questions asked.

Anindita Kanjilal, India

Naman Dedhia, India

Markus Wälterlin, Switzerland

Aayush Krishna Shrestha, Nepal

Why do we need to write a note about it when we're so intellectual and act like gods, right?

Aldridge Almeida, India

Animals of whichever breed have the right to live freely,they have lives,no cruelty,exploitation should be done for pleasure!

Trisha Roy, India

Kate Borowiak, United States

Madhuja Dey, India

Veera Venkatesh, India

Vijayshree Dubey, India

Sowmiya C, India

Kanwaljit Kaur, India

Saranjit Singh, India

Devanshi Khanna, India

Saloni Henecha, India

No Pain, is Gain..

Vijay Natarajan, India

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Anchal Rai, India

My all life dedicated for animals

Madhumitha Anand, United States

Sarthak Srivastava, India

My life dedicated for all the animals

sakshi upadhyay, India

I pray for the world to switch to plant based diet and become VEGAN and realise that it is the only way to eradicate animal cruelty. every specie desreves to live

Madhan Natarajan, India

Avantika Mathur, India

Please stop exploitation of animals.

Varun Dubey, India

Ravneet Kaur, India

This must be done immediately

Uppaluri Sameera, India

ganesh aravinth, India

we have the power to change our beloved being's fate, so i hereby signing the declaration for a better future. and lets start it with ourselves by going vegan.

Qasim Kanchwala, India

Aruna K, India

Sign on animal rights

divya sharma, India

Rainy Panthri, India

Divya Talwar, India

Pl conduct more workshop like this. And save animals and we should always love them and care for them

Rajesh Sreedhara, India

Mouli Mehrotra, India

I, Mouli, hereby stand in solidarity with animals and stand up for their rights to live!


Animal has their right to live, not to get slaughtered!

Hema Shree, India

Save animals ! Go vegan ! Planet is for all of us !

Kishor Tripathi, India

guriqbal singh, India

Rushi Das, India

Abhishek Dubey, India

Girija Tiwari, India

Vaishnavi Dhumal, India

End Animal Exploitation

Attila Kovacs, India

Rajib Roy, India

I want to be part of outreach activities in Kolkata - can we connect ?

Krishnanunni Hari, India

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

Sri Sai Praneetha Kodihalli, India

Ankit verma, India

Shubhra Shukla, India

Animal has equal right to live. We request global laws against animal exploitation.

Anuradha Mathur, India

All animals should be treated with love compassion and respect

Trina Roy, India

End all animal suffering.

Madhavi Kolte, India

Ashish Jain, India

Prarthna Sindal, India

Vignesh Manjeshwar, India

Rushabh Javeri, India

Aayush Goyal, India

Sakshi Marlecha, India

Kunal Berry, India

Go vegan, end speciesism!

Prashant Dwivedi, India

Animals deserve respect. They are more loyal than humans.

Milind Chauhan, India

Chaitanya Rajasekhar, India

Go Vegan!!

Saloni Rao, India

vasavi tadaka, India

All animals have the right to live!

Sonal WhiteCub, India

Non human animals are as sentient as humans .Lets give them the same that used to be denied to women and blacks to varying degrees till some years back.

Karanjot Singh Minhas, India

End speciesism! Go vegan! Eat plantbased! Animal liberation!

Sesha Sai Srinivas, India

Suraj Subhash Chandra, India

All animals' rights should be recognized

Jayalaxmi Rai, India

All beings deserve to roam free

Doddayolla Praveen Kumar, India

Rakshna Purushoth, India

Diwakar Dwivedi, India

Animal liberation

Kuntal Joisher, India

Aishwarya Jawale, India

Go vegan.

Tushar Gogia, India

May all living being experience peace and love and kindness ????

Sumita Pai, India

Darshana Muzumdar, India

Milena Logar, Switzerland

End Speciesism! Go vegan ♡

susan langmann, Australia

christian langmann, Australia

Rob Dexter, Australia

Anshu Mehta, Nepal

All animals in this planet deserve to live peacefully like us.

Anish Tuladhar, Nepal

Sanjana Bhattarai, Nepal

Loving the event.

Avhimanhu Sapkota, Nepal

Hitesh Basnet, Nepal

Anshu Pandey, Nepal

It was really awesome event . Thank you !

Shrijendra Amatya, Nepal

Katerina Simkova, Switzerland

Marlena Jachniewicz, Australia

Gian Gori, Australia

Regula Wälterlin, Switzerland

Andreas Eisenring, Switzerland

Craig Bako, Australia

Animal liberation must happen now!

Monique Hunziker, Switzerland

All animals have the same right to exist and live in peace as any other living being. Animals deserve the same rights as people to be free from harm and exploitation.

Shaun Jarvis, Australia

Animals rights are important

Bonny Stroebel, Australia

Deborah Williams, Australia

Guy Masterman, Australia

Alexandra Louise, Australia

Eddie Hung, Australia

Chung Ng, Australia

Sarah Berry, Australia

Marie Symeou, United Kingdom

Shradha Gwalani, Australia

For the animals

Kym krow, Australia

Theresa Burket, United States

All lives are equal and deserve to make choices their self and be love and be loved.

Jane Mitchell, Australia

Kindness. A planet for all.

Christine Blakers, Australia

Meghala Nair, Australia

Sue Torlach, Australia

Pamela Hall, Australia

Shaun Mansfield, Australia

Kimi Kiefer, Australia

Becky Soto, United States

Alain Tora, France

Ina Toncescu, Canada

I stand for animal equality!

Stefanie Vandepitte, Switzerland


Mirjam Neukomm, Switzerland

Vickie Dysard, United States

Lilly Stadelmann, Switzerland

Michele Katz, United States

Jasmin Belhareth, Switzerland

Anita frost, United Kingdom

Oliver Zügel, Switzerland

Simon Ziswiler, Switzerland

Monika Zügel, Switzerland

Denis Laroche, Canada

Andrea López, Mexico


Suzanne Kunstman, United States

Animals are just as important as we are...

Annette Nelson, United States

Ricardo E Zamarripa, Canada

All animals have rights. They are not inanimated commodities.

Patricia Mercier, Canada

David Holloway, United States

Gail Nordlof, United States

Barbara Eberhard, Switzerland

Daphne Chaimovitz, Switzerland

Thank you so much for your incredible work and strength!!

Allegra Schmid, Switzerland

Lara Joy Fodor, Switzerland

Thank You!

Isabel Pilot, Switzerland

Monika Ortiz, Switzerland


Laura Rindlisbacher, Switzerland

Antonio Curatolo, Italy

Jane Deanwood, United Kingdom

shirley swan, United Kingdom

Amanda Oakes, Canada

Delaney Haines, Canada

Pamela Willms, United States

We are the Ancestors of the Future, what we do now matters.

Tina King, United States

Helene Brigden, Canada

Stephanie North, United States

Alexis Mekalonis, United States

Catherine Santos, United States

Kim Randolph, United States

Saya Pagel, United States

Susan Welch, United States

Brooke Burchill, United States

Victoria Apodaca, United States

I agree 100%! Every Animal is like us just in a different form. They love, they feel, they hurt just like isThey ALL have a soul and deserve to be protected NOT Abused and Tortured!!! They don’t on our plates either!!’ Please PROTECT them!!

Lowisa Grieves, United Kingdom

Cynthia Jarrett, United States

Nancy Gregory, United States

Jesse Nartker, United States

desda morris, United States

Treat other species as you would yourself...with love and kindness. Stop the slaughter, abuse, torture and cruelty that the human species perpetrates on other HELPLESS species!

Trois Moore, United States

Catherine Hess, United States

I support full rights for non-human beings. It's the least our species can do considering all the abuse and exploitation we subject the other residents of this planet to.

Ellen Roth-Jones, United States

Please stop the torture and the murder of these innocent Sentient beings. They deserve to live and be free of human injustices .

Sharon S Graham, United States

Lori Reppert, United States

LeAnn Walters, United States

Animals are the heartbeat of our world. They give us comfort, they provide service to us in so many ways, they keep our ecosystem vibrant and viable. We would do well to treat them better.

Dorothy Stango, United States

John Helms, United States

Kristi Tustin, United States

Wendy Farrell, United States

Hannah Lemke, United States

Latoya Gaddis, Australia

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Carol Abrook, United Kingdom

Animals should have the same rights & respect that humans have. Humans thrive on greed, selfishness, cruelty, torture, & killing of animals & this has to stop before animal kind are wiped out completely. Our planet is their planet too.

Nikki Nafziger, United States

God Commanded us to be Guardians of All of His Creations! All animals, human and non human are sentient beings/Children of God/of Equal Importance. Our laws and treatment must reflect that.

Molly Zbojniewicz, United States

Sofie Waters, Canada

David Sufried, France

Pamela Wohlman, United States

seth geller, United States

Shelley Stevens, United States

Nicole Corrado, Canada

Jason Bales, United States

We are animals.

Sandra Dailly, France

Huguette Dailly, France

Valerie Dailly, Canada

Irmeli Todd, Finland

Marian Erikson, United States

Lex Talamo, United States

Thomas Böhringer, Germany

Mirjam Hess, Switzerland

bea moser, Switzerland

Anja Gutmann, Germany



Haylee Hayes, United States

Zdeněk Šlik, Czech Republic

For all animals, for the Earth!

Jack Lekishon, Kenya

I'm grateful to be here

Mirko Maiutto, Norway

fishcycqw313YP fishhpbvg63YP, Malta

Hello. And Bye.

Laura Sánchez, Switzerland

Evie Marshall, United Kingdom

Animals are here with us, not for us.

Chakkarabani Selvam, Poland

Mateusz Niezgoda, Poland

Animals are friends, not food.

Alessandro Di Francesco, Australia

Animals should be protected

Madeleine Santucci, Australia


Ruby Munro, Australia

Animals should be protected

Marco Karaki-Suarez, United States

I think this Declaration does more good than bad, but will need changes in the future! Like Peta understands, we must euthanize abandoned animals that won't get care otherwise!

Madeline kes, Australia

Åse Nordius, Sweden

If we cant save the animals,we cant save ourselves

Wolf Rain, Australia

Baker Nnyombi, Uganda

steven ramos, Colombia

apoyo los derechos de los animales

Rosemary Bastos, Brazil

Darryl Grima, Malta

Pieternella van Beek, Sweden

Rafael Navega, Brazil

I agree to the Declaration and demand that my country participate in its support.

Samuel Aponte, Colombia

Corinne Bouvot, France

Amy Oakey, United Kingdom

Jérémie Marion, Belgium

Di Guerin, Canada

Gisele SULTRA, France

Christine POUGNAUD, France

Schenk Juliette, France


Franck broutin, France

Rebecca Fennessy, Ireland

Alexandre Lemaître, France

daniela gomez, Argentina

SAM TURRET, United States

FRAN SHMITT, United States


joy HERRERA, Bulgaria

Luisa Zamudio, Colombia

Marc Pinot, France

Eigue et Maxime Sestini, France, Metropolitan

Eloe Kingma, Netherlands

DALOUNA Rouali, United States


cela devient une urgence de donner aux animaux les droits de protection et de respect

Cedric Lamy, Belgium

Sab Schoke, United States

Christophe Morel, France, Metropolitan

Annie Faure, France

Clara Balade, France, Metropolitan

Evelyne Soulier, United States

Sylvain Debroux, France

Patricia Landa, France

Elisa Dencer, France

Chris Del, Belgium

Go vegan!!

Dmitry Distant, Latvia

Cheryl Moore, Australia

Nobuko Ono, United States

We are earthian

Annette Vos, Netherlands

All Animals matter

Denise Inkel, United States

Mrs Nicola Stuchfield, United Kingdom

Anna Kouijzer, Netherlands

Patrick Deckers, Belgium

Hilke van Hove Eitner, Netherlands

Carole Hannon, Ireland

Eleanor Lakew, United Kingdom

Oliver Tassinari Rogalin, Sweden

Carina Cederholm, Sweden

Martha Infante, United Kingdom

Nicholas Salt, United Kingdom

Stuart Marentette, Canada

Zane Peterson, United States

Janusz Bończak, Poland

Go Vegan!

Ann Åslund, Sweden

Vegan for The animals

Barbara Kehm, Germany

maggie norman, Portugal

They all deserve to have Animal Rights

Lawrence Jörgensen, Sweden

Emmie Knudsen, Sweden

Alan Holly, Ireland

Diana Stalior, United Kingdom

Helen Wadkin, United Kingdom

Mark Beaumont, United Kingdom

Lerik Ryden, United States

Hedvig Möller, Finland

Kerstin Modéen, Sweden

Will ALWAYS STAND for the animals ????

Hans Ingemansson, Sweden

Paul Wells, South Africa

vernon stuttard, United Kingdom

Dee Knight, United Kingdom

Mary-Jane Eklund, Sweden

Leena Andersson, Sweden

Amanda Price, United Kingdom

Catherine Rindstig, Sweden

Acs Alexandru, Romania

Lena Urban, Sweden

Kate Silverek, Sweden

Shayne Gallagher, United Kingdom

Karoline Bobrowski, United Kingdom

Marie-Josée Ménard, Canada

Danjana Moggi, Switzerland

Janette Alston, United Kingdom

Joris Vandepitte, Switzerland

Yoshie Tominaga, Japan

Ivana Sabo, Switzerland

Jehanne Boka, Germany

Ka Hernandez, United States

Joana Soeiro, Portugal

January Cook, United States

Animals aren't here for us, animals are here with us.

Claire Jeffrey, United Kingdom

amron gravett, United States

please liberate non-human animals. end human-caused suffering on them.

Mark Baron, United States


Kelly Glynn, United States

Keara O’Bryen, United States

For a more compassionate and just world.

Elisa Bullizi, Italy

Ruth Dominguez, Colombia

I love animals and as Humans we have to protect as well as their habitats. We must be sure everybody respects and take good care of animals.

Albin Björk, Sweden

Tom H, Australia

Animals should be treated right.

Mary Ridley, Australia

Alana Theodor, Australia

don't eat mean it is naughty :)

Chelsea Nunn, Australia

Arjen Smith, Australia

Tissa Kimsey, United Kingdom

Katherine Mende, Australia

Jantine Brandemann ter Beek, Netherlands

Callum Cannadine, Netherlands

It's time to make a serious change to our abusive treatment of animals.

Brianna Farrell, United States

Sonal Pareek, India

Krzysztof Cieszyński, Poland

kumi Okuno, Japan

Victoria Kyriakou, Greece

Michael Peach, Canada

Iker Aziel Mejia Torres, Mexico

I love the animal I think that abused them is bad.

Floris Kraan, Netherlands

Speciesism is no different from any other form of discrimination. In fact, it has caused more suffering than all other forms of discrimination combined. Animals will be liberated and until then, we will fight for them every single day.

margaret tucker, Canada

Christian Winters, United States

Thank you for your work on behalf of the matter described.

Gerard Hoornweg, Netherlands

I, as a fellow earthling and mammal on this earth, do acknowledge that mammals in their capacity to feel joy, peace, frustration, and pain - deserve a life free of unnecessary violence; Acknowledging their subjective experience and telos

Thomas Bouman, Netherlands

Torben Desbuleux, Netherlands

Milana Fujita, Japan

Amanda Vicente, United States

Kayla Hosmer, United States

rachel tomassetti, United States

Sydney Flores, United States

Kimberly Barrows, United States

Ann Bali, United States

Alexandria Carneiro, United States

Elizabeth Carneiro, United States

Robert lewis, United States

Jada Bishop, United States

Daniel Rizzo, United States

Ryan Isherwood, United States

Mark Russell, United States

DEREK LAPOINT, United States

Samantha Fimmano, United States

Serena Kenna, United States

Noelle Pagnozzi, United States

Paul OReilly, United States

Meagan OReilly, United States

Ilona Pesonen, Finland

Lahja Pesonen, Finland

Tiitu Lind, Finland

Veronica Draghi, Italy

Sarah Harvala, United States

Diana Bracken, United States

I'll be happy to join in to be a voice for the animals and fight for their rights

Patricia Vega, United States

Blessed is the Animal Kingdom!

renzo dabu, United States

Nadisha Pillay, South Africa

Every living entity regardless of whether he be human, demigod,animal,bird,bee or whatever is part & parcel of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.4 one whom sees Me everywhere & sees everything in Me,I am never lost,nor is he ever lost to M

AntoniomgjNI AntonioaznNI, Lebanon

Stjepan Kovacevic, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Animals are in the care of humankind, and we must ensure that they nurtured. Life on Earth must strive better with each new generation.

Pauline Archinard-Piquet, France

AndreasykiYO AndreasmouYO, Guinea-Bissau

Julia Große-Heitmeyer, Germany

Animals should and must have all the rights that are listed in The Declaration of Animal Rights!

Patricia Miranda, Portugal

Carolin Schremmer, Germany

Kathryn Allberry, United Kingdom

Heli Mäenpää, Finland

Nuria Salvatella, Germany

Pia Karaspuro, Finland

Keith Quayle, Australia

Taryn Mangan, Australia

Ilona Pirinen, Finland

andrea rojo sanchez, Mexico

amo a los animales pero tenemos que respearlos

Axel Rojas Armendia, Mexico

Isabella Urrea Uscanga, Mexico

hello i love the animals but is unfair that the animals are mistreated because they diserve a better live the live that the human live because they are living and its un fair that the animals respect us bute we dont respect de humans

Regina pulido, Mexico

i love the animals save tha animals

Natalia Labastida, Mexico

I love the animals and it is not fair that they mistreat them

Norelly Hernandez, Mexico

Patricio Rodriguez, México

hello i love the animals

laura Cueto, Mexico

Natalia Rivera Sandoval, Mexico

That as much as humans, animals deserve the same respect that we have and the same rights, animals are mistreated by humans since we have the advantage that we are more intelligent, even though in these years some animals have been treated

MerselintdaQP MerselinbxfQP, Jamaica

Clara Volmerhaus, Germany

Cornelia M. Müller, Germany

It is not only a question of dignity and ethics, also essential for saving our whole planet. For me, the year 2020 with COVID 19 pandemic is a turning point. Many abuses have became clear to a larger part of humanity - this gives hope.

Seija Magga, Finland

Heidi Goes, Belgium

Mi estas prezidanto de Tutmonda Esperantista Vegetarana Asocio, vegetarano de preskau 30 jaroj, kaj vegano de pli ol 11 jaroj.

Alexander Eisenlauer, Germany

Ahmet Kalınoğlu, Turkey


Debra Ziegler, United States

JAMES OSHEA, United States

Ly Bui, Vietnam

Tomomi Inoue, Germany

Isa Duffy, Germany

jeanette köhn, Germany

Gita Maud Lehr, Germany

Iuliia Shevtsova, Germany

Sanja Brigovic, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Tamara Brajevic, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Torsha Saha, India


Ivan Novosel, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Krissy Solic, Canada

Jolene Dragicevich, United States

Abigail Baumann, Germany

I Love all Animals!!

Jule Müller, Germany

Melanie Shaw, United States

End Speciesism!

Morana Mardešić, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Rachel Bailey, United Kingdom

Tomislava Arambašić, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Bernd Schultz, Germany

Elena Kolar, Germany

Heike Steckbeck, Germany

We need our animals.....

Angelika Sänger, Germany

considering the German past history I feel even more motivated to stand up for the animals #IchAuch

Tea Juričić, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Ivana Radošević, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Claudia Milena Cuartas Fierro, United Kingdom

Slavka Popovic, United States

Maja Jambrišak, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Margareta Čulinović, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Nicole Pecirep, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Nora Kulaš, United States

Katarina Iskra, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Sanja Pecirep, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Justine Reinault, Germany

Tarek Steckbeck, Germany

Jana Buske, Germany

Ada Peters, Germany

Dario Stänicke, Germany

Svenja Viehmeier, Germany

Cause justice does not end at the species border. Against all oppression!

Daria Tatarintseva, Russian Federation

Sanna Moisio, Finland

Susanne Peschke, Germany

Astrid Kienpointner, Austria

Gordana Šore, Jugoslavija

Sva živa bića imaju pravo na život!

Jennifer Witte, Germany

Marko Samardžija, Croatia (Hrvatska)

ROBYN WOODLEE, United States

Moriah Reynold, United States

Leslie Wilbanks, United States

Martin Zalcman, Canada

If we dont start treating animals better we're gonna go down in the history of the universe as a parasitic, evil, sadistic and corrupt species.

lisa dejessa, United States

Beverly Smith, United States

Hilary Ledingham, Canada

jimmie moglia, United States

Satish Setty, India

Animals feel the same pain and pleasure as us! Let empathy lead us towards harmony!

Rachel Bunt, Canada

Deb Brown, United States

Veronique Bourdais, Canada

Jesus Roman, United States

Jane Rees, United Kingdom

Time to give back all we have taken and live together with the natural world.

Karen Speicher, United States

Catherine Clermont, Canada

Carrie Reiss, United States

Lesley Woodroffe, United States

Vito Markov, France, Metropolitan

eo Por la fino de speciismo! fr Pour la fin du spécisme! en To end speciesism!

Hamid Ebrahimi, Romania

Domagoj Sučić, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Emanuela Poturica, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Alexey Zimenko, Russian Federation

Serenity Sullens, United States

Natalia Bogacheva, Russian Federation

Leandrie Venter, South Africa

Cheryl-Anne Squires, South Africa

ALL Animals HAVE RIGHTS to LIFE, MEDICAL, PROTECTION, SHELTER, FOOD, LOVE, ATTENTION. Animals have more rights than humans, they are the VOICELESS ONES. I will FIGHT for each and EVERY VOICELESS ONE until my last breath.

Ayshe Augustine, United Kingdom

Anthony Weaver, United States

To whom it may concern, I am a spirtually enlightened being who wishes to learn more about hydroponics. I understand when using hydroponics that it is easier for the workers since you do not have to destroy things like weeds. Also less p

SHAHID Shahid, United States

Bobby Patel, United States

Jayshri Patel, United States

NIRVI PATEL, United States


Maja Kokic, Ireland

I hope things will become better.

Muriel Gallardo, France

Luise Kozlowski, Germany

I believe this is the first step in the right direction. Animals are sentient beings and also have interests which we humans should learn to respect.

Aiden Lee, Australia


Priyam Minocha, India

orietta marcovecchio, Italy

so much better than us

Kate Vincent, Australia

Nathan Mann, Australia

Every animal has a right to a free life

Joelle Norris, Australia

Animals deserve the same rights and protections as human animals. Just because something has been normalised, does not make it right or ethical.

Clarke Vincent, Australia

Ariza Karaketova, Kyrgyzstan

I believe that one day we will acheieve this goals.

JOAN DOURA, United States

can a higher power please change the world's hearts with empathy & end all pain & suffering, START NOW!!!!!!

Abigail Kidd, United Kingdom

How this is not already in place baffles me. We call ourselves modern day humans, yet we’re so disconnected from anything else on this planet

Barry Irwin, United States

Lily Damo, Cyprus

I want animal abuse to stop once and for all

Corey Cohen, United States

David Alfonso, Colombia

Eliana Vitolo, Colombia

Kevin Duong, Australia

Animals are very important to the earth, and to humans. If we don't take care of earths species, we wont be able to live much longer. Animals are whats keeping us alive.

Trang Pham, Australia

Don't kill animals

kenneth gov, Australia

animals have feelings too, and abusing, or hunting an animal is like abusing or hunting another human. Sometimes animals can save us, from death or losing our eco systems, without animals we would not be here today.

Amy Tran, Australia

We have to treat the animals how they deserve to be treated,and the way is rightly.

Rosy Rauraa, Australia

We need to protect the animals and treat them the way we treat ourselves

Carly Truong, Australia

we should stop this issue before it gets worse.

Katie Nguyen, Australia

We NEED animals they are a living thing AND they provide us food, milk and clothes. Without them we wouldn't have a lot of choices for clothing drinks and food.

Lily Le, Australia

We should ALL be treated fairly including animals.

Cindy Tran, Australia

All animals should be treated rightly. We are all the same and so we should all be treated equally, animals and humans.

Victoria Do, Australia

We have to stop this worldwide issue.

Josh Zachariah, Australia

We should not treat animals like animals. We should treat like living beings because that is what they are.

Larney Do, Australia

I hope that we can save all creatures at the best of our ability and not let a precious creature suffer from starvation or hydration.

Lili Family, United States

Kavita Chaudhary, Australia

Stop killing Animals

Cesar Del Vecchio, Brazil

Marie Rousseau, France

Ari P, United States

Saloni Belaid, United Kingdom

Encourage the world to give up meat , and reduce dairy to ethical dairy that may cost a bit more but at least mothers and babies stay together

Bonnie Davis-Isom, United States

We as humans are now experiencing what non-humans have to deal with every day-the threat of infection and being contained. Covid19 is keeping humans quarantined and dealing with a threat that has killed so many!

Jason Swindelll, United States

Banka kaishin, United States


Bunny Black, United States

Animal agriculture is supremacist culture

Maria Soupos, Australia


Brenda Robinson, Canada

Animals give us so much joy. We must respect them. They do have rights too. A right to live freely and enjoy life.

Adriana Martin, United States

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Past time that we recognize our fellow animals are not here for us, but with us.

Cate Moyle, New Zealand

axelle kaya, France

Gabrielle Mendonça, Brazil

Cynthia LaCroix, United States

Emily Kerwood, United States

Blake Kerwood, United States

Caroline Borys, Australia

Mariella Bellorofonte, Malta

Fanique EsraEL, United States

King Qanaah Earthman Esrael, United States

Love ye one another and all the creatures of God.

Marita Hanse, Belgium

J'aime les animaux & ceux-ci doivent être considérés par l'être humain...

Katalin zu Windischgraetz, Spain

Maura Cairns, United Kingdom

All animals have the right to live. I love animals

Joan Katsaros, United States

I'm in agreement with everything and adhere to requirements herein Respectfully

Abdullah Goldstein, United States

Tracey Bass, United Kingdom

Didier Lallemand, Belgium

Charmian Fletcher, United States

Martine Sola, United States


Shari Jones, United States

Lizzie Bosen, United States

sonia chiatti, Ireland

We are all animals. We are all living, breathing beings who share the same Earth

Anne Smyth, Ireland

Ruth King, United Kingdom

Please please save these poor animals, enough IS enough.

Eva D De Baets, Belgium

Save animals. Enough is enough.

vanessa treadway, United States

monika kocevska, Macedonia

animals have more right to live on this planet than humans.

Emily Serbinowski, United States

Carole Fraser, United Kingdom

Sickeng blatentBrutality

Tushar Jaiswal, Canada

Janne Thiebaud, Australia

I do not believe in evolution, but I do believe that all creatures were created by God. He never intended for any of them to be used and abused by anyone, for any reason. All people need to develop a new PSYCHE and PROTECT ALL ANIMALS!

Abhishek Soni, India

plzz do something to save animals

Ekta Kumbhar, India

Pushkar Sant, United States

Shraddha Sant, India

Isabella Davila, United States

Pooja Juneja, United Kingdom

Much needed!

Maithili Chopra, India

Sanjeev Badwe, India

Pournima Badwe, India

Vitthal Dhaygude, India

Vilas Mane, India

Nikhil Palsule, India

Mukta Palsule, India

Niranjan Palsule, India

Rekha Dhanwani, India

Deeksha Teri, India

Poonam Bhagwan, India

Gowtham Reddy, United States

Paul Moss, United States

Yuri Forgues, United States

Christian Landolt, Switzerland

Bhupendra M, India

Ishan Dabholkar, United States

Dr Akshay Mote, India

Priyanka Dhaigude, India

Dr Akshay Mote, India

Jay Godbole, India

This is the true wealth of our world. Those who really need to be treated better and cared for! Completely support of this declaration!

Sean Xu, United States

I love animals.

Smita Kolhe, India

Ellen F, United States

Raj Kamble, India

I support this initiative. There are many misconceptions about animals and this leads to people fearing them. More awareness can make people more sensitive.

Jayashri Ghadge, India

I support this mission We should be very kind with the animals.

Vasant Ghadge, India

I support for the betterment of environment . We should not kill any animal.

madalen way, United Kingdom

Alja Mazzini, Switzerland

प्रतिक शिंदे, India


Parezade Mama, India


Suvarna Sulibhavi, India

Save the voiceless animals

Anita Ukarande, India

Pankaj dhat, India

Save animals and we can save earth.

Nitya Chandrasekhar, India

Snehal Jadhav, India

Preeti Dharmade, United States

Saniya Mulani, India

Priyadarshan Pradhan, India

Minakshi Vishwakarma, India

Wonderful emotions understanding of living breathing caring and life equatability ... I promise I will understand and value the emotions...

Prachi mane, India

Shraddha Matkar, India

Shivani Bidkar, India

We are together

Manali Lakhotiya, India

Anuja Kinikar, India

Sachin Sanap, India

Nicola Wray-Cook, United Kingdom

Indraneel Gadgil, India

Chetan Vanjari, India

Shruti Jagdale, India

Jay Gandhi, India

Shriya Lamkhade, India

Aarya Thopate, India

Sneha Pisal, India

Shweta Mishra, India

Shrutika Dhotre, India

Madhura Shah, India

I like to be part of this. Live and Let live. And please go vegan guys.

Rushabh Shah, India

Yugali Manolkar, India

Vaishnavi Dahake, India

Animal Rights are Human Rights. Go vegan!

Shivani Moholkar, India

Deepali Mutha, India

We all need to stop using leather and fur products. If we do so the demand will decrease and as a result manufacturing will also be closed. And soon all the animals will be set free. I am with them

Riddhi Mutha, India

Sujata Kasabe, India

I am with you

Vaishnavi Kadam, India

I hope all animals get their right to the fullest

Sushmita Shukla, India

All living beings have the same basic need: to survive, to seek joy and happiness and to avoid suffering, to lead a comfortable life, to create birth, families and other social structures;

Ketki Soman, India

Divya Deshmukh, India

Taruni Seth, India

Sakshi Khadiwala, India

Shraddha Sonar, India

Mayuri Mavlingkar, India

Dhanashri Gokhale, India

Animals are also humans.They also have right to live in the way they want to.

Bhavna Munot, India

Riya Mehta, India

Rutuja Nagawade, India

Sakina Bugadwala, India

Shairy Khan, India

I am so happy to read this declaration for animals right..

Shreeja Daphal, United States

Purva Khedekar, India

Vrushali Joshi, India

Vaidehi Sohani, India

Sanyukta Tathe, India

Vedika Kale, India

Akshay Koshti, Germany

Shrushti Malap, India

Shivani Kolarkar, Germany

Anjali Kolarkar, India

Unmesh Kolarkar, India

This needs to be put to stringent laws and legislations.

Dr. Rachna Vishwanathan, India

Bharati Kolarkar, India

Rukmini Kolarkar, India

Kishor Kolarkar, India

Shilpa Mathkari, India

Riya Gandhi, India

Neha Dhanwani, India

Shraddha Suryawanshi, India

Ankita Narale, India

Sakshi Tiwari, India

I would love to be a part of this

Dr. Chandrakala Mannuru, India

Parth Mathkari, India

Ajinkya Kolarkar, India

Aishwarya Mirashi, India

Rajendra Gurao, India

Snehal Gate, India

All animals right to live

Reshma Deshpande, India

Tasneem karmalawala, India

Khushi Parikh, India

Rucha Pimprikar, India

Deepak Deshpande, United States

Akshata Ghaisas, India

Gandhar Pendharkar, India

Supriya Ingale, India

Madhuri Ratnaparkhi, India

Ganesh Aderao, India

Sushma Date, India

Vikas Mathkari, India

Muktaja Mathkari, India

Jackie Braggs, United Kingdom

Rhiannon Smoker, United Kingdom

Ritika Mandhwani, India

Sneha Daphal, India

Ellie Hollis, United Kingdom

Maneesha Ashtaputre, India

Alison Jakins, United Kingdom

Ravinder Taneja, India

Ravinder Taneja, United States

Vijaysinh Lonkar, India

Amanda Lawrence, United Kingdom

Ana Maria Barcelos, United Kingdom

Hayley Hudson, United Kingdom

Cheryl-Anne Squires, South Africa

Animal Rights Advocate - All animals have rights to life, protection, food, water, health care, shelter, they all have rights to live.

Ana Tittel, Portugal

Elizabeth Ann Wood, United Kingdom

Stop animal abuse

Troy Gottfredson, Ireland

I will always defend animals and I will always be a voice for the voiceless.

Heidy Ramírez, Colombia

Aishath Shereen, Maldives

Stop Animal Abuse. Stand up for them and be their voice.

Julie Baker, United Kingdom

Stop trade of all animals. Animals have rights as living creatures.

Angela Frost, United Kingdom

Tishia Sutton, United States

Elaine Jordan, United States

Natalie Klötzer, Finland

Danny Hawkins, United Kingdom

Ida Uusitalo, Finland

Danielle Welburn, United Kingdom

David Segal, United Kingdom

Andreas Kulot, Germany

Florian Michel, Germany

James Purcell, Canada

If we don't need to eat animals to be healthy and thrive, then what are we doing this to them for? Respect justice, Go vegan.

Maite Martes, Colombia

Linda Quinn-Jarvis, Australia

Flowers Fields, United States

Live and let live. Compassion and kindness towards all life is the way to Love and peace. Be and Go Vegan. It’s the best way for the animals, environment, and humans. All beings matter. LOVE.

Dharm Gajwani, Guadeloupe

Peter Hahne, Germany

Gabrielle Dupuy, France

Juli M. Samiec, United States

Igor Draskovic, Croatia (Hrvatska)

martina gjuga, Denmark

John Johannesen, Denmark

virgil Hovden, United States

Laith Issam, Netherlands

Priscilla Voerman, Netherlands

Respect all Life

Dawn J Hendy, United Kingdom

Alexander Merkouris, Germany

It is time, after declaring the and of slavery, womens equal rights and almost world wide democracy and freedom... to declare fundamental rights for all living beeings, as log as we still can.

Dawn J Hendy, United Kingdom

Raemie Ankney, United States

Shlomit Bone Varsano, Israel

Coreen Conley, United States

Catrina Ruffels, France

pamela holmes, Australia

Ian Burnett, United Kingdom

Jessica Pacynski, United States

Glenda Resener, Canada

GO VEGAN for the animals and be love!!

Ervin Phillips, United States

Erez Varsano, Australia

Juliet Green, Australia

Christine Riding, Australia

Lia Wilbourn, United States

Please go vegan. All animals deserve to be free to be with their families and not suffer and die by our hands.

Robert Farrar, Australia

Be kind to every kind

Jessica Hall, Australia

Bill Beaudoin, Canada

All creatures; walking, crawling, hopping, swimming, flying included. Did I omit someone?

Tinatin Chavchanidze, Georgia

Elliot Maule, Australia

JP Luebsen, United States

Philip Wollen, Australia

This is not just about Animal Rights. It is also about Human Wrongs.

Deb Simmer, United States

I have never understood WHY all these "experiences" are going on when they have proven nothing. These scientists need to be examined about their own brain issues. Serial killer minds


Maha Raman, United States

Moshe Eckmann, United States

Jose Vergara, Colombia

Melissa Giraldo, Colombia

Adriana Suárez, Colombia

Valentina Lugo, Colombia

Valentina Marín, Colombia

Silvana Imbrett Jiménez, Colombia

Connie Ibáñez, Colombia

Carolina Mendoza, Colombia

Angie Viviescas, Colombia

Maira alejandra, Colombia

Ruben Escorcia, Colombia

Laura Lemus, Colombia

Carolina Trujillo Pérez, Mexico

Thierry Minéo, France

Diana Martínez, Colombia

Daniela De Mier, Colombia

Gurrola Menchaca, United States

Roxana Capella, Colombia

Wilmar Robledo, Colombia

Valentina Contreras pinto, Spain

Aida Quiles, United States

Brad Pryer, Australia

Animals are sentient beings who naturally prefer to not be abused, tortured or killed. They are our friends and equals in many ways. Please help stop animal cruelty and the murder of them. Thank you!

robert y, France

Fernando Rocha, Argentina

Romina Baretto, Argentina

Daan Douma, Belgium

Roberto Filacchione, United States

"Shakyamuni once said:'It is enough to kill the will to kill.'"

Anne Cancel, France

Maggy Naescher, Switzerland

I agree 100/100. Humans destroy everything on this Planet.

Nathalie Laviron, France

Janelle D Snyder, United States

Rajni Kurichh, United States

May all sentient beings be free to live a life of their own choosing in the near future.

Ramanuj Sharma, India

Kushagra Sharma, India

Elise Rubel, France

Justin Aragon, United States

Christina B. Asker Heyden, Norway

Animals! <3

Joëlle Devroye, Belgium

Francis Gomes, Canada

Luiza Gomes, Canada

Roselin Gomes, Canada

Omar Khokhar, Canada

Mary Gomes, Canada

Tina Pernille Paulsen, Norway

Noel PETIT, France

Zita DS, Singapore

Heidi Wennberg, Norway

Cecilie Wennberg, Norway

Elisabeth Solheim, Norway

Ingrid Bjerknes Røyne, Norway

Ruben Kollen-Engen, Norway

Nancy Dahlen, Norway

Birger Andresen, Norway

They are here WITH us, not FOR us

Tomasz Barczyk, Poland

Marie Fert, France

Natasha Ufer, Australia

Break the cycle of oppression that begins with animals.

Melody Jeanes, Canada

Gina Young, Canada

How are we even still having to fight for this?!

Antonella Stacchiotti, United Kingdom

Martinez Marie, France

sandrine leroy, France

Isabel Vivoni, Puerto Rico

Claudia Vivoni, Puerto Rico

Jenna Dreissigacker, Canada

Katja Koenig, Germany

Ida Ong, Canada

Christiana De Wilde, Belgium

Mathilde Bruneau-Audet, Canada

laetitia faivre-duboz, France

Geneviève Gangloff, France

Sheri DeOrio, United States

Animals feel pain. They have emotions just like humans.

Camila Oliveira, Portugal

shelley smith, Ireland

Tanira Kukreja, Singapore

Alison Jeffery, United Kingdom

Jennifer Ferdinand, United States

Suzanne Wormgoor, Netherlands

Gülsen Tasgin, Germany

Mélanie LUCIEN, France

Lori Hopkins, United States

Lise Vandal, Canada

Kelsey Howlett, United Kingdom

Robert Skupień, Poland

Halina Mach, Poland

Cornelia Mangold, Germany

Animal Rights are Human Rights. Go vegan!

Jan Wiegand, Germany

Liberation for all GO VEGAN !

Stephenie Howe, Canada

Carida Ortiz, United States

Susanne Boenig, Germany

Sylvia TOTH, United States

Animals should be free and happy. HUMANITY is the most DESTRUCTIVE SPECIES on EARTH. They will go EXTINCT if we don't do something about it.

Marek Balikowski, Poland

Yamina Frécaut-Martin, France

Dorota Konstantynowicz, Poland

Claudia Godden, Canada

Marcin Celinski, Poland

Ivona Vepa, Canada

Jean-Robert Berthier, France

Weronika Lewandowska, Poland

Tina Finn, United States

Betty Oberska, Canada

Henneau Magalie, France

Urszula Lund, Norway

Animals are NOT ours! Animals are an EXTREMELY important part of our Planet's eco-system and shall be granted RIGHTS!

Nadege Mathieu, Belgique

Andrea Korzen, Germany

Kinga Nowakowska, Poland

Tomasz Kowalczyk, Poland

Suzanne Lelaidier, Canada

Jaroslaw Samol, Poland

Magdalena Krzywon, United Kingdom

Olga Swarichewskaya, Russian Federation

François MAZE, France

Isabelle Boyé, France

Sabine Puyol, France

Manuel Menzel, Germany

Total Liberation! Now! Go Vegan or we will go extinct!

Vivette JOLY, France


Joanna Matsangos, United Kingdom

Marta Kus, Germany

Jolanta Gwizdek, United States

Thiebaut Claude, United States

Antonissen Elodie, France

Alexandra Dumontheil, France

e i, United States

linda phan, United States

martine gibier, France

Karen Upshaw, Canada

All animals deserve to live free of human interference of any kind.

ANTONINI Alyson, France

Paulina Maćkowiak, Poland

An O'Neem, Belgium

Keep signing everybody the situation is dramatic but there is hope since conscience is growing and things changing thanks to your actions !

Nathalie CHEVALIER, France

Fabrina CELLOT-MAZE, France

Lacey Fox, Canada

We are equal, friends not food

claudine antonini, France

Marie-Christine Couwez, United States

May they be free, may they be happy.

Julie Elleby, Denmark

Aline bouché, France

Anastasia Saidova, Russian Federation

MURAD SAIDOV, Russian Federation

Martin Constam, Switzerland

Peter Seitler, Austria

Michelle Holmes, United States

Dominika Kowynia, Poland

Filip Gawel, Ireland

MARK MASON, United Kingdom

Anna Wojciechowska, Poland

Jens Kristian Overgaard, Denmark

Kaelib Reece, Australia

Lucy Noyer, France

sylvie Morisset, France

Katrine Olsson, Denmark

Edwin Radzikowski, Poland

We are all the Earth

Anna Nitychoruk, Poland

Henriette Madrigal, Denmark

Virginie Dolle, France, Metropolitan

Reynaud Therese, France

Arrêtons la maltraitance

Amanda van der Walt, South Africa

Eric Hittra, France

Isabelle Maignan, France

Ole Berg, Denmark

Animal liberation NOW!

Elvira Moreno, Philippines

Michelle Deniaud, United States

I feel it is important to point out that the first children of God, were the animals. He deemed them good and blessed them. And then God created man and gave him the honor and privilege and moral duty to respect and care for his creation

Vibeke Nødskov, Denmark

"Any society which does not respect all life must necessarily decay." Albert Einstein

Liselotte Katarina Rotfeld, Denmark

For the animals

Johan Metz, Denmark

Jennifer Williams, United States

"any society which does not respect all life must necessarily decay." Einstein

Patty Cedano, United States

Clare Madrigal, United States

James Warden, Philippines

This long overdue!!!

Uffe Ildvedsen, Denmark

João Løbo, Denmark

Until every cage & tanks are emptied! Until Forests & Oceans are freed, until Ecosystems are allowed to heal, until Meat-eating, Speciesism and Ecocide are eradicated from the face of the Earth! Animals Rights are also Human Rights!

ChengNee Esther Khoo, Malaysia

kawauchi akane, Japan

Pia Gylding Sabroe, Denmark

Sean Gornstein, Denmark

Maj-Britt Knudsen, Denmark

Pop Kleberg, Denmark

Tom Bilello, United States

Hélène Tastet, United States

Thomas Kosok, Germany

Bärbel Kosok, Germany

Delphine Demarquoy, France, Metropolitan

Solbrit Skov, Denmark

thierry allibert, France


vivre ensemble dans le respect

Roxane Beis, France


Rachael Martin-Pither, United Kingdom

Malcolm Daley, Canada

Ismelina Cafuir, Philippines

I will fight for the animals until every cage and tank are empty and they are living the life they're supposed to live.

Helen Morton Cameron, United Kingdom

The human race must do something to save our animals from persecution.It is unacceptable that they should suffer extreme pain torture & death by humans.Many are on the verge of extinction.

Krystyna Lebioda-Grajczyk, Poland

Ditte Gyldenløve, Denmark

Tobias Kåre Christensen, Denmark

Marie-Béatrice CRISANTEMO, France

Christel Piarulli, United Kingdom

Anna Szmel, United States

Mikkel Nielsen, Denmark

Animal Liberation Now ✊

Jakob Berg Bredahl, Denmark

Louise Hornhaver, Denmark

Retiere Nathalie, France

Lisel Vad Olsson, Denmark

Anthony Roman, United States

Respect all creatures of earth and their desire to thrive!

Sofia Cifelli, United States

Eva-Maria Nielsen, Denmark

Animals are friends!


Elżbieta Mikucka, Poland

Marianne Neuf, Germany

Alcaraz Jocelyne, United States

Ryan Lakowicz, United States

Chinanan Bradish, Canada

Antonia Moore, United States

takuya hatakeyama, Japan

Eeva Paavilainen, Finland

Etuko Sato, United States


Sophie Mouzin, France

Mari Hikosaka, Japan

Sue Ebisuzaki, Canada

Itoko kurosawa, Jordan

stop animal massacre ! stop animal abuse !


Amy Cleroux, Canada

Thank you!

LACROIX Nadège, France

Melanie Martina, Canada

Sun Sison, Philippines

Sara Collins, United States

philippe jay, France

Trilles coline, France


Maryse Dufrenne, France

J S Hull, United States

Ronald Olf, United States

Kristine Mangan Olf, United States

delphine BROSSAT, France

Louise Hueber, France

Until everyone is free

Françoise ROUGE, France

Jay Ron Comia, Philippines

I will never stop fighting.

Guetat-Liviani Frédérique, France

Jaclyn Abergas, Philippines

Ludovic Eucher, France

Diana BRUN, France

Les animaux doivent avoir des droits et ne pas les respecter doit être puni sévérement

Abigail Garner, South Africa

Emmanuel THIEBAUT, France

Valérie ALIREZAI, France

laura floris, France

laura floris, United States

Lya Dalmaso, France

Maryse Warot, France

Stephanie Jackson, United States

Every animal has the right to exist and to be free from suffering.

Lawrie Scott, Bahrain

Audrey Roudaire, United States

Alain MAGNIN, France, Metropolitan

Nikki Patel, United Kingdom

Elisabeth TRINIDAD, France

Aurélie Degois, France

France VIGOUROUX, France


Raimon Sabater, France

Luana Mendes, Portugal

Ildiko Kovacs, United Kingdom

ROSY GONZALEZ, United States


Kshitij Saste, United States

Leo del Castillo, Philippines

Ieva Gudelytė, Lithuania

Palermo Patrizia, France

martine stocker, France

Eileen Steinbach, United States

Sophie LINA, France

Cristina Reynoso Lopez, Mexico

Stephanie Jeanne Chatelain, Switzerland

Yuki Eto, United States

Understanding the World as ECO and not EGO

Karin Wenk-Seibel, Germany

Achim Gärtig, Germany

Ringuet Christine, France

Valérie ANTOINE, France

Un meilleur statut et une meilleur protection pour l'animal et la nature. L'humain n'est pas le centre du monde. En étant moins égoïste et moins égocentrique il en ressortirait grandi !

Cynthia Tamez, United States

Julie Faure, France, Metropolitan

Florence Goudard Pellise, France

Walter Palombini, Australia

Courtney Burke, Canada

Lilith Tamayo, United States

Pierre Bissonnette, Canada

Christopher Hale, United States

John Kelvin Galvez, Philippines

Oppression thrives off isolation. Connection is the only thing that can save us. -Yolo Akiki

Maryse COLLADO, France

Rachel Craig, United States

Steven Tiger, United States

Joseph Fuoco, Canada

Vicky Colaleo, United States

Shane Tyslan, United States

Julian Marin Herrera, United States

Linh Ong, United States

Sabine Kretschek, United States

Tania Rose, United States

Thank you so so so so so much, all who work toward justice for non-human beings.

Patricia Boileau -Eliodori, France, Metropolitan

Florence Alfano, France

Margaret Henderson, Canada

Fabienne cronenberger, France

Kim Fox, United States

SomeONE, not someTHING!!! We see you, we hear you, we're trying. We love you.

Lauri MacLean, United States

I send prayers to the billions of animals that suffer at the hand in man in ways that are unimaginable to those of us who love them and work to liberate them from these horrors. We see you, we hear you, we're trying.

Natalia Stamatatos, United States

Claire Stewart, United States

Florence Loose, France

Suzanne Schmitt, United States

Langue Enzo, France

Devaux Carole, Reunion

J espère que tout ça va vite changer je ne supporte plus les violences et les abandons merci

Mary McCormick, United States

Amanda Simmons, United States

Animals deserve freedom not to be used, exploited, enslaved, and murdered for their bodies and secretions just for palate pleasure.

Saulnier Katherine, France

Sandra FUENTES, France

Espieu Isabelle, France

J Kushneryk, Canada

Ada Patricia Lopez, Philippines

Joëlle Verdier, United States

Frédéric Bartoletti, France

Andrea Suarez, Colombia

Derechos por los animales ahora!

Paola Perez, United States

My cats have changed my life! They are the reason I became vegan! Vegan for the animals!

Sharon Pek, Malaysia

Marine Adam, France

Wisam Hamouda, France

Laurence ERBIBOU, France

Si seulement ... J'aimerais tellement croire les droits des animaux reconnus :'(

Charlotte Athalakian, United States

I believe in this déclaration. All animals have the right to live safe and free.

Chirantana Mathkari, United States

I really hope that one day, we, as a species, learn to respect all other inhabitants of this planet.

Joseph Wallis, United States

Vijayendra Ghadge, United States

Do the right things, even when no one is looking. Go Vegan for yourself, own health, animals, and the environment.

Mamelonet Dominique, France

Carole AGUILHON, France

Rachel Ish, Canada

Sule Erdal, Turkey

Shawna Bonnett, United States

Marie-Christine Bernard, France

Carol Dillon, South Africa

Sylvie Brana, France

Meredith Espariat, France

Revest Elisa, France

Wilma Martinez, France

Karen Diaz Rodriguez, Colombia

Eli Tauri, France

Erin Temple, United Kingdom

Danny Wagner, France

Herb Stéphane, France

Saloni Sakaria, India

Magaly Léger, France



Yolande OLIVIER, France

Marina Boccafoschi, Italy

Dominique SCHMIDT, France

Isabelle Colas, France

Noreen Erkardas, Germany

Brenda Wegerle, South Africa

Liageba Altar, Philippines

Mayline Raynaud, France

Caroline Pascal, France

julie vialis, France

Leonie Siebert, Germany

norais karine, France

off course

Ellen Stephens, United States

Nathalie Rouby Rouby, France

Audrey Bardon, France

Christine PAUZIé, France

Christel MICO, France

Bethany Oliveri, United States

Anthony Tenorio, United States

Garcia Pereira Mauricio, France

Pour les animaux

Asja Pfirrmann, Germany

Austin Stallings, United States

Save our planet, live freely and in perfect balance.

Anaia Rojo, Spain

Ivy Green, United States

I SUPPORT ANIMAL RIGHTS. Please make this a secure site in the future for people signing and providing their names and email addresses to you. It's important. Thank you !

Pascal Malo, France

Marianne Hauteville, United States

saez helene, France

Sabrina Pavic, France

MORIN Florence, France

vincent BUIS, France

Aaron Samuels, United States

I am honored to be among the first to sign this declaration. May there be thousands more, and that right soon.

Alvarez Nadege, France

Depernet Aline, France

Astrid Søvik, Norway

Martine Agnes TOURON, France

Hurry up !

Warren Draper, United Kingdom

corinne bouvot, France

all together for the voiceless

Nathalie Oudot, France

Christina De Leu, Belgium

Vanessa Carmona, France

Baylee Goshorn, United States

Sabine Peyre de Fabregues, France

Françoise Brevincent, France

Mathieu Perez, France

Catherine Moilier, France

Julie Devesa, France

cyril vaucelle, France


Di Tims, United Kingdom

Nasha Robertson, United States

Sadie Williams, United Kingdom

Steven Bender, United States

Devillard Marielle, France

Debra Maslov, United States

Maria Alejandra Gómez Gómez, Colombia

Carlos Andres Duque, Colombia

Sarah Khayat, United States

Alejandra Gavino, United States

marc blanquet, France

Christian David, United States

Dany Mater, France

L Ozols, Germany

Viviane ROUYS, France

Nicola McMeekin, United Kingdom

Roseanne Caleca, United States

Animals have rights too!

Anaël Gouty, France

Corine Surrel, France, Metropolitan

Ethan English, United States

Yeshi Choedon, India

Christine Del Giudice, Switzerland

Madison May, United States

As long as animals are sentient and are able to feel pain, suffering, and fear, they should should not be forced into those things for the benefit of humans.

Aoife Finn, United Kingdom

Chouzenoux Alain, France

Agui Gisele, France

Viktoryia Marchuk, Germany

Candace Hanley, United States

Natalie Keagle, United Kingdom

Francesca Ban-Goodrich, United States

Animals are beautiful and intelligent creatures. They shouldn’t be treated like garbage.

Carmine McLean, United Kingdom

Emma Carbone, United States

Lisette Koitla, Estonia

Elena Carobelli, Canada

Joly Cindy, France

Caio Xavier, Brazil

Kris King, United States

Moira Jacoway, United States

Brady Baker, Canada

Jona Ndreu, Albania

Kathy Cullen, United States

Animals are here WITH us not FOR us!

kerstin wachauf, Austria

Sam Mills, United Kingdom

hiroyuki nakajima, Japan

Arshad Aman, India

elvis perkins, United States

Stefan Todorovski, Switzerland

Veronica Findlay, Canada

Mathilde Marquis, France

Tania Solakian, United States

Chris Gantt, United States

Justin Watts, United Kingdom

Innocenti Sarah, France

Michael Murray, United States

Tiffany Clausen, United States

Joshua Vanstone, Germany

The unlearning of deeply ingrained behaviour needs to begin and with this declaration we are taking a step in the right direction for a planet free of discrimination.

Jaclyn Rosen, United States

Seth Sieger, United States

Pauline Marquis, France

Celine MARQUES, France

Deb Hilpert, United States

Lynn LePage, United States

Zenobius Nieuwenhuyse, Switzerland

stop all animal abuse

Donna Boden, United Kingdom

There is NO excuse for animal abuse.

Saj Gray Starcevich, Canada

Gabriela Leuteritz, France

We Must change !

Javeria Qureshi, Canada

Juan Ramirez, United Kingdom

Animals deserve to be happy, safe and free from humans all over the world

Victoria Kress, United States

Pat Harmon, United States

Shawna Gray, Canada

kathy hughes, Argentina


Chris Martin, United States

May we be filled with loving kindness for all Earthlings.

Jabari Anderson, United States

Humans and animals are alike in the only way that matters, they deserve to live by the same rights as us.

Shena Falagne, Philippines

Nathan Semmel, United States

Until Animal Liberation

Laura Baez Cota, United States

I’m signing the declaration because I believe ALL living beings matter.

Brandie Deal, United States

john Costello, United States

Sandra Fasola, France

Sofia Guzman, United States

Laurence Alcantara, Philippines

for all the animals

Jorin Starcevich, Canada

Dawa Dolker, India

Leah Henry, United States

Stand up for all living beings.

aditya S, India

All sentient beinigs should have their interests respected.

Jia Hui Lee, United States

Finding myself here for my 7th NARD, this one virtual.

Maru Vigo, United States

¡Por los derechos de todos los animales, continuemos con nuestra lucha hasta su liberación total!

Marie Poole, United Kingdom


Patti LePage, United States

Korina Esteban, Philippines

Utsav Shrestha, Nepal

May love be spread in the world

Valerie Martin, United States

Mike Novak, United States

All animals are sentient beings who want to live. No one has the right to steal that choice from them. No one.

Cécilia Auque, France

Paolo Jaime alcantara, Philippines


Joshua Nathanael Martinez, Philippines


Susan Costello, United States

All beings matter.

Lizzie Himmelfarb, United States

Speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

Tanveer Khanam, India

Thank you

Lola Devault-Sierra, France

marie-Odile BARTHOMEUF, France

Pooja Balani, India

Crissy Bergman, Canada

Ricelle Rili, Philippines

Kendra S., United States

milena liebling, France, Metropolitan

respectons les, respectons nous

Akanksha Chopra, Canada

Vaishak N, India

sarah Fravica, Canada

Anneke-Victoria Fischle, United States

Injustice cannot last forever! Blessings to all beings who have suffered.

Spencer Hearn, United States

Thank you for fighting for the animals!

Juliana Barberi, Colombia

Freedom for all animals

Karen Sotomayor, United States

Please. It's beyond time.

Joseph Himmelfarb, United States

Sherry Reisch, United States

We humans need to hurry in providing rights to all animals. It is their inherit right!

Saurab Uchil, India

Simon Nyborg Jensen, Denmark

Everyone should be free to live free from exploitation!

Vanessa Glivar, United States

Suzanne Glynne, United States

Paula Parvin, United States

Francesco De Leo, Italy

Dean Morgenstern, United States

A cause close to my heart

Stef dela Cruz, Philippines

For the animals! <3

Sandhya Nair, India

Dennett Stibel, United States

Niloofar Asgharian, United States

Stop animal exploitation!

Susan Placek, United States

I will fight for the rights of all animals for as long as I live and as long as I can breathe! UNITED WE STAND!

Jordan Ebert, United States

Jovan Rili, Philippines

For all beings on this planet

Daniela Nyffenegger, United States

sheila markman, United States

Thank you for this and I am honored to be signing.

Ellen Kessler, United States

Jordane Bellavance, Canada

Sandrine Girard-Bissonnette, Canada

Ava St. Pere, United States

Our planet, theirs too

Anette Nedreli, Norway

Felix Sieder, Canada

Alissa Kircher, United States


Lisa Velez, United States

JC Baylon, Philippines

Nawa ang lahat ng mga nilalang saanman ay maging masaya at malaya

Deborah Kula, United States

Julia Weingardt, United States

Christopher Eubanks, United States

Timothy J. Verret, United States

The “1” Truth is: When 1 is oppressed, NO 1 IS FREE!!!! FREE THE ANIMALS!!!!

Nicole Shein, United States

For the animals!

Julie-Pier Bégin, Canada


Evelyn Kuhl, Germany

Kellie Kahmar, United States

For the animals

subhojyoti lahiri, India

Cynthia Biret, United States

All animals are born to be free of harm and have the right to live happy and healthy.

Timothy J. Verret, United States

The “1” Truth is: When 1 is oppressed, NO 1 IS FREE!!!! FREE THE ANIMALS!!!!

Joy Graysen, United States

Scott Gurstein, United States

Selena McConnell, Canada

Deepika Kini, India

Randi Dolan, United States

Vegan Jyoti, United States

Animals are Sentient Beings. Friends and not Food.

Tiffany Gong, United States

Norm Hoffmann, Canada

Grace Dearden, United States

Regine Poupardin, France

Julia Zabback, Germany

Marie-pierre Louvot, France

Mary Kreuziger, United States

Catherine Getachvili, France

Beverly Atekian, France, Metropolitan

Emilie Perot, France

Monique van Dijk, Netherlands

Gaia Raffaele, Italy

Émilie Derrien, France

Salvatore Napoli, Italy

Albane Couterot, France

Nora Hiendl, Germany

Heike Weidner, Germany

Denn das Leid eines jeden Lebewesens schmälert mein eigenes Glück.

Leon Weidner, Germany

Jedes Tier hat das Recht in Würde und Selbstbestimmung zu leben.

karen asp, United States

Maiko Kushida, Japan

Jennifer Popolari, Austria

Andreas Hinz, Germany

Tiere sind fühlende Lebewesen wie wir und genauso zu respektieren, wie wir Menschen das für uns selbst erwarten.

Sarah Fitoussi, France

Christiane Müller-Schmolt, Germany

All animals should have the same rights of live, health, freedom and integrity like humans!

Steve Hodyl, France

katty perdriolle, France

Hugo Chapey, France

Virginia Dechaumet, France

mireille breul, France

Juan Manuel, Mexico


Guinet Anaïs, France

Alice Routurou, France

Pour les droits des animaux. Ce sont des êtres vivants et sentiants.

Naoki Kinoshita, Japan

Emiko Kuribayashi, Japan

Magdalena Metrycka, Poland

Marcus Moecke, Germany

Every beeing has the right to live in dignity and must be treated with respect.

Melanie Gruenlinger, Germany

Every Life Matters!

Eri Tamaki, Japan

Milla Saldauskaite, Sweden

Sooner better!!!

Olenkka Ascárate Valdivia, Peru

AnimalRights Follow the law of God.

Albi Deak, Switzerland

Every individual animal has the right to life.

Alan Drennan, Ireland

I would go further but this is progress. Their planet, not ours!

Catherine Hackshall, Australia

Lindsay Cripps, Australia

Laila Imai, Japan

Maciej Bakalarczyk, Poland

Zuzanna Leszczak, Poland

Maria Krzyżanowska, United States

Jakub Ostrowski, Poland

Mihoko Kobayashi, Japan

Rafał Gaszyński, Poland

George Coster, Australia

Hellyn Teng, United States

Nathalya Posada, Colombia

Natasha Reed, United Kingdom

Ben Isacat, United Kingdom

The greatest threat to people is ignorance; the greatest threat to animals is ignorant people. Legislate and educate!

Charles Cabell, Japan

Laura Karttunen, Finland


We Human being have to be more humble to other lives,specially to other animals!

Simon Whalley, Japan


Justice for all beings!


Misaki Takahashi, Japan

Sarah Smith, United Kingdom

Adrian Muirghein, United States

Beverley Beresford, United Kingdom

Thais Colombini, United States

Helen Bransford, United States

Mirais Holden, United States

In the hope that one day soon, all of the non-human animals will be free. It is only when they are free that humans can truly be free as well.

Andrea Vitanza, Italy

Respecting people makes us social. Respecting animals makes us human.

Jason Sawyer, United States

Krista Aarnio, United States

Jeannine A, United States

Katerina Stoykova, Switzerland

Always stand up for justice, no matter what challenges we face.

Narendra Iyer, United States

Marina Premoli, United States

Let us all come together, one voice,one purpose,one love. We will keep pushing forward to end this suffering.

Carli Brenner, United States

suhani christian, India

Tyler Mounts, United States

Jennifer Ayala, United States


Chandni Barak, India

Strict punishment to be imposed upon offenders of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty should strictly be prohibited.

Zuzana Kováriková, Slovakia

Irene Van Driessche, Belgium

Jackson Doyal, United States

Meat is murder

Romana Hauk-Zimkowska, Poland

Magdalena Manicka, Poland

It's very important declaration. I am going to fight for not human being animals as long as it will be needed.

Robina Benton, United Kingdom

Anne Walsh, Ireland

Because all lives matter

Vicky Wenzlau, United States

Thank you for drafting this sorely needed declaration. Let us hope it's adopted by all people on earth.

Linda Rosa, Australia

STOP contributing to all the animals suffering and take a stand! Go Vegan!

LeeAnn Jennings, United States

Kerstin Wulff, Sweden

Lydia Klasnikov, United States

I am 63 years old now and has been Vegan for 7 years! I regret every day suffering that I cause to animals with my ignorance and actions and will fight every day to protect more and more animals from any abuse!!!!!

Monica Barricarte, United States

Ji Montgomery, United States

animals are important

LARRY KUEHN, United States

Dalia Ossami, Germany

Claire Demetre, United States

Martina Radrezza, Italy

Penny Jackson, South Africa

Deborah Stsvens, United States

Mingoia Laura, United States


Sarah Munson, United States

Jen Pedrazzetti, United States

Dan R Daniel, United States

Anne Carr, United Kingdom

Urgency is imminent

Sylvana Carrara, United States

Kathy Walker, United States

Tierra Turner, United States

I'm signing in behalf of the beautiful bulldog Baby who was terribly abused by Andrew and Daniel Frankish. Give them more prison time now.

Mara Wright, United States

Vanshika Rao, India

I want animal law to be implemented in India too.

Mayra Vialette, United States

We are all earthlings and we are the same in the ways that matter. All animals have the right to live on their own terms, happy and free. Humans have exploited and enslaved non human animals for far too long and this must end now.

Ed Depauw, Belgium

Daria Monshi, Germany

Geralyn Reyes, United States

Robin Kendall, United States

Azul Cardozo Prieto, Colombia

Sam Bluesilver, United Kingdom

Neelam Kumar, India

Durga Balani, India

Mary Cabrol, France

Alison Arnott, Australia

All animals have rights. Our larger brains should not mean we deny those rights to other animals. It demeans us as a species to exploit and slaughter them.

BlanChe van der Heijden, Portugal

end Speciesism now. same rights for animals as for human animals!

Peter Sabio, United States

Rachel Craggy, Canada

Michael Henzel, United States

Brooke Henzel, United States

THANK YOU!!!!! This will go down in history!!

David Quirk, United Kingdom

Kerry Brock, United Kingdom

Carmel Boyd, United Kingdom

Lisa Fitzgerald, Ireland

Suzie Hegarty, Ireland

Elizabeth Byrne, Ireland

Beth McCoy, Ireland

Christine Walker, Australia

Gertie Gielkens, Belgium

Luana Rodriguez, United States

Ana Freitas, United States

Could not agree more!

Suzanne Freeman, United States

VEGAN4LIFE 30 years. Have loved animals since I was a child. Never understood 'The Human Playbook of Cruelty" :-(

Wilma V brandwijk, Netherlands

Helen Isom, United Kingdom

Sarah Belton, United Kingdom

Sahar (Hamasseh) Daneshzad, Canada

Callum Hildyard, United Kingdom

Virginia Bell, United Kingdom

Julie Newman, United Kingdom

Gary Martin, United States

Lisa Longbottom, United Kingdom

Jack Lambert, United States

Christina Chasovskih, Russian Federation

Tina Salllis, United Kingdom

Gail Canning, Australia

The way we treat our fellow beings is shameful. It’s high time we changed that and recognised animals for the amazing creatures they are.

Marie Hanley, United Kingdom

Lisa Bell, United Kingdom

Natasha McKay, Australia

Christiane Cormo, Belgium

Janis Shoesmith, Australia

Chantal Cordey, Australia

Jayne Evans, United Kingdom

Dean Newman, United Kingdom

Cathy McNulty, United Kingdom

Suzanne Winter, United Kingdom

Mark Richards, United Kingdom

Alexander Ambite, Spain

Yasmin Morad, United States

Phoebe La frenias, United Kingdom

Animal deserve a right too

Belinda Lambert, United Kingdom

All Live Matters Great & Small We are Connected.

Betty Elshoff, Netherlands

Palles Natacha, Belgium

Give nature back to all animals

Karin Albrecht, United States

Vickie Breckenridge, Australia

Glenn Rees, Australia

This is a great idea

Malous Farhadi, Canada

Please take this matter seriously and act accordingly, and NOW. Tomorrow maybe too late.

Judy Stathopoulos, Australia

Dawn Lim, Singapore

Sandra Sproule, Australia

Darrell Ang, Singapore

Jem Edards, Australia

Dimity Morcom, Australia

Jacob Keeler, Australia

Kerri Lyne, United Kingdom

Peng Au-Yong, Australia

Chris Felton, Australia

Natalie Tierney, United States

Amber Vallon, United Kingdom

Peter Koay, Malaysia

Karen Johnson, Australia

Maria Villicana, United States

Sian OConnor, United Kingdom

David Stewart, United States

Lesley Ann Armstrong, United Kingdom

sylvie beclard, France

Ana Veloso, United Kingdom

Stephanie Hewitt, United Kingdom

David Bonham, United States

Julia Adam, Germany

Melissa Holt, United States

Miriam Chanah Kimchi, Israel

Inga van Hülsen, Germany

Anelle Minnaar, South Africa

Unfortunately, mankind are just too many, too much, on this planet, to protect, not harm, not kill, these God given adorable creatures!

Marianne Lloyd, South Africa

Dolciani Patricia, France

Inez Jedamzik, Germany

Hinrich van Hülsen, Germany

Michel Voss, Germany

Manfred Girod, Germany

I sign, although no lower limit between spezies has been defined. Without this, there is a risk that opponents will not take the proclamation seriously.

Lemaire Sylvie, France

Savas Alkir, Germany

daren gull, Canada

Thomas Scholz, Germany

Dagmar gyaki, Austria

Michelle Hatch, United Kingdom

Mary McMahon, Canada

Animals need protection. Stop the abuse and cruelty.

Arielle Digoy, France

Wanda Zubr, United States

Until this happens, we have no right to call ourselves evolved or civilized.

Leah Peoples, United States

Simona Nizza, Italy

Leila Bakhtiary, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Please add: Killing and eating animals MUST be banned in all countries!

April Landus-starzman, United States

wendy kewell, United Kingdom

Sabine Dittberner, Germany

Gerry Ferrarelli, Canada

Susan Campion, Australia

Diane Trevena, United Kingdom

Vanessa Gray, United Kingdom

Shirley Moore, Italy

Donna Hopkins, United States

Ekamjot Singh, India

Niloo Khodadadeh, United States

this is our cosmic imperative to EVOLVE

Dean Walton, Saint Lucia

Mary Harkin, Ireland

Georgeanne Gawry, United States

Leonardo Becerra, United States

Anne de Backer, France

Christina Bowers, United States

Michael Boatner, United States

I really hope for the sake of all animals this is for real and goes in affect very soon.


Cathie Randall, United States

Jessica Chapman, United States

Stephanie Cox, United Kingdom

Viktorya Ekinci, United Kingdom


Pat Herskind, United States

The future is here and it has Vegan and Animal Rights written all over it!

Erica Macdowell, United States

Sihan Guo, Canada


Arthur Howard, United States

Katie Blommer, United States

Ecaterina Demian, United States

Soo huan Puah, Malaysia

Alexandra Daniels, United States

As a highly intelligent and free-willed species, we as humans should be standing up for our fellow beings, rather than abusing and exploiting them. However, we have put our own selfish wants before the needs of others. Shame on us.

Manu S-M, Canada

Indira Nankoosingh, Canada

I 100% agree with this. It's awesome. Animals deserve love and compassion. It's their world too. They have just as much rights to live in peace, loved, and protected from any animal ct

Angel Towne, United States

Judith Cadman, United States

tarinn schafer, United States

Virginia Liesendahl, Germany

Shannon Juhr, United States

Luke Williams, Australia

Mark Liesendahl, Germany

DEBRA COUCH, United States

Rory Whitebrook, United Kingdom


Jorge Leza, United States

Sheila Mccann, United Kingdom

Elizaveta Gurenkova, Russian Federation

Joan Graney, United States

Tracy Snyder, United States

Nia Garcia, United States

Amanda Warwick, United Kingdom

Todd Tarzia, United States

Phoenix Wise, United States

Matthew Harding, United States

Mary Connell, United Kingdom

Arya Bhardwaj, India

Gerry A Smith, United States

Usher Dev, United Kingdom

Anu Singh, India

Zeljka Goricki, Croatia (Hrvatska)

tamara holmes, United Kingdom

Laura Janisieski, United States

April Kauffman, United States

Nedelcu Monica-Izabela, Romania

Dragoș Dragomir, Romania

Brendan Dempsey, Ireland

Eleanor Trowell, United Kingdom

Manoharan Rathinam, India

Üner Muslukcu, Turkey

Animal liberation noe

nicola stroud, United Kingdom

Rosmarie Albanese, Australia

Jaime Ann Carleton, United States

Signed. Animal Liberation.

Vitória Lima, Brazil

Alberto Marini, Italy

Federica Fiorentino, Italy

Brenda Isaacks, United States

N. Avandi, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


Linda Dolezal, United States

To important need improvement

Valerie Blankhart, United Kingdom

Randie Gentry, United States

Mona Huynh, Canada

Kim Waterfield, Canada

We are all the same just in different bodies.

Sandra Spencer, Canada

Donatella Marchesin, Italy

Laura Lanciotti, Italy

Christina Shackelford, United States

Federico Orsolini, Italy

Alessandra Tedeschi, Italy

Vanessa Gerritsen, Switzerland

Elizabeth Zendejas, United States

Peter Vegem, Norway

Destiny Robles, United States

Enric Noguera, Spain

Monica Sjöblom, Finland

Michael Smith, United States

If you wouldn't do these things to your dog or cat we shouldn't be doing them to any other being.

Outi Vainio, Finland

Animals are sentient beings and they have the right to live. We humans should protect welfare of domestic and wild animals.

Anita Scanlon, United States

Britt-Marie Juup, Finland

Cinthya Chavezticas, United States

Stacey Meaney, United States

All animals.should have right We are there voices

Yolanda Kinlock, United States

Debra Cortez, United States

Victoria Eells, United States

Gun-Britt Barkman, Sweden


Jason Robo, United States

Some issue with non western cultures who honor animal use small percent of diet, like okinawans eat rice beans sweet potato but some fish live long healthy life. Idk how agriculture will exist w/o manure etc. Challenges coronavirus solves?

Grant Fisher, United Kingdom

Sharon Struckmeyer, South Africa

The abuse and neglect of all animals must be stopped 1 way or another,every animal has the right to be respected and protected,

Adrian Feudale, Canada

Miguel Goncalves, Portugal

Yannick Neveu, Canada

Lynda Whelan, Ireland

Change needs to happen now!

Rosita Muller, Netherlands

Dieren zijn geweldig!!!!!

Markus Neuhaus, Germany

Biljana Aleksic, Serbia

Helio de Souza Jr, Brazil

Herbert Maton, Canada

Jeannette Schmidt, United States

Support this declaration.... PLEASE!!

Martin Gagne, Canada

Dawn Bausch, United States

Ivan Snajdar, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Delilah Martin, Switzerland

Gloria Ferrell, United States

Danielle De Bernardis, Switzerland

Tina Tibble, New Zealand

Cathy Reeder, United States


There is always a kinder option non lethal! Cause no harm!

Tina Bianchetti, Australia

jo hand, United Kingdom

Iva Jeanroy, Guadeloupe

I love all animals

Dean Taylor, United States

Why is there no "Canada"

Brenda Kalemis, United States

Lynette Michailevs, Australia

Daniel Schuetter, United States

Plamen Krastev, Bulgaria

Julie Baxa, United States

Derek Smith, Australia

John Morse, United States

Susan Morse, United States

Edwige Lagain, France

Roxanne Scanlon, United States

Gerald Palmer, United States

Betty Smith, United States

Josi Palmer, United States

Chad Palmer, United States

Melissa Palmer, United States

Brady Palmer, United States

Martha Vélez, Colombia

marrie en cees van de guchte en van rossum, Netherlands

Rubana Manzur, United States

larry toman, Canada

Lynn Greaves, South Africa

Clifford & Christin Schmutz, United States


It's a very great urgency!!!!!!

sandra silvestri, United States

Cheryl Free, Australia

Delphine Lemaire, France

Cristina Buckley, United States

ava sterling, United States

anyone who is cruel to animals is also cruel to humans.

Cora Oudni, Belgium

Défendre les droits des animaux

Bette Lewis, United States

Glenda Fraser, United Kingdom

Praying this works at last

Chtistiane Pfandl, Austria

Joanne Shepherd-Smith, South Africa

Silvana Distefano, Italy

Marc Pieterse, Netherlands

Cherie Macaskill, South Africa

Sanette Vilonel, South Africa

Rachael Laing, United Kingdom

murielle jacquet, France

Britta Hansen, Denmark

William Attard, United States

Giordana Avogadro, Italy

Sally Wrigley, United Kingdom

David Goldsborough, United Kingdom

Renee Huxham, South Africa

leigh shelton, United Kingdom

Carol Moran, United Kingdom

Bill Rubin, United States

Roman Klevets, Соединенные Штаты

Sylvain Bellenger, Italy

Jill Mckie, South Africa

Long overdue

lisa yohon, United States

Jacopo Avogadro, Belgium

Pam Kistler, United States

Fabiana Pica, Italy


angelique sebban, France

Shelly Green, Canada

Barbara Baker, United States

Evangelia Manthoyianni, Greece

Riyo Parti, Indonesia

Paula Dunham, United States

Janice George, United States

Susan Bishop, Canada

This is a great idea and hope it works.

Herman Galle, Netherlands

Suzanne Léveillé, Canada

Teresa Searles, United States


Dominique Culoma, France

Sky S, United States

Cait Kennedy, United States

Dean Stankiewicz, United States

Mary Talmadge, United States

Sandra Maria Noleto, United Kingdom

Poliksena Chudo, Macedonia

We are all related to each other, we are all the same.

Annette Hof, United States

Christa Angel, United States

Doreen Mapes, United States

All animals just like all humans deserve to be treated with respect and love and not to be in fear or pain. We all share this earth.

Marian Hailey-Moss, United States

Shon Baughman, United States

Sharon Jones, United States

All animals just like all humans deserve to be treated with respect and love and not to be in fear or pain. We all share this earth.

Michele John, United States

Maja Dordevic, United States

Renata Domagalska, United States

Margaret Mitchell, United States

Sharon Salberg, United States

Natalie Scott, Australia

Annelise Greier, Canada

Zelda De Jager, South Africa

Katrina Carter, Australia

Adam Baranowski, Poland

I support the animal rights since many and many years.

Bianca van Ardenne, Netherlands

Its all for love Love for the animals

Dean Bateman, United Kingdom

Caroline Carnerie, Canada

When we protect the earth and its other inhabitants we protect ourselves.

Kathleen McLaren, Australia

This declaration for justice is long overdue.

Michele Hall, Canada

Janet Zimmermann, United States

Their rights should be the same ones granted to us.

Jay Samarasekera, Canada

Animals feel pain same as you and me....Give equal rights to live on this planet same as humans...

Brenna Witt, United States

Helen Skerritt, United States

Claude Alschuler, Canada

Linda Feldt, United States

Dee Allard, United States

They deserve rights too. They should not be here for our demands (not to mention it’s healthier for our. Indies and the planet to leave them alone)

Jennifer DiNicola, United States

Denise Moon, United Kingdom

Anandah Böhl-Langhoff, United States

Susan Turner, United States

Regina Toledo, Canada

Trae Elliott, United States

Zane O'Neill, New Zealand

Rex Chookolingo, United States

All ethical vegans are proud to sign this declaration.

Victoria Langham, United Kingdom

Leigh Venus, United Kingdom

Lea Bayliss, Canada

Lesley Hatfield, United Kingdom

This is one of the most important petitions I will ever sign.

Ji Montgomery, United States

Animals deserve to live peacefully

Marie Perez, Canada


Brianna Perrino, United States

Kristina Verdile, United States

Pedro N, United States

Federico Gabriel Alvaro, Spain

Lucie Lambert, United States

Valerie Olson, United States

Anna Pardo, Spain

Partha Chatterjee, India

Marion W. Copeland, United States

Ernesto Meloni, Italy

Olivia Hill, United States

Gabriele Hakim, Austria

Free all Animals

Gabriele Krause, Germany

Fran Davis, United States

Tijn Danckaerts, Netherlands


DeAnna Nickerson, United States

Lena Kalevala, United Kingdom

Lourdes Cabrales, United States

Carmen Guillemette, United States

Robert OBrien, United States

Romi Kuklin, Argentina

we are on the same world and we have to take care our mother planet and all life on

Lucy Pérez, Mexico

Victoire Junot, Argentina


Barbra Premo, United States

I have always loved animals and always will and have always fought for there right to live, free and happy

Michelle Hayward, United Kingdom

Ellen Ritsos, United States

Nakauma Satomi, Japan

Janet Prince, United Kingdom

rose moore, United States

Noemí Echeverría, Argentina

Diana Rose, United States

Mitsi Glynou, Greece

Diane Shore, United States

Eva Maria Genovese, Switzerland

Lisa jane Pattinson, United Kingdom

Christine Collins, United States

celine duburg anchen, Uruguay

JON FISH, United States

Go Vegan for Life!

Daniel O'Neill, Australia

Juergen Niemann, Germany

Kelly Tomasello, United States

Kias Henry, Australia

Love to all beings

Jenne Cribbs, United States

Maeya Varro, Australia

Ashley Milo, United States

Cassandra Kutner, United States

Nadine Sladden, Canada

One. Peace.

Gary Barnett, United States

M.-A. Prefontaine, Canada

Ron Desilets, United States

All life is precious and valuable and has the soul of Our Creator in it.

Vivian Vischetti, United States

Animal lives matter !

Roy Moss, United States

Maureen Nolan, United States

Human animals and non-human animals all deserve equal consideration and justice.

Donna Taylor, United Kingdom

Joan Graney, United States

Claude Alschuler, Canada

Claude Alschuler, United States

Idarose Huf, United States


Niloofar Safiri, United States

All animals in this world deserve to live in freedom and peace. They deserve love and caring. Please respect them in every way and choose to become VEGAN !!! They are born with equal privileges as humans. Lets NEVER EVER forget this truth !

Martina Wiesner, Netherlands

Diana Rucinschi, Belgium

Cristina Colli, France

Maureen Collinge, United Kingdom

Needed now more than ever. It is now imperative.

Dan and Lynn Morgan, United States

Wayne Gee, United Kingdom



Alexander STEFANOV, Bulgaria

Marion Teulon, France

Becky Ross, United Kingdom

Sue Smith, United Kingdom

Can't happen soon enough

Philiipa Newton, New Zealand

Jolanta Bierka, Poland

Anna Bierka-Bielicka, Australia

Helen Lee, United States

Stephanie Armstrong, Australia

Steff Jennette, United States

All sentient beings are here for their own purposes

Vicky Zenger, United States

Lina Palacios, United States

darren new, Australia

Kenneth Morgan, Malaysia

Virginie Bonett Boisseranc, France

Tonni DUMOULIN, Canada

Christopher Atkinson, United States

Joe O'Brien, United Kingdom

Christine Frascati, United States

Eric Le masson, France

Rose Thornes, Austria

christiane roux, France

Jorne Van Wyngene, Belgium

Jana Bimková, Slovakia

Janette Smith, United Kingdom

Donna Houlahan, United States


Wilma V brandwijk, Netherlands

Nancy Reynders, Belgium

Angela Willmes, United States

Adriana Rodríguez, United States

Eve Allinger, United States

Joanne Mcneice, United Kingdom

Graham Ingledow, Spain

Hazel Zamora, Costa Rica

Sara Duran, Costa Rica

Respect every councius being with respect.

Andrew Johnson, Belgium

Lesley Tarleton, United States

It is time human beings respected nature instead of destroying it

Ann Driscoll, United Kingdom

Cilla Marshall, Australia

Animals need to be given their rights just as us humans have ♥️♥️♥️

Eva Hajo, Sweden

Sebastián Kreassiva, Costa Rica

parker Dean, United States

Carolien Huurling, Netherlands

Ewa Perczak, France

comme les humains , les animaux ont droit à leur déclaration des droits des animaux !!! il est temps !!! l'homme perd toute humanité !! l'animal n'a jamais été si mal considéré qu'en ce moment !!

Athanasia Tsekouras, Australia

Our animal friends are innocent individuals who value their lives as we do ours. They have the same capacity as us to feel fear suffering and pain. ALL our animal friends should have rights as nature intended.

Blanka Markovic, Czech Republic

Lisa Ashworth, United Kingdom

Dr Rosemary Faire, Australia

About time!

Katarina PRILEPKOVA, Slovakia

ANIMALS are family with beautiful soul and true love ANIMALS are alive like my and you with felling Please help Please protect ANIMALS in this world Thanks

Sally Heckethorn, United States

Mayank Poojary, India

goldi muencz, Israel

yes, should be for ever

Michelle Landsborough, United Kingdom

Avi Fridman, New Zealand

We're just apes with cognitive reflex inhibition, everything else about us us animal

Maria Cristina Rivas, Costa Rica

Eric Stone, United States

Justice. Conpassion. Peace.

Linda Burgess, United States

Dominique Jackson, United States

Julio Lopez, United States

Tyrone Graham, Sri Lanka

Vern Parker, United States

Steven Rodriguez, United States

Ernie Zaragoza, United States

Susanna Milani, Italy

Massimo Siri, Italy

Sofi Kainulainen, Finland

Jessica Scarpino, United Kingdom

Margherita Bragardo, Italy

Lynn Rosa, United States

Until animals are given the same respect as humans in every single aspect, my fight continues.

Janette Mejia, United States

I will fight for animal rights until I take my last breath.

Roelie Jonkers, Netherlands

Abhishek Prodduturi, United States

Chuck Stoehr, United States

monique k, Netherlands

Nicky Jones, United Kingdom

Belinda Burton, United States

Scott Young, United States

Anne Anderson, United Kingdom

Nerinda Bruwer, South Africa

Terry Harvey, Czech Republic

Kasiahi Murtagh, United States

I agree 100%

Anthony Boyd, Australia

Dylan Boyd-Tomlinson, Australia

Emily Rossi, United States

Animals are individuals deserving of life and freedom. No animal deserves to be exploited for any reason. It’s time to evolve as a species!

Jenn Marty, United States

Carol Benn, United Kingdom

marilyn manalo, Philippines

This must reached to the target amount of signatures needed...I am an advocate and supporter of this even if it risks my life...The cruelty must end NOW!

Maja Debeljkovic, South Africa

Jacqueline Bouwers, Netherlands

Tarun Bishop, United States

Maria Fernanda Cristelo, Portugal

Amor incondicional por todos os seres...

Rhonda Hottman, United States

Where neither man or nature is greater than the other and seek to live in harmony, protecting one another as was meant to be.

Lori Obrien, Canada

Waev Ellison, Australia

Maria Kakalioura, Greece

let the non humans live their lives surrounded by respect, respect yourselves, humans, for a change.....!!

velda sayers, Netherlands

Animals should have the same rights of protection as humans do.

Alison Williams, United Kingdom

Miranda McEwan, United Kingdom

Varró Mária, Hungary

Everdina Fiebrandt, Netherlands

Monica Lopez, United States

Susan Barnhoorn, United Kingdom

Ameera Brett, United Kingdom

Ann Robertson, Australia

Our earths future depends on ecological harmony and plant based lifestyles.

Juan Fourie, United States

Alan Reid, New Zealand

El Iskes, Netherlands

Larry Smith, United Kingdom

Armageddon is coming. L

Edward Reysen, United States

Liz Frankish, United Kingdom

Sandrine Rolland, France

Ina Vonk, Netherlands

Deb Jonrs, United Kingdom

Marie odile Fath, France

Michael Fujimori, United States

Jean-Sebastien Bazin, United Kingdom

Hi There, How many people have signed TILL TODAY in March 2020? Thanks for what you're doing


This needs to be imposed internationally. We need to speak up for these beautiful beings that are not able to speak for themselves

Alain Jove Rosales, Philippines

I hope by signing this, we can put a stop to the brutal practice of torturing dogs in the Chinese dog leather industry. I don't have anything against Chinese but I really loathe this stupid and senseless dealings.

Jan Heald, Australia

Angie Zemp, United States

m. n., Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Just as I was celebrating that people of the world are now more mindful of what abuse and insanity animals in China have been going through, I heard the news that the Chinese are YET AGAIN abusing and murdering animals. Please stop them!


in india animal crulity on its high i wish these animal rights also be implimented in India

Ferenc Haraszti, United States

Leave animals alone. Period.

guylaine schlesser, France

Anne Faucher, France

At l’astuce ! A gond thing for animals

zembla pierre, France

Sylvie SERGENT, France

Il faut absolument voter cette déclaration du droits des animaux. Ceux sont des êtres vivants et non des objets.

ERIK OLSON, United States

Shawnna Stewart, United States

May I always be guided by compassion, kindness, love, empathy, and remorse.


Joana Briand, France

Sylvie BRISSET, France

Jéhanne Martel, France

Alexandre Baus, France


Amelie Malleret, France

Fanny Cabrera, France

Vincent Moës, Belgium

Catherine Legrand, France

Jenny Legrand, France

Sandra Vautier, France

Marjo Est, France

Sibylle Lucquet, France

Mouiren Eugénie, France

Virginie Breuil, France

Yannick Berger, Switzerland

Astrid Begu, France

Marie SANCHEZ, France

Sébastien Pottier, France

sophie caille, France

Jose Gabriel S. Brun, Brasil

laurent bender, France

Claude Mattel, France

Anne Lebas, France

sylvyane lambert, France

Sophie DENIS, United States

Martine Gibier, France

Simone Biaujaud, France

Svetlana Wagner, Germany

isabelle bogliolo, France

Chloe Noel, France

Patricia Chaouch, France

Aurore Didier, France

Brigitte Quiévre, France

Julie Bergamini, France

Crissie Laugesen, United Kingdom

Regine Braidot', États Unis

Catherine CEBORRO, France, Metropolitan

viviane vanbuggenhout, Belgium

Christine Pléau, France

Sonia Hėricher, United States

Alice Breuil, France

Ludet Charline, France

Louis Schornoz, Switzerland

Valérie Lefebvre, France

Dior Aurelie, France

Sylvaine Rebours, France

Véronique Dervillé, France

Muriel Kergoat, France

Marie-Christine Bernard, France

lydie brunet, France

armelle GUENGANT, France

Laurier Aurélie, France

Muriel Vitrac, Belgium


Lemaire Sylvie, United States

cindy crombet, France

ALEXANDRA jimenez, France

Franck Ducourtioux, France

Patricia Foroni, France

Leven Phil, France

arnaud parent, France

veronique DESNOE, France

Albert Van der Ploeg, France

Adeline Prigent, France

Claudie Diallo, France

Veronique Biggi, France

Élisabeth Desnos, France

Steyler Elodie, France

claire-lise malosse, France

Catherine Chanteloup, France


Martine CORET, France

Blaise sylvaine, France

jean yves miniere, France

Betty Brayotel, France

Laurent Cascailh, France, Metropolitan

alexandre panizzo, France

Inès Michel, France

Un pas de plus vers un meilleur avenir

martine hartmann, France

Catherine Béchet Laszak, France

Clement Jean, France

Fillion Patricia, France

Bataille Brigitte, France

Pour la protction des tous les animaux. Pour qu ils aient une vie digne une vie tranquille. Dans leur milieu naturel. Si leur habitat naturel est un danger il existe des sanctuaires ou ils seront plus heureux. Pas de zoo@

Liliane Servais, Belgium

Vandenbroucke Cecile, France

Vuillemenot Gaëlle, France

Olivier Lallier, France

Florence Deluy, France

lali Gan, United States

Animals have the right to live life peacefully without exploitation by humans.

Carolyn Cooper, Australia

Wow I love love love this and truly hope it will become reality.

Rebecca Moran, United States

Please honor this declaration of animal,we also need strict laws that prohibits animal abuse and will have to serve jail time.

patrice k miller, United States

Supporting this humane measure

Arianna Barry, United States

Josie Silos, United States

Viktoria Dec, United States

I hope you can make this happen :)

Chris Lose, Canada

Thanks for helping.

Hans Hellberg, Sweden

If people "knew" that the end of our civilization will come in the next 200 years because of escalating climate and ecological changes, then they would take action, but people simply does not know this truth, the evidence is overwhelming fo

Sigita Ozola, Latvia

Marius Tomczyk, Germany

Chanelle Hodge, Australia

Renata Tejić, Slovenia

Paul Pires, United States

Go Vegan

Brady Dunham, Canada

Shannon Ostrowski, United States

Sandra Hedqvist, Sweden

Maria Altieri, United States

Talija Turk, Slovenia

Jessica Remick, United States

IrinaF Feoktistova, New Zealand

Heather Miller, Canada

Bianca Zvorc Morris, Slovenia

VEGAN 28 years now and will stay for life. This must stop, time to gorw and become true humans not idiotic gree driven zombies. Thanks.

Ernesto Martinez, Mexico

Karen Willmott, Canada

Michelle Mason, United States

Michelle Cameron, United Kingdom

Andrew Stone, United Kingdom

Frank DELON, France, Metropolitan

It's high time the whole world acted for the best!

Dale Westwood, United Kingdom

Annabel Robb, United Kingdom

Natalie Bailey, United Kingdom

Elizabeth G, United States

Julian Kozloff, United States

Karen Gardner, United States

Sondra Lampmann, Estonia

We don't own the land - The land owns us.

katri möldre, Estonia

liberte fraternite egalite

Gabriella Coronelli, Italy

Enough for any form of animal exploitation. They are living souls who love, suffer and experience the same feelings that we humans have. The earth is not anthropocentric, man is at the service of the earth, he is not master of the earth.

Abraham Kenny, Australia

Pamela Daccolti, United States

Irmeli Todd, Finland

It is high time we declare animal rights and give all animals the rights and care they need. Stop exoloiting them.

A Relander, Finland

Viktoria Hetzer, Germany

Ilka Mandler, Germany

dieter reger, Germany

Jeanette Kristensen, Denmark

kellie rerick, Canada

Lauri Oherd, Finland

Matthew Guillen, France

Animals are sentient beings, exactly like we humans. The overwhelming difference is our technological prowess.

Erica Cabrales, United States

Gabriele Schnoor, Germany

Sandra Hanses, Germany

Jázmin Kele, Hungary

John M Schaus, United States

I am committed to this lifestyle and devote my life to this declaration and to this group!

Travis Ross, Canada

Madeleine Gamache, United States

The Declaration of Animal Rights is a perfect declaration and I wholeheartedly agree with it. Thank you for posting it.

Isabelle Fortin, Canada

Thank you, sincerly

Gabriella Borsodi, Hungary

Viktoria Mikita, Hungary

Anita Kaldenecker, Hungary

Andrea Tömösy, Hungary

Viktória Hulényi, Hungary

Barbara Hodosi, Hungary

Orsolya Burián, Hungary

Hegyesi Péter, Hungary

Norbert Németh, Hungary

Free Animals and Vegan Planet in this lifetime (I am 35 ;)

Loremar Rivas, Philippines

Barbara Kóródi, Hungary

Luis Torres, United States

Please get this declaration of animal rights into effect as soon as possible. Amen!

corinne BELLET, France

Benjamin Jaarsma, Canada

Gregory Cartwright, United States

Vegan. Animal Rights focused from the day iI was born to a father whom was a Veterinarian.

Cindy Taylor, Australia

Audrey Mohan, Ireland

Arus Aramyan, Armenia

Alexandra Tabratzis, Germany

Swati Prakash, United Kingdom

Francoise Collaud, Switzerland

Linda Myburgh, South Africa

Jacob Stephey, United States

Nicole Houser, United States

It’s long overdue for animals to have their justice and freedom!!!

Helen Abraha, Netherlands

Bernard Elliott, United Kingdom

This is the evolution of all the species. Thank you.

Joan Faszczewski, United States

I'm going put this picture on my desktop because it is beautiful and I'm so against hunting.

Jari Raikko, Finland

Rosalind Adams, United States

Sally Sheehan, United States

Sara Arbogasf, United States

Aglaia Palaiologou, Greece

Helen Bialyj, United Kingdom

Maria Allshouse, United States

Tasha Cresswell, Canada

Stacey Citraro, United States

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form - William Inge

Damien Greene-Ayala, United States

This is a declaration for all species and their right to prosper.

Aon Wild, United States

We are all animals. This is a moment for every species.

Carol Anson-Fleming, United Kingdom

Animals deserve our respect

Juuso Rautanen, Finland

Minea Illukka, Finland

MorganEJBP DRJesusBP, Austria

Hello. And Bye.

Nicolae Macovei, United Kingdom

Susan Weiss, United States

Simon Poulin, Canada

Isha Srivastava, United States

Haidee Green, United States

We have no right to abuse animals... They deserve to live and in peace and love as do we.

glen jones, United Kingdom

kasia dobija, Greece

Robert Todd, United States

I believe animals should have the same basic rights as Humans, after all, do we not have the same creator?

Robert Todd, United States

I believe animals should have the same basic rights as Humans.

veni kodali, United States

It is animal genocide, people must stop eating animals like Demons.

Martha Berryman, United States

I remain in awe of the intellegience & sentience of all animals, domestic or wild, and am amazed at the mysterious connections such that animals actually show affection toward humans.

Annika Nielsen, Denmark

All lives matters. Animals deserve this planet and we need them. All of them

Abraham Garcia, United States

Eleazar Tellez, United States

Samantha Rodriguez, United States

Animals right are their lives!!!! Until the end!!!

Luis Correal, United States

All animals deserve the right to be happy, safe and free. Not just cats and dogs.

poonam vaghela, United Kingdom

damn right a vegan world is here it is near

Rafsan Akib, Bangladesh

Aileen Evans, Ireland

Linda Cottle, New Zealand

Albena Yozova, Bulgaria

Melanie Hebenstreit, Germany

Ludovic De-Backer, Belgium

Candice McQueen, United States

Manette Schelling, United States

Leslie Salter, Canada

Ranadheer Reddy, United States

Frances Jessup, United States

catherine katsoula, Greece

Welid Abdulkader, Eritrea

I am in solidarity with animal rights.

Theresa Jentzsch, Germany

Conchita Vegan, Spain

A Vegan world is coming Isaiah 11:6-9 and I want to be part of it! Every human being KNOWS it is wrong to hurt an animal but they choose to block it out! When in the presence of your maker you will HAVE to face all the evil you have done!!!

Concepción Mosquera, Spain

The secret to success for Humanity lies in its ability to conceive a respect for all living beings. Until Humanity truly respects and protects the most innocent of beings, Humanity will continue in its cesspool of depravity and inhumanity.

Vaughn Walter, United States

Erick Persson, United States

Melissa Donato, United States

Rosa Truchinski, United States

Helen Luthwood, Australia

In 2019 I still can't believe that we have to do this. Wake up world.

JamesNQHO KyleLDHO, Finland

Hello. And Bye.

Erika Pearl, United States

This would be the most glorious day in history if these laws were put into place. My heart is always heavy living in a world full of so much animal cruelty. This has to come to an end. All animals deserve basic rights and respect!

Anshita Jindal, India

This will be the biggest achievement in human history if the UARD gets passed! MAY WE WON!

Jessica Nicholson, United States

Megan Walton, United States

Amy Camptell, United States

Monica Lopez, United States

David Murch, United States

Katey Dickerson, United Kingdom

alfredo marin perez, Ecuador

I understand that animals are worthy of respect, they are living and feeling and loving as any human but in a different form, we, humans are not their owners or masters , we MUST live together without hurting THEM. Animals deserve PEACE

Ranjit Gurjar, India

I want to be their voices and I've always prayed to god in my prayers that "hey Lord we all human can protect ourselves but you please save them and protect their habitat and have them food"

Jennifer Huron, Canada

peter athenaios, Canada

Candy Nathan, United Kingdom

Libbie Nicklin, United Kingdom

Anthea Bain, United Kingdom

It's the least we humans can do.

Roxy Ongpin, Philippines

MiligXN DiligXN, El Salvador

All romances undergo downs and ups plus they all acquirecommitment and work, plus a readiness to evolve and change together with your companion. But whether your partnership is just starting out or you’ve been together for many years, there

Lavinia Georgiana Marcu, Romania

Elmira Omarbekova, Kazakhstan

Robab Boroomi, Finland

Gabbie Marshman, Australia

It is horrific the way we treat other animals. We need to take a stand against this because no one else is!

Anna Altamirano, United States

Nezar Khater, Lebanon

We are a talking animal , what we do we get

Amit Vikram, India

Animals are always above human beings. Being the only intellectual species, its out duty to protect and conserve them

Dunhuan Zheng, United States

Animal Liberation in the 21st Century. Let's stay strong.

Valerie Jacobsen, South Africa

Christian Alfaro, Mexico

All animals are sentient. Not so sure about all living beings. Still, all deserve respect.

Frank Jonker, Netherlands

Every animal van be happy, can suffer and can feel pain.

Kamila Braulinska, Poland

Iwona Wien-Kwiatkowska, Netherlands

Paweł Lorek, Poland

Karolina Kosowska, Poland

Piotr Sawik, Poland

Samantha Emmen, Netherlands

Bartosz Witański, Poland

Marta Kędzierska, Poland

Aleksandra Worek-Skupień, Poland

Charlotte Blattner, Switzerland

Ivana Ostrander, United States

To Memphis Ostrander for showing me that people eat dogs. My favorite animal. How could you do such a terrible thing? That is dicrimination.

Bobbie Lees, Australia

Ruth Hawe, United Kingdom

I've been a Vegan Animal Liberation activist for almost 50 years. I dream of Vegantopia <3

Riikka Varonen, Finland

Maija Kuivalainen, Finland

Taru Ovaska, Finland

Miia Tuomainen, Finland

Asia Dobosz, Poland

Olavi Heikkilä, Finland

Jessica Wanna, United States

Katja Rossi, Finland

Ilvija Bloka, Finland

For the animals!

Lynda Wise, Canada

Tytti Julku, Finland

Alexis Hildebrandt, Germany

End speciesism. Go vegan.

Abayomi Weber, Australia

Bianca Zen, Italy

Renate Hoppe, Germany

jonathont tuttle, United States

Albert Mah, Australia

Dylan Boyd, Australia

Kathleen Carrington, Australia


Shane Green, Australia

Candice Larkan, Australia

Hugo Morandini, Australia

Christine Higgs, Australia

Free all animals

Larissa Torres, Australia

Ginette Dupuis, Canada

Gwyneth Humphreys, United Kingdom

Anna Maietta, United Kingdom

Sammi Laidlaw, United Kingdom

Lilith Isop, Estonia

veronica robertson, United Kingdom

Briony Mckeown, United Kingdom

Davy King, United Kingdom

Beverley Joy Crankshaw, United Kingdom

Mary-Ann Ajayi, Nigeria

Lara Mae Lacey, Thailand

Thomas Brown, United Kingdom

Sandra Gajdos, Canada

Diane Smele, Canada

Sherry Bowman, Canada

Bouvard Francine, France

Melissa Hobbs, Australia

Humanity needs a reset. It begins with changing our treatment of those we share the planet with.

Henrike Imbusch, Germany

Michelle Setaro, United States


Gad Hakimi, Israel

Patrizia Barretto, United States

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all beings are created equal, and have a right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of their Happiness.

Sean Waring, United States

Vegan for the animals!

aurélie péris, France


Dorothée LERONDEAU, France

Pascale Petitcorps, France

Amanda Vaninetti, France

sandrine OLIER, France

Anne Garnier Mancel, France, Metropolitan

sylvie julien, France

danielle jacques, Belgium

sandrine herbert, France

Corinne Bonnet, France

roselyne vaillend, France

Kelly Bergeron, United States

I am a voice for the voiceless

Ruth Stannard, United Kingdom

World Peace only come when we stop the mass slaughtering of over 50 BILLION sentient beings every year!!

Horst Spreng, Germany

Savannah Berman, Taiwan

CL Kok, Singapore

"Saving one animal doesn't change the world, but it does change the world for that one animal." ---author unknown

Manuel Galuffo, Germany

Animals suffer just like humans do.

Jennifer Koh, Singapore

Kim Anh Trịnh, Vietnam

Duyen Vu, Vietnam

Be Vegan, Make Peace!

La Hieu, Vietnam

Tôi tin tưởng rằng những người bạn động vật là một phần không thể thiếu trong đời sống của con người.Họ có trái tim thuần khiết yêu thương, trung thành, và sự ân cần chia sẻ.Bạn muốn đời sống an bình thì đừng nên gây đau khổ cho bất cứ ai.

priya wu, United Kingdom

Yen Nguyen, United States

Kim Luu, Belgium

Bee Yam Chua, Singapore

Siew Geok Ler, Singapore

Please be vegan and pass the animal rights

Van Nguyen, Vietnam

Diane Staggs, United States




Aryan Tavakkoli, United Kingdom

Mei-Yu Ku, Taiwan

john schwab, Australia

Marie-Florence Etienne, Canada

ashley schwab, Australia

Vinh Lai, United States

Katelijne Van Look, United Kingdom

Eli Allison, United States


payge williams, United States

Florencia Tomasco, Uruguay

Diana Alpuin, Uruguay

Monika Baumann, Germany

Ronnie Lee, United Kingdom

Virginia Bimonte Goldaracena, Uruguay

Ameya Gehi, United States

Ayham Abou Ammar, Canada

Amrit Prasad, India

animals must not be intentionally made to suffer

Aiham Bader, Syrian Arab Republic

Be Vegan, Make Peace, Save the Planet! May we cherish all lives on this Earth.

Angelique Ortiz, United States

As living beings, we all deserve the right to live

Marie Ortiz, United States


Maria Paula Chapiro Leon, Switzerland

Juliana Klose, Switzerland

Ferdinand Hilgenfeldt, Austria

Living vegan for animal rights.

Pirjo Rantanen, Finland

Go vegan

Michael Simms, United States

Go vegan! For health, for animals, for the planet.

Sisca Santoso, Indonesia

Be Veg, Go Green, 2 Save the Planet

Duru Tunca, Turkey

Karma Lawson, United States

Remo Vilkko, Finland

Nelli Autere, Finland

Sina Laine, Finland

Susanna Laiho, Finland

Stéphane DELPECH, France

Ella Taussi, Finland

Sami Vaittinen, Finland

Christiane Deslion, France

Nathanaël ROCHER-KHARROBA, France, Metropolitan

Christina Filippou, United States


shauna-lee belair, Canada

Alison Tomasic, United States

Claire Bowman, United Kingdom

Anna Bridges, United Kingdom

Felicia Raphael, United States

Ivana Lienau, United States

Cristina Perelman,MD, United States

Cristina Perelman.MD, United States

Stacy Grossman, United States

Julie Donovan, United Kingdom

Patricia Donovan, United Kingdom

Khrisna Shane Opina, Philippines

Mike Zapp, Germany

Anna Pollok, Philippines

Asbie Barb, United States

Our purpose is to take care of them..

Oriana Nitya, United States

Anne JANSSEN, Belgium

Vegan for the animals...

Peter Ahern, United Kingdom

Katja Sibakov, Finland

Carla Mariani, United States

Rahil Khan, United States

Veganism is the abolitionist movement of the 21st century.

Juliana Coelho Marcussi, Brazil


Joshua Merica, United States

I take this vow as it is UNETHICAL not do do so.

Trevor Miller, Canada

All slaughterhouses closed by 2025

Jean Maclay, United States

Lea Wallström, Sweden

Teri Lewis, United States

Mikelle Dingwall, Australia

Werner Strydom, South Africa

tatjana helman, Croatia (Hrvatska)

freedom to all animals

Janvi Dhoomun, Mauritius

Przemysław Krupczyński, Poland

Mariette Robertson, United States

Susan Freeman, United States

Frank Girard, Canada

Peter Burkard, Germany

Its time to sign, really time.

Thomas Rohde, Germany

Isabel Gomez, Australia

Kelleen Knight, United States

Suvi Reiman, Finland

Anabella Brunkalla, United States

Save the animals.

Mary Morris, United Kingdom

I am vegan.

Ronald Bach, Netherlands

Lindsay Mantle, Australia

Bryce Whelan, Australia

Jan Vincent De Neys, Belgium

Muhammadsharif Nasrullo, Uzbekistan

Ajit Mhatre, India

Sunita Das, India

Eloise Finey, United Kingdom

Minttu Pesonen, Finland

Sherral Shaw, Canada

Jack Carlson, United States

Marianné Núñez, Peru

ANIMALES SINTIENTES = SUJETOS DE DERECHO Solo el veganismo traerá justicia a los animales no humanos, los animales no son esclavos, no son comida, no son entretenimiento, no son vestimenta, no son experimentos. ANIMAL LIBERATION FOREVER

kurt eckhardt, United States

PhilipP Teran, United States

I promise that all will be equal my emotional suffering and pain was fuel in destroying the system in place it will come to pass where no one is bought sold or traded

Merideth Jones, United States

Pamela Janovsky, United States

If the White House and the UN needs 50,000 signatures, why has this not became an animal right already?

Kc Cox, United States

bob mallawi, Saint Lucia

Sean Hardin, United States

Margherita Montanari, Italy

Rachel McDonald, United States

I declare all animals have unalienable rights. All should be free and un unharmed by humans in any way.

Deirdre Cochran, United States

Anne Ten Veldhuis, Netherlands

Tim Bell, Canada

Jeremy Loeb, United States

Gisele Vieira, Brazil

We need to fight till they are free and safe.

Ines Zerka, Switzerland

Until they are all free

Elise Moore, United States

Sylvia Gonzalez, Mexico

Oscar Starr, United States

It’s a no-brainer! The world must be veganized forever.

Alexandra Moran, United States

Animals are sentient beings that desire to live their lives without torture, neglect or being violently slaughtered on a conveyer belt. Go Vegan.

Michael Starr, United States

Animals have never been required for human sustenance. This imposed corporate spell is the saddest display of human greed and ignorance. The best thing you can do today is to Go Vegan and stop demanding the corporations to torture animals.

Marilyn Nuske, Australia

Sentient creatures need protection from human dominance. We must have a declaration of animal rights

Julie Sloan, Australia

The United Nations needs to act immediately and implement a Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, NOW, before its too late.

Frank McLaughlin, United States

Tamara Wetli, Switzerland

Claudia Martin, Switzerland

Respect to all live on this beautiful planet.

Cherie Levinsohn, United States

Deb Miller, United States

What makes us human doe not make us special! Every Creature on this planet has the right to live free as God intended from the beginning of time! I am vegan and I have never and will never hurt any living creature on purpose!

Leyla Diana Kartal, Switzerland

Miriam Schiro, United States


Carol Stevens, United States

Debra Bouton, United States

Tanya Mantle, Australia

Jeannette Müller, Switzerland

Angel Towne, United States

sandra alonso, Mexico

LENA Ericsson, Sweden

diana sosa, Argentina

Pilar Cabrera, Spain

Orna Zafrir, Israel

Natasha Beckles, United Kingdom

Teresa Davis, United States

It is up to us to protect these animals. God bless them.

Ma Gómez, Colombia

El abuso del ser humano para con todos los demás seres vivos sobre la faz de la tierra no tiene límites el ser humano no tiene nada de humano nada de compasivo, es un ser peligroso lo mínimo que se debe hacer es respetar sus derechos.

Michelle McMullen, Canada

A.V. Laurens, Netherlands

Neusa Vieira, Portugal

Gwen Lowe, Australia

All animals have rights, please respect them

Hiriti Tesfai, Canada

Emanuel Ory, United States

Christine Harris, United Kingdom

Yair Sagiv, Israel

Ron Gaug, Canada

Patricia Martin, United States

All animals deserve to live on this Earth without fear of being killed or dying of starvation..

VA Moshe Zvi Eilander, Israel

I do! & I believe in Animals Rights!!

efrat ovadia, Israel

Simone Eekels, Netherlands

Kaisa Kähönen, Finland

End speciesism

Chanti Laureys, Belgium

It's long overdue! Every animal deserves the same rights.

regina jenne, United States

Anita Postema, Netherlands

Virginia Rekasi, Germany

Jona Bras, Netherlands

In The Netherlands there are 3 Dutch petitions for Animal Rights, but this one is Vèry Welcome ! I'll share it as many as I can ! Support Anti-Speciesism, Animals and Humans are Equal in ALL Emotions and Behaviour! Thank you Aylam & Zelda !

Joseph Helmick, United States

Tina Havlik, Canada

Thank you

Bart De Pagie, United Kingdom


Stanislaw Mlazga, United Kingdom

keith wright, United Kingdom

Nicole Raines, United States

Susan Querze, United States

antonina Imperato, Italy

Kaylen Callahan, United States

Annick Safken, United States

I am very concerned about the extinction or near extinction of many insect species. And wonder why we still have Zoos..

Jordon Adorno, United States

I’m signing this petition on behalf of a family friend of mines. I’ve known her since 2 years old up until now at the age of 24. Her name is Karen, she’s an African Elephant held captive at the Commerford Zoo in CT. Please help my friend

Misty Misra, South Africa

Josee Sadler, United States

Gina Ramos, United States

Robert Rauschmeier, Switzerland

Robert Ljungberg, Sweden

Free the animals, it will free you too.

Hanna Fichtner, Germany

Yvette Rogers, United States

Franciskus Andersson, Sweden

Karl-Magnus Karlsson, Sweden

If the animals suffer, we suffer. If the animals die out...

Alice Martén, United States

Matthew Berry, United States

You can judge a mans character by the way he treats his animals! God bless.

Elisabeth Woiwode, Germany

Jennifer LaCalandra, United States

Go Vegan for the animals, water, world hunger, rainforests, compassion, wildlife, health, our planet and peace!

Rick Newman, United States


All are equal

Bettina Flemming, Hungary

One World. A family. We forgot. War was made between people out of greed, envy and jealousy and daily disregard of nature that surrounds us lovingly, the animals that were given into our care.

Lynette Carrington~Smith, Canada

Leonie Sorrentino, Australia

Terri-Mae Fitzgerald, Australia

Please send and I will get on posting on my page to help awareness

Lise Poulin, Canada

We are all part of the same ecosystem. All have the same right to live on this planet we call earth.

Gary Hodgkinson, New Zealand

Natasha Saraf, Canada

Consider my signature forever and ever.

John Van dun, Canada

All species have just as much right to live, free and unmolested

Diane Baumer, United States

Dave Cowdery, United Kingdom

Tara French, United Kingdom

Nature all depends on each other to survive and thrive. Protecting them is also protecting our environment. We as a species must protect our fellow neighbours of this planet.

Silvia Ibrean, United Kingdom

Liane Buck, United States

Bev Haasse, Australia

Nymph Kellerman, South Africa

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this most important and needed campaign.

Malin Wale, Sweden

Of course.

Susan Lee, United Kingdom

Laura Keeran, Canada

We all live and share the same planet. We are all here for a reason. We should all love and protect our animal cousins

Barbara Stearns, United States

Tiffany Licon, United States

We are ALL animals. We must abolish the current speciesist culture and recognize the rights of all beings. May humans no longer oppress, confine, torture, and murder their fellow earthlings.

Jessica Peaches, New Zealand

Kindness counts.

Liisa Siponen, Finland

We are equal

HEATHER BELL, United Kingdom

Some of them may be huge in size but still helpless when humans prey on them.

Jennifer Bell, United States

Their lives belong to them, we have no right to take it.

Inger Arvidsdotter, Spain

Anna Tinline, United Kingdom

I cannot bear the ill treatment, abuse and complete disrespect humans have for animals. The arrogance and ignorance of human beings distresses me. I want this this abuse stopped by creating awareness through better education.

Lili Horovitz, United States

I'm tired of seeing the senseless torture carried out on innocent animals daily, whether it be factory farms,trophy hunting of endangered beings or the YULIN 'dog murder festival'.this barbarism needs to end. animals deserve equality!

Madonna De Salis, Switzerland

This facts are usually available for the seller's website or is inside Craigslist posting, however you may have to ask those who posted the ad. You're going to place your email within these boxes here and it is what, where you will

Pona Tran, Canada

This is an international crisis and a disaster for the human race. These atrocities need to end now.

Fehinti Ojelabi, Nigeria

Animals have feelings too because we share planet earth with them we should show love.

Harsh Magan, India

Animal Liberation

Yavor Karapetrov, Bulgaria

Mikael Kofod-Hansen, Denmark

Christine Cavaliere, United States


Anne Romppainen, Finland

Daniela Dumke, Brazil

Chelsa Tiefel, United States

ALL life is precious!

Diana Murfin, United Kingdom

Kirill Egiptsev, United States


Marina Stavina, United States

Pratiksha Shah, India

Mia Rex, United States

Vegan forever

Tatiana Romko, Canada

Lacy Allen, United States

Romeo Cascajares, Spain

Oscar Martin, Spain

Marta Kędzierska, Poland

Michelle Whaley, United States

Michael Slusher, United States

Kaya Jacquey, Norway

Charlie Cervas, United States

Ria Gio, Philippines

Sebastian Strojny, Poland

Anastasia Majoie, Malta

it's better to look back and say "I wish it would've worked" than look back and say "I wish I would've tried"

Hadrien Majoie, Malta

Chelsea Davis, United States

Gustavo Ruiz, Mexico

Madhu Roy, India

Kathy Mason, United States

Lorena Mendoza, United States

Luisa María Arentsen, Chile

Nancy Eisenman, United States

Germaine Cancino Dalidet, Chile

Lucinda Claudia Dorta, Germany


Cecilia Chesta, Chile

Victor Del Rio, United States

maria medeiros, Chile

Maria Angelica Cantizano, Chile

MariaElena Champsaur, United States

lori ann koehn, United States

harrison straube, United States

luke straube, United States

bennett straube, United States

gloria straube, United States

Sabrina Bruehwiler, United Kingdom

Steven Walsh, United States

Suzanne Bowen, Australia

Anshula Jayaswal, India

Doc Emjay, India

Janae Bright, United States

Sarena Morris, United States

Isabelle Midy, Sweden

Kira Downer, United Kingdom

Marie Daniel, Canada

Humans want love, kindness, equality , justice etc. Now let’s extend all these to nonhuman animals! We owe it to them!!!

Stephen Kawalec, United States

Kylie Pflum, United States

Peter Riches, New Zealand

We have huge privileges, so now let's shoulder the accompanying responsibility. Empathy is a strength, and kindness is power.

Wolf Clifton, United States

Nicholas Gordon, United Kingdom

Heidi Wuotenmaa, Finland


Ina Ivanova, Bulgaria

Eva Mattsson, Sweden

Purva Purohit, India

Alex Lau, Hong Kong

Coming here to sign the digital one after NARD on Sunday :) May there be no violence on the plate, no suffering in the cage and no suffering under the blade.

Anitha R, India

Laura Carr, United Kingdom

As a human being who has been called to care for animals, this is what I will do until my last breath of air on this planet. I will protect them, fight for them and respect them the way that nature intended.

Leah Bamber, United Kingdom

Joan Perez, Ecuador

Antoniya Angelova, Bulgaria

Joanna Townley, United Kingdom

Rhiddhi Patel, India

Madhulika Varma, India

Diana Angelova, Bulgaria

Elmer R. Agbayani, Philippines


Malina Gencheva, United States


Mohit Shekhar, India

Harshit D, India

C Munirathnam Naidu, India

Madhura M K, India

Kavya M R, India

Sunil Kumar, India

Lennon Horton, United States

Stacey Corrigan, United States


Judy Refout, Netherlands

katarzyna nadulna, United Kingdom

Callum Bundy, United Kingdom

Albert Ortega, United States


Brian Gearhart, United States

Suraj Mv, United States

Lucia Champion, United States

Rushik Sai, India

Akash U, India

Chirayu Jain, India

Sharmili TR, India

Arun Iyer, India

We need to speak up for animals.

sachin sebastian, India

Shreyas Danappa, India

Cari van Deijzen, Netherlands

Sherry Canet, United States

Poorva Oberoi, India

Aastha shetty, India

Kathy Gasky, United States

Chalea Grant, United States

Pamela Thomas, Canada

Darren Ginn, United States

Katarina Zivkovic, United States

Jess Ammann, Canada

Lea Uremović, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Dhalavari Swetha, India

Pascuala Sustaita, United States

Pradeep Kumar M V, India

Mayur A Sagar, India

Hari Priya M, India

Bharath Bhushan, India

Rohith Shanker, India

Martine Bos, Netherlands

neha jha, India

Tegan McHugh, Ireland

One day every animal will be free ❤️❤️

Anuj Kokamkar, India

Nadja Debertshäuser, Germany

Mahesh Dhondge, India

Srirang Kavali, India

GO Vegan!

Mandar Kokamkar, India

Sneha Mahimane, India

I hereby sign the declaration of Animal Rights.

caitlin vD, Netherlands

daphne hionos, United Kingdom

Ella Mcnally, United Kingdom

Lia Buenechea, Spain

Sambhav Mehta, India

Live and let live!

Vaibhavi Lonkar, India


There’s no reason for any animals to suffer any pain! Time for change!

Marlies Mennes, Netherlands

Animals are living beings with feelings and should be treated with respect and love.

Ankit Puri, India

Margot Kokol, Netherlands

Please let the word civilisation have a true meaning for ALL species in this world.

sudhish vln, India

Bianca Kempter, Germany

Sindhu D M, India

Madhavi Kolte, India

Isobel Jacob, United Kingdom

kim nuij, Netherlands

Jeroen van Rooij, Netherlands

Tejas Gokhale, Ireland

Amy Baina, United States

Andrew Lesk, United Kingdom

Rosina Pike, Australia

" The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated" Mahatma Gandhi

Tereza Skácelíková, Czech Republic

Monique Nievas, United Kingdom

Sudhakar Naemana Sathyamurthy, India

Brooke Hechtman, Australia

Megan McCrindle, India

Raamnaaraayan Ramkumar, India

Animals Deserve Freedom Just Like Us & Only We Have The Power To Change Their World.

Dhivakar Sathyamurthy, India

Shankar Kalari, India

Dhivakar Sathyamurthy, India

Animals are not commodities but individuals. They build relationships, feel pain, feel love and deserve just like us.

Vaishnavi Ganugapati, India

Rosemary Davy, United States

Phanindra Sharma, India

Kavya Khashnobish, India

Raj Maru, India

Because animal deserve respect and the right to live just like humans.

Laura Ryan, United Kingdom

Ramappa Chougala, India

End animals cruilty

Katya Bensason, Israel

Ramtej Sudani, India

Menka Kumar, New Zealand

Asaf Kartun, Israel

Litteera Lehman, United States

Sahil Bhambri, India

Sarah Sears, United States

Sucheta Nataraj, India

Vrinda Saran, India

Ranjana TN, India

Nayan Karnewar, India

Animals are also Living creature, they have their Rights,and humans should respect the same.

Simba Cerati, United States

Harleen Kaur, India

Please save animals.. they are also living creatures. Should hace justice for all.

Prasanna Krishna, India

Ritwik Bhonsle, India

Zami Rokhum, India

Harjot Khurana, India

Raquel Ochoa, Mexico

Gerald Dehn, Germany

Rahul Das, India

Sangeetha Gandhi, India

Lisa Bravey, Australia

Tarun Chakma, India

Like human they have there own rights so likewise the animals are also should get rights. Because human have crossed there limit.They are not respecting the lives of others.

Aasakthi Tirumale, India

Souhini Deb, India

Srishti Gossain, India

Rylie Grant, United States

Vidushi Saini, India

Souhini Deb, India

Nikki Espinosa, United States

Aryan Dahiya, India

Sunny Dahiya, India

Vishal Malani, India

Apurva Bhardwaj, India

Shivani Dahiya, India

Aryan Dahiya, India

Shivani Dahiya, India

Agna Simon, India

Kiran Robert, India

Keshav Mehrotra, India

Prathish Nair, India

Sarangi Avhad, India

Vinitha K, India

Monica Annapurna, India

Ajai Babu K, India

Kapil Raina, India

Shruthila Narendra, United States

Rohan Thomas, India

Avanti Mukherjee, India

Chinthoo Skaria, India

Francine Crosswire, Australia

Siddharth Santhanam, India

Aayushi Jain, India

Shruti Deshmukh, Australia

Vaishnavi Kulkarni, India

Deona Hamby, United States

Shruti Deshmukh, Australia

Jyothi Ch, India

Dennis Nataliya, India

Evelyn Maddox, United States

Johanna Rodrigues, India

Hima Bindu J Prasad, India

All Animals Deserve A Life Of Freedom, A Life Of Peace, and We Will Fight Till The End,Until Every Cage Empty & Every Animal is Free, Animal Liberation Is All That Matters..

Harsha poorna sukirthi, India

Arjun Thomas, India

Lana Moss, Australia

Siddhant Gupta, India

Rose Gidman, United Kingdom

Holly Parkin, United Kingdom

Archana Bhale, India


Karan Sahai, India

I'm vegan from 5 months

Vicki Hunter, Australia

Nitin Maroti, India

Be vegan

Vipin Parthan, India

Rinku Rajpal, India

Aditi Haldule, India

Gaurav Sant, India

Sharon Clarke, United States

Mandy Andreu, United States

Agustina Sosa, United States

I will forever fight, speak up, and stand up for my non-human animal cousins. One day you will all be free, I promise, and until that day comes, I will not stop fighting for you.

Sonal Purandare, India

Chloe Yan, United States

Neeva Hedges, Canada

Richard Gnatowsky II, United States

Marlena Juarez, United States

Gina LaRossa, United States

Bill Broome, Canada

Olivia LaRossa, United States

Laura Sainz, United States

Lucia Serritiello, United Kingdom

Supriya GM, India

Elena Betancourt, United States

nathalie van egmond, Australia

Freedom for all .

Lucy Underwood, United Kingdom

Kathryn Nicole, United States

Jimmy Chan, Australia

Georgia Thomas, United Kingdom

Chloe Daniels, United Kingdom

Emily Keady, United Kingdom

Fara Yan, United States



Silver Sypitzki, Netherlands

Jenna Klenczar, United States

Hattie Clegg, Australia

Efthymia Papanastasopoulou, Greece

Yanna Gancheva, United Kingdom

Muriel Mrosik, Germany


Animals should live freely without any fear just like us.

Anita Rose, United Kingdom

Vegan for the animals ❤️

Philippa Kroll, Germany

Ranjit Sundaram, India

Stephanie Winnard, United States

Vegan for peace!

Madhuparna Sreemany, India

Ritika Rachel Thomas, India

Mahesh Kumar, India

Missy Beaver, United States

Nitin Rathor, India

Pradeep Verma, India

Pooja Rathor, India

Andres Perez, United States

K N Prithvi, India

Amrit J, India

To deny non-human animals even the most basic moral considerations and entitlements that we cherish and value so much, and to use them as mere means to our ends, are abhorrent acts that cannot possibly be morally justified.

Yogita Chettri, India

Animals are no less than humans. Therefore, they have every right to live freely and happily in their own habitat without any human interference. It's time to raise our voice for the animals that die fighting every day battle against human

Subhash Chandra, India

Elise Myslinski, United States

Georgette Lang, Canada

Vegan for the animals for life

Rosalie Sterner, United States

Joan Fernandes, India

Monica Montagnese, United States

Ankita Priya, India

shaswati ganguly, India

Neena Rai, India

Every animal needs to be respected & cared for . I strongly stand in support for justice to all my beautiful furry babies.

Soham Mohite, India

Kerstin van den Oever, United States

Tracy Sinkinson, United States

Michelle Cubero, United States

Asal Alamdari, United States

Leah Volk, Canada

Poonam Jayaswal, India

sara rocks, United States

Pratiksha Sharma, India

Kelly Watson, Canada

Ashley O'Bier, United States

Georgia Lucas, United Kingdom

Nicolas Maeckle, Spain

Maxine Higgins, Germany

Until every animal is free.

Vickie Campbell, United States

Keyla Cruz, United States

Melissa Bufford, United States

chieu nguyen, United States

Emilie Nguyen, United States

Thank you!

anisha karnewar, India

Utkarsh Singhai, India

Aashay Karnewar, India

Tara McCormack, Ireland

Vicki McCormack, Ireland

Nitin Jain, India

Animals are individuals, they feel pain, joy, want to live and be free like us. All individuals deserve these basic rights

Claire Scott, Ireland

William Cioffero, United States

Anuja Karnewar, India

Bring Animal Liberation! They have right to eat, breathe and live just like us!

Sunaina Malani, India

Shraddha Bhateja, India

Ria Ghosh, India

Makhabul Ahmed, United States

Afrin Syed Do, India

Pam Giardino, United States

Aditi Sasalu, India

bablu Thadani, United States

Shamala shraddha manisha great champions for life you’ll are inspiring

Nithya shree, India

Alexandra Mooney, Ireland

M.R.khan Rahman, India

Md Owais, India

Basavaraj A, India

Utsav Kumar Dey, India

Sushmita Chandra, India

Patil Malatesh, India

Malatesh Patil, India

Valeria Zennari, Italy

Jennifer Spease, United States

Seonaid Adams, United Kingdom

Shannon Sears, United States

Amber Veeg, Australia

Lisa Frangello, United States

Aman Chauhan, India

Rajeshwar Singh Maini, India

Patricia Keilbach, United States

Denise Robb, United States

Lacy Benton, United States

Kristen Sterner, United States

Animals are here with us, not for us. They are not ours to enslave and do with as we please. They deserve justice. Live vegan for the future. Live vegan for the animals.

Jill Robinson, United States

Adrienne Tabag, United States

Thank you! Any animal that has to suffer or is harmed, affects us all on the subtlest level of existence.

Sanketh Y, India

Dharini Mohan, India


Prateek Rajshekhar, United States

Shabnam Danesh, United States

Dharmesh Rawal, India

Save the animals to regain faith in Humanity. It's time to do something about Animal Rights.

Vishal Singh Haorongbam, India

Nandita N, India

Sanskriti Joshi, India

It's the least we can do.

Roshan Rawal, India

Stop killing animals. It's our duty to save them

Amruth C M, India

I support non-voilence to animals.


Every life has a value. Respect it while we still have a chance.

Smitha Patil, India

Anthony DeGeorge, United States

Here with us, not for us.

Soumya Roopkumar, India

Srinivas Raju, India

Dael Devenport, United States

Lekhapriya D K, India

Arjun Vyaz Sholaraju, United States

Patrice Lecso, United States

Bless our non-human brethren, protect them all and keep them safe from harm and oppression.

Ella Garrett, United States

Riki Higgins, United States

Carey Mills, United States

Michel POURNY, France

Pallavi Kay, India

The Earth is made for all biengs not just Human biengs. Respect animals.

Robert Marcus, United States

Shivani Dorage, India

Mrinalini Naidu, India

Filipe Carvalho, Portugal

Deepika Alluri, India

Barkat Dodhiya, India

Breeda O'Mahoney, United States

Sri kalyani Bhuckya, India

Deepak Bhavnani, India

Rashmi Singhai, India

VERONICA Philipose, India

Surya Bhat, India

Rashmi Chauhan, India

This planet is not ours alone. We share this planet with all other animals . They have the same right as us to live a happy life

Praneeth Kumar, India

Mrunmayee Kulkarni, India

Vidya Chakravarthy, India

Save Animals and Save the Planet

Ninad Kamble, India

There should be strict law against the ones who exploit and abuse animals ILLEGALLY. And the respected authorities should strict actions against such INHUMANE ACTS

Madhuri Jaybhay, India

Animals are here WITH us, not FOR us!

Rajat Handa, India

Live and let live

Sadiya Mulla, India

Non human animals deserve a chance at life just like us.

Bhushan Ropalekar, India

Stand for feelings

Shraddha Hegde, India

Soumya P, India

Adesh Patil, India

We need change...

Priya Walimbe, India

Sanjna M, India

Sagari Gongala, India

Kaivalya Kashyap, India

Animals are not voiceless because we are here to speak for them, we need justice for animals till then we won't stop

Kaustubh Bhor, India

Pranali Nigavekar, India

Binu Fernandez, India

Khushpreet Binu, India

Julien Delabre, United States

Animals should have rights too!

Tammy King, United Kingdom

Greg Wells, Australia

Animals are our friends

Daniel Johnson, United States

Claudia Marrapodi, France

Every single animal is a sentient being and has the right to life and freedom and every human who doesn't understand this topic point is a NON-SENTIENT being!

Lynda Krawec, Canada

bella donaldson, Australia

Paulina Gleba, Poland

Juliana Soderlund, Austria

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Mathew Hendricks, Austria

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Polina Movchan, Ukraine

Tayler Smith, Australia

I only hope my signature will make a difference

Tuong Anh Tran, Vietnam

Pamela Spycher, United States

All animals deserve to live, and we have a responsibility to ensure they live healthy, happy, and long lives.

Sanyia Flavia, Puerto Rico

Ewa Billip, Poland

Karen Mulkijanyan, Georgia


Animals are NOT our property or commodity. They deserve to have rights.

Marcin Pundor, Poland

Steven Collins, United States

I love all animals including the human animal in which I am.

MateusZ Bladosz, Poland

Gino Pimentel, United States

Kamil Głowacki, Poland

Megan Whittaker, Canada

Luis Ampuero, Spain

I fully support this declaration fully necessary for the wellbeing of all animal life in the planet. Humans & should protect and keep their environments for all species to live and develop. This planet is for all, not exclusively for Humans

Tyler Cooper, United States

Nina Perino, United States

Yes I fully support the Declaration of animal rights and animal liberation!


Sophie Vandenberg, Australia

Marcin Branicki, Poland

Tomas Zelenka, Australia

Go Vegan For Victory! It's the least we can do.

Aleksander Kot, Poland

Marie-Lynn Hammond, Canada

Pola Łokaj, Poland

Karolina Olszewska, United Kingdom

Ekta Varshney, India

People question whether animals or one can say non -humans should be given rights or not. My consideration for them though they can't reason, they can't speak but they do suffer pain as like we. All are equal and all have same rights

Agnieszka Kleban, United Kingdom

Julita Gacparska, Poland

Ella Mercer, Australia

I am because we are. One

Taylor R, Canada

Kassia Balian, Canada

Braidy-Lee Hughes, Australia

Carol Slater, Australia

All animals deserve the right to live their life, their way.

Megan Garside, Australia

Marisa Sinn-Dorfeld, Australia

Elon St. James, United States

Sarah Steinmann, Australia

Amber Wielang, United States

Alicja Zborowska, Poland

Alicja Spodenkiewicz, Poland

Joanna Wencel, Poland

Agnes Slemmer, Hungary

Iwona Magdiar, Poland

Anna Skrzypczyk-Ostaszewicz, Poland

Lana Wiltshire, Cyprus

Aneta B, Poland

Ewa Woldańska, Poland

Izabela Kosciow, Poland


Wiktoria Żabicka, Poland

Skyler Slate, Australia

Urszula Stodólska, Poland

Paulina Olchowska, Poland

Dario Endara, Netherlands

Katarzyna Smolarska, Poland

Jacqueline Mielke, Germany

Meghala Nair, Australia

Joanna Kąkol, Poland

Lynn Wiltshire, Cyprus

Mackenzie Neilson, Australia

Karla Freeman, Australia

Karol Matuszewski, Poland

Ida Kozlowski, Poland

Laura Murphy, Australia

Gustaw Stępień-Wasilewski, Poland

Aleksandra Pajdak, Poland

Cara Parsons, Australia

Sharon Oliver, Australia

Katarzyna Czarcińska, Poland

Edyta Kruczak, Poland

Tony Boucher, Australia

Diana Bartkowska, Poland

Hanna Piaskowska, Poland

Marcin Biernacki, Poland

Elizabeth Boucher, Australia

Ewelina Popiel, Poland

Jane Boulton, Australia

Julia Misztal, Poland

Weronika Bosak, Poland

Michał Bukowski, Poland

I accept this declaration.

Paweł Samogranicki, Poland

Adrian Kozyra, Poland

Korneliusz Kacprzak, Poland

Jenny Rosenblatt, United States

Respect life

Beverley Eustace, Australia

Ada Milczarek, United Kingdom

Corrina Lessing, Australia

Leigh Summers, Australia

Suzie A, United States

Anna Walker, United States

Vic Asgar, Australia

Ruth Ludgater, Australia

All lives matter.

Chantelle Dorney, United Kingdom

Benjamin Penman, Australia

For equality

Anna Wołoszun, Poland

D Kruger, United Kingdom

Gabriela Kościelniak, Poland

Janusz Sołtysik, Poland

Grzegorz Ekert, Poland

Kamil Bieniek, United States

Monika Kluszczyńska, Poland

i love animals! Friends not food!

Joanna Grochowska, Poland

Daria Mikolajczak, Germany

Katarzyna Gajewska, Poland

Sara Kusal, Poland

Magdalena Ostrowska, Poland

Jane Armitage, United Kingdom

Katarzyna Kmiecińska, Poland

Anita Gorska, Poland

Freedom to all animals

Hania Rzadkiewicz, Poland

peace ❤u

Bozena Krzyzowska-Olko, Poland

Paweł Ziezio, Poland

Barbara Borzymowska, Poland

Justyna Borysewicz-Rudy, Poland

Małgorzata Woros, Poland

Paulina Kosmider, Poland


Kacper Zieliński, United States

Klaudia Andrzejak, Poland

Sylwia Andrzejak, Poland

Emilia Andrzejak, Poland

Jakub Baranowski, Poland

Dorota Roszak, Poland

Małgosia Grześkiewicz, Poland

Barbara Watanabe, Poland

Iza Bella, United States

Mateusz Kusion, Poland

Magdalena Faruga, Poland

piotr Malkiewicz, Poland

Angelika Drywa, Poland

Arkadiusz Panknin, Poland

Klaudia Buczkowska, Poland

julia cudok, Poland

animals have feelings, too

Urszula Sobkowiak, Poland

Anna Kwiatkowska, Poland

Alicja Szczęsna, Poland

Paula Swiezek, Poland

Damon Rivera, United States

Animal liberation now!

Katarzyna Ratajczak, Poland

Lily Denyer, United Kingdom

If we have a society where it’s wrong to mistreat, exploit or kill animals, it’s going to be a lot harder for humans to justify doing that to other humans. Animals feel fear and pain just as we do, and it’s time we recognise that.

Krzysztof Brunka, United Kingdom

We are all equal!

Karina Santamaria, United States

We are all ONE!

Jax Kruger, United States

Sara Kruger, United States

Michal Dzianach, Poland

Christine Thörnwall, Sweden

Sharon Smith, United Kingdom

Laura Stone, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Dabenett, United Kingdom

Break every chain

Katherin Thomas, United States

Doone Verlende, Belgium

Lorinda Ackland, Australia

Melanie Hall, Australia

Rachael Schinck, Australia

William Stavros, United States

End Speciesism

Shilpa Tr, India

Siun Byrne, Ireland

Eleftheria Kavoussanaki, Greece

Jason Brodie, United Kingdom

Jodie Fitzgerald, Australia

Janet Bauld, United Kingdom

Ian Clarke, United Kingdom

Charles Quinn, Australia

Tasja Artmanni, Netherlands

End speciesm

Daniela Wimmer, Austria

Zara Di Bella, Australia

Alyssa Osman, Malaysia

Laura McKinley, Australia

Wendy Ducat, Australia

Melanie Black, Australia



Angus Franklin, Australia

Sasha Watkins, United Kingdom

Margaret Celenza, Australia

valérie RAYNAUD, France

Jill Allen, United States

I have been involved with the animal rights movement since the 1980's.

Alexandria Walker, Canada

fred wreath, United States

Deb Lill, United States

Brodie McNab, Australia

Here with us, not for us

Sharon Cullinan, United Kingdom

Duhan Özbağ, Turkey

Lets speak for ones without voice.

maria orellana, United States

patricia pesantez, United States

freedom, freedom is what animals mean to me, I don't want to be part of those who destroy that.

Anne Sørensen, Denmark

"Animals are not the property or commodity of humans, and are not theirs to use for their benefit or sustenance."

Tomasz Dranczuk, Poland

Dariusz Zielinski, Poland

Barbara Zielinska, Poland

Daria Zielinska, Poland

This is how it supposed to be. We should protect and respect all the nature because it's part of our ecosystem ,it's part of us.Let's wild be wild !

Amber Stopford, South Africa

Madison Kaiser, United Kingdom

kenny padilla, United States

This is the only way to save ourselves and the planet. Good to see there are people who care.

Kelly Neale, United Kingdom

Destin Wernicke, United States

Lynn Sorel, United States

Indigo Hogg, United Kingdom

Liberation for all beings

Valerie Redfern, United Kingdom

Mackenzie Perkins, United States

Ujjawal Naskar, India

Saicharan Singh, India

I promise to treat all fellow dwellers with respect.

Fiola KIdd, Norway

Lesli Burke, United States

Hawa Omar, Qatar

Jan Young, United Kingdom

Toni Parker, United States

Nicola Ann Sheen, United Kingdom

Beth Tallent, United States

One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rafaella Saul, Australia

Humane Education Coalition, United States

Frédéric Poncelet, Belgium

Sophia Conrad, United States

I support this 100%. much love for making this

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Thomas Susdorf, United States

N. Parsia, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I sure hope these signatures manage to make some major changes in favor of raising the quality of animal's lives and help save their lives as well. My sincerest gratitutes to anyone anywhere who helps and protects non-human animals.

India Foster, United Kingdom

Claire Zsanna SEBESTENY, France

Louise Turner, United Kingdom

Stephanie England, United Kingdom

Niamh Hickey, United Kingdom

May all beings be free from slavery May every cage be open and empty

Niamh Hickey, United Kingdom

Until every cage is open and empty

Jacob Marc, Denmark


Julie Radosevich, United States

A world free of suffering for all life.

Patricia McCaskill, United States

Tamara Bragg, United States

All forms of animal abuse must be stopped.

pat albanese, United States

jimmy salamone, United States

Renate Steiner, Austria

Michael Mountjoy, United States

Colin Wright, United States

Animal Rights is a rejection of the basis for animal welfare, as they are 2 completely opposing positions. Please go to legacyofpythagoras on Wordpress and search the word "welfare" to read much more about this.

Iris Engelhardt, Netherlands

Martina Tichota, Netherlands

char Wijsmuller, Netherlands

cruelty to animals should stop and goverments should be held responsible ifl they dont up hold the animal rights act

Lidija Mitrovic Corkoviv, Luxembourg

Kim linsley, United States

Neta Simkovich, United States

Deniece Smith, United States

Debera Gambee, United States

Anna Maria Bindi, United Kingdom

Jacek Tomaszewski, Poland

Kamila Zielińska, Poland

Zoe Brooking, United Kingdom

Natasha Jatoi, Pakistan

Monika Klewe, United States

Tiere haben Anspruch auf ein Gesetz, das Tiere als lebende, intelligente Wesen schützt. Tötung von Tieren ist Mord, sollte verfolgt und als solcher behandelt werden. Alle Tiere in jedem Lebensraum, im Wasser, an Land und in der Luft, müss

Gillian Mak, Hong Kong

Anne-Sophie Nice, France

Jo Laird, New Zealand

Andrea Acuavera, Philippines

Please save these animals!

Bogusława Omelczuk, Poland

Stop przemocy wobec zwierzat, stop rzeźniom. Wolność wszystkim Istotom. Go Vegan

Abel Banda, United States

Save the animals

Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen, Norway

Mary Perkins, Argentina

Dora Pinto, Portugal

For the love and freedom of every nonhuman animal.

Richard Williams, United Kingdom

Darla Sensabaugh, United States

All animals deserve to be treated with compassion. They have no voice so we are their voice and getting louder with more like me.

Juliana Carpino, Canada

Karen Bailey, United States

Robert G. English, United States

Sonia Festetics de Tolna, Netherlands

Carol Williams-jones, United Kingdom

Lucy Fuller, United Kingdom

Josh Ryall, United Kingdom

Sara Catsellis, Cyprus

Sónia Várzea, Portugal

Adam Vanhee, United States

Debra Zapata, United States

B Ld, United States

Gergana Georgieva, United Kingdom

Sally Firth, United Kingdom

Janice Barrett, United Kingdom

marco piccioni, United Kingdom

Amie McGee, United States

Maurizio Gabellini, Italy

Simon Sparkes, United States

Gordana Stetin, Serbia

Kako je humano jesti meso zivotinje ? A nehumanim se smatra kanibalizam. Kakva je razlika ? How is human eating animal meat? Inhumane is considered cannibalism. What's the difference?

Holly Wade, United States

Brigitte Mardokh, France

Anna Maietta, United Kingdom

Ana Moshkovsky, Israel

Lol Nah, United States

Das retarded beeeeeeech

Ron McGill, United States

pete jii, Finland

Cathie Brewer, United States

Paras jain, India

Avishay Haviv, Israel

With my deepest love!

Michaela Zeyer, United States

Claudia Leite, Brazil

Claudia Lattimore, United States

COrtez Loera, United States

Tammy Hayward, United States

Emily Bettio, Australia

Cheryl Ann, United States

#EndSpeciesism We are the stewards of the world and owe it to each anc every animal to protect and care for them through a paradigm of kindness and compassion. We truly are all one.

Anna Molska, Poland

Darcy Bailey, United States

Connie Reis, United States

Lois Hauger, United States

Anette Grønbech, Denmark

Teresa Nunley, United States

Meaghan Spiteri, United Kingdom

Fiona Livis, United Kingdom

Anna Maietta, United Kingdom

Barbara and Joseph . Trsoriere, United States

I am. Ot a scammer

Frank Marquardt, Germany

Animal rights has to be accepted by all humans!

nicole krasnopolski, Canada

Lynn A'Court, Canada

Thank you for preparing this declaration

Wendy Sheppard, Australia

Stephen Finn, South Africa

Edward Bartholomey, United States

Thank you for your efforts.

Michelle Franck, United States

Sheldon Sims, United States

Animals are our friends

Monica Carrasco, United States

I wish if a day when animals will be free and people will see them a beings worthy of respect and not property.

muller hassiba, France

George Heustis, United States

Jei Marc, Singapore

I am for animal rights!

Karalinda Aguilar, United States

Please allow animals to be left alone to just be in the wild and or to not be used , bought , stolen , hunted , tortured , sold for profit , raped for reproduction for meat , basically - leave animals alone , unless you are rehoming them .

Wessley Melhoff, United States

Consumption of animal products is not sustainable. We must value the lives of the creatures around us to ultimately become a sustainable civilization.

Raquel Franco, United States

Madhurima Sharma, Australia

Against Animal abuse, Sri Lanka

No animal deserves to be tortured and slaughtered to death. The main reason this declaration needs to be made passed ASAP is specially because of China holding the Yulin dog meat festival where there is no limit on torturing innocent animal

Danadi Aparna, Sri Lanka

Karen Jennings, United States

Scott Lovering, United States

Mary Murphy, United States

Tina Goodwin, United Kingdom

Nasrin R.shahi, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Please save the animals. No matter what the human race is busy doing, animals shouldn't be the ones paying for it. This planet is rightfully THEIRS.

Kim Venable, United States

Meagan Se, United States

elisa novarese, Italy

Lisa Land, Brazil

Michael Mountjoy, United States

veronique aerts, Belgium

Fernanda Brandao Cunha, Brazil

Celene Diad, Brazil

Dominique Robinet, Belgium

Claudy Personne, France

Maria Cristina Meggiolaro, Brazil

Sergi Martinez, United Kingdom

All animals deserve love, compassion and respect, so they can live their lives the way they like, without interference of the human species. Any interference with the aim of exploiting the lives of non-human animals is morally wrong.

Vanice Cestari, Brazil

Joan Wilson, United States

Lisa Hecht, United States

Susan Fabrican, United States

All animals have the right to be free, to live their lives on their own terms, as intended by nature.

carrie weil, United States

danuzzo isabelle, France, Metropolitan

Guillemot Catherine, United States

nicole perrier, France

Laurence Taureau, United States

Boguslaw Ubik-Perski, Germany

Brooke Horowitz, United States

Miriam Lambertz, Netherlands

Leona Campbell, Ireland

I am delighted to sign this declaration.

Barbara Benz, United States

Chief Pontiac, Japan

Andrés Castro, Mexico

Claire Buckingham, United States

Lisa Sclafani, United States

Audrey Farrelly, United Kingdom

Linda Friend, South Africa

Elena De Fanis, Italy

Thesan Chellakooty, South Africa

Our planet. Theirs too.

stella maris argento, Argentina

Greta Panetti, Italy

Miriam Angerer, Austria

I truly hope one day we will all end their suffering and animals will be free.

Alan Poon, Hong Kong

I hope I can see this declaration is well approved by everyone on earth in this generation.

Anant Goyal, Canada

Robyn Seaniger, Australia

Robyn Seaniger, Australia

Lorri Wesson, United States

Vanessa Evans, United Kingdom

I just hope things will change

S. Mirapuyai, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

So tired and angry of hearing about even one more case of mistreatment against animals. Everyone needs to do something major worldwide to stop animal abuse.

Kristen Lee Ohanyan, United States

Vegan for the Animals! Let us all create a Vegan Society of PEACE!

Erika Achberger, United States

Loving our neighbors is the highest commandment

Helen Bishop, United Kingdom

Animals are our future.

artem veg, Ukraine

Georgina Centurión, Argentina


David Gaillard, France

Uroš Palhartinger, Slovenia

Anne Jonsson, Australia

Nele Kempfer, Germany

Karol Gralak, Poland

Eli Galla, United States

Melissa Cooley, United States


Emily Giinther, United States

Zara Lunden, Canada

ALL animals are our fellow sentient Beings. Humans do NOT own them. Live Vegan.

Mikael Wallvik, Finland

Anna Gama, Australia

Maddison Reinhardt, United States

Basma issadik, Morocco

there is a huge dog slaughter in my country , please do something about it . Our dogs needs help . Please. They're being killed on a weekly basis.

Saye Farokh, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

It's the moral and humane responsibility of any human individual to speak on behalf of animals and defend them and their rights and freedoms. Best of the best for all those who are protecting and helping animals

Mirsad Mehic, Germany

Sara Šujević, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Za prava zivotinja!

Neda Izadpanah, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Scott Johnson, United States

Dave Duckshoot, United Kingdom


We must respect & protect Animal Rights & their freedom killing animals for any reason is not good sign of humanity.

fas asdf, United States

Erica Georgiades, Greece

Pedro Oliveira, Australia

Cruelty to animals everywhere must end.

Rosali Shokuhian, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Urgently needed all over the globe

Rachel Fox, United Kingdom

Lena Valent, Austria

This is very important and should be implement as soon as possible

John Fortino, Canada

Animal Liberation Now

Shima Javaherian, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Cat Himawalin, Japan

Ava Jurabchian, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Please do whatever it takes to save all animals from abuse and maltreatment on an international scale and in all countries. Even one case of animal abuse or neglect is too many.

Caterina Steele, Australia

We can never live in a world of peace and harmony if we inflict pain and the most horrific death on the most vulnerable shame on the human race.

Sue Etherington, Australia

Time for humans to awaken to the hell we inflict on other species - time for us to evolve into loving creatures and leave misery and murder in the past.. I for one will do my best to save any life where I can

Danielle Heller, United States

Colin Gajewski, United Kingdom

Clair Stanway, United Kingdom

Tina Labart, Finland

Arnaud Baquet, France

Miranda Sherlock, Australia

We need to live without causing harm to sentient beings! It begins by going vegan today!

Sara Valip., Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Wishing for the best for any non-human animals and those people who help and support and protect them.

Michelle Thompson, United States

Sallyanne Hurren, Australia

All Beings should have the Same Rights to Live their Lives Free from Oppression Slavery Torment Torture Pain Suffering & Misery..!!!!!

Stephanie Hawkins, Portugal

Paul Peter Nehren, Germany

Jazzmine Hopper, United States

Animals have feelings as do we therefor they have a soul

AJ Arjona, United States

Francis Metivier, Canada

Behnaz A.pur, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

I wish this results in a universally binding agreement to make the world a much better place for all non-human animals. Thank you!

stacie McWilliams, United Kingdom

animals should never be abused, and people capable of it need terminated

N. S. Goharpur, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

The amount of wrong and unspeakable heinous deeds the human race has inflicted on animals ever since it imposed itself on animal's home aka this planet is truly maddeningly disturbing. Animal rights are urgently and gravely needed.

Negin S., Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Holly Mcconnell, United Kingdom

Chee Siew Im, Malaysia

steve kent, Canada

Naresh Narotam Lathia, United Kingdom

Needs to be submitted to the UN for it's RATIFICATION TOO!

ELAINE DENT, South Africa

Nathalie BONHOURE, France

esther zinck, Canada

Takashi Shinki, Japan

Mika Tatuchi, Japan

takashi inui, Belgium

DEBRA wilson, United States

B A, United Kingdom

takahashi keiko, Japan

Mark Lederman, South Africa

Emmanuele Calvani, Italy

May Nace, United States

As a animal rights activists an work with I have zero tolerance against any abuse or neglect or murder of our wild an domestic animals

Lynda Evans, United Kingdom

Nina Cilliers, United States


Takako Hattori, Japan

Wendy Van Heerden, South Africa

Helen Rehder, South Africa

Elaine Jumeau, Seychelles

Brigitte Cavanagh, Canada

Anne Montarou, France

Eri Asai, Japan

Marites Reimann, Norway

Muriel Servaege, Belgium

Megumi Matsuda, Japan

Chris Wolf, United States

Animals should have just as much rights as people

Melinda Hegedűs, Hungary

Fe Camila Azupardo, Philippines

Bernard van Speyk, Canada

steven rule, United States

michele rule, United States

Roula Fl, Greece

Deon Pretorius, South Africa

Bénédicte PECHA, France

Jeff Nadler, United States

Bta Farah, New Zealand

Jorge Alberto Lara Sànchez, Mexico


Alex Sim, Singapore

Barry Sampson, United Kingdom

alyson wilkes, United Kingdom

Erika Steiner, United States

Barbara Tesoriere, United States

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Pavel Nechuiviter, Poland

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Albert Mylin, Germany

Mariah Owsley, United States

Wilbert Jeppesen, Eritrea

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Dirk McKeddie, Norway

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Rayan Dandan, France

Damaris Ollervides, United States

Taanya Ravi, India

Dorly Hofwimmer, Austria

akshaya kshirsagar, India

our duty and responsibility as human beings to protect the speechless and fellow living beings.

lizzy jacobs, Belgium

annabella francescon, Kenya

Antonet Dresen, South Africa

jackie motti, United Kingdom

we are all one. the animals are here with us not for us <3

SUMMER SHIPPY, United States

Kristine Sullivan, United States

Our world, theirs too.

Marko Pausio, Finland

Anniina Pikkarainen, Finland

Reija Liikkanen, Finland

Mayumi Tanida, Japan

Speciesism is over. Vegan world is coming.

Rebekka Iltanen, Finland

Tamasin Ramsay, Australia

I work with the Animal Justice Party. Yes. This is necessary and long overdue.

Ann Mills, United Kingdom


Márton Kabai, Netherlands

I agree!

Marion Fitzke, Germany

RobertinessKB RobertinessKB, Cook Islands

Amy Hamilton, United States

Deepa Parihar, India

Ali Zainal Abidin Bil Fagih, Indonesia

Please consider to check critical condition to Sulawesi shrimp species, from normal habita, they are in danger now, because introducing of alien fish from unknown peoples to the lakes.

Anne Marie Christopher, United States

Michelle Janosevic, United States

Mirna Markovic-Irwin, United Kingdom

The animals have all right on this planet even more than human.

Dilasha Pant, Nepal

Animals must be protected . They are more than just our way to earn through tourism or anything like that

Ahmad Wasfi, Canada

Julie Moore, United States

Holly Painter, United Kingdom


Andy Bick, United Kingdom

eduard ilinca, Romania

animalele sunt frații mei!

Allan Voice, South Africa

Herman Giebartowski, Australia

Jordan Brown, United States

I stand with Animals.

Michela Guadagni, Italy

Hannah Hacker, Germany

alexandra meric, United States

Keenan Theron, South Africa

This should have been done a long time ago.

Anonymous P, United States

We need these!!

Virginia Howard, United States

Humans and non-humans are both living, breathing, sentient beings. Respect for both are needed for this planet to survive.

Gardar Torfason, Iceland

Miriam Saraiva, United States

Mariam H, Armenia

Joan Harrison, United States

Marja Campbell, Finland

Jascha IJsselstijn, Netherlands

Pauline Pandolfino, Italy

Patricia Cooney, Ireland

eunice loos, Brazil

Tomas Katrenčík, Czech Republic

Kori Kielbania, United States

Every living thing is so precious!

Denny Scheepers, South Africa

My Anh, Vietnam

Jaysee Costa, United Kingdom

yorgos tsamis, Greece

let's all put an end to speciesism and animal cruelty now.

Anna Cooke, Canada

Fabiano de Andrade Silva, Brazil

Mary Rooker, United States

H Straume, New Zealand

Joris Hines, United States

Carmen Mazon, United States

Sarah Collins, United States

Friedrich SADOURNY, Germany

Kay Troy, United Kingdom

Cynthia Payne, Canada

Noah Smith, United States

Fanny Constam, Switzerland

Roland Illi, Switzerland

Jaya Constam, Switzerland

Animals are equal, just coz of some not recognizong that doesn t mean they aren t. Happily signing for their rights!

Gardar Torfason, Iceland

Claire Breed, United Kingdom

Cristina Hansson, Sweden

Lily Painter, United Kingdom

Freya Brown, United Kingdom

Keith Gilles, United Kingdom

Ariane Benefit, United States

The time is NOW to stop the savage and inhumane treatment of all animals and living beings.

Thea Soroyan, United States

It is time on the planet that animals have the right to move freely, walk and have their being without fear of capture or malevolent treatment.

Yvonne Josefsson, Sweden

sabita patwardhan, Sweden


Lynn Killam, United States

Karlo Kaischler, Slovenia

Ilsa Marie Höhne, Germany

Andy Lora, United States

Lisa Hohne, Germany

andreja kolar, Germany

michelle lewis, Spain

Laurel Dhalla, Canada

Rebecka Bernstone, Sweden

Tina Labart, Finland

Mariano Martinez Hernandez, Sweden

Max Martinez Melchior, Sweden

Axel Martinez Melchior, Sweden

Madeleine Melchior, Sweden

Susanna Melchior, Sweden

Tess Hérisson, Sweden

Miriam Khaled, Sweden

Emma Feigenberg, Sweden

Daniel Lee, United Kingdom

We're not fighting the impossible. We're accelerating the inevitable.

Scott Christie, United States

Elias Christopher, United States

Sirrý Klemenzdóttir, United States

I will lend my voice to the voiceless. And I will always be loud and I will never stop!

Sherry Bender, United States

claudia Esten, United States

Janet Kenelley, Australia

Avraham Ofek, Israel

MJ Jordan, United States

Claire Krakoski, United States

Samantha O’Brien, United Kingdom

Rose Marie, United Kingdom

Laura Jeffries, Canada

Sharon Rance, United Kingdom

Helga Óskarsdóttir, Iceland

Amb. Robert Gboluma, Liberia

I stand for Animals Rights.

Rosario Topete Pérez, Canada

Rhonda Hogan, United States

Give the animals rights!

Dagmar Fligge, Germany

Charlotte McCreadie, United Kingdom

rachel board, United Kingdom


Melissa C, United Kingdom

tom rooze, Germany

Hélène RUAULT, France

Silvia Brauneis, Austria

Nona Tsugunyan, United States

They have feelings and senses like humans do, except they can’t speak up nor defend themselves!

Sophia Gottlieb, United States

Elinore Krause, United States

Karen Norton, United States

Yes when will the Animals ever have any Rights?????

Francesca Soldano, United States

David Marinelli, Malta

ely jahan, Switzerland


Bitel Elvy Asta Backman, Sweden

Óli Geir, Iceland

Stephanie Lund, United Kingdom

Kim Bruijn, Netherlands

Michelle Hoskins, United Kingdom

Jennifer Thompson, United States

Freedom from oppression for all beings!!

Julie Francombe, United States

Odile FELICITE, France

Linda Diers, Armenia

Jennifer Pollard, United States

Marite Gertnere, Latvia

Karin Knol, Germany

Penny Field, United Kingdom

Cathy Watson, Canada

Kristian Guttesen, Iceland

Hamed Mohammadi, Turkey

Michelle van Zessen, Netherlands

I agree but with the side note that the right to procreate can be problematic for already domesticated species, I'd expect a lot of starving stray dogs and cats roaming the streets.

Yvonne Schaap, Netherlands

Theresa Higginson, United Kingdom

All beings should have equal consideration of interests.

Sarah Firman, United Kingdom

irene pfeifer, Austria

Philip Murphy, United States

Bernadette Faïfe-Wiersma, United States

Matthew Woods, United Kingdom

Barb Rebelo, Canada

Asha Sienkiewicz, United States

For the animals!!!!

Frédéric SAJOUS, France

The animals were created before us. We must respect them !

Jocalynn Lambert, United States

It's been far too long of a wait, now is the time to set things straight. We can't reverse the clocks but we can certainly change the future from this day forward!

Ludmila Shevtsova, Netherlands


Tammy Huennerkopf, United States

Mis Cardenas, United States

The time is now

Rosenda Dijkstra, Netherlands

Natalia Arteta, Spain

Jennifer Pollard, United States

Lady Ella-Rebecka Marlen-Summers, United Kingdom

I am a dedicated animal activist, author, vegan, mother and spiritual leader.

Candace Schramm, United States

Jack Crane, Canada

For the animals, for the planet, for my health, and for my spirit.

Agnieszka Bardeli, Poland

Helena Krolikowski, Brazil

Patricia Trainor, United Kingdom

Kathleen Dawson, Canada

Sue Whitcombe, United Kingdom

Laura Weiss, United States

Christopher Mooney, United States

This is not only politics; this is life or death for trillions of animals each year. We will never stop until the exploitation stops. We won’t stop until all the animals are free.

Karen Stiewe, Canada

The current treatment of animals is an abomination and a disgrace to mankind.

Mark Bruscher, United States

Tina Smith, United Kingdom

Esme Jay, United States

Signed now, adhered to forever.

Jessica Cruickshank, Canada

Lesley Field, Canada

Luisa Fernández, Spain

Karen James, United States

Sofía María Lista, Argentina

Elena Mbewe, United States

Jean-Pierre Roeland, Belgium

Ann Williams, United Kingdom

Elaine Goodbrod, United States

Christine Lachance, Canada

Johan Agstam, Sweden

Cedomir Stevcic, Finland

Debbie Bemister, Canada

Deniz Rehklau, United States

Sally Leach, United States

Naheed Payam, Canada

Cornelia Paetzold, Germany

Bodil Rummelhoff, Sweden

Karin Elfwing, Sweden

Anastasia Monaco, Monaco

Graziella Caropreso, Italy

Sandy Coppell, Canada

Laila Isaak, Canada

Kathleen Herek, United States

cheryl lazarus, Canada

jude arsenault, Canada

Caryl Speck, United States

Kirsten Oliver, Canada

Anna Burleigh, Canada

Anthony Bascia, Canada

Rhiannon Whitney, Canada

Cindy Gundrum, Canada

Thank you!

Christine Gabb, Canada

Natalia Sotlar, Canada

Wendy Aigner, Canada

Diana Moore, United States

Diane Applin, United Kingdom

Suzanne Bujsaim, United States

Linda Douthwaite, Italy

Erika Lazar, Romania

Be thomas Thomas, United Kingdom

I won’t stop fighting for Animal liberation as long as blood pumps through my veins.

Brigitte Ringe, Australia

Mags Roy, United Kingdom

David Flynn, United Kingdom

Kara13qyyBH Kara13sxnBH, Botswana

Carmine Santoro, Italy

Silvia Rossi, Italy

Nikita Kolenkovski, Estonia

Monica Schwanke, Australia

Caren Leidig, Germany

Jerome Combe, Estonia

Agreed and signed with all my heart.

Elizabeth Marino, United States

Rachel Knowles, Australia

I stand by and up for the Declaration of Animal Rights. We the human race should hang our heads in shame for how we are wiping out what is our animal heritage which soon will be simply read by our future generation in history book

Miguel Aguilar, United States

M'Cushla Von Lurich, New Zealand

Ricardo Costa, United States

Kishore Surharshan, United States

Animals have equal rights to live like human in this world

Donna Kempster, Australia

Rosa Maria De Carvalho Patrao Beliz, Netherlands

Catia Costa, United Kingdom

Szilvia Solyom, Hungary

Nelson Mão de Ferro, United Kingdom

Michael Pascarella, Italy

Animals deserve, respect and love..they're innocent souls.

lauren Cunningham, United States

Marilena Lombardi, Italy

alain cuellar, France

bernadette cuellar, France

Animals deserve to be well treated, just as human being, no difference between them and us !

ewa oscarsdotter, Sweden

Ruth Elhamad, United Kingdom

Hildigunnur Friðriksdottir, Iceland

Rayline Dean, United States

Every kind of animals needs our voice by signing the petitions & making some phone calls, etc. We're their voice that we should protect them all in every way we can. Animals are our life to watch & protect them.

Diana Harders, Portugal

Sue Seery, United Kingdom

Jamie Leigh, United States

Humans, please EVOLVE already!

RUTH SMITH, United Kingdom

Armelle Alfreedom, France

Fateh Sidhu, United States

Animals feel intense emotions ranging from joy to grief the same way we do and feel pain just like us; they deserve the right to live a life free of exploitation and cruelty.

Barbara LaRue, United States

Danielle L'ecuyer, Canada

Michèle Merville, Germany

Patricia Wagner, United States

Silvia Ricciotto, Canada

Please give the rigths to animals!!!!

Minoo Dourandish, United States

Candice Obbema, United States

Monika Schärfl-Stahl, Germany

Taylor Graetz, Australia

Animal Liberation now

Vicki Pellegrini, Australia

Animal Liberation now

Helmut R. Drackert, Germany

Eva Schmelzer, Germany

Mina Torabi, United States

Simone Pereira, United States


Anneliese Emerson, United States

Christina Carpenter, United Kingdom

Now is the time.

Frances Mackiewicz, United States

God Bless the Declaration of Animals's our duty as stewards to protect and care for their well being and safety and for all living things.

Mia Stansfield, United Kingdom

Agnieszka Grabowicz, United Kingdom

Candice Boten, United States

Rebecca Anderson, United States

Melanie Arce, United States

Michael Carney, United States

Chantal Eldridge, United States

Gida Naser, United States


Christina Mullee, United States

Rebecca Reyes, United States

Natalie Amore, United States

rémi donneger, France

rene destizons, France

christine marchand, France

Alison Lyod, France

maurizio grini, United States

Patricia Boyce, Australia

Alex Norman, Sweden

I love and respect all animals!

Gunnar Gylfason, Iceland

Zdenek Joukl, Czech Republic

Mike Anderson, United States

Aslaug Reynisdottir, Iceland

David Lewis, United Kingdom

I respect all animals.

Denyse Galvez, United States

Gudbjörg Marínósdóttir, Iceland

Jen Wild, South Africa

Freydis Dogg Steindorsdottir, Iceland

Sigurdur Herlufsen, Iceland

Ég tek heilshugar undir þennan sáttmála. Hætti sjálfur að borða dýr um 19 ára aldur.

Tyr Thorarinsson, Iceland

Muriel Verstraete, Belgium

Catherine Lonnoy, France

So cruel. Stop

Glenna Waterman, United States

Gino Czaster, United States

Sudeshna Ghosh, India

Gastaldi Bruno, France

Jessica Vandeville, France

Birkir Steinn Erlingsson, Iceland

eliane peltier, France

diana bryant, United Kingdom

Monique Helder de Kramer, Netherlands

Selene Rossi, Italy

Cynthia Powdrill, United States

Franziska Gerhardt, Germany

Mandi T, United States

Diane Campbell, United Kingdom

Melissa Duralia, United States

Ronny De Coster, Belgium

Monika Claudy, Germany

Martin Mora Pineiro, Canada

carla van kooten, Netherlands

we have brought animals unbearably much suffering. This must stop, it is sick, disturbed and barbaric.

Mark Masterson, United Kingdom

We treat animals with contempt appallingly and this has to change. Animals need rights now. It is similar to the slave trade.

Alicia Harget, United States

Melinda Botteon, Australia

Joy Heintz, United States

Debbie Stephens, United States

Sandra Dixon, United States

Angie Richards, United Kingdom

I am with you all the way

Anna Invernizzi, Italy


Josephine Keen, United Kingdom

nuria español martorell, Spain

Brigitte Cavanagh, Canada

LOVE all animals ANIMALS are the BEST VEGAN.

jeanmarie petrino, United States

Julie Vandelanotte, United States

Denitsa Getova, Bulgaria

Stop Animals Abuse!

Dawn Areshenko, Canada

Martyn Williams, Portugal

Adalgisa Fernandez, Dominican Republic

Stop Animals Abuse!

Christine Nicholls, United Kingdom

susan Lane, Australia

animals are not ours to use for any reason whatsoever

Tracy Keyte, United Kingdom

Rylee Epp, United States

Victoria Bedard, Canada

Danielle Hall, United States

Janet Rovira, Mexico

tom silva, United States

we all feel, humans and animals alike.. they deserve rights as we do.

Nicholas Chatfield, United Kingdom

Lorna Rankin, United Kingdom

Hoko Le, United States

rose fuller, United Kingdom

Gina Donoghue, United Kingdom

The planet belongs to the animals too. Infact humans are destroying the planet more. Animals deserve it more. boycott animal discrimination

kennadi herbert, Canada

Daniel Siqueira, Brazil

Tugce Tuğ, Turkey

Joe kratz, Canada

animal liberation now!!

Jacklyn Zalopski, Canada

rosa cortes, Spain

vishal khajuria, India

i am signing this declaration because Animals should be given same rights as given to humans.Animals are part of our life.Respect their existence .

Beata Morawa, United States

Marian Willem, Belgium

Elvis George, United States

Robin Bryant, Australia


Lindsay Parker, United Kingdom

Jai Stone, Australia

Mette Nørgaard, Denmark

GIULIO quadri, Italy

ioana s, Romania

mary renard, United States

Melinda Chetter, South Africa

jessica joyce, France

susie baranski, Australia

There can never be peace on earth as long as other beings are treated without compassion, kindness and respect, the same way which humans expect to be treated themselves. We are one world and we are all equal, no one is superior to another

Carl Hudson, Australia

Ethan Hamburg, United States

The Real Right To Life Movement is Ahimsa: Non Violence in thinking,speaking and action. This means ALL life, not just unborn humans. As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields. Let's stop the war against animals.

Jane Pierantozzi, United States

As a Christian and human I am heartbroken over the systemic enslavement, cruelty and killing of animals in our world. The world I want to live in cares for and protects animals and humans. Animals should be free from exploitation

Leah Coutts, Australia

Alkemilla Sis, Italy

Ila Alkemill, Italy

Maria Luisa Perez, Argentina

maria elena juarez, Argentina

Milena Zhekova, Bulgaria

Anna Koning, Poland

Animals rights !!!! Fight for animals .

Rachael Gilliam, Canada

Janelle Church, United States

sandra dawson, United Kingdom

Animals need protecting !We want animal liberation !

Joy Satchell, New Zealand

Kat Stoddard, Canada

Mark Hayes, Spain

Dejan Helajzen, Serbia

Sheren Carl, Sri Lanka

El vegano la prophecies I love animals

Samantha Pelkey, Canada

Dijana Vezic, United States

Please understand the animals are equal to humans and many of them much smarter than humans. Please let's help them to be safe and happy.

Anna Kerr, New Zealand

Marion Banks-Wilkinson, United Kingdom

Laith Alicea, United States

I am inspired daily to do what ever it is I can do to help the Animal race and open the eyes of humanity.

James Peden, United States

Popescu Adriana, Romania

Go vegan, human race, untill is not too late!!!

Elizabeth Walker, United Kingdom

we need to recognise that we are not the only species on this beautiful planet. We need to stop behaving as though we are the only species that matters.

Kim McAllister, United Kingdom

David McAllister, United Kingdom

We share this planet with animals, we are all earthlings. We have no right to oppress, exploit or MURDER these beings. They should be aloud to live their lives in peace and freedom.

Pastor Rob Munro, United States

Thank you!

jared griffin, United States

Elwira Stuur, Netherlands

kenji togo, Japan

Matthew Sakis, United States

I stand with the animals.

Roberto Arteaga, Costa Rica

Sofia Lara Deslous, Argentina


YaltahelpTR YaltahelpTR, Russian Federation

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Paola Carletti, Italy

Dallas Palstring, United States

Next would be to get people to not eat them or each other

Jason Dupuis, Canada

Dawid Rakoczy, Poland

Amy Holland, United Kingdom

saija Toth, Sweden

Bill Bill, Iceland

Hello. And Bye.

Eva Lahonen, Finland

Heikki Vuorela, Finland

tote reli, Romania


Michael Maher, United Kingdom

Animals should have rights i completely support this declaration.

Sue Outhwaite, United Kingdom

Heather Le'amohala, United States

Lorrie Henson, United States

Chiêu Nguyen, Vietnam

I support animal rights. Go Vegan.

*Vegan Virtues, Australia

Lisa Brown, United States

Andy Kharchung, Malaysia

Kristine Von Denffer, Finland

Amanda Faust, United States

Tuula Maisonlahti, Finland

Clara Mingrino, Italy

Ashley Goodwin, United States

NormanSenNI NormanSenNI, Belarus

Скорее всего, практически абсолютно все согласятся с тем основанием, что ремонт квартиры – это конечно сильно хлопотная и дорогостоящая затея, какая почти всегда отбирает массу жизненных сил и вашего времени. При всем том на самом деле здес

Oscar Santillan, Ecuador

Miguel Angel Polo Puchuri, Spain

We need this

Michelle Gregory, United States

Zack Burgess, United Kingdom

Heidi Borg, Norway

Sebastian David, Spain

Come pm vengan teen (ivan Ruiz) i do It because oficina you come on guys de can do It

David Wymer, United States

Pedram Fardzadeh, Germany

Michael Watton, Canada

Dilek Akay, Turkey

Alex Bussell, United Kingdom

Adriana Mazadiego, United States

Sara Murmann, Finland

Jafel Vergés, Spain

Pimpin Staffy, United States

Nicolle Leiva, Spain

Mark Watton, Canada

Hanna Hulen, United States

Pavel Degtyarev, Russian Federation

Saulo Plasencia, Spain

Airini Kershaw, New Zealand

Javier Foradada, Spain

Ivan Federico Alvarez Arteaga, Spain

I totally agree

Keyla Martin, Spain

Pietro Baldan, Italy

Claudia Garcia, Spain

Paula Gutiérrez Vera, Spain

Johanna Suárez Hernández, Spain

Francesca Bonsignori, Italy

Usama Díaz, Spain

Gloria Sánchez Daza, Spain

Alberto Scatto, Italy

Animals are not our propriety

Sara Pérez Monroy, Spain

Verónica Martos Marín, Spain

Noe Cerviño Otero, Spain

Mario Miranda, United States

patricia le vilain, France

Annie Disdier, France

isabelle petitot, France

Marie-Anne DEVEZE, France

Linda Caron, Canada

Jean Marie LECLEZIO, Mauritius

Marco Cardinali, Italy

Tobias Osti, Germany

Teresa Lopes, United States

Ingrid Koecher, Germany

Anne-Laure Croibier, France

ThomasTizUG ThomasTizUG, Bangladesh

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Beltrami Dominique Patricia, Switzerland

Ricardo Palazuelos, United States

This is something we can control. If we want to.

Joël PARCEL, France

Catherine PETON, France

Catherine Pierce, United States

Mae Jimenea, Philippines

Dragan Romic, Canada


The Declaration Of Animal Rights

Andreas Kesseler, Germany

Neil Pham, United States

David Augustus, United States

Carol Fl, United States

Mike Ng, United States

Joanne Bui, United States

linda tran, United States

Katie Stewart, United States

Renee Cotton, United States

Janet McIntyre, Australia

Animal rights now!

Elisabeth Lövgren, Sweden

Hans Kleemann, Canada

tammy saukko, United States

tammy saukko, United States

Marie-Florence Prévost, Canada

Marvin Sanchez, Costa Rica

Joya Sarkar, United Kingdom

Joy Lee, Singapore

Noelle van der Straaten, United States

Jason Ta, Australia



They are all part of the world.


We all have the right to experience kindness, compassion and dignity.

Steven Lewanski, Australia

Hoa Ngo, Vietnam

Cuc Pham, Vietnam

Thuy Nguyen, Vietnam

Chi Nguyen, United States

Huong Phamlu, Vietnam

We are friends

Nhị Nguyễn, Vietnam

The animals also feel like the humans, I love the animals very much.

Minh Bui, Vietnam

Tài Lê Hữu, Vietnam

Thái Hiển Nguyễn Thái Hiển, Vietnam

Lan Hoang, Vietnam

Le Thi Nga, Vietnam

Le Nhu y, Vietnam

Nguyễn Văn Được, Vietnam

Filip Joe, Austria

Pls protect animals, they're not for our meals ... they're our friends.

Arden Raphael Marrin Warner-Buellingen, New Zealand

Fight the Good Fight - Saint Paul

Ngoc Chi Nguyen, Vietnam

Ngoc Chi Nguyen, United States

Le Van Nhon, Vietnam

Tien Ngo, Vietnam

I love animals

Phung Ngo, Vietnam

I love animals so so so much. Thanks a lot a lot!!!

Maria Almonte, United States

Anna Liljenroth, Sweden

Evelyn Canales, Costa Rica

Miriam Natalia Lopera Rios, Costa Rica

Giovanna Carbajal Candia, Peru

Mary Ann Rubinstein M., Costa Rica

Cẩm Nguyễn Thị Ngọc, Vietnam

let animal freedom

Tien Tran, United States

Nhan Doan, Vietnam

Wang Harry, United Kingdom

Linh Nguyen, Vietnam

Ngo Quang Minh, Vietnam

Giang Ngo, Vietnam

Ngo Minh, Vietnam

Ngoc Hang Doan, United States

Hoai Doan, Vietnam

Divine Doan, Vietnam

Ngo Viet, Vietnam

Woo Jackson, Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Huong, Vietnam

Big support from Viet Nam.

Tam Nguyen, Vietnam


Nguyen Thi Huong Giang, Vietnam

Be Vegan, Make Peace

Zina Deman-Daoudi, Belgium

Patricia Sprague, United States

Soraya Weatherby, United States

Carolyn Serebreny, United States

Vegan for the animals forever

Mélanie Ahluwalia, Canada

Karen Lane, United States

Lani Engels, Australia

Animals are not the property of humans and not theirs to use as a benefit. They have a right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Violeta Petrova, Bulgaria

Patricia Siros, United States

aya oda, Japan

They all have a right to live. The future is vegan.

DAN LEON, Germany




SERGEY IVANOV, Russian Federation


LEON WAGNER, United States




Isabel Martínez Montero, Spain

Stéphane DELPECH, France

Gereltuya Luvsandugar, Mongolia

We need it very much. It is very urgent. it is a matter of life or death for all.

Ansam Kotani, United Kingdom

We need this law to be implemented in the Middle East as well.

Danny M, Canada

About time this becomes a part of the LAW.

Ana Gomes, United Kingdom

Jennifer Barbato, United States

Cat Mailander, United States

Rani Lyons, Australia

Despina Pagiota, Greece

Bobbi Fotsch, United States

Aurélie Blanchard, France

Roxanne Formont, France

Julien Barreira, France

jean-claude LOUVET, France


Rene Clemens, Netherlands

Amy Caroline, United Kingdom

Tia Whittingham, United Kingdom

Barbara Münz, Germany

Sarah Burton, United Kingdom

Anastasia Zoe Zoe, United States

Vanessa Barby, United Kingdom

We ALL must recognise, acknowledge and understand that we are all the same and each and every animal in existence; we all have souls that seek to share love and be loved, well all want to be respected. We are guardians of all animals.

Cece May, United Kingdom

If I can survive not eating meat then I won’t eat it.

Cheryl Weaver, United Kingdom

Amr Sallam, Egypt

Animals have no voice, and no means to express themselves, or their feelings of pain, hunger and grief. Its our responsibility we humans to give them the care they need, the compassion and the love they deserve.

Leanne Allen, United Kingdom

Ruth Cusack, United Kingdom

Rachel Benn, United Kingdom

Kelvin Ring, Australia

Benichou Patricia, France

Shenali Ranasinghe, Sri Lanka

JEUDON Aurore, France

oneli jayawardena, Sri Lanka

Friderike Hirsch-Wright, Germany

Thank you for creating this. May all earthlings soon be free from pain and suffering and be allowed to live in freedom and with joy.

Jeremy Dimalanta, United States

APRIL Balaaldia, United States

Freedom for all oppressed

séverine SORDET, France

Carine Malet, France

Baez Martine, France

Nath Dubuy, France

Martine Sulpice, France

India Kandel, United States

Maria Quijano, United Kingdom

Travis DoxTG Travis DoxTG, United States minor outlying islands

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Marie Laffineur-Pauchet, France

Animals deserve the recognition of moral and juridical rights. However, this declaration should go further by saying that animals must not be exploited for unnecessary purposes such as food.

Lefki Pavlidis, Australia


Animals must have right to life as a basic right just like humans. They cant speak so it is our duty to fight for their life and rights. They are more important for the planet than human beings.

Leon Lee, United States

I'm signing not because I believe it's going to change the world anytime soon nor does it change how I live my life but because a girl with a beautiful soul has shown me her passion and love for not just her fellow humans but for all life.

Cheryl Twaddell, United States

ThurmanmubVK ThurmanmubVK, Bangladesh

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felipe girardi, Brazil

Roxanne Libatique, Philippines

May we all have freedom and peace.

Beniamin Edwards, United States

George Zuwala, Canada

You would have to be ignorant and insane not to be a vegan in 2018 and beyond.

Douglas Fuller, United States

Cyndal Wallace, United States

Andrea Landin, Uruguay

Lesley Herrin, United States

jessie slobodow, United States

Catherine Morrison, United States

All animals deserve our respect and freedom to live their natural lives. Specieism must end now.

Daniel Garcia, Ecuador

Saodat Khal, United States

Milena Ribeiro, United States

It is time that we treat all animals with respect and compassion. Veganism is the answer to so many problems on Earth. Keep fighting for equality for all animals.

AempaddedyRM AempaddedyRM, Virgin Islands (British)

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ananya shroff, India

Veganism is a powerful tool and i use that to treat all animals equally. i would like to help in any way possible i am from New Delhi India. Please feel free to reach out!

MichaelDeegePH MichaelDeegePH, Japan


Janell O'Rourke, United States

Deidra Smith, United States

Violence kills humanity.

Catherine Liddell, South Africa

Karen Mikkelson, United States

"May all beings be happy, may all beings be free"

Esther Bernard, Canada

Dougald Calhonn, United States

Cheryl-Anne Squirea, South Africa

I believe and stand for Animal Rights. U will fight for the Voiceless Ones until my last breathe.

Alyssa Landi, United States

Spencer Rains, United States

Everlasting and spiralling paradise to all humans, all animals, all bugs, all plants - to the livers, the lungs, the pancreases, the spines, the bone marrow, the intestines, of all those sentient beings. Chastity, ahimsa, yoga niyamas rule

Shareena Newman, Canada

Disnilda Mercado-De Paz, United States

Danielle Burke, United States

mike gard, United States

Taylor Burke, United States

Megan Kellums, United States

Sarah Hewson, United States

Jade Brown, United States

Luisa Alejos, United States


Lenka Liptáková, Slovakia

AlbertsmaltAZ AlbertsmaltAZ, Chile

Доброго времени суток! Я рад видеть вас н&

Hannah Cooper, United Kingdom

Siobhan O'Rorke, Germany

I sign because *all* beings deserve love and respect. Go vegan!

Mary Davies, Australia

Colin Ashton, Australia

Tracy Black, Australia

Tracy Hunter, Australia

Susan Buckland, Australia

I sign and I am a long term vegan because animals are here on this planet for their own reasons; they are not here for the use of humans. We are all Earthlings together. Vegan is the way of our future.

Allison Arnold, United States

Carla Kynast, Germany

I sign, because all animals have the right to be free, to live their lives on their own terms, as intended by nature. Humans shall protect them all over the world.

Susan Campbell, United States

James Myers, United States

Animals are sentient beings, just like your dog or cat, just like you and me; they feel and know. We should be sharing this earth together in peace

JOFFE PHILIP, United States

I can sustain my life, without disrupting others.

Angus Lancaster, United Kingdom

Sonya Hannaway, Ireland

We are all equal. We all have the right to be free, safe & happy. Animal liberation now!

Kyle Miller, United States


Amanda Cohen, United States

Until every animal is happy, safe, and free.

Dominique Landis, United States

This is the most important issue I want to see happen before I die, a bill to protect the most vulnerable, innocent loving beings that have just as much right as any human to a life free from harm & murder.

Wenche Bjerre, Norway

Sadhbh Quinn, Ireland

Kieran Bertrand, Canada

Michael Cassidy, United Kingdom

Katherine Kavluk, Canada

Marcia Webster, Canada

Non human animals are not lesser than human animals.

Jil Wendt, Germany

Leonard Schmitt, Germany

Suzanne Westgaard, United States

Animals have just as much right to exist, thrive, be free, as do humans. They are innocent, sentient beings, and they deserve to be left alone to live their lives without being captured, tortured, and murdered by humans.

Krystal Block, United States

Animals are here WITH us, not FOR us.

Renee Lorince, United States

Christina Waters, United States

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings - Optimus Prime

Kristin Brinckerhoff, United States

Beau Schutz, Israel

Stephanie Gutierrez, United States

Nathan Roberts, United States

Peter Cedergren, United States

Lisa Watkins, United States

Victoria Moran, United States

New York City

Lief Youngs, United States

Living an anti-speciesist lifestyle is the only way to honor this document.

Beverley Golden, Canada

Koushik Das, India

Bruce Garfinkel, United States

Ora Goldman, United States

Boulder, Colorado

Mark Lungo, United States

Brittany Michelson, United States

Dawn Curlett, United States

Shannon Blakeley, United States

Tiffany Rothfuss, United States

Go vegan

Katherine Edwards, Canada

Pamela Mifsud, Canada

Gili Back, Thailand

Andrew de Riemer, United States

Mike Weinheimer, Canada

Chi Shing Chan, Hong Kong

Life is the same

Karen Glover, Canada

Francisco Cázares, Mexico

No more animal cruelty

Allen R Sandico, United States

Pamela Murway, United States

Lincoln Beaubinkon, Canada

Pierre Le Houte, Canada

Ilaria Fantuzzi, Italy

Omar Haniff, United States

Vanna Haniff, United States

Nena Salas, United States

Animals are here with us, not for us.

Paula Routsong Egan, United States

Greenhouses not slaughterhouses - ban fur, seismic testing, CAFOS, zoos, circuses, animal testing - switch diary to plant based - we need to make these changes now.

Councilman Brian Lewis, United States

May God Bless all of his Creations and Heal those who suffer!

Nicholas Lebret, United Kingdom

Katie Hall, United Kingdom

Every life, human or non-human has equal right to live a good, happy, healthy life free from suffering. To be treated with digity and respect. To be cared for and treated with compassion.

Amy Neumayer, United States

L.A. Watson, United States

Jackie Tang, Hong Kong

Sara Kitaoji, Hong Kong

Dave Nichols, United States

This is the 21st century, let’s fix it!

Tracy Scott, United States

Sue Brundige, United States

I will always fight for all animals to live a cruel-free life.

John Monteith, United States

Amit Tagore, United States

Helen Filmer, United Kingdom

Phala Bowles, United States

Ines Jambrek Petrak, Croatia (Hrvatska)

As a person who loves and respects animals, I give my signature to animals around the world.

Lindsey Martin, United States

Daniel Monroe, United States

Kate de Beer, New Zealand

Sylvie Baillargeon, Canada

Diana Sanz, United States

All animals on earth were created by nature to live their lives and be free. Human animals have taken nature's gift of freedom away from non human animals. This cruel and abusive rampage must stop! Count me in.

Anne Scotland, United Kingdom

SetkanaoknochelmSY SetkanaoknochelmSY, Russian Federation

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Avi Sharma, United States

Love all Animals Equally

Muhammad Khan, United States

Hilda Ramirez, United States

This ne

Richard Byrne, Ireland

Kashan Tariq, Pakistan

Animals are smart enough to feel pain and have emotions to form families, have a will to live and care about their own as well as humans. We can't repay their love with blood and betrayal. All we ask is to just let them live.

Zehra Shah, Pakistan

Josephine F. Dickinson, United Kingdom

We are a community of animals, this is the world I want - one that actually makes sense.

TVPMillifeXR TVPMillifeXR, Russian Federation

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DARISSA KON, United States

Stan Pappas, United States

We are custodians of the planet and need to take care of our fellow earthlings!

GregorypindyMZ GregorypindyMZ, Virgin Islands (British)


Alick MASON, France

Member of many A.R. groups when I was in UK, now in France I see there's still lots of ignorant people to who need to wake up from their "violent customs and habits". Best Wishes to ALL A.R. defenders!

Kaya Borkowski, South Africa

Anastasiia Vasylenko, Ukraine

Thank you

Ashley-Nicole Delmar, Canada

One day, I will bring this to the UN.

Sue Kon, United States

melvin GIBBY, United States

This is long overdue!!!!

Christy Eckroth, United States

Delisa Renideo, United States

I long for the day we will ALL live in peace, including all the animals, plants, water, soil. And the lion will lie down with the lam.

Daniel Green, Canada

Michael Wight, United States

mary mika, United States

first, do no harm, live and let live, there can be no health in any ill deed against any sentient being.

Hana Worthen, United States

Rachel Cummings, United States

karen cameron, United States

Thank you for doing this !

Kim Hale, United States

cansu özçayır, Turkey

I hope animals live the life that they deserve and ı hope this declaration will be recognized globally.

Shane Williams-Hagel, United States

Vegan and regret ever not being vegan

Paula Höhn, Germany

Patrizia Knowles, United States

Eating animals is an evil habit. We need to stop people for doing that.

Antonio Perici, United States

Slaughterhouses should be shut down permanently.

Maria Protis, United States

Animals are not food. We need to stop this barbaric action.

Tamalyn Arnold, United States

Aaron Wells Lucero, Philippines

Caroline Bertrand, Canada

Because we’re equals.

Shevanthi Jayasuriya, Sri Lanka

Trin Frontz, United States

Brenton Mercado, Denmark

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Mark Arcelo, Philippines

Ronald Lapaz, Philippines

Stop killing animals

Shiela R Castillo, Philippines

John Emil Punzalan, Philippines

Andrea Callabe, United States

Aida Matos, United States

make it happen!

Bea Gutierrez, Philippines

Bea Gutierrez, Philippines

Karl Fogg, United Kingdom

Brenda Erdman, Canada

Heather Kallinga, United Kingdom

“The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.” - Leonardo Da Vinci

JesusFloowIA JesusFloowIA, Moldova, Republic of


Josie Miller, United Kingdom

Deb Lenihan, Puerto Rico

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Vijai Kumar Singh, India

Duncan Lanser, United Kingdom

Claire Bateman, Australia

Maria De La F., United States

Chris O, United States

Maribel S, United States

Alvi S, United States

One day the entire human race will look back and wonder why animals suffered so long at the hands of mankind. Give them the freedom they deserve.

GeorgMofQD GeorgMofQD, Ireland

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Cynthia Sampson, United States

Rose Felker, United States

Naz Pulat, Turkey

Uras U., Turkey

Workers, animals, and people from all over the world, unite!

Craig Poultney, United Kingdom

Jyanne Palaruan, Singapore


RobertcooftZZ RobertcooftZZ, Zambia

Jenny Abbott, United States

Animals should be loved as a whole part in this living planet. Stop cruelty with animals.

Debora Martins, United States

Compassion begins on your plate. Love ALL animals and Respect Our Planet.

Gail Spach, United States

Equal rights for all sentient beings. Respect and protection for Mother Earth.

Rosemary Tierney, United States

Charles Lemaire, United States

Katerina Kotsadam, United States

For the animals that have died and will died from agonizing and early deaths. Please stop the vicious cruelty and by all means, protect them.

Jofer Santos, Philippines

Forever committed to Animal Liberation.

Gina Williams, United States

All life is sacred. Be kind to animals.

Gabriela Alexander, United States

As an animal lover, advocate, and activist, I believe that all animals deserve to be treated humanely. Animals are sentient beings who want and deserve to live pain free just like humans do. Please, help us end animal abuse.

Rebecca Larsson, Sweden

Sandy Martinez, United States

Aviana Campbell, United States

Amanda Moist, United States

Brenda Erdman, Canada

Jessa Marie Lopez, Philippines

A vegan world is on the horizon. :)

Mary Elizabeth Castillo, Philippines

Be the voice for the voiceless.

JamesPenJZ JamesPenJZ, Kenya

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Daniela Medearis, United States

Rocco jr Foglia, United States

Nick Byrne, United States


Corina Castro, United States

Olalla García Becerra, Spain

gabriela prochazkova, Czech Republic

Thank you for your work.

Remuna Beca, United States

Gabrielle Carr, United States

Mike Wolf, United States

Vivianne Pulido-Pric Pulido-Price, United States

LatonyaDobUI LatonyaDobUI, Russian Federation

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Angela Walker, Canada

Skylar Rohlfing, United States


Sabrina Sperb, Italy

Our Planet. Theirs Too

Eliz Beyaz, Cyprus

Claire Cairns, United Kingdom

Veda Valli, India

April Allen, United States

Natalia Marcelin, Mexico

At school in my politics class we are discussing human rights, so it came to my mind that animals deserve far more rights than we do. They deserve rights because I cannot stand watching their suffrage in while I'm living happily.

Betty McDowall, Canada

mary peteinaraki, Greece

maria peteinaraki, Greece

Isaac Kimathi, Kenya

Animals have rights too. We will not relent to drive this campaign.

Nick Pecoraro, United States

Barbara Souza, United States

Be the voice for animals.

Antonina Compagno, United States

Your rights are as important to us as our own

Danny George, Canada

May all living, sentient, conscious beings, live in Peace and Harmony together, always!

safaa habahbeh, Jordan

plz help our Canaan dogs in jordan

Anna Veveris, Canada

Liberation Day Is Coming!

Kim Dutton, Australia

linda fisher, Australia

NO living being was created to be born into slavery and violence!

denise morris, United States

Sophie Bennett, United Kingdom

Jesse Zebaugh, United States

John is a bit of a liar.

Theo Beck, United States

Should've been done yesterday.

raina waters, Canada

Vegans For School Shootings, kill the carnists early, United States

Everytime you look at the deads fb pages you always find disgusting hunters. Be Vegan Proud

Regina Hazelrigg, United States

It's disgusting that this would even need to be made!! I'm sick of my own species

Cassandra Gallina, United States

Sabian Roth, Canada

Danielle Worth, Ireland

Bill Mclaughlin, United States

Laura Marotto, United States

Frank Marotto, United States

sue winter, United States

Great cause!!

Sabine Weist, Germany

Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben! Time for ​justice, peace ​and freedom ​ “The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.” (Dr. ​Paul Farmer​)​

Kurt Schindler, Switzerland

Molly Friess, United States

Rebecca Diaz, United States

Alex Skinner, United Kingdom

Animals need rights too

Damien Osborn, Australia

Jodie Le marquand, United Kingdom

Elexis Muffly, United States

Rebecca Stenner, Germany

This is what I'm fighting for. A world without speciesism. Where animals are acknowledged as individuals not as products and have the right to live their life in peace. Animals exist with us not for us!

Colleen Dawber, New Zealand

Rhianna Murphy, United States

Mary Marotto, United States

Mike Sikorski, United States

Linda Diaz, Italy

More than necessary, vital

Beth Marotto, United States

JENNIE ARCHER, United Kingdom

Madeline Marotto, United States

Michael Russo, Australia

Adele Russo, Australia

David Fisher, United States

A vegan world will happen. It may not be soon, but it will happen.

Katherine Marotto, United States

Jon Monday, United States

Judith Rauchle, United States

Laura Bell, Canada

we do not need animal products to survive, this practice is barbaric to say the least.

Sarbjit Sandhu, United Kingdom

Humans are herbivores. Vegan future.

Tori Gillen, United States

Jamie Norman, Canada

Until all Animals are Free!

Mark Pargeter, United Kingdom


Kim Djursjö, Sweden

At last....

Patricia Mallanaphy, United Kingdom

Fay Mulvihill, United Kingdom

Maria Papazachariou, Cyprus

Jo Fairbrother, Australia

Carolyn Hwang, United States

I shall stand for animal rights until I die!


Jared McLean, Australia

Merissa Underwood, United States

Holli Davies, United Kingdom

ABIGAIL Stocker, United Kingdom

Silvana Fishlock, United Kingdom

Brodie Mckinnon, Australia

Julie Barrett, United States

Laura Lucia, United States

Ward Leenders, Netherlands

Katherine Brown, United Kingdom

Joshua Ublansky, Canada

Harmony Roche, United States

Alex Cuc, Canada

Animals deserve the same basic rights as humans. The right to life free from unnecessary harm.

Terrilynn Paauw, Canada

Joyce Norris, Canada

Rochelle Globstad, United States

Eleanor Orbell, United Kingdom

Jessica Gonzalez, Mexico

Martin Valenzuela, Chile

Theresa Justice, United States

Kyleigh Pollard, United States

Karolyn Isenhart, United States

Karolina Blas, United Kingdom

Stacy Lewis, United States

Sebastian Šimić, Serbia

They are not strong enough to defend themselves against us.

Stephanie Attar, United States

Justin Clark, United States

All we ask is that we give consideration to animals for the same reasons that we give consideration to humans. There is no reason why animals do not deserve consideration for interests that they share in common with humans.

Michelle Ruffle, United Kingdom

Megan Holmes, Canada

Steph Young, United States

Steph Young, United States

Emma Bennett, Australia

Briana Carey, United Kingdom

Sharon Riendeau, Canada

Eliza Cumming, United Kingdom

Julian Waters, Sweden

Viviane Rodrigues, Brazil

Maria Menacho, United States

Jessica Willis, United Kingdom

Ryan Flint, Canada

Animals deserve all the same rights afforded to humans. A life is a life. It's that simple

Tanzie Hawketts, United Kingdom

Veronica Budzynski, United States

Nadja Ismail, Germany

Vincent Zaleski, United States

All animals deserve the right to freedom and bodily integrity.

Natalie Braun, Germany

José Robles, Spain

Alexander Whyte, United Kingdom

Kate Richards, Australia

Taleesha Mayer, Australia

Wendy Boman, United States

Niamh Bellingham-Smith, United Kingdom

Ryley Day, Australia

Augusto César Moraes Ribeiro, Brazil

Liberdade aos animais!

Ruth McDade, United States

Noa Anker, Denmark

Melissia Lacharite, United States

Jamila Riley, Australia

Sandra Krasniqi, Sweden

Larissa Barrozo, Brazil

Amanda Beattie, Australia

I Love Rape, I'm a true Vegan™, Israel

all carnist bitches deserve it

Sandro Bischof, Switzerland

Heliet Ferrari, Brazil

Marie-Kathrin Petrak, Ireland

Anita Keller, Switzerland

I totally agree on all levels. Thank you.


C.A. Buijs, Netherlands

Jo Robertson, United Kingdom

Zoe Daly, Australia

Christer Norman, Norway

Andrew Williams, United Kingdom

They are with us, not for us...

Helen Worrall, United Kingdom

Racquel Milan, United Kingdom

Georgia Spencer, Australia

We have so much power and choose to use it for evil. Be the odd one out.

Lauren Moss, United Kingdom

NATAsha Papaelia, Australia

Joshua Beechey, Australia

David feces Young, United States

I love coating my vegan girls in feces. My mummy likes to watch

Tina Rios, United States

Fat vegans should all die by RAPE until dead. I hate fat people

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Swiss girls cannot get enough american vegan dick.

Nicole Achermann, Switzerland

Noah Mckee, United States

I love animals as they are beautiful people like me and you

Kai Lever, United Kingdom

Alyson Scott's Daddy Loves Sheep, New Zealand

Daddy loves sheeps back feet in the wellies and screws them on the edge of a cliff.

Alyson Scott, New Zealand

Sophie Murfitt loves Her Dog, a little too much, Australia

Its not bestiality, its love.

Sophie Murfitt, Australia

Equality for ALL beings who inhabit this planet.

Elena Gandia loves Vegan Pussy, United States

If your vegan you love vegan pussy, we are sweet

Eric Hutchinson, Ireland

Justin Viola Loves Abortions, Germany

Abortion is vegan because we hate parasites and are compassionate

Natalia Zolotar, Ukraine

Elena Gandia, United States

Please, approve this declaration!

Paul Denning, United States

Non-human animals are not here for our use and exploitation, period.

Justin Viola, Germany

how many innocent feeling beings with a family and a heart that beats just like ours have to be tortured and murdered in the future? Animal rights are needed since a long time and should be implemented as fast as possible to end this suffer

Michael Stahl, Germany

I wonder if it lets me say CUNT, United States

I am a proud vegan american. I almost passed grade 5.

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He really does, hes a fruitarian and its very sweet cum.

I Hate FAT PEOPLE Because I'm VEGAN PROUD, United States


Edith Mckee, United States

RAPE all Carnists ,they deserve it, Afghanistan

I hold the bit_hes down for my brothers in compassion.

Proud HOMOSEXUAL and VEGAN, United States

Vegan meets are great to pick up other homosexual men

Mandy Hall, Australia

alicia mary smith, United Kingdom

Shawna Murray, United States

Zuzana Juhasova, Slovakia

Andrew Coulam, Australia

Amanda Beddington, Canada

Ted Beddington, Canada

Dick Shlong, United States

Magdalena Dorothy Treffert, Germany

Maria NTD, United States

Vegans are STUPID, Algeria

The moon landing was fake and I love my dog more than I should lololooooo

John Rasmussen, Canada

lol .. Christ vegans are stupid.

Elisha Rabiniak, Canada

Tree Fairy Princess, Australia

LOLOLOLLOOOOOO God this is a brain damaged dumb "declaration" lolollooooooooo

Dan Moskaluk, Canada

For our health, that of all earthlings and for the well being of the planet.

Lorraine Beddington, Canada

Shelby Kirk-Damm, Canada

Julie Hunt, United Kingdom

Kyle Mooney, United States

We need to push the animal rights movement into the institutions. Animals too deserve the basic right to not suffer and die at human hands.

Shawna Hallet, Canada

Christopher Hendricks, United States

Aretha Levay, Canada

Rocky Chau, United States

Mike Davis, United States

Shana Levert, Canada

Salil Jain, United States

I strongly believe all animals have right to their life and human beings have no business exploiting or killing them

Kylee Robb, Canada

Susan McKenna, United Kingdom

Kayce Williams, Australia

Saffron Gabrielle, Australia

Pedro Manuel Freire, United States


sally rodgers, Australia

Matthew Waldron, Australia

Grace Morin, Canada

Bill Broome, Canada

This needs to include ALL animals. Not just some of them but ALL of them. Even the ones in the wild, factory farms (that should be free from abuse).

Karen Lussier Tarr, United States

Susan Schneider, United States

An idea whose time has long come!

Emily Jarvinen, United States

Stephen Colley, United States

This should include prey animals, which means that predators, animal as well as human, would be considered as violating prey animals' rights.

Anna McDonald, Australia

Zara Garcia, United States

Janine Campbell, United States

Wilona Hilton, United States

Cows, pigs and chickens should be front and center in the image!!!

Eden Alchin, Canada

Much love <3 every life is equal and deserves the right to live freely

Audrey Heutzenroeder, Canada

Wayne Tully, Canada

Pamela Johnson, Canada

I wish I could see the day when the world would embrace this beautiful and obvious concept.

Sue Spahr, Canada

Sherri Gatto, United States

Marchelle Hedrick, United States

I cannot wait until animals are afforded the same legal rights to their own lives. We do not and should not exploit or take advantage of them. They are not ours. They belong to Mother Earth.

TimothyBoGDF TimothyBoGDF, Cuba

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Denise Nishijima, United States

Ryan Hill, United States

May all beings be happy and free and may my own thoughts and actions contribute to the happiness and freedom for all

Joshua Dixon, United States

Iveria Lorenz, United States

I’m sorry for all we have done!!!

Angela Mas, Germany

Linda Jarvis, United Kingdom

Robert Edwards, Australia

Cacai Buenviaje, Philippines

EkladueIdombUQ EkladueIdombUQ, Benin

Сегодня все возможно. Потому что сегодня у вас есть возможность и без личных знакомств и благодарностей оформить больничный лист быстро и законно! Мы работаем только официально! Наш медицинский центр выдает реальные справки от реальных врач

Abigail Kidd, United Kingdom

Nikhil Sharma, India

"Praniyo mein Sadbhawna Ho; Vishwa Ka Kalyan ho:(Hindi)" May there be mutual respect Between living beings, May there be betterment of all Living beings,

Laura Morley, United Kingdom

Clara Shohdy, Egypt

Kim Hayward, United Kingdom

Clara Villoslada, Spain


We r all animal. We have to fight for our Right.

Meg Sheffer, United States

Estela Dreux Mariani, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Julie Wahl, United States

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Lucimar Sanches, Brazil

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Shirley Kim-Ng, United States

Alison Chico, United States

Tutku Üstüner, Turkey

Sylvain Gourd, Canada


Sebastian Balint, Yugoslavia

I'm against any violence!

Farhana Sharmin, Bangladesh

I believe in animal rights.

Jazzmin Johnson, United States

Vivien Kubulan, United States

All sentient animals deserve the right to life free from suffering at the hands of humans.

Katelyn Kohn, United States

Marsha Robinson, United States

Adrian Knight, United Kingdom

Animals I sent in beings to feel pain how we feel pain. Who fear and suffer how we feel and suffer and wish to live as we wish to live. We cannot keep him treating them like they are inanimate object’s there only for our exploitation.

Christian Wegenschimmel, Austria

Dave Socorro, Australia

Ana Millaruelo, United States

Susan Wheeler, United States

regina schneider gaskin, Germany

Beter lows and respect

Joanna Cridlin, United Kingdom

Martine Dejonckheere, Belgium

Sandrine Michelle, Netherlands

Mariana Iftinca, United States

ROBYN YOUL, Australia

In the year 2017 hereby reaffirm my pledge to actively uphold and promote the Declaration of Human Rights.

vita brunetti, Belgium

Emma Mårtennsson, Spain

rosa blanckaerts, Belgium

michelle betourney, United States

Violeta Iosub, Canada

Donna Moorhouse, United States

It is time for cruelty to end!! Animals are sentient beings with souls, feelings, and emotions!

christine thompson, United States

jay kaimal, United States

About time that we recognised that humans and non-humans like all share this planet and each is to be respected

Michelle Mason, United States

Poonam DJ, India

Dian Payne, United States

lizzie Isaacs, United States

Valderes Pou, United States

Emma Haskins, United Kingdom

Gabriela Broju, Romania

Marybeth Ganz, United States

Anne Kennedy, Australia

All life is important.

Michel De Poorter, Netherlands

It's time to give animals the rights they already have and to let them be.

matthew macduffie, United States

Sudha Patel, United States

joni ellerbrock, United States

Thank you!

Roberta Meyers, United States

Jeff Steffler, United States

Kristy Fox-Berman, United States

Richard Natoli-Rombach, United States

Timothy Lehr, United States

The future is Vegan!!!


Mary Perry, United States

Matthew Luck, United States

Adam Felcyn, United States

Shelley-marie Poirier, Canada

Jana Bušić, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Alexia Axelsdóttir, Iceland

Sarah Tooker, United States

life’s too short to make others shorter.

Elizabeth Tavella, United States

The future is vegan. Compassion and Respect for all living beings must guide us every day.

Joanna Nieznanowska, Poland

Inda Fitryarini, Indonesia

I strongly support to save our animals in our planet.

John Clark, United States

Bram Schotte, Netherlands

Alfred Liberman, Germany

Лара Филифёрова, Российской Федерации

Laura Munro, United Kingdom

Jo Rogers, United Kingdom

Eiman Shahrukh, Pakistan

Michelle Seidelman, United States

kimberly obando, United States

Jessica Emmel, Germany

Animals should be protected and shall bei free as WE are.

Helio de Souza, Brazil

Lahari Murari, India

Sydney McClaine, United States

samantha barker, United States

I love animals so much, and believe that they deserve just as good as a life as humans do.

tim lee, United States

i love animals

Yvonne Gibson Serrette, United States

Julian Gibson Serrette, United States

Edmund Ike, Nigeria

Animals must be treated with care. It is only unrighteous person who caused pains to unharmful & domestic animals.

Annette Witt, United States

Catia Chic, United Kingdom

Osamu Watanabe, Japan

ivana carrozzi, Italy

ben Greatbatch, Australia

i hope those animals can get another chance in life

Chris Spaanenburg, Portugal

I hope that this will give the animals that don´t speak our language a voice, a right to live and a chance to survive.

Kelly Penne, Belgium

Karen Jacobs, Belgium

Omdat het meer dan nodig is

Anja Alaerts, Belgium

Hilleke Vd, Belgium

Callum Bath, Canada

I support

Ariyana Davari, Canada


Keith Barthlette, Canada

Save the animals

Caron Russ, South Africa

Cynthia Wines, United States

Cynthia Wines, United States

I hope and pray there is more protection for the big game and wild animals in the future. We are becoming a savage world and all of the elephants, rhinos and big cats will soon disappear! This must stop.

Tanya Harris, South Africa

Jason Harris, South Africa

Elizabeth Gaywood, South Africa

Lesley Tooten, Belgium

Fiona Almeleh, United Kingdom

Ingibjorg Jonsdottir, Iceland

Brandon Santos, United States

I love you animals! Don't give up!

esther telemans, United States

Lisa Wyatt, United States

Madeleine Sosin-Rocha, United States

Linda Cherniack, United States

Jacqueline Schmidt, United States

Sandrine Perdon, France

Josette von Dach, Switzerland

Edon Copparini, United States

Lupart Diana, France

Frederique Crapa, Luxembourg

Véronique BANDA, France

Beverly Voelkelt, United States

Catherine Durant, United States

Mildred Sanchez, United States

Margaret Carroll, United States

Anja Drosdek, Germany

Gail Bolza, United States

Every animal deserves to live as it was born to.

Anna Szmidt, Austria

Rosena Donnelly, United States

Fernando Barron, United States

Catherine Wedul, United States

Jean-Claude De-Grimaldi, United States


Marc van de Waarsenburg, Netherlands

Abigail Reynolds, Canada

Talitha Henry, Canada

Debbie Habbart, United States

Sabrina Walsh, Ireland

Dumbzucker Stupe, United States

Sheridan Cain, United Kingdom

Asvinder Kaur, Singapore

Gabriella Saja, Italy

Danielle Berkley, United States

Dawn Ferrezza, United States

Terri Mitro, United States

Sharon Azar, United States

this is so beautiful!! and deeply important. Reading this Declaration inspires me to want to illustrate it!!

Gail Taylor, Spain

Connie Ventress, United States

Anne Stephenson, United States

Ine Welman, Netherlands

lisbet jacobsen, Norway

Emily Scott, United States

Catherine Ritlaw, United States

Caden DeLoach, United States

Sofia Almanza, Panama

Lucy Kelly, United Kingdom

I agree with most of this but I do think the human need for meat should be met where reasonably possible and that byproducts like wool or leather could be reasonably taken.

Victoria Linehan, United States

Rita Morgan, United Kingdom

Jane Rosenthal, United States

Virginia Cirstoiu, Romania


Lilian Joan Dell, United Kingdom

Mona Avellino, United States

Bela Daniel Toma, Romania

raluca itic, Romania

Robert Adrian Ilie, Romania

Adriana Filimon, Romania

Karrie Kalich, United States

Our compassion and respect are needed

Tammi Wells, United States

Marcy Chamblin, United States

Cindy Bergenbaum, United States

Catolina Vasco, Colombia

Cathy Kocienda, United States

Lorna Tanner, United Kingdom

susana cruz, Portugal

shannon rama, United States

Jennifer Myette, United States

Debbie Wall, Canada

Anita Frullani, United States

Robert Raskey, United States

Marjie Thornton, United Kingdom

We have to have animal rights enshrined in law all over the world in every single country to ensure that no suffering or abuse of animals of any size and kind happens again and if it does then the penalties need to very severe.

Nicola Vogel, United States

All living creatures deserve the opportunity to have peace and happiness ❤️

Medha Shende, India

Margaret Macgregor, United Kingdom

Please pass this for the sake of all that is compassionate and moral within us,

Jean-Pierrre Felixine, Germany

Martina Grimova, Czech Republic

stop cruelty for animals

Seven Dunsmore, United States

Dagmar Hossfeld, Germany

Dutch Sinco, Philippines

Melissa Price, United Kingdom

Darlene Schueler, United States

Catherine Buchanan, United States

Robert Gordon, United States

The time has come to say fair’s fair. The time has come. A facts a fact. It belongs to them. Let’s give it back.

Louise Gylsen, United Kingdom

Stop the psychopathic cold-hearted treatment of animals in this world. They are pure love and humans abuse them and kill them. Human stupidity has to stop. COMPASSION and LOVE for the ANIMALS on our planet need to be become reality.

Marcus Canuto, Brazil

Odile Harroch, Morocco

Beverly Koblick, United States

Save our wild and domestic speciesism! Stop the Holocaust on innocent animals !

Kynsley Verhaeghe, United States

Sydnie Sapp, United States

parra jean, France

Donna Perry, United States

Alice Le Sehan, France

John Piatek, United States

Lori Rebernik, United States

Helmi Landolsi, United Kingdom

raina waters, Canada

Tracy Brace, United Kingdom

All lives matter this includes all animals

Sylvia Cheal, Spain

We have no right to hurt any animal.

Robin Vitulle, United States

Sergei Sutto, United States

Ilene Kastel, United States

Mary Witbooi, Australia

Elizabeth Porcheddu, United States

lynn burgin, United Kingdom

Agustin Rodriguez, Mexico

pauline gatenby, United Kingdom

Jordan Kirstein, United Arab Emirates

It is about time Animals were treated and respected better.

Sue Raw, United Kingdom

Michele Franko, United States

Guy Murray, United Kingdom

Marisabel Reyes, United States

KERRY ALLEN, United Kingdom

Renate Andersch, Germany

All animals are sentient beings, same like humans. The animals are here for us to enjoy and to learn from. Our assignment from god is to look after the innocent animals and protect them and the earth.

Lori Payne, Canada

Stop ‘wildlife officers’ from killing wild animals!!!!

Linda Bednar, United States

DANNY page, United Kingdom

Ian Giles, United States

Purge All Hunters from CONservation Organizations

Louise Boivin, Canada

Respect pour TOUS !

Doreen Higgins, United States

kimberly wolf, United Kingdom

Nina Bilenko, United States

Hazel Llewellin, United Kingdom

Briony Wolf, United States

sally carnes, United Kingdom

GAUTAM Sinha, India

Because all living beings, as known to humankind, are sentient beings, and therefore can feel pain, pleasure, sensations, feelings and emotions....

Eric Carpintero, Argentina

Roxie Stone, United States

Geri Santos, United States

JeanneChristine Vokulich, United States

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Byavantu

Julia Jul, Russian Federation


Jennie Justice, United Kingdom

Patricia Castaing, Brazil

Katlijn Meers, Belgium

Nancy Keane, United States

Éva Szinger, Hungary

Gloria Whitehead, United States

It's sad that we have to sign this, as animals should be treated with respect and love. I believe that we should not hunt and kill big game or any animals that live wild.

Marie Sixtová, Czech Republic

Tracey Brenland, United Kingdom

Tina Cucci, United States

All animals have the right to live without cruelty and maltreatment by humans.

Steve Tibos, Belgium

All animals not just dogs and cats deserve the right to be treated with kindness.

Rosemary Shad, United States

Elisabeth Jost, Germany

ooooh, this is so truly beautiful. Signed with all my heart, feeling comforted in my soul.

Virginia Moore, United States

Animals are an essential part of our society. They should be treated with the upmost respect and reverence that we afford every living being! Cruelty to animals makes me ill!

Tina Selsmark, Denmark

Bodenmuller Danielle, France

Gwen Jennier, United States

Titus Ulrich, United States

Amy Mckinney, United States

Tessa Bolduc, Canada

Inez Collier, United Kingdom

Animals have just as much right to be here as humans; and therefore should be protected accordingly

fran ciulla, United States

Animals have feelings therefore they have and should have rights.

MAria Hlushtchyk, United States

Animals are not to be used by humans for any purpose! Respect Animals!

C. Marie Hlushtchyk, United States

All animals deserve to live their lives happy, free & safe from harm!

jackie reddington, United States

Robin Hart, United States

Valentina Gambino, Italy

I Stand for ANIMAL RIGHTS and I Fight To STOP

Heidi Wollum, United States

Gill Allan, United Kingdom

Monica Demicoli, Malta

caroline burton, New Zealand

It's global, it's what animals desperately need.

C Marais, Namibia

Trent Fraser, South Africa

Catherine RUDOLF NNAJI, Switzerland

Kaarina Pietiäinen, Finland

Donna Carey, Norway

Lauren Reed, Australia

Save our Rabbits!

Nicky Able, United Kingdom

Eileen Thomson, United Kingdom

Joanna Pendlebury, United States

All earth beings deserve equal rights and to NOT be abused

Chris Glisson, South Africa

Respect ALL life !

Brel Suosalo, Finland

ai haav a doge änd hii is cute

Wendy Mac, Australia

Tarun tapase, India

Linda Robinson, New Zealand

All life, be it animal or human have the right to live and breathe. It is our duty to protect all life on Earth.

Ludovica Bruno, Monaco

Tabitha Hevey, Australia

All animal on this earth have the right to live and breathe. It is our duty as human kind to protect all life on this planet.

Rachel Major, New Zealand

Sherryll Shaddock, United States

Janine Chester, New Zealand

JuliaWe Nicholas-Tatton, Kenya

We have no right to call ourselves manKIND, if we do not sign this, we have no right to put Humans before animals, we are all one KIND on this earth.

Christine Humphreys, United States

Jayenna Dall, Australia

Cyndi Wood, United States


Gina DaSilva, South Africa

Protect all animals from extiction being killed by greedy people and nations. Stop now..tomorrow will be too late!

Rosalind Wilton, Australia

Julie Chantery, Australia

I will forever speak on behalf of the voiceless

William Perry, United States

Andrea Thompson, United States

Mark Nguyen, United States

Paul Stillwaggon, United States

Jeff Fagen, United States

Francesca Loveridge, Australia

Marjorie Prettyman, Australia

Trista Goodwin, United States

Erla Gudny, Denmark

Denise Tefili, Brazil


Roel Miranda, United States

Animal abuse and cruelty must stop

Evangeline Miranda, United States

Please stop animal abuse and cruelty

Carol Greenhill, United States

Animals Are Important!

Jessica Massett, United States

Lill Sunde, Norway

jacinthe bernard, Canada

Meredith Thompson, United States

Janet Schneider, United States

All non-human animals deserve the same rights as humans. This declaration is way overdue and needs to be passed ASAP.

Ayso Ebrahimi, Canada

Katy Hefley, United States

Renee Zambelli, United States

Cindy Hughes, United States

Diane Couper, United States

Barbara Krull, United States

Cheryl Fanson, United Kingdom

Laura Hawkins, United States

Janelle Bailey, Australia

Bonnie Daut, United States

ashlie Stone, Australia

Carol Fielding, Canada

Monique Christiansen, United States

Irina Matvejeva, Latvia

Maria Olarte, United Kingdom

Melissa Bacon, United States

Shannon Marnell, United States

Maria O'Hare, Turkey

Angi Montuori, United States

Joanna John, United States

Laurie Paschall, United States

Sandra Simpson, United States

Keyla Luna, United States

corrine morgan, United Kingdom

Sylvanna Bellucci, United States

Let’s make this happen !!

Constance Collier, United States

Animals deserve the same rights as humans. It's time we make that happen.

Karin Thompson, United States


Maarit Rinne, Finland

Gloria Serra, United Kingdom

We are animals too & ALL animals are sentient beings.

Ludmilla Loucheur, Canada

Jasmine Harvey, United States

Chantelle Le Roux, South Africa

I wish becomes a reality in my lifetime

Laura Dibb, United Kingdom

Cath Willers, United Kingdom

Michelle Telles, United States

Heather Browning, New Zealand

Clayton Bond, South Africa

Donna Quagline, United States

Wayne Jones, Philippines

Maxine Kressel-Taub, United States

Rozalia Nagy, Luxembourg

I fully agree with the declaration and as a biologist I truly know how intelligent, sensitive and kind the animals are. I think we need to enlarge our emotional intelligence to come out from the

Babak Sadegh-Zadeh, United Kingdom

Jodie Muir, Australia

Lori Price, United States

Tracy Munday, United Kingdom

Cyne Okinczyc, United States

Lisa A Shaw, United States

josephine borg, Malta

Tracy Davis, United States


Steven Chehardy, United States

Andrzej Kubicki, Poland

Elise Ney, United States

jeanne lussier, United States

Martin Gerry Gerhardt, Germany

Jennifer Loudon, South Africa

Mina Baka, South Africa

Julia Murray, United States

karyn giss, United States

Nancy Nortell, United States

Animals are living beings and have as much right to this planet as humans, without fear of hunters, poachers, abuse, etc.

Nikki Sherwood, United Kingdom

Donna Jefferson, United States

Sue Spenceley-Burch, United Kingdom

Nazia Farookhi, United Kingdom

Brent Morrissey, United States

An C, Canada

Lets Become a Evol ve Race and Give Respect to All Life form on Earth Now !!!Everyone deserve Happiness and Freedom and Prosperity !!!!

Cheryl Brown, United States

Pritti B, United Arab Emirates

Humans r nothing without animals. Can we hv ppl educated and hv laws to hurt those who hurt animals pls? Doesnt matter how rich or influential they maybe.

Dave Gwinnell, United Kingdom

Cheryl Barea, United States

Melissa Bailey, United States

Sheri Gann, United States

Jacqualyn Donboch, United States

Save our Earth and all things of it.

Jude McDermott, United Kingdom


Carmen Riordan, Australia

Flame Simcox, United States

Chantel Silva, United States

Elizabeth Stampf Baehren, Spain

VAL MCCLEAN, United Kingdom

So very well written & So true about ignorant heartless humans!

Vicki Lloyd-Smith, Australia

Brilliantly written.

Bri Wax, United States

Gudmundur Sverrisson, Iceland

Farid Hirani, Canada

Share the Planet responsibly!

Virginia Woolf, New Zealand

Animals are sentient beings worthy of respect and entitled to protection from abuse, harm, cruelty and exploitation as are human beings. Virginia Woolf (NZers for Endangered Wildlife)

Pauline Alexander, United Kingdom

Melodye Buskin, United States

anne Mcgoff, United States

terezia ildiko fogarasi, Hungary

Raphaelle Mura, United Kingdom

Sarah Davidson, United Kingdom

THOMAS davies, United Kingdom

Urmila Dhawan, India

pascale rodriguez, United States

Hélène Théoret, Canada

Karen Cooper, United Kingdom

Animals have a right to their lives to live freely and die as when nature intended they should be respected not harmed. No place for cruelty

Maureen Hughes, United Kingdom

Rachelle Valera, Philippines

paul velandra, United States

Larry Spizzirri, United States

susanne sørensen, Denmark

Christel Jensen, Denmark

francine Verbeeck, Belgium

Wim Martens, Belgium

Ingrid Denissen, Belgium

Melissa Godwin, United States

Juliette Strange, United Kingdom

Petra lucy Bernard, Germany

A must

Michelle Austin, Greece

Daryl Stillwell, Canada

We all suffer ! Wake up already !

Tom Mckinnon, United Kingdom


John Hilton, United Kingdom

All beings have rights, whether human or animal.

Ruth Zumbühl, Nigeria

Heidi Grassley, United States

Carolyn Whiteway, Canada

Pauline Walsh, Ireland

Barbara David-Andersen, South Africa

Gherman Tudor razvan, Romania

Cali Cheshelski, United States

dee bastarache, United States

Kathy Miller, United States

Natasha Calandrino Van Kleef, Italy

Susan Sampson, United States

Leone Pratt, New Zealand

Silvit Chewangkul, Thailand

Lucy Pérez, United States

Pamela Llewellyn, United States

Regine Stosch, Philippines

HELEN GOMEZ, United States

Freedom for all animals Stop the cruelty

Andréa Branco, Brazil

Jasmine Baker, United States

Tien Ly Quyet, Vietnam

Fiona Budd, South Africa

Dimitri Stephanopoulos, United States

Nancy O'Hearn, United States

Carol Upton, United States

Judy Collins, United States

Vicky Miller, United States

Patrick Kelly, United States

Diana Muñoz, United States

Bp Tervido, United States

Brian Bell, Canada

Dayana Jardines, United States

Lennarth Anaya, Mexico

Animals are great, so could we. Our hearts and our brains have both evolved together, we can now realize how interesting and special animals are.

jane weir, Australia

Dwight Owens, Canada

Paola Bandini, United Kingdom

Jenny Bramlette, United States

Michelle Walker, United Kingdom

Teresa Merida, United States

Adrienne Possenti, United States

Angel Tenzin, United States

Amanda Pickard, United Kingdom

Tariq Syed, United States

Elena Serrato, Mexico

Por la Liberación total de toda esclavitud de los animales

Marius Tănase, Romania

Go vegan!

Terry Jenkins, United Kingdom

Laura Younger, United States

christina burki, Australia

Just wonderful! I am animalcommunicator and my vision is that animals and humans live in harmony together. We need to respect them and give them their dignity back.We can learn from them.

Sofia Fitzpatrick, Australia

Jessica Saucedo, United States

Sonia Melba Valdivia Mercado, Peru

Elaine Almeida, Brazil

Defend and respect the defenseless and more than our obligation

Pooja Choudhary, India

The planet belongs to them ,as much as it does to us.Let them live.

Yvonne Kolling, United States

Just because we have the ability, does not mean we have the moral right to exploit animals.

Nissrien Barakat, Canada

Angela Hale, United Kingdom

We are destroying the best part of our world with our selfish greed at the expense of other species who deserve their place here too. In the end what satisfaction or benefit is there for us? Empty lives and big bamk accounts!

Dereck Jardines, United States

animals deserve the same rights as humans. we are not above them nor we we are below long as it’s a living thing, they deserve rights

Gina Payne, United Kingdom

Jenny Payne, United States

J Payne, United Kingdom

driss loukili, United States

Audra Dubauskiene, Israel

Sandhya Shukla, United States

Gleb Rogozinsky, Russian Federation

Karen Kieran, United States

Henk Hollebeek, Netherlands


shalini shukla, Poland

Animals should be protected otherwise we will have unbearable consequences.

Sheila Kantesaria, United States

All of gods creatures have a right to live in peace.

Carey Prichard, United Kingdom

Julie Edwards, United Kingdom

Please let them all live in peace ,free from hurt or abuse ,and not used for making money ,and not to be born just to die for human consumption ,to be able to leave in peace ,in natural surroundings .

John oosthuizn, South Africa

I sincerely hope that this will do something to actually protect our precious animals.

Luana Araujo, Brazil

Yvonne Anderson, United Kingdom

Stephen Dosson, South Africa


Sonali Sharma, India

Animals are an integral part of our environment. Their conservation is not only vital for food chain but also for successive human races.

Ami Sarfati, United States

Maria Kordas-Fraser, Canada

J Magson, Canada

Lauren Jones, United States

Freedom for all.


Annette Schneider-Solis, Germany

Mairi Howat, United Kingdom

Gail F Johnson, United States

Equality for all creatures! Go VEGAN

Nathalie Arnone, United States

Compassion is winning.

Anna Carolina Albernaz, Brazil

Annik Chauzit, Germany

I am for the animal rights. I love animals

Nesheen Jugdeo, South Africa

we are all equal

Sonja Darter, United States

Frank Wassall, United Kingdom

benedict Fitzpatrick, Australia

MaryLou Santaguida, Canada

Petya Ivanova, Bulgaria

Christina Atomoaie, Australia

Planet Earth provides for all creatures, big and small, human and not human. As the evolved species, it is our duty towards all animals to protect them from anything that could harm them.

Axel Gudnason, Iceland

Margaret Brudnicka, Australia

Daniel Kluth, United States

Jerry Shvadron, United States

Its time to stop thinking people are superior to other animals. We are the same, all have an equal part in the organism, called Earth. If the animals do not survive, people cannot survive without the bio-diversity.

Jill Gover, United Kingdom

All animals desrqve to be respected by humans.

Anne Ferreira, South Africa

Beautiful and fitting

Francesca Brunton, United Kingdom

Every. Single. Creature. That lives on this planet deserves the right to do so in freedom! Humanity has become the worlds worst predator.

Peter Sawiris, United States

Deepu Ks, India

Jacques Becker, France

Darice Cairns, Canada

Moa Peraccini, Brazil

I love all animals and I will always protect them, for now and forever!

Nadezhda Toteva, Bulgaria

Betty Heasman, United Kingdom

freek sopa, Netherlands

Clair Hart, United States

Nadia Mari, Germany


stephany pettinger, United Kingdom

nanna svane theisen, Denmark

Serena Govender, South Africa

Juliet Halliday, United Kingdom

Tina Ward, United Kingdom

Jodie McPherson, Australia


Elly Vogel, United States

Inga Björk Harðardóttir, Sweden

Julie Lines, United Kingdom

Sneha Ramesh, United Arab Emirates

Stanley Grill, United States

Rebecca Taranto, United States

julie roach, Australia

Badi EL ALAOUI, Spain

Ria Cherie, United States

So be it that all animals, human and otherwise, live by these rights at minimum.

Gunnar Gylfason, Iceland

Marlene Venture, United States

James Fitzgerald, France

Caroline Pluvier, Netherlands

Patriek Paap, Netherlands

Natacha grossmann, France

Sandra Melvin, Canada

Melissa Rogers, United States


Teri Rider, United States

This would go a long way toward saving the planet.

Marjorie Prettyman, Australia

Rebecca Stillwell, United States

For those who can't fight for themselves.....

Srdjan Jovicic, Canada

Carmen Estrada, Mexico

sandra maia, Brazil

Gisela Farroni, Argentina

pablo Ulloa, Canada

Paula Andrea Melo, Canada

Litic Murali, United States

Shiana Harris, Australia

Mary Bonavita, Australia


Leticia Esperanza del angel, Chile

Aura Mix, United States


Alex Stall, United States

Ellen Gurtner, Germany

Usha Aluru, United States

Olof Jonsdottir, Norway

Adriana Fillaster, Argentina

Andrea Hailfinger, New Zealand

Lisa Parsons, United Kingdom

They have right too, let's save and nurture all animals while we can x

Adriana noemi Antonello, Argentina

Respeto y compasión por favor!!

Maree Hamming, Australia

I agree with all of the above declaration. The abuse and cruelty that I see and hear about everyday in this world, truly beggars belief and I am ashamed to be a human person, and feel more empathy with animals than many people.

Denise DeMarco, United States

Dawn Bernacki, Canada

James Lanclos, United States

I agree with the aforementioned agenda.

Millý Mist, Iceland

Kristofer Hogni Rannveigarson, Iceland

Karlage King, Italy

David Marshall, Canada

It is about time. It is also about time the world and the sponsors of this petition realized that all the English speakers in this world don't live in the USA, or is that the only country that matters ?

Pat Wheeldon, Australia

This is vital - it is blatantly obvious that ongoing horrors and cruelty are perpetuated on other animals by humans on a daily basis. Please do something constructive to stop this sickening cruelty.

Gemma Jeva, Italy

Sys Keller, Denmark

Linsi Caldecourt, Malta

ingibjorg haflidadottir, United States

Cut Puspa Rosa, Sweden

Julija Kolenceva, Belgium

We are here to protect the animals, not to destroy, kill and torture them!

Sophie Jacquignon, France

Susan Watkins, United Kingdom

Yaashna Karson, South Africa

Stella Bowers, United States

Veronica Sigrúnardóttir, United States

karla antoñanzas, Spain

Sandy Wright, South Africa

Yuriko Casanga, Chile

Isabel Silva, Portugal

MOIRA OJEDA, Argentina

Rodney Raeburn, Canada

Madeleine Feehan, Australia

Jesus Franco, United States

Jennifer Stefan, Romania

Maureen Mackenzie, United Kingdom

janine Holthuysen, South Africa

Liliana Damo, United States

Nancy O'Fraley, United States

We all were born here and we all are living beings with an ability to help each other thrive!

Lorraine Lappin, Norway

Pamela Denison, United Kingdom

Sarah Tighe, United States

Marzibil Saemundardottir, Iceland

Radha Savaram, United States


Anna Pagnozzi, Germany

Iulia Stanciu, United Kingdom

Lindsay Doran, United Kingdom

Paola Zanin, Italy

José VAZQUEZ, France

Sharon Stuart, United States

Doris Lütz, Germany

Maria elena Gallegos Villalobos, Mexico

gautam honawar, Canada

ludmila vorobieff, Brazil

Diogo Cardoso, Portugal

Sara Joaquim, Portugal

Eunice Silva, Brazil

Andrea Seibt, Canada

Catherine Clements, United Kingdom

Jutta Maue Kay, United States

No Dominion!!!

Elizabeth Russell, United Kingdom

Micole Boyce, United Kingdom

Sacha Boyce, United Kingdom

Sonja Elidottir, Norway

Lena Metallinou, Greece

Heba Alshishan, Jordan

Robin Kelley, United States

Run Smith, Canada

Yanko Velikov, Bulgaria

B Thor Thorarinsson, United States

Monika Schorn, Germany

Lynne Burnell, United Kingdom

Lauren Robbins, United States

Stephanie Paz, United States

Arthur Barden, United Kingdom

My most fervent hope is a Vegan world fot the sake of Every BODY!

Estelle Silverstein, United States

It is time!! The time is right!!!

David Hadjes, Brazil

drew harper, United States

About time for this!

Dorothy Russo, United States

Brenda Granados, United States

Avril Scorey, United Kingdom

Sunil Chand, Canada

Rada Jordanovic, Serbia

Thank you!

Petra Falkner, United States

Ann Hertog, Germany

Fiona Cudworth, United Kingdom

Michelle Venier, South Africa

Trish Swain, United States

S. Brenn, United States

Wolfgang Zientek, United States

Carol Schwartz, United States

Robin Gabriel, United States

Jane Amelia Lemon, Australia

Jody Riesaberg, United States

Our world is changing and we ALL need to save our animals and their habitats !


Felix Axelsson, United States

sylvie carbonelle, France

Avis Senior, United Kingdom

Rosaria Lo Presti, Germany

Donato Resta, Germany

sviltlana koskyh, France

dominique Marty, France

Kathy Suzack, Canada

Everyone has the right to live their life. We have NO right. Do you not understand that Mother Earth gave herself the animals to help her survive, not us.

Kathleen Stephens, United States

Michelle Weirich, United States

Now is the time!

Sara Conner, United States

Terry Harnwell, South Africa

Cristina Xavier, Switzerland

Debra Stone, United States

Natalie Minter, Australia

All around the world they are tourchering beautiful innocent animals .this has to stop they are put on this earth For a reason and it's NOT TO BE EVILLY TOURCHERD IN SICKING HORRIFIC WAYS.

David Levett, United Kingdom

Susan Jones, United Kingdom

David M, United Kingdom

Flor Jauregui Sueldo, Peru

Viva los Derechos de los Animales

Antonia Vassila, Greece

Gabriela archangela Enriquez, Brazil

Adriana Lavigne Sáfadi, Brazil

Priya Bramadesam, United States

Janet Mortimer, United Kingdom

Denise Gurz, United States

This should be simple enough to understand what is requested. Animals must have our help. We were placed at top of chain with intelligence to be good stewards to all other species. Instead we destroy. We are the true beasts.

christine biardeau, France

Luc Rousselle, Canada

Kathryn Rowles, United Kingdom

Hitesh Agarwal, India

Saffron Barlow, United Kingdom

Candace Klein-Loetterle, United States

All rights belong to the animals... just as we would want all rights for ourselves. Thank you for implementing this... can't imagine why anyone wouldn't sign this.

Gillian Mackenzie, United Kingdom



Sandra White, United Kingdom

Celine Faraut, United States

Please help us save our previous animals help help

Rachel Holliday, United Kingdom

kenny pointer, United Kingdom

they have as much right to live in this world as we do

Mirna Abu Ata, Jordan

Fiona Wall, United Kingdom

Judith Wilson, United Kingdom

Marcia Alldridge, Cyprus

Fiona Parker, United Kingdom

Natashia Kennedy, United States

Margrit Coates, United States

Roshanak Pilram, Australia

Mike and Colleen Cauchi, United Kingdom

moses jyc, United States

kelly Coldewey, United States

Save The Animals...

Elke Schneider, Germany

Eleanor Fox, United Kingdom

Suzie Sardelli, Kenya

Maria Cristina Mullins, Brazil

Barbara Statham, United Kingdom

Robert Johnson, Thailand

Let's all united and become 100% vegan

Blair Lucchese, United States

Claudia Neuhalfen, Germany

Jen Lawton, United Kingdom

Jean Lategan, South Africa

Christine Jones, United States

Akeel Mughal, United Kingdom

Laura Treimane, Latvia

C Hopcroft, New Zealand

Rafael Lima, Brazil

Rachel Bose, United Kingdom

Kyla Hennig, South Africa

Wendy Cradt, Australia

Katie Jorgensen, New Zealand

It's time to treat animals with the respect they deserve. Be Vegan Make Peace.

Michelle McLeary, Netherlands

All beings on this planet are equal and deserve equal rights!

Maya Abu Ata, Jordan

Lidia Rueda Losada, Spain

Animals deserve to be protected and live their own free lives

Anne Cooper, United Kingdom

Jackie Foster, Australia

Tom Vandercruyssen, Belgium

Claire Pilote, Canada

Rolf Rompelman, New Zealand

WE need a Universal Bill of Rights for ALL sentient life on the planet not just humans

Stefanie Klein, Germany

Teddy Ing, Canada

To be pure is not to eat the flesh of others it just the way humanity should be

Gaynor Pickavance, United Kingdom

Animals are with us not for us.

Martin Tatere, New Zealand

Woop woop

Liliya Dimitrova, Bulgaria

Let all beings be free and experience the joy of life!

Patricia GUIRAN, France

C Harris, United Kingdom

Ruth Stansfield, United Kingdom

Ann Gallacher, Canada

Paula Warner, United States

Jacki Oliphant, Canada

Rudolph Dsouza, India

It is about time,else we will loose them all,in the not to distant future.

Tzvetelina Entcheva, Bulgaria

encarna manzanares molina, Spain

Lynda Ring, Netherlands

Emma Neagoe, Romania

Vraja Krsna Das, Bulgaria

Happy to sign for those who have no voice.

soma nimalasuriya, United States

Anna Dobson, New Zealand

Isabel Canelhas, Portugal

Lucy Foot, United Kingdom

Animals are sentient beings and I consider them as highly as I do humans. Possible higher as they are misunderstood because we are unable to communicate with them.

Jodi Igard, United States

Lana Adams, United States

Ana Castro, United States

Animals have souls and therefore rights!

Fiona Doyle, Australia

Bodil Rummelhoff, Sweden

angelika +thomas wegner, Germany

Sharon Creelman, Canada

Rowena Peralta, Philippines

Ana Zinger, Brazil

ion voicu, Romania

Sam Chapman, New Zealand

Caroline Mcarthur, United Kingdom

Bindi Thatcher, United Kingdom

Vanessa Hayes, United Kingdom

Stop abusing animals, go vegan and save the planet!

Vanessa Hayes, United Kingdom

Stop abusing animals, go vegan and save the planet!

Alisha Munro, Canada

Phil Pavlov, United States

vincent rincon, United States

Magda Honkisz, Poland

N A, India


Amy Hunt, United States

Tiiu De Galindo, Estonia

I do stand for Animal Rights

Suzanne Morton, Australia

Robert-Andrei Botezat, Romania

Dominique Paul, France

L OHARA, United States

Bridget Mills, Australia

Amber Ainsworth, United Kingdom

maria schoenbeck, Greece

Jacklyn Kim, United States

Irene Nawo-Eichner, Germany

linda mckeefery, United Kingdom

Roberto Ramirez, Argentina

PASCAL Fromentin, United States

Cynthia Marcello, United States

Preethi V, India

I am sick and tired of governments looking the other way. Tired of fellow humans who do not want to face the honest reality of how our uncaring attitude towards fellow inhabitants will change earth, for the worse.

Pamela Fossi, United States

Barbara Miles, United States

All beings feel pain. All animals have the right to live their lives in peace and happiness. Humans are killing wild life for land. No more Palm Oil...animals are being killed so humans can produce and use this oil...use some other oil.

Ben Raskin, United States

Danna Haile, United States

Alex Richards, United States

Carin Cloete, South Africa

Bijoy Bharathan, India

I sincerely hope and pray that humanity comes to its senses and stops the relentless butchering of animals for food, clothing and fashion and medicine and hunting. We need to exercise restraint in how we treat animals. Restore our dignity

Donna Romero, United States

Marirza Basurto, Mexico

La protección, preservación y respeto hacia todos los animales del planeta debe ser Universal. Nadie está por encima de ellos !!!! Justicia y equidad para ellos que también son parte de la creación divina y tienen derecho a estar en el pl

George Rubin, United States

Rachelle BROU, France

Andreas Thiel, Germany

Glenn Creggar, United States

Stephanie Plamondon, Canada

Cris Doroghi, Canada

pamela polhamus, United States

I love the words and the meaning behind them. I myself love the animals of this world and my soul breaks everyday to see the abuse and neglect of these precious beings. Thank you so much for this declaration of animal rights. I love you all

Bhavani M, India

Olga Mashkova, United States

Chantal Rossi, Dominican Republic

It is our oblogation to protect them and treat them with respect!

Theano Kalapotharakou, Greece

Please stop animal cruelty worldwide! !!

Jo-Anne Littleford, Australia

Natalia Garcia, Spain

Because animals have the same right to living as humans

Midge Steuber, United States

Maria Flanagan, United States

Vito Riccio, Canada

Valdene Brandão, Brazil

Sara Harvey, United States

Terri Cordell, United States

Alexander Zash, Jordan

animals are better than all mankins.


Lourdes Escobar, Honduras

Lourdes Escobar, Honduras

Anna Rozanska, United Kingdom

Salome Rocha, Spain

Kristin Murphy, United States

Cameron Stonebraker, United States

Hell is empty, all the demons are here.

Charo Ross, United States

Linda Anderson, Australia

Elizabeth Murawsky, Canada

Melody Jeanes, Canada

lori croonen, Canada

Sky Power, United States

Regina Wells, United States

rubin canchola, United States

Catherine Fesuet, United States

Alex Roman, United States

All real aninal lovers should sign. Cheers.

Alma Kruja, United States

Irene Sysak, United States

Megan Richey, United States

Kirs Dugsn, Canada

Joanna Marshall, United Kingdom

Donna Campbell, United States

Eva West, United States

Bradley Floyd, United States

Magnus Robertson, United States

I have been donating and supporting animal conservation for many, many years. I fear for the survival of all the exotic animals. Against man they don't stand a chance and they will all be gone forever in a few very short years. Tragic.

Ella Holtzman, United States

It's past time for this.

Kathy Simonik, United States


Hend Abdelkefi, Tunisia

Candis Miller, United States

Sonja Wong, United States

Lynn Y, United States

Debra Brimer, United States

Diane Tedora, United States

Valerie Neilson, Canada

All animals, like all people, have the right to live.

Andree Desjardins, Canada

Rosemary Dowens, United Kingdom

I am signing on behalf of my sisters and brothers who cannot express themselves in human language.

isabelle ostfeld, France

Daniela Morris, South Africa

Elise von Gunten, United States

Caden Ryals-Luneburg, United States

Gary Reiners, United States

They deserve to be here.

Nicholas Lazzaro, United States

Lisa Frisone, United States

Anas Abbasovicz, Poland

Mercy for all

Catherine Meyers miller, Canada

Adriana DiGiacomo, United States

Jennifer Sales, United Kingdom

This is the most important thing I have ever signed, above mortgages & business leases! This must be implemented! Humans must be Humane, our fellow living creatures on earth need Animal Rights.

tori fisher, Australia

Lindsey Bradley, United Kingdom

Zara Hughes, United Kingdom

Laura Nevelos, United Kingdom

Michelle Roberts, United States

Barbara Burke, United States

Barbara Burke, United States

Lorentzo Mitrov, Bulgaria

Make It happen!

Daniela Olteanu, Romania

Florin Olteanu, Romania

Sandra Pearson, Australia

KELLY HARRIS, United States

I love all animals

Philotemo Kazolias, United States

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings

Ronny Crabbé, Belgium

Jemma Patterson, United Kingdom

Joanne Yeung, Hong Kong

All lives are equal.

Karen Armlin, United States

Kathy Sweeney, United States

I do believe that domesticated animals (pets) need to be sterilized due to overpopulation and thousands turned in to the kill shelters, or bred in puppy/kitten mills. Adopt don't shop is something that needs to be promoted.


Animals deserve rights just as humans do!

Mandy Robertson, United Kingdom

Victoria Worthy, United States

Cynthia Cashin, United States

Michelle Lein, Australia

Sara Pickard, Canada

Please give all animals on this planet these rights that they deserve.

Kathy Rafferty, United States

Karen Oberholster, South Africa

Caroline Sévilla, France, Metropolitan

Joanne Bryant, New Zealand

Suzanne Rex, United Kingdom

Will Parsley, United Kingdom


Carmine andrea Buonfrate, Australia

Mayson Mansour, Jordan

Ros Coleman, United Kingdom

Anj Prasad, Australia

Katiusha D’ Amore, Italy

Belinda Quinn, Australia

Robyn Higgins, South Africa

Natasha Murphy, Ireland

Stef Flanders, United Kingdom

Candy Hernandez, United States

Bianca Brüggemeier, Germany

K. Eichhof, United States

Sharyn Taylor, Australia

Eman Marridi, Jordan

Bari CANAGLIA, Italy

lets all pratice the "golden rule" and treat all others the way we want to be treated.

Autumn G-C, United States

Maite Roldán, United States

I am from Spain .

Cathy Larson, United States

Mandy White, Ireland

Morgan Barbanchon, Canada

Carole Addaberkane, United Kingdom

Mathilde GRESS, France

Iris Koch, Germany

Cats From Ulthar, Switzerland

Clare Oxenham, United Kingdom

Felipe Restrepo, United States

I consent the signature for the better good of the animal kindgdom wellbeing. LOVE

Keramia Findlay, Canada

Bella Rebell, Canada

Be their voice, step up and take action before all of our precious wildlife are extinct!

Maria Santis, United States

Lakshmi Mandaleeka, United States

Valerie Sorensen, United States

Bart Raelian Overvliet, Netherlands

Deborah Hall, United Kingdom

John Calligan, United States

Anna Brow, New Zealand

Jacqueline Thow, United Kingdom

Kinga Husveti, Hungary

Cally Arnold, South Africa

Jane Wilson, United Kingdom

Vritti Apple, Trinidad and Tobago

Michael Appeltans, Belgium

Marthe Notte, Belgium

Nicole Moore, United States

Harshani Muthukumara, Sri Lanka

Mónica Cal y Mayor, Mexico

Debbie Peacock, United Kingdom

Tom Van nueten, Belgium

charly lefebvre, France

Maie Khalil, United States

Lisa Sheridan, United States

Audra Pardoe, United Kingdom

Brienna Hall-Ricciardi, United States

Karen Stovall, United States

Isaac DelaTorre, United States

Animal Liberation

Jessica Nowak, United States

Animals have rights! They deserve our voice and our protection from those that seek to harm them.

Mona Engström, Sweden

Valerie Leppard, New Zealand

Susan Armstrong, United States

Clarissa Puccioni, Italy

Sally Caton, United Kingdom

Suzan Sider, United States


Sally Caton, United Kingdom

Coleen Tew, Canada

Aoife Hart, United States

Colby Steiner, United States

pippa collins, United Kingdom

Jay Luo, Canada

I don't like to rely on law to confront animal injustice, but in situations as dire as this, there's no better way which can prove just as effective otherwise. I understand the claims listed is an ideology and is flawed in some parts.

Sonia Phillips, United States

Lara Morrissey, United States

Anna Reedy, United States

Please please help the Earth and Animals. Thank you.

Colleen Freymuth, United States

Please everyone we need to stop the carnage of these poor animals......they deserve to live, we don't deserve to kill for profit, trophies or any thing, leave nature alone.

Iris Rea, United Kingdom

Please stop all this senseless killings, all animals feel pain and have emotions

Fadia Abughazaleh, Jordan

Sue Seden, United States

It is time

Joan Maynard, United Kingdom

Rebecca Shaver, Canada

lillian Gueli, United States

Ingrid Dessert, France

Stop killing the beautiful wildlife ! !

Chrisanthi Kostaki, Greece

Elke Riesterer, United States

Diana A, Romania

Go vegan

Alice King, United Kingdom

maja smith-marxer, Netherlands

Het doden en martelen van dieren moet onmiddellijk stoppen Dieren hebben ook gevoel !!!!

Marsha Mituram, Trinidad and Tobago

Cynthia Rayment, United States

Marco Santin, Brazil

Bonita Edwards, South Africa

hannele bergman, Finland

Pia Fischer, Denmark

Haneeen Hadadin, Jordan

Andrew Pardoe, United Kingdom

Michelle Wighman, Netherlands

Carol Small, United Kingdom

Annie Gibson-Harrison, United Kingdom

I have the greatest honour to sign this pledge and will work hard for animals and their rights, for the rest of my life.

Stuart Pike, United Kingdom

Lisa Laestadius, Sweden

Julie Shaver, Canada

Lana Powell, United States

This is a well written and inspirational document.

Andreea Nicoleta Iancu, Romania

Muireann Ni Dhroighneain, Ireland

Melanie Lower, South Africa

Denise Champs, United Kingdom

Amanda Jones, United Kingdom

Evelyn Peterson, United States

Sharon Mohanadas, Canada

Kristin Middleton, Canada

Cynthia Oshel, United States

Richard Seaman, United States

Animals have rights and must be treated with respect and love!

Lynne Russert, United States

Nicole O'Neill, United States

Close enough.

Silvana Giovo, Argentina

Luciana Amaral Silva, Brazil

Zuzana Peskova, United Kingdom

Daan Koster, Netherlands

Patricia Almeida, Norway

Cindy Hamann, United States

Karlien Vandecasteele, Belgium

norma villalobos, United States

Julie Sartorius, United Kingdom

Helena Krolikowski, Brazil

Annie Clark, United States

Helga Skjelbreia, Norway

Alex Orlov, United States

Astrid Lindbjerg, Denmark

Let's end this cruelty and respect all beings

Chelsea Siegfried, United States

Donna Easton, United Kingdom

Alyia Phelps-Gardiner-krumbiegel, United Kingdom

We are only the guardians of this planet it's our duty to look after and tend the voiceless

Radojka Quail, United Kingdom

Lexie Cataldo, United States

Karen Clarke, United States

Ian H Thomson, United Kingdom

Animals should have the same rights as humans and this ridiculous and arrogant assumed superiority that humans confer upon themselves abolished

Weldon Fitzgerald, United States

Elizabeth Heptinstall, United Kingdom

Sue Ann Molinell, United States

Louise Hunter, United Kingdom

Yvonne Albrecht, Switzerland

Munire Bilgic, United States

Humans are animals too. It's about universal rights for living sentient intelligent beings. Just because we communicate and live differently does not make one's right to live free and healthy less than the other.

Corinna Schulz, Cape Verde

Jane Linley, United States

Dee Kidd, United States


Paloma Cabral Guimarães, Brazil

Daphne Franse, Netherlands

Sandra Lucas, United States

Anna Jarmocik, Poland

elena sfia, Romania

Ann Wilson, South Africa

Adrian Romeo, South Africa

Madhuri Swamy, India

Humans must stop acting like the Earth belongs solely to them!

Regina Anjos, Brazil

Let's Respect Life

Claridge Browne, United States

Needs to happen. Please, let us make history so we have a future

Danika Ripper, Australia

Amandani Ariyarathna, Sri Lanka

Let's treat all the living beings same as they all deserve to be lived without pain and horror.

Christy Yoshimoto, United States

Andrea Walker, United States

Melinda Abraham, India

Let's end the cruelty to the sentiment beings

Nicole Wildeman, Canada

Helle Timmermann, Denmark

Claire Mourmouri, Greece

Deborah Alvers, United States

Teresa Bradford, United States

beatriz ramos, United States

voto para que se detenga el abuso, tortura, maltrato y abandono de animales y que sus derechos se hagan respetar


Emma Jarvis, United Kingdom

Robert Chretien, United States

Carol Dellasantina, United States

Lauren Pleavin, Canada

Sara Ismail, United States

Iro Michael, Cyprus

Roberto Buono, Canada

Denise Rose, United States

Ilona Csatlos-graudins, United Kingdom

Roberta Olivieri, Italy

Kees den Boeft, Netherlands

Nice initiative

Janet McLeod, United Kingdom

Juan Enrique Hinojosa, Canada

Word! The change starts with you.

Elisah Philips, Belgium

Greta Berghouse, South Africa

Jackie Dino Paris, United States

Tania Ghosh, India

Animals can happily survive without humans, but humans can never survive without them.

Sara Goodman, United States

Marie Larsson, Sweden

Michelle Williams, Australia

josette van pelt, Belgium

Emily Thornton, United Kingdom

Lily Damo, Cyprus

About time I hope we will see results

Lori Gannon, United States

Carol Clarke, United States

Carly Nakamura, United States

Michelle Ruth Hunt, United Kingdom

Save our animals - let them have peace, freedom and safety.


Nivedha D, Singapore

Save our animals, save our Earth.

Tina Dulmage, Canada

This is long over due.

nancy o, United States

Jenny Hobbs, United Kingdom

Bonnie Brandt, Canada

Kevin Stanton, United States

Karolina Manns, United Kingdom

Raihana Bari, United States

molly boman, South Africa

Yvonne Alserda, Netherlands

brenda smith, United States

Louise Andrews, United Kingdom

Gayathri Ramesh, India

Jessica Sejnaui, Colombia

Lisa Schneider, Germany

Roma Scott, United Kingdom


Dani Medearis, United States

Aware of just how much avoidable suffering is experienced by other species at the hands of human beings, it's tempting to scream out in justifiable rage that those who ignore this are either fools or sociopaths.

Kim Moore, Canada

Paula Podolsky, United States

Martha Cantu, Mexico

They deserve this world more than any human. Respect our Mother Nature creatures !

Bharath Asuri, India

Karin Knowlton, Canada

Bryan Demeritte, United States

I hereby agree!

Dana Hunnes, United States

I believe that animals have every much rights to live on earth without fear, or persecution just as we do. They evolved before for us, and we are destroying them.

Tess Della Ventura, Canada

Howard Fleming, United Kingdom

Alex Becea, United States

Halin Valerie, France, Metropolitan

Irma Wouters, South Africa

Raymond Del Colle, United States

The golden Rule and our Circle of Compassion and Service must be expanded to include wild animals and farmed animals.

Deborah Blum, United States

Jean-Claude De-Grimaldi, United States

Edelgard Prion, South Africa

All animals must be protected.

Lise Brade, Denmark

Help them now, please

Bold Olimpia, Romania

M Greco, United States

Florence Dumont, United Kingdom

Paola Zanotti, Monaco

Miruna Orsa, Austria

verica sinzar, Serbia

KELLY LAWHON, United States

Robin Alexander, United States

Proverbs 12:10 The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

Allison Guy, Canada

We need to protect animals for future generations!

nasima sultana, United Kingdom

adriana maggi, Argentina

Sammarye Lewis, United States

Eileen Kelly, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Wardle, United States

Diane Beaudoin Beaudoin, United States

Lea Griffith, United Kingdom

Donna Berger, United States

Vivian Walter-Duru, Nigeria

Carol Cohen, United Kingdom

Letizia Bisacchi, Italy

Mary Jonik, Canada

Piruthvi Chendur Palanisamy, India

Venessa Sherman, United States

Donna Griffin, United States

Cindy De kok, Netherlands

Jordi Windey, Belgium

Live up to your moral standards.

Holly Walker, Canada

We do not have any right to eat other living feeling creatures. We all feel pain and experience fear.

Anthony Tracy, United States

All lives matter!!

Pat Newson, United States

I’m in Canada - not on list!

Katherine Ranning, Philippines

Animals do not have intelligence unlike us(human being) We should therefore, not kill them just to satisfy our hunger or tummy. We should use our intelligence not our cravings or satisfaction just to eat without thinking for their welfare.

Amy Batten, United Kingdom


Ariana Abourezk, United States

Zoe C, Italy

Nick Schmidt, United States

Shawna Garrett, United States

End speciesism!

SASkia Van der neut, Panama

GO VEGAN already!!!

Tanisha Parker, United States

Help end suffering. Save the voiceless! Go vegan!

elise sheldon, United States

Madalina Filip, Romania

gabriela malinas, Romania

GO VEGAN and stand up for your animal pals

Yossarian Robins, United Kingdom

Kristine Larsen, Denmark

Jeronimo Ezquer, Japan

Justice does not discriminate between species. Animal equality is a moral imperative.

Simona Eastlake, United Kingdom

leonardo gonzalez, Mexico

Sue Armisge, United Kingdom

Naomi O'Connor, Ireland

Clare Weber, United Kingdom

No animal/s should be subjected to cruel, inhumane treatment. We can learn so much from animals & they deserve their place on this earth too.

Anna Lange, Netherlands

Josie Faulkes, United Kingdom

Our humanity is reflected by how we treat the most vulnerable beings, the animals. Show your humanity with kindness and compassion <3

Madeline S. Hernandez, United States

Ingrid Rosemeyer, Australia

The greatest privilege that comes with freedom of speech is using your voice for those that don't have one.

Mary Thorsteinson, United States

John Bonello, Malta

Carolyn Green, Italy

Devin Orander, United States

Over 3 years without consuming any animal products, over 7 without consuming the flesh, GO VEGAN and stand up for your animal pals, not just the "cute and fluffy" ones.

Ellen Rogers, United Kingdom

Patricia Guthrie, United States

Mona Okour, Jordan

Maria Madureira, United Kingdom

We have to ensure our future generation can see animals roaming free in their own habitats.

Pop Catalina, Romania

Izabel Balog, Romania

This should've happened a long long time ago!

Santosh Krishnan, India

Tonia Carrier, United States

Nadaeen Nana, United States

Ji Yeun Lee, United States

Jill Langer, Spain

Robin Skoglund Snyder, United States

I respect all life and until my last breath will honor this commitment to ALL non human animals.

Kathleen Leach, Australia

Christine Chevalier, Canada

That all living beings may be treated with respect and dignity...

Sinead Sukerta, Canada

Mira Tosar, United Kingdom

They can not speak for themselves we are their voice let’s be heard loud and clear. The earth was made for all beings not just Human Beings.

Anna Lee Simpson, United States

jill batty, Canada

Tammy Robertson, United States

Julia Ward, Poland

gail Summers, United Kingdom

Gisele Oertel, South Africa


Petet Douglas, Canada

Amanda Servellon, United States

anat zamberg, United States

Jeanine Jordaan, South Africa

I pledge my life to animals.

Julie George, United Kingdom

Adelina Daniela, Romania

Emma Olsen, South Africa

Mark Trewick, United Kingdom

All animals have as much right to life and to freedom, justice and equality as we humans do

Jeannie Ware, United States

Moosh Bolton, United Kingdom

Sharon Wardle, United Kingdom

Karelia Rodriguez, United States

We are all born free. It's our birth given right.

Cherry Young, Canada

Nelly-Charlott Schneider, Germany

Raymond Danford, United States

Belén Comi, Spain

Sheena Neil, Australia

The animals deserve rights too

Carolyne DIGRIZ, Belgium

Wendy Jonas, United States

Diane McKeel, United States

Meg Worrell, Australia

Krishna Priya, India

Rob Zuiker, Netherlands

Iro Georgopoulos, Greece

Alison Brady, United Kingdom

Jennifer Gibbons, United Kingdom

Kirsty Gladwyn, United Kingdom

Emmy Hucker, New Zealand

Joanna Lotoczko, United Kingdom

Adrian Chaffee, United States

Jerri Gingrich, United States

Pamela Rutherford, Australia

Alexandra Dufond, Canada

ute Davies, Germany

Penny Anstey, South Africa

Sangita Iyer, Canada

Adam Dunn, United Kingdom

Ayala Stern, United States

Vanessa Silva, Germany

Vladut Aurel, Romania

Tin Ko, Hong Kong


Sofie de Volder, Belgium

Grecu Camelia, Romania

Linda Nichols, United States

Mel Guzman, United States

Karen Jenkins, United States

All lives matter.

Lovee Giorno, United States

Michelle MAISON, France

L'Humain n'a aucune conscience de la souffrance animale qu'il engendre dans sa course effrénée au profit. Il devra rendre des comptes tôt ou tard.

Jess Fielden, United Kingdom

Animals are not ours to exploit and kill for our own gains. I believe in a world where we can all live harmoniously. We are by no means close to seeing that world yet but for every person that chooses to go vegan, we are one step closer x

Andrei Talpos, Romania

Free animals

Eleanore Black, United Kingdom

Go vegan! ❤️

mihael fucek, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Schneider Adrian Andrei, Romania

Marina Bekker, South Africa

This is so IMPORTANT! ANIMALS make us human!

Evelyne Delatri, Canada

Rhea Metituk, Canada

Anthony Collini, United States

Until every cage is empty.

Chris Murphy, United Kingdom

My hope is that in the future this will be seen as a landmark declaration which set a new standard for human beings living in harmony with and as a respectful part of nature.

Joan Cambria, United States

Ashley Kunath, United States

Dorothea Iordanescu Fogarasi, Romania

Fabian Heilmann, Sweden

Felicia Hashim, United States

Emanuele Luzzi, Italy

Missy Crutchfield, United States

We are #AllGodsCreatures. We must learn to live nonviolently and to coexist with all living things...#WeAreOne

Victoria Bennett, United Kingdom

This is a change that needs to happen for our souls.every life has value and a right to live x

Sarah Leclaire, United States


Melissa Turner, United States

May Mcdermott, United States

Charlotte Hamilton, New Zealand

Every animal deserves a life of freedom, it pains me that others cannot see anything wrong with the current treatment of animals.

Miren Kruse, Australia

Joanne Guerrisi, Australia

Ramona Falk, Australia

Paul Josefsson, Sweden

Eliana Correia, Portugal

Marie line Michel, United States

Pran Kur, Australia

Valquiria Bottecchia, Switzerland

Judy Fujioka, Canada

Julie Wiggins, United Kingdom

I believe that all animals and sentient beings are equal and deserve respect. They are not commodities. All are Precious and I defend their rights to a long, dignified and safe existence

Brenda garcia, United States

Gelareh Shariaty, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Terri Ciccone, United States

Monica Lewin, Canada

Janet Kent, United Kingdom

I totally agree that ALL animals deserve respect and the right to live their lives to the full , in freedom and safety

Maria von Wachenfeldt, Sweden

Sheila Roberson, United States

All Life Matters! Gargoyles Animal Rescue Eastern USA

John Bryant, South Africa

Rozalyn Anderson, United Kingdom

Emiliënne Verbeeck, Belgium

Carla Cabral, United States

Darren Smith, United States

Andrea Guadalupi, Australia


Medi Jones-Williams, United Kingdom

Marta Uustamm, Estonia

They have same rights as us (as being animals!

Eleftheria Koutsiadi, Greece

Kristina Angeles, United States

Madison Lippert, United States

lolly elliott, United Kingdom

Love all animals creatures on the planet stop killing every thing before its too late Humans have no right to do this!

daniella zohar, Israel

Albert Rivera, United Arab Emirates

Jaque Parisien, Canada

Gemma Smith, United States

Salie Lucido, Philippines

I will fight against animal abuse. VEGAN RULES

Andrea Meggiorin, Italy

Susan Derwin, United States

Amanda Heywood, United Kingdom

Amanda Soares, Canada

Carlos Torrico, Argentina

Feda Elayyan, Jordan

Carmell Arthur, United States

Lauren Elkins, Australia

Coral Kershaw, New Zealand

Sharon Cornett, United States

Geraldine Portelli, Malta

Rim Riabi, Tunisia

Lorin Deer, Australia

Cassandra Kynoch, Australia

Toni Parker, United Kingdom

Lucia Martin, Germany

Rachel Griffiths, Canada


Tae Woong Kim, Korea, Republic of

Amanda Dacosta, Canada

Melanie McLean, Australia

Ryan Bozkewycz, Australia

Megan Norotsky, United States

Adriana Basail, Mexico

Ia for all live rights !

sam wynants, Belgium

Erin Riley-Carrasco, United States

Matthew Thomas, United Kingdom

Joan Petty, United States

Virginie Nollot, France

Jackee Van Akin, United States

Bon Dela Cruz, Philippines

Gabe Vincenti, Italy

Lucy Marinelli, Australia


Krishen Lim, Malaysia

We're all one in different forms.

Eszter Sokorai, Hungary

Deborah Reid, United Kingdom

Christina Alexandrou, Greece

Perias Pillay, United States

Aavyusam Karthik, India

I pledge that I will do everything I can to spread awareness about animals, their behaviour, their pain, their lives and needless to mention, their rights. This is personal for me because it is about my own extended family. Enough is enough

Abigail Behrends, United States

Anjana Nagabhushana, India

By signing this declaration, I declare that I will fight against ALL animal abuse. Regardless of whether animals are murdered for "research", "native medicine" or commerce.

Lydia Psilovikou-Cave, Greece

Animals have feelings. They can feel the joy, the pain, the sadness, the fear and most of all, they love in a very special innocent and pure way. They deserve our respect and care! We must support their rights!

Shannon Lee, United States

Ulva Solveig Arntsen Lea, Norway

Frauke Horsten, Belgium

Mohammad Hdeib, Germany

Elaine Bunge, South Africa

Animals are sentient beings, we share this planet with them. We need to acknowledge and repect their lives and their habitats, if we are to survive as a species.

Alaa Abu Yassin, Jordan

javier sanz, United States

There is absolutely no justification for the torture or killing of innocent animals. Those who actively participate and/or support in any shape or form this barbaric and sadistic practice must have a huge hole in their soles. Deep inside

Tina Jenko, Slovenia

Abijeet Adhikari, Nepal


Chelsea Moore, Canada


Patricia oertlinger, Australia

Ariella Getrajhendler, Canada

Fantastic! I would like a poster of this.

Deborah O'Shaughnessy, United Kingdom

Paula Gilbard, Australia

This is serious.

Alba Bonasera, Australia

Carolyn Counts, United States

Humans are the worst species to walk on God's earth. ANIMALS teach one another far better than humans have ever treated them! I pray for the day when animals mean as much as any human!!

santheep rs, India

Jessica Swartz, South Africa

panagiotis rigopoulos, Greece

Fidaa Hadid, Jordan

Calin Stinghe, Romania

Maria Kouhli, Netherlands

"speak for those who cannot speak for themselves" One day all animal abusers get what they deserve, because life on earth may be a certain time, but your soul is Forever! Do you want to deal with your ugly soul Forever?

I. Vanderm, Netherlands

Summer Coley, Canada

esther Brun, United States

Louise Quirey, United Kingdom

Krystal Ortega, United States

Kathy Kelly, United States

Animals deserve rights

Adriana Yamane, Japan

Karen Dodson, Australia

Hannah Townsend, United Kingdom

Shany Day, United Kingdom

We're all on this planet together and all deserve an equal chance to live. That goes to all species.

Jennie Lonsdale, Australia

As there comes about an end to Speciesism, the non human Animals will be liberated , we humans will be humbled and understand our place in this world and justice and peace will reign.

Ania Brown, New Zealand

Manda Van Os, Canada

Mollie Semple, United Kingdom

And get rid of the human rights assumed by some people who think they have dominance over animals and the natural world.

Karen Gleave, United Kingdom

Lisa Lorimer, New Zealand

Go vegan!! We all want to live

Juan Coronado, Mexico

Every life is important as same as than any other life in this world

Delie Posnanski, Italy

Go vegan! The world needs more compassion.

Lyn Parker, Australia

Friends not food, entertainment or clothing.

Kathrin Friedl, Ireland

Animals deserve better!

Matt Froese, Australia

Nancy Powroznik, Canada

Elayne Marie Deane, Ireland

Save and Respect All Animals... Go Vegan.

Amanda Fox, United States

Andreea Tudor, Romania

john brusen, New Zealand

Maren Kato, United States

Alicia Juarez, Mexico

Kathleen Gomez, United States

We are one!!!

Monika Klewe, Germany

Rowan Endres, United States

Mariska Goertz, Netherlands

Adida Fallen Angel, Canada

We are here together! we have to make it work

zion barthuly, United States

Vanessa Rojas, Peru

Emmy Ibrahimovic, Canada

Go vegan to save animals!!

Yeojin Choi, Korea, Republic of

Jan Egan, United States

Cirenia Torres, United States

Christine Schermerhorn, United States

Mackenzie Phillips, United States

Animals deserve love and respect, as we all do.

Judy Ransom, Canada

Carolina Santos, Brazil

Yvonne Marley, United States

Yael Shimshon, Israel

Leah Rowntree, Canada

ocean shensei, Thailand

Animals are sentient beings just like humans, they deserve to be loved and treated with respect.

Adriana Beatty, Mexico

Katya Efremova, United States

Irini Ntafouli, Greece

Rylee Bereza, Canada

Tracey McCabe, United States

Pamlia Connell, United States

Wendy Morton, Canada

Lisa Hooper, United States

Roxana Sámano, Mexico

Todos los animales merecen vivir en paz. Debemos protegerlos siempre!

Lisa Peterson, United States

Jake Gallon, Australia

albert rykhof, United States

All animal lives have natural rights to live free and clear of unnatural human rights.

Michele Toney, United States

Eileen Borromeo, Philippines

Malaika Roemer, United States

Rachael Welder, United States

Barbara Whitsitt, United States

Viviana Tello, United States

Sarah Hewson, United States

Sarah Mitchell, Australia

Anastasia Sevastian, United States

Rebecca Enzenauer, United States

Brent Pennell, Canada

Danielle Lopez, Philippines

Jo-lene Sathorar, South Africa

carlos otero, Spain

Maya Pardo, United States

We all need to go vegan ASAP its the only way to stop harming animals

Anchit K, India

Animals should be treated equally, given enough space while constructing any city.

Claudia Geiszler, United States

Respect all animals

Jerri Grantland, United States

Amanda Bassett, United States

Rituraj Phukan, India

We are all connected. Live And Let Live.

Tsering Samker, Canada

MILES BEINING, United States

We will keep fighting until they are all free.

Brett Palladino, United States

Ann val, Canada

Den Ibuki, Philippines

Jules Kopel, South Africa

kaitlen ridings, New Zealand

Eunice Pellerin, Canada

Lori Egresi, United States

Animals Rights Matter. They have a Heart. They have a Soul. ❤❤❤

Lara Milton, Australia

Anna Schmidt, United States

Algem Cris Crusis, Philippines

Rocio Salazar, Colombia

Max Rivers, United States

About time!

Tiffany Grimm, United States

Ometh Layton, Colombia

Nelly Lopez, Colombia

Joanne Andrews, Australia

Tatiana Torres, Colombia

Pamela Luber, Philippines

Deborah Benenati, United States

Kerri Bradford, Canada

Kim-Marie Laraby, Canada

Danae Tonge, Canada

christel Lindemann, Canada

Cyntia Brosseau, Canada

Kathryn Antenbring, Canada

Traci Vaccaro, United States

Robert McNeil, Canada

There is no excuse - for animal use.

Deb Chase, United States

Judy Haynes, Australia

Sophia Karlsborn, Sweden

Stefania Mantelli, United Kingdom

Bernabe Angeles, Philippines

Carol Vincent, United States

Stockton Garver, United States

Rod McCabe, United States

Marcy Barnes, United States

Annie Hay, United States

Linda Ashworth, Australia

Animals are not ours

Jill Tinsley, United States

Mechelle Giron, Philippines

Madeleine Cain, Australia

Christine Cordes, United States

Shelly Lynn, United States

Francisco Luevano, United States

Andee Campos, Australia

Sally Corfield, Australia

Sara Awwad, Jordan

Lucia Magalhaes Pereira, Ireland

We can make the change. We must make the change here and now!!

Olivia Ohm, United States

Michelle Mahoney Beck, United States

Muriel WYNNOBEL, Canada


Sebastian Schneider, Netherlands

Kallum Brown, Australia

fee lehouiller, Canada

Ricardo Love, United States

Yasmine Badawi, United States

Taneshia Blake, United States

Indira Bowen, Trinidad and Tobago

disiane zan, Australia

Alberto Subtil, Portugal

XXI century....the right time to do the right thing

Claudia Farina, Canada

Sandra Koelsch, United Kingdom

Joyce Ilgenfritz, United States

Damian Laska, Poland

Shannon Hoffman, United States

Lois Grace-Gecsey, United States

Melodie Miller, United States

Starr Rockhill, United States

Elena Marian, United States

Katherine Mcintosh, Australia

Jacob Relkin, Israel

Ursula Domzalski, Australia

Amy Conte, United States

Shari Baker, United States

Martha Camacho, United States

Orr Shoshani, Israel

Eric Reichenbach, Canada

Darko Vlahov, United Kingdom

Edilma Ipiranga, Brazil

Sheila Vandemark, United States

Demetra Emerson, United States

Michelle McReynolds, United States

kevin Farrell, United States

Peachie Dioquino-Valera, Philippines

Wendy Worell, United States

Lavinia Ion, Romania

D Hunter, Netherlands

Robert Batchelor, Australia

Paul Fedot, Romania

Roger Baker, United States

Liselle Baker, United States

Lisa Pitchon-Getzels, United States

Michele Costello-Lettau, United States

Jasna Kranar, Germany

Gillian Lauder, Canada

Ceris Watt, United Kingdom

Lex Villanieva, United Arab Emirates

Nancy Siy, Philippines

Caroline Vanhonsebrouck, France

Elexcyus Kramble, Canada

Animals are NOT ours to do whatever we THINK we want. The tourcher NEEDS to stop.

Chris Dunn, United Kingdom

eve mative, Estonia

Hannah Lancing, United States

Eva M. Roditis, Greece

All animals deserve love, freedom and a happy life!

Gord Sanderson, Canada

alexander denaxas, Greece

Nayha Wright, Australia

Josie Wilks, United Kingdom

Melinda Lee, United States

Shirley Aldred, United Kingdom

Lina Soltani, Canada

Sylvia Badger, United States

None are free until all are free.....Emma Lazarus

Katy Clark, United Kingdom

Susan Goulet, United States

Katie Wilson, United States

Gustavo Martínez, Venezuela

Monia Welcman, Brazil

Kelly Schwartz, United States

Animals deserve rights and should be respected

Remco Duckers, Belgium

Go vegan

judi dunlap, United States

Björn Holmström, Spain

Judy Wiebe, Canada

Judi Lewis, United States

Shane Sayers, United Kingdom

Mary Nicolaou, United States


Anita Mayangpuspa, Indonesia

Stephanie Armendariz, United States

Kimberly Nowland, United States

Viviana Andrea Ospina Giraldo, Colombia

Kimberlee Hamilton, United States

Rebecca Rae, United Kingdom

Mary Ann Magnelli, United States

Naama Lapidot, Israel

Radmila Bota, Canada

Shena Louise, United Kingdom

Sophie Bourgeois, Canada

Rachèl Gerrits, Netherlands


Athena V, Greece

Hayley Hartzenberg, South Africa

christine selby, United Kingdom

Animals deserve to be cherished instead we abuse and use kill them

Melissa Dass, Trinidad and Tobago

Sonia Kassab, Germany

sandra pinto, Portugal

Anthea Wood, Australia

Paul Rumbles, United Kingdom

Rick Udler, Brazil

Beth Thom, Canada

Jessica Bosman, Netherlands

dr0is conscious phoenix, Greece

Michelle Kohler, United States

Andrew Athan, Greece

Sonia Santos, Portugal

Carol Rodriguez, United States

Lisa Bøhm, Denmark

Sheila Sloan, United Kingdom

Catherine Geismar, France

George Filhour, United States


Aliki Efstathiou, Greece

Josephine Sutton, New Zealand

Linda Browning, United States

Marta López, Spain

Andrea Wilson, Canada

Deed Richert, Netherlands

Cheri Bishop, United States

Tammy Barnhart, United States

Stephanie McCullum, United States

Albert Lauer, Netherlands

Annika Vesterager, Denmark

Leigh Vlassis, Germany

Ross Damo, United Kingdom

Harriet Dodd, United Kingdom

Andrea McCoy, United States

Ines von Felbert, Netherlands

Carolyn Brown, United Kingdom

Animals should have there own rights now !!!!

Jana Duplakova, Slovakia

Mishele Hobson, United States

Stefan Bolea, Romania

Colleen Young, United States

Cortney Danielle, United States

Jennifer Nitz, United States

Samantha Jackson, Canada

Chloe Bril, United States

Stephanie Ewen, Canada

Breanna McMurtrie, United States

Andrew Campbell, Canada

Elizabeth Salter, United Kingdom

This is so important

Simone Crowley, United States

michelle lewis, Spain

Nastassia Saidak, United States


Francis Stubbe, Netherlands

Alejandra Gonzalez, Panama

Rodi Ioannidou, Greece

Annette Novelli, United States

Christina Hancock, Canada

Melinda Bohlen, United States

Because it's the right thing to do...

Tina Collins, United States

Paul Bird, United Kingdom

Leslie Padorr, Canada

Hugo Lémuz, Bolivia

Tina Retsi Perdal, Sweden

Virginie Bonnet Boisseranc, France

christina anderson, United Kingdom

Mike Niko, Singapore

Serena Schneider, United States

Giannis Maniatis, Greece

Luis Homocianu, Romania

adam spencer-bone, Canada

Maria Scourta, Greece

N Prasad, India

Pat Marshall, United States

Julia Webb, United Kingdom

Tina La Cock, Germany

Andy Fabel, United States

Pita Pain, Norway

Even Mehlum, Norway

Rosanne Couston, United States

Noelani Bluemist, Norway

Heather Collins-Dudas, United States

Live Vegan!

anne williford, United States

Human life, non-human animal life. . .its all the same. We are no better just because we have opposable thumbs and larger frontal lobes. We have no right to imprison and torture.

Eva Ferret Mehlum, Norway

I will fight for the animals till my last breath! I will fight against specisism and animal abuse as long as I live!

Pamela Lawton, United Kingdom

Jacquelyn Butler, United States

Adrijana Djuric, United Kingdom

May men see the light and let animals live !!!

Michelle Rawsthorne, United Kingdom

SHARON LOREN, United States

Cheryl Hugle, United States

Sarah Mouysset, Germany

Sarah Stephenson, Australia

Catherine Hodsman, United Kingdom

Mo Cesano, United Kingdom

Michael Strickland, Germany

Loren De Feo, Italy

Jan Turton, United Kingdom

Clair Evans, United Kingdom

Niclas Sörman, Sweden

taia tageson, United States

Lisa Schager-Klics, United States

Patricia Laczko, Romania

Mae Vercnocke, United States

Korina Kyriakou, United Kingdom

Renu X, India

Sara Villarreal, United States

Sima Yershov, United States

Alyssa Jahns, United States

Amber Manske, United States

Ashley Taylor, United Kingdom

Ester Evenås, Sweden

carol schwers, United States

Carlos Viana, Portugal

Isabelle Valente, United States

Animals should have the same protection rights as humans do and live a safe and happy life.

Stephanie Holley, United States

Animals should be treated better!

Paige DeCecco, United States

Tiffany Hahner, United States

Isabelle Valente, United States

Elizabeth Kahn, South Africa

Thought shalt not kill. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We are all a part of God's creation.

Lucy Dunkley-rudd, United Kingdom

Gaynor Wright, Canada

Foxy Kula, Monaco

Matt Nicholls, United Kingdom

Samarjit Mahurkar, India

Animals deserve equal rights as humans

Thomas Ainsworth, United Kingdom

Eat no one.

Lisa Dixon-Schurder, Germany

Please, humans! Abide by these truths!


Rossana Castagnetto, Canada

If we desire a more peaceable world we need to start at the root of the problem..... To treat others no matter the species with the same consideration and respect we like to be treated. Animal rights is imperative to make this a realizati

Lewis Grant, United Kingdom

Danielle Myers, United States

Laura Meynaert, Belgium

Michael Spencer, United States


Ildiko David, Hungary

Emily Atkinson-Dalton, United Kingdom

Duncan McLaren, United Kingdom

Animals have rights!

Cristina Burello, United Kingdom

Aungelique Baugus, United States


Adam Kuziemski, Poland

gabrielle formolo, Belgium

salome heinricht, Switzerland

alex myles, United States

Leona Ford, South Africa

Fee Ait-Baha, Belgium

Ashley Threadingham, United States

Cécile Topet, Belgium

Zahra Kassam, Canada

erina boulch, United States

Barbra Gomez, Mexico

Hassan Mehmood Mehmood Alam, Pakistan

Morgana Omaleki, United States

George Moneftsis, Greece

I am quite surprised this hasn't been enacted yet...

María Sánchez, Spain

Elena Maltseva, Российской Федерации

Shirley Bell, United States

Lynda Callista, United States

necole cook, United States

Elvira Muratova, Kyrgyzstan

Alexandra Mateásková, Czech Republic

I believe in a world freedom for all beings. <3

Natalya Yesipovs, Kazakhstan

ольга арсеньева, Kyrgyzstan

Marsha Galos, Philippines

Let's stop the use of animals for food, fun and profit!

Karen Jones, United Kingdom

I support the Right Of Animals to live free from harm and abuse in all its guises.

Stevie Melikian, United States

We all need to take a stand for animals!

kayla beard, United States

animals are human being just like us and so they should have the same rights like us no matter what shape or form we are all connected as one one way or another

Rafael Acosta, United States

sue schümmer, Germany

Samantha Fairley, New Zealand

Wojciech Uszko, Poland

oksana Vakoulenko, United Kingdom

Kerry Stanley, United Kingdom

Maria Craigie, Portugal

I strongly support this long overdue declaration of animal rights. Animals are sentient beings, as humans are.

Stefan Fuchs, Canada

Every person should sign

Alison Eaton, Australia

I strongly support this declaration, long overdue. Lets do it


I strongly support this declaration. I would like to know how can I provide more support. Regards, Ercan

Inna Sheketera, Ukraine

Guilherme Silva, Brazil

Thauany Faria, Brazil

Lais Tosta, Brazil

elena yablochnaya, Ukraine

Jeanne Acosta-Caipe, United States

Tatiana Tikhanoff, Greece

In Greece as well as in Cyprus!!!

Bob Proko, United States

Lois Hamilton, United States


KENNETH FERRIS, United Kingdom

All life as the right to live happy and safe.

Guy Liogier, France

Christine Harris, United States

Please have mercy on animals now.

Christine Nicholls, United Kingdom

I agree with everything said on this petition

lita oetomo, Indonesia

Meghan Schuessler, United States

Dawsena Halsey, United States

Tommy Nguyen, Vietnam

If you love animals, Go Vegan!

Lynn Kantor, United States

Johan van der Sluis, Netherlands

Not any animal deserves it too be threatened like if they mean nothing at all.

David Karol Bauch, Germany

... that`s how it should be - species-appropriate is only freedom! power to the enslaved!

Deanna Bollo, Portugal

I commend this as there is no more time to lose in granting all animals the absolute right to life! Billions die per year to fill the pockets of the very corporate mercenaries that are impoverishing us all. Not negotiable!

Liv Lofink, United States

Multi Devi, United States

There is no difference between a human and Animal life. Just leave these as they are as they are part of us.

Sol Rivera, United States

Nicole McDonald, Canada

Thank you for trying to end the suffering.

Marianne Ivarsson, Sweden

Anna Tagliabue, United States

Humans are NOT superior of any other living beings on this Earth. All animals should be respected and protected and they have the same rights to live their lives here WITH us. We all must care more. A lot more if we wish to survive.

Suzanne Schnitzer, United States

Mahatma Gandhi acutely observed that "the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." “To seek to reduce the suffering of those who are completely under one's domination, and unable to f

Lisa Ponomaryova, Ukraine

Jennie Justice, United Kingdom

Sally Arredondo, United States

nina cardoso, United Kingdom

Dave Garcin, South Africa

Kim Frederick, United States

Lupe Cajero, United States

Patricia Anderson, United States

Jewell Batway, United States

Suzanne Grunberg, Australia

Please put a law in place that anyone who inflicts any sort of abuse to any animal shall be heavily prosecuted and put in jail (prison) for a very long time.

Alyona Rusnak, Ukraine

Tanya Butenko, Ukraine

Yana Gerasimova, Ukraine

Kateryna Barabash, Ukraine

Peace, people.

Sabrina Teta, United States

Лукьянец Наталья, Ukraine

Yevhenii Artemenko, Ukraine

Animals must be protected!

Nicole Mai, Australia

Julia Yunina, Российская Федерация

Mira Ross, United States

Prayers please, to transform the mindset of the majority who continue to "love animals" while enslaving and slaughtering them by the billions.

christianne deldevert, Guadeloupe

Serge Marinec, Netherlands

John Wedderburn, Indonesia

Robert Frank, United States

svetlana bojko, Ukraine

martine vrassy, Greece

vanessa abisambra, Colombia

Louis Boucher, Canada

Troy Tolley, United States

No Compassion, No Peace; Know Compassion, Know Peace

Michael Lipo, United Kingdom

Caroline Aguilar Rosendo, Brazil

Olga Treyman, Russian Federation

patrick longé, France

Markus Hecht, Germany

Antonio Pozuelo, United Kingdom

Claudia Toledo Macias, Mexico

Amos a los animales

Anastasia Zatonskaya, Russian Federation

Sarah Vance, United States

Lilian Wood, United States

We must take care of the world and its beings.

wendy leys, Belgium

Jorge Omar Ocampo, Spain

Frankie Marsh, United States

Animals are like us...they have a heartbeat..bleed...& have emotions...they must be treated humanly!

K. Hendricks, United States

Robin Ramsay, Australia

Hana Shtilman, Israel



Sharlene Ramirez, United States

Ron Pearson, United States

eva girit-azzolini, Germany

Marina Claessens, United Kingdom

Alisha saro, Malaysia

Colin Kramer, United States

Erik Beekman, Netherlands

Annemie Leeuwenburg, Netherlands

Nicole Bannink, Netherlands

Cheryl Andrews, United Kingdom

This is what our world needs right now across the globe

Anto Spain, United States

Gertrud Weber, Germany

Elke Lattmann, Canada

Gabriele Bonn, Spain

Jane Penman, United States

This should serve as our guide if we are truly wise.

Sigrid Müller, Germany

Astrid Laban, Germany

Jacob Askenbom, Sweden

Vicki Anderson, Canada

All animals have right to live and be protected. Please do so

Merrin Buchan, New Zealand

Pamela Burridge, United States

Jade Armstrong, Canada

Emanuele Berti, Canada

Francine Hébert, Canada

Krystyna Lebioda Grajczyk, Poland

Aleksandra Skiljevic, Canada

Isabelle Salt, Netherlands

Vanessa Lord, United Kingdom

Mikhail Kosachev, Russian Federation

Nicole Sapalovski, Canada

Sabine Haas, Germany


Celeste Klose, Australia

We are all Earthly beings.

Therese Kearton, United Kingdom

Celia Solomon, Canada

Julie Barratt, Australia

Christy Murphy, United States

Animals deserve rights.

Richard Taylor, United States

Vanesa Alegre, Argentina

Animals need to be protected. Stop usibg them

Elena Ustinova, Russian Federation

Meg Wilson, United States

May we all be happy and free from suffering!!

Сергей Буранов, Russian Federation

Лариса Буранова, Russian Federation

Donna Blair, United States

Christopher Hodgson, Australia

Karen S Wirima, United States

Jessica van Niekerk, South Africa

Debby Osepchuk, United States

Gary Stefancyk, United States

Caitlin Osepchuk, United States

JoAnne Ruiz, United States

Urszula Marciniak, Australia

sirena green, United States

Chris Noll, Germany

All beings have a right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of their Happiness.

Nicole Lane, Australia


the best action for a peaceful world

Vladimir Gleibman, Israel

Susanne Franke, Germany

Animals are sentient and conscious subjects of their lives, not objects for our use. What happens to them, matters to them. Therefore, they matter morally and must not be excluded from our ethics. End speciesism! Go vegan!

Catherine Perinet, France

It is high time that our fellow animals on this planet get the respect of humans and the full rights they deserve as much as us.

Geri Meldrum, Australia

Louise Forbes, Australia

Its the right thing to do

Harry Bolman, Australia

Renee Elhen, Australia

Danielle Dyer, United Kingdom

marion jackson, Ireland

Esther Kristel, New Zealand

Vanessa Culbert, United Kingdom

Laurence Lumes, France

Sikara Erth, Australia

Aleesha Beck, Australia

Anna Nikolasevic, Canada

Dani Orth, United States

Zac Byrne, Australia

Animals are more deserving of this planet then humans, humans are the cancer of this planet, anywhere humans are animals die and the planet is killed. Sad

SP kueh, Singapore

Jannah Fahiz, Australia

Elizabeth Cook-Long, Australia

It is time to step up as the caretakers of the planet.

Amber Holley, United States

Cheryl Spicer, Australia

Kristy Williams, Australia

Christine McCoy, Australia

Christine Hahn, Australia

We all share the planet.

Amber Simpson, Australia

Wendy Linton, United States

Vicki Cryer, Australia

Paul Gallo, United States

Monica Quinones, United States

Kim Clarke, Australia

Animal cruelty and exploitation must not be tolerated. It is a reflection of our lack of humanity. We must be better than this.

Ryan Drake, Australia

Brooke Stojanovic, Australia

Alice Dee, United States

I am a vegan for life, and I agree with the overwhelming justness of granting animals rights as laid out in this proclamation.

Valerie Lewis, Australia

Kristy Free, Australia

Cinzia Caporali, Italy

George Heustis, United States

Rachelle Carey, United States

Daniela Battistella, Canada

Irina Bondareva, Russian Federation

Olga Ovechkina, Russian Federation

Ivar Leksa, Russian Federation

Alisa Nikitina, Russian Federation

heather hintz, United States

Jodi Mercer, United States

Susan Mcivor, United States

Fred Fuerbach, United States

Lets get this done....

Katarzyna Janik, Poland

Vicki Musetti, United States

Be a voice for the voiceless

Matt Akin, United States

Tamara Palmer, United States

Rights for all

Sorav Malhotra, United Arab Emirates

Diana Kostomarova, Estonia

Reznikova Svetlana, Russian Federation

Ben Forest, Israel

Teresa Myers, United States

Yes I will and pledge to first fight for America's wild horses. Others animals too. I

William Wray, United States

Елена Вахрушева, Российской Федерации

Alan Smith, United States

Lili Butcher, United Kingdom

carol huckaby, United States


marcus leatherdale, United States

Guro Margrethe Skjold, Norway

Tatiana Klimenko, Russian Federation

ольга бадриева, Russian Federation

Inga Stripkāne, Latvia

Doris Matte, Brazil

Rebecca Vann, Canada

It is time.

Melinda Rodriguez, United States

Sharon Cassara, United States

Katerina Michouli, Greece

John Pierce, United States

Let's end all animal suffering at the hands of man!

Igor Verhlin, Israel

Marina Myagkova, Russian Federation

Anna Kopylova, Ukraine

Будьте милосердны к тем,кто нуждается помощи

Sofia Sabin, Israel

Oksana Efremov, Israel

Александра Скоробогатова, Russian Federation

Наталья Игновенко, Russian Federation

Сохранить жизнь всему животному миру планеты! Диким и домашним! Улучшить условия содержания и убоя сельскохозяйственных животных и птицы! Запретить меховую индустрию! Запретить дельфинарии, контактные зоопарки и цирки с животными!

Светлана Николаева, Russian Federation

Angelique Flanagan, United States

gerasimova larisa, France

Venera Gumirova, Russian Federation

Kathryn Lamb, United Kingdom

I sign animal suffering is one animal too many!! It is high time we LIBERATE ALL ANIMALS!!!

Denis Vasimov, Russian Federation

svetlana sidorchuk, Israel

Tatyana Tesh, Russian Federation

Irina Konopleva, Russian Federation

Svettlana Rassvetnaia, Moldova, Republic of

Anna Evans, United Kingdom


Elena Babchenko, Russian Federation

Moira Sheppard, Australia

Penny Hardy, United Kingdom

Ben Cachola, United States

Alexandra Ponomareva, United States

kathy patton, United States

Tatiana Belyancheva, Russian Federation

Sherry Champion, Australia

principles all should abide by

Anna Zotova, Russian Federation

Julie Way, Canada

Ольга Салтыкова, Russian Federation

aleksandra berezhnaya, Russian Federation

Elena Zvonkova, Russian Federation

Anna Rozhnovsky, Israel

Alexandra Vishnyakova, Russian Federation

Александр Михайлов, Russian Federation

Natalia Ekimovskaya, Russian Federation

Yuliya Andrianova, Kazakhstan

Marina Batchaeva Marina Batchaeva, Kazakhstan

Наталья Буравова, Российской Федерации

Oksana Kalepka, Russian Federation

Khatuna Abramishvili, Georgia

владимир цоглин, Russian Federation

Татьяна Мудрова, Russian Federation

Татьяна Иванова, Russian Federation

Екатерина Шакирова, Russian Federation

Людмила Сосько, Украина

Valiantsina Khantsevich, United States

Анжелика Малхасян, Russian Federation

Viktoriia Chupikova, Ukraine

елена максимова, Российской Федерации

Михаил Кнабаух, Russian Federation

Defending animals - protecting the planet!

Ирина Наконечная, Russian Federation

Елена Облезова, Российской Федерации

Julia Nikolaeva, Ukraine

Animals- it my friends

Екатерина Чистова, Российская Федерация

Anna Vancian, Israel

Агнесса Багмут- Моор, United States

Lioubov Volkova, Israel

Valeriia Pantiukhov, Israel

yarin kaminsky, Israel

Angelika Deobolt, Israel

Irina Penkova, Israel

Shari Attendorn, United States

Pedro Cheferrino, Brazil

Tiago Cheferrino, Brazil

Roberto Cheferrino, Brazil

Renata Cheferrino, Brazil

Dunkan Quaid, Poland

it must be done

Olena Tsygankova, Canada

Ortal Liber, Israel

Анна Сергеева, Israel

Natalia Ganichkina, Russian Federation

Светлана Оганесова, Russian Federation

Marina Suslov, Israel

svetlana cvetkova, Latvia

Айсель Сулейманова, Azerbaijan

Helena Marzinovsky, Israel

Valery Sopov, Israel

Angela Otero, United States

Pax et bonum✌

Irina Yevseyeva, Russian Federation

Diana Fridson, Israel


Симона Вашкевица, Latvia

Eleonora Kindel Thys, Switzerland

Ludmila Penkovskaja, Israel

Irina Tolstykh, Israel

Vladimir Zavelevich, Israel

Julia Golovina, Russian Federation


Laura Dossayeva, Kazakhstan

Elizabeth Vasserblay, Israel

irina nikogosyan, Georgia

Valerii Bobryshev, Ukraine

Zoia Barzakh, Israel

Arkady Nahimovich, Israel

olga Langvejl, Ukraine

тамара клякина, Российская Федерация

Екатерина Трегубова, Ukraine

Giorgi CHaduneli, Georgia

alena hryb, Austria

Ilona Brüning, Denmark

Alla Kotikova, Italy

Keila Grace, Israel

larisa osmikhovskaya, Ukraine

Tatyana Zhmakin, Israel

Tanya Deykun, Israel

Евгения Барисас, Российской Федерации

Maksym Summ, Israel

Elena Moshinsky, Israel

Evgenia Bludenova, Israel

Irina Karlov, Israel

Andrey Vayner, Israel

Ira Romanchishen, Israel

Oleg Izmailoff, Ukraine

Sofie Furmanova, Russian Federation

Yevgeniya Tanchenko, Israel

AUREA Maio, Brazil


jayme dini, Brazil

Juliana Vargas, Brazil

kelly gray, United States

Donna Unger, United States

josilda josilda, Brazil

Karin Zimmermann, Germany

Sharon Dillon, United States

Fátima Menarelo, Brazil


Jane Marcinkiewicz, United States

Eva De Baets, Belgium

Respect for so precious lives. They deserve to live, many people don't.

Surbhee Nigam, India

I support this declaration. Animals just like humans are the citizen of this mother land. They have equal rights upon earth and freedom to live. Respect them. Love them.

Iosifina Trepekli, Greece

Sieglinda Preez, South Africa

Rhoon Koerner, United States

Penelope Orelllana, United States

akiko okamoto, Japan

Maj Roysko, Finland

Christine Sales, United Kingdom

Laura Ferrari, Italy

Perfectly agree

Lisa Griffiths, United Kingdom

Please just stop killing animals.

Daphne Carroll, Australia

Kathy Raffray, South Africa

Debbir Malek, United States

Rim Denguezlir, Switzerland

Alexa Hilaire, United Kingdom

Deborah Christie, United Kingdom

Please let it be so.

Margarida Rapoula, Portugal

Charlie Baum, United States

sally nottingham, United Kingdom

hi hope this helps keep animals safe sally nottingham

Lungo cesar, Argentina

Natalie Vyhnankova, Czech Republic

PERLA Moyano, United States

Maria O Donnell, Ireland

We are so lucky to share this world with them. We must protect, defend and love them.


Sallie Robbins-Druian, United States


Gloria Wilkins, United States

Leona Mont, United States

save this world together

John Manion, United States

Eiji Sugaya, Japan

Jodi Geery, United States

Michael Smith, United Kingdom

Paul Rathbone, United Kingdom

This is so long overdue...

ritienne calleja, Malta

Louise Mck, Ireland

Dominguez Colette, France

Rachael van Niekerk, New Zealand

Lena Harris, New Zealand

chiyoko abe, Japan

Martie Enfield, United States

Shari Ranger, United States


Christina Ku, United States

Pamela Walker, United Kingdom

John Blanchard, Canada

lynn bywater, United Kingdom

Emily Macdonald, United States

Rachel Hardcastle, United Kingdom

sarah quinlan, Ireland

Natalie Penny, Australia

Akemi Seki, Japan

bernadette chevreau, France

Les animaux doivent être protégés, et la cruauté à leur égard doit être lourdement sanctionnée

Nicki Thibeault, United States

Bonnie Morais, Jamaica

Alice Hassel, United States

Ana Naumovska, Macedonia

No experiments on animals. No breeding and killing animals for food or clothes or medicine. No use of animals for hard labour. No selective breeding for any reason other than the benefit of the animal. No hunting, No zoos!!

Marie-louise Lloyd, South Africa

Laurie vinecki, United States

Oliver Jordi, Switzerland

Stop Animal Cruelty Wordwide!!!

Susanne Wischinski, Germany



Deborah Rice, United States

Deborah Rice, United States

Philip Gassor, United Kingdom

Tania Llewellyn, United Kingdom

Marge Gelsleichter, United States

Kari Robertson, Canada

Tomoko Oosawa, Japan

yasuo nishiyama, Japan

Riko Tosa, Japan

sofia antoniadou, Greece

Valerie Curtis, United States

This is well-drafted and should become global policy. Violators should be punished severely according to a penal code adapted for this.

Magda Assaf, United States

Animals are not punch bags in which frustrated humans can punch to release their stress.

Leslie Moore, Canada

Patricia Vrydaghs, Belgium

Yes Animals should live in Peace But humans are so stupid and I am sure it will never happened So sorry for my friends Hugs to all animals in the world Patricia

mihaela gongescu, Canada

Janeene Williams, United States

Anthoney Mahateva, Canada

Hannah Swarms, United States

Bobbi Parsley, United States



Sandra Pfeiffer, Canada

André Henrique Bacci, Brasil

"I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. This is the proposal of a whole human being." Abraham Lincoln

Carla Jacob, United States

Angela Kohnke, Germany

Bill Jeckells, United Kingdom

Marianne Torres, Philippines

Harrilyn Samson, United States

Pray for peace throughout the world,and Happiness of All Living Beings!

Micheala Caruso, Italy

Karen Wilkins, United Kingdom

Gemma Wood, United Kingdom

Diane Dressler, United States

Ernest Schroder, South Africa

Amandha Hazen, Denmark

Chandra M. Hazen, Denmark

panajiotis fourmoglou, Greece

Maggie Bailey, United Kingdom

Annemieke Antonisen, Netherlands

STOP all animal abuse,toture etc

Robert Levy, United States

Sonja Geven, Germany

Protection for all animals

Janet Shali, Kenya

Linda Kerridge, Australia

Louise Bulmer, United Kingdom

Artemis Asproyerakas, United States

Elise Guidoux, United States

Elizabeth Lok, Netherlands

Michael Monberg, Denmark

Anne Szymanski, United States

michael wu, United States

paula villarroel, Canada

Brittney Ryder, United States

Julio Toro San Martin, Canada

Andy M. Beattie, Australia

jennifer roman, United States

Tracy Jablonski, United States

Isbella Miram, United States

Earthlings we are all

Tania Mara, Brazil

We are all animals and we all have rights!

carol williams, United Kingdom

Maureen Patrone, United States

georgia scott, Australia

Touch Brandon, United States

Yamal Cruz, United States

Raphaël PONCE, France

Sonja Chardonnens, Switzerland

ANANDA BOBBY, United Kingdom

Animal cruelty should stop. Be Humane!

Catherine Sofrona, Greece

Marina Fontana, Italy

Kathy Plant, Australia

All animals have a right to live a peaceful and safe life .

Bettina KAT, Germany

A must!

Anita Braddock, United States

Tomas Anthony, Ireland

John Stafford, United States

All are people and evolution didn't happen.

Evroulla markidou, Cyprus

Sylvia Taaks, Germany


Brenda Stewart, United States

Milla Flinkman, Denmark

michelle geater, United Kingdom

Stephen Kirkwood, United Kingdom

Sandra Stallbom, South Africa

We all need each other equally. None is above the other?

Sandra Janssens, Netherlands

Piotr Matelski, Poland

Jean Clelland-Morin, United States

We are Mindlessly Proliferating our Human species, Invading the natural habitat of others and Destroying all in our path - including ourselves. Animal-Agriculture for Non-Vegans is making a market for Torture, Execution andRape of the Earth

Nancy Hutcheson, United States

Delphine Machenaud, France

P Price, United States

Ursula Pelzer, France

Madhawa Perera, Sri Lanka

Silvia Jabur, Brazil

Robert Irving, United States

Roula Russell, United Kingdom

Frances Godwin, United States

Stefano Santini, Germany

Alina Bardashevich, Russian Federation

Phil Saliba, United Kingdom

Tracey Hall, Canada

Maria Giovanna Tarquinio, Italy

Sandra klein, Germany

Helene Hebbel-Klose, Australia

"Animals should not require our permission to live on earth. Animals were given the right to be here long before we arrived" ~ Anthony Douglas Williams~

Leena Rahja, Finland

N Ford, Canada

Darko Makovic, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Malcolm Field, United Kingdom

Lisa Mueller, United States

San Sui, Brunei Darussalam

Brigitte Hecht, Germany

Janine Brown, Australia

Patricia Munro, United Kingdom

Wendy Witchner, United States

Katarina Pörn, Finland

eva sääf, Sverige

Jennifer Young, United States

Ian Miller, Malta

Ann Beatty, Australia

Justin Wiseman, Australia

End specieism. Go vegan. Compassion for ALL animals.

Connie Dolmans, Netherlands

Silvia Steinhilber, Canada

riitta uusi-rajasalo, Finland

taina alhokoski, Finland


Gayle Kinglin, United Kingdom

Siegrid Roedel, Germany


Kumar Ganesh, Malaysia

I devoted to be a Vegan® for UNIVERSAL COMPASSION & PEACE. "Be kind to EVERY kind, not just mankind" !!! We should NEVER allow the "CRUELTY & OPPRESSION" become "PART OF OUR DNA", it's because human are potentially culpable genocide!

Ronda Hammond-Dziak, United States

Nathalie Marty, France, Metropolitan

Pour le respect de tous les animaux.

Tiia Nummi, Finland

Keith Knight, United Kingdom

All life is precious.

Deirdre Muir, South Africa

Tuija Löppönen, Switzerland

Martin Boyle, United Kingdom

All sentient animals have an equal right to life and liberty.

stéphanie Mineur, France

Nous sommes tous des êtres vivants et respirant qui partagent la même Terre.

Shona Wightman, United Kingdom

Jonna Korpela, Finland

Susan Buschmann, United States

Chandni Singh, United States

Shoba Nair, Australia

Tuija von Bonsdorff, Finland

MARIA L, Germany

Martine Derouaux, Belgium

Riitta Liimatainen, Finland

marja leino, Finland

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all beings are created equal, and have a right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of their Happiness.

Anne Donner, Finland

Marion Valois-Galliou, France, Metropolitan

The Others Animals(because humans are animals too...) must have exactly the SAME rights than us!

Helga Guillen, Australia

Carina Kaskinen, Finland

Dan Hebblewhite, Australia

Maria Eskola, Finland

Lynne Cameron, United Kingdom

Heidi Heinonen, Finland

Ildiko Juhasz, United Kingdom

Geoff Morris, South Africa

Raija Hulkko, Finland

Anu Raatikainen, Finland

Margit Tved, Denmark

Anita Tsutsunen, Finland

Sabine Scheps, Germany

Rayco Rodríguez Méndez, Spain

Andrea Knoepfler, Germany

joseph gaffney, United Kingdom

ann watson, Canada

Kathy Barley, Yugoslavia

Jade Potter, United Kingdom

Andrew Pearson, United Kingdom

Amye Petersen, Australia

Kristie Stevens, United States

Marianne Christensen, Denmark

Kimberly Follin, United States

I am honored to uphold this extremely important document For all the world to see and take notice and honor

Helen Rose, Australia

Andrea Dutton, United Kingdom


This world is a hell because of human beings cruelty to the animals. There wouldn't be no better place for all of us if we don't change the way of ourselves now. No heaven for any humans because humans don't deserve it when we are harming

delphine hussenot, France

Cami Callear, United Kingdom

Druana Dowd, United States

Petra Stadtmueller, Germany

Sofía Frost, Denmark

Wendy Park, United Kingdom

Animals should live long, happy lives. Not be used, abused or eaten!

GIovani Su, United States

I sign because All Animals deserves a place to live in peace and Harmony with the Planet Earth and with Humans

ionela ramona pantilimon, Romania

Denise Pepler, Greece

Francine Baribeault, Canada

Brigitte Gaschnitz, Austria

Lori Avalos, United States

Randi-Lee Ryder, Canada

Humans are disgusting and we need to stop harming animals, before they are gone. When they are gone only just a few of them, we will be gone.

Teresa Tyler, United States

Tess Clark, United States

Rudy Nunez, United States

Animals are our brethren.

Megan Krouse, United States

jose ignacio, Spain

barbara diaz, United States


Goran Jović, Slovenia


Pamela Bronson, United States

Carlye Peterson, United States

Ted Williams, United States

Frédéric Jaubert, France

evi xanthopoulou, Greece

Madeleine Gläser, Germany

Petri Uusi-Mäkelä, Finland

Mindy Manna, United States

Katherine Wimmer, United States

I believe this is most important

Fatima El Kettas, Germany

Bine Grigel, Germany

Shawn Nelson, United States

manuela wolter, Costa Rica

Laura Bruzzese, United States

Linda Francipane, United States

Virgil Pauls, Canada

Teresa Hernandez, United States

gloria percy, United Kingdom

C Bdavila, Mexico

Kerry Buchanan, United Kingdom

Ravi Kumar Gandla, India

Mina DeWinter, United Arab Emirates

Hilary Connolly, United Kingdom

Vickie Rogers, United States

Iphigenia Petridis, Greece

Niina Anttinen, Finland

Donata Jonuškiene, Spain

Angelika Recla, Germany

pearl flanagan, United Kingdom

Ausra Zilinskiene, Lithuania

Sabine Möhler, Germany

Marie-Jeanne Somville, Belgium

J adhère totalement ! J avais introduit toutes ces données dans la version française

John Pender, Ireland

Hannah Marzec, Australia

Animals are ours equal! Time to acknowledge and apply!

Manuela Nestler, Germany

Tanja Pietrangeli, Germany

Tracy Bonner, United Kingdom

Maggie Shrimpton, United Kingdom

Silvia Steinbrecher, Germany

christiane lorand, Belgium

Jean du Ross, Australia

Belen Salazar, Spain

Odile Cascajares salazar, Spain

Oscar Martin rey, Spain

Rebecca Lane-Nohl, Germany

Love and treasure our precious wildlife!

Sam Harrington, United Kingdom

Tanya O Callaghan, United States

Be kind to every kind.

mary mck, United States

We will be ashamed of our treatment of animals in the future but finally we begin to wake up from the long nightmare.

Richard Umpleby, United Kingdom

Marilyn Graziano, Italy


DONNA MCNICOL, United States

Rita Wolff, Germany

pollet olivier, France

pollet stephanie, France

Julien Touzeau, France

Dorine Borne, France

Emma Hopkins, Ireland

Karen Snyder, United States

Laurence Violet, France

Nuria Miró, Spain

Patricia Thomas, France

Kiarash Jabery, United States

We are all animals. We all deserve to live in peace.

Simon Adams, Switzerland

Guylaine Labonte, Canada


isabelle FERNANDES, France

Maxi Frohloff, Australia

Bolly Maus, Austria

Geralynn Lynch, United States

Silja Alter, Germany

consuelo crespo, Suisse

Annabelle BLAISE, France

Superbe texte sur les droits des animaux.

Bettina Niemann, Germany

Jan Repp, United States

Danny Chan, Canada

Humans share this planet with literally millions of other animal species. We are all inhabitants of this Earth and do not have dominion over any of them.

John Brewer, United States

Sascha Höwelkröger, Germany

Fi Wilson, United Kingdom

Eva-Maria Haak, Germany

Julia Klein, Germany

Antoinette Gonzales, United States

Rocco Paolucci, United States

Lucie Boileau, Canada

Marina Kotelnikova, Russian Federation

Corrina Parker, Australia

Abdullah Azhar, Australia

Ryan Strong, United States

Irina Nicolaevici, Romania

Irina Rößler, Germany

Jedes Individuum ist für diese Welt verantwortlich. Gemeinsam sind wir noch stärker!

Leslie Peretsky, United States

Yes to this, they are sentient beings too.

Jennifer Lilly, United States

Emma McGuire, United States

All living things deserve to be treated with respect.

Nena Woelk, Chile

Nita l Moser, United States

Melissa Unger, United States

Vera Samhaber, Austria

Auf das es ein Ende nimmt

Maria Klein, Austria

Fred Saunders, United Kingdom

Make animals safe,we should be looking after our wildlife,please make animal cruiltry stop.

Helena Saunders, United Kingdom

Please please stop bullfighting and any other evil sport.Disgusting.

Sarah Gruber, Germany

Annie Weiler, Luxembourg

Sabine Mayr, Austria

Martina Graf, Austria

Marga Gili, Spain

Peggy Garn, Germany

Annette Berghammer, Germany

Ute Grimm-Sachs, Germany

Judith Campbell, Canada

Dolina von Raedern, Germany

Janina Brzezina, Germany

Marika S., Germany

Martha Jurecka, Austria

Christine Jurecka, Austria

Peggy Meißner, Germany

Marion Weber, Germany

Brigitte Brosch, Germany

Rosi Zang, Germany

Eva Maria Laasch, Germany

Pawel Gurdziel, Germany

frau Helga, United States

Wir haben wirklich kein Recht,den Tieren irgend etwas an zu tun

Sonja Kufner, Germany

Jessica Diebel, Germany

Gabriela Gurdziel, Germany

Marianne Ziller, Austria

Frank Teitscheid, Germany

Anja Stremming, Germany

Jutta Morr, Germany

esther scheucher, Austria

Ute Ziegler, Germany

burkhard otto, Germany

beatrice wassermann, Germany

lydia zink, Germany

jacqueline peter, Switzerland

mary fuller, Vietnam

sviltlana koskyh, France

jocelyne Guillin, France

luc Roux, France

Lisa Thompson, United Kingdom

I'm ashamed to be a human. I'm with the animals all the way. X

Gretchen Diemer, United States

This must be universal. The cruelty dehumanizes us all.

Miger Biger, Thailand

Valérie Kiefer, France

Martine Mouhot, France

christa merken, Belgium

maya mancoff, Macedonia

Laura Sebanz, United States

luck Broutin, France, Metropolitan

Nadine Buriassi, France

thomas osvald, Belgium

égalité entre espesses pour un monde en paix , pour cela il faud tuer l'industrie , faire vivre les paysants honetes

martine guérinet, France

Olivier Marcouyoux, France



Alfred Krausshaar, France

Jenny Howell, United Kingdom

Catherine Bolly, France

Sandra Seidel, Germany

Susanne Stachel, Switzerland

Vicky Haucke, Germany

christina degang, Belgium

Marilin Camejo, Cuba

monique hakkaart, Netherlands

chako t kohsaka, Hong Kong

Susanne Mennis, Germany

Linda Phelan, United States

daniela plüschau, Germany

Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers, United States

citizen of the Netherlands

Juana Lee collyns, Spain

Jonathan Schaeffer, United States

Monique Dupuy, France

Jean Longley, United Kingdom

Christine Walch, Luxembourg

Humanity's true moral test,its fundamental test,consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals. And in this respect humankind has suffered a fundamental debacle,a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it.

Bartha Sjoerdsma, Netherlands

Mark Ridgway, Australia

Every sentient being deserves respect and care, end of story....whatever you do never put any one or anything out of your heart.

Debra Arrington, United States

Elizabeth Stopp, United Kingdom

Marie Greenhalgh, United Kingdom

Talula bridger, South Africa

Tina Michelakis, België

nathalie guillaume, Belgium

dominique becker, France

Gayle Woodul, United States

louise green, United Kingdom

bondarenko sandrine, France

madeleine sassignol, France

Corey Thompson, Australia

Chapy Isabelle, France

Kelly Ellwood, United Kingdom

Zara Key, United Kingdom

charlotte thornton, United Kingdom

Diane Janssens, Belgium

Jamie Cameron, United Kingdom

Rosalind Healy, United Kingdom

Paradise is ours if we respect and care for our beloved animal friends.

Christine Nacaouelle, France

Heinrich Deutges, Germany

Audrey Mathiot, France

Nathalie De Graeve, France

Les animaux étaient sur terre avant nous et doivent être protégés.

cristal de Rose, France

Christine LESIEUR, France

Elizabeth Clifford, United States

Catherine Palmer, United Kingdom

Elisa Sakurai, Brazil

Caroline Tamaki, Brazil

Sarah Berry, United Kingdom

Elisabeth Björklund, Sverige

Gillian Hogg, United Kingdom

Peg Coogan, United States

Heddy Way, United Kingdom

All living beings on this planet have rights. Humans do NOT own them and they owe us nothing. If anything the debt is ours to the amazing creatures that have given more to this planet than man has ever done.

Marie-Hélène MAILLIER, France

Rachael Ainge, United Kingdom

Eileen Wishart, United Kingdom

One planet! Go vegan!

Christine Morini, France

Karen Wright, United Kingdom

Amy T, United Kingdom

David Pretseille, France, Metropolitan

sarah agena servais, la Belgique

Stephanie Chabrier, Dominican Republic

Rosanna Jevon, United Kingdom

Barbara Reynoso, United States

Gisèle Ste - Marie, Canada

nadine birette, France

Martignano Laura, Belgium

sandra bab, France

Christopher Romanowski, United States

I love animals

thierry piaser, France

Vicki Hillig, United States

Sharifah Farah Debah Syed Mohammad, Malaysia

Maria Cascajares, Spain

Brandy Schwerdt, United States

Ashley Gura, United States

I promise to do my part as well in protecting our most precious creatures.

Gloria Arsene, United Kingdom

gehane heshmat, Egypt

Salaheddin Moustafa, Sweden

Patricia Vorhies, United States

Steeve L, Canada

Vatan Martine, France

Jérémie Benech, France

Krissy McIntyre, Canada

Animals have rights just like we do!! Compassion is a must!

Kristen Smolinski, United States

Ravi Bohgan, Canada

Candace McCarthy, United States

Every living thing has a heart, has feelings and breathes in air. Making it a part of something bigger. All life is precious and none diserving of pain, torture, cruelty or exploitation.

Jo Ardell, United States

Birgitte Hougaard, Denmark

Ana Sierra, United States

Christina Hocking, Australia

trai hiscock, United Kingdom

Heather Blakeslee, United States

Ashli Rice, United States

Jan D., France

Stéphanie Balade, United States

If you want to live in PEACE on Earth : just GO VEGAN ! <3 it is that simple ! La Terre est un paradis, pour que nous en profitions tous il suffit juste que chaque être humain le veuille, c'est aussi simple que ça...!

Caroline Lea, United Kingdom

It's time we grew up and realized we should look after this planet and the other species that share it. They have as much right to exist as we do.

Christine Tso, United States

Leandra Mayorga, United States

Animals meed to be safe

Jennifer Riddel, United States

Erick Felix, United States

Love animals even if we cant understand them they all have a consious

Ayse Arslan, United States

Mark Belanger, Canada

Brenda Sawyer, Canada

Diego Ramos, United States

Adriana Botero, United States

animals have the same right to live as humans do !

Alejandro Litardo, Argentina

Less BBQ and more Soy Beans will help this World in more ways than can be imagined

Bianca Galeno, Brazil

Neli Lazri, Canada

Julia Taylor, United States

Humans are animals, and dumber than most. All animals deserve to carry out their lives in accordance with their nature.

Michaela Corkum, Canada

I love this declaration and I will stand by it with my life

George Tulloch, United States

Dan Schwen, United States

Ok find them now

Andrew Arena, United States

Ace Vonsaber, United States

Luisa Alfonso, United States

Need to stop abusing animals

Talita Trygsland, United States

Liberation to all animals!

Rolf Grimsrud, Norway

Christine Kibler, United States

Anna Lukaszewicz, United States

Alison Brickley, United States

Agustina Gobbi, Argentina

Thais Creegan, United States

Chelsea Caccamo, United States

Rene Beauchemin, United States

David Westover, United States

Ricardo Flores, United States

I very much support this cause and I would love to be apart of this magnificent movement for I too believe in showing compassion to ALL living organisms.

Julie Fitch, United States

Animals deserve our protection and respect. They are on this planet for their own purpose. We owe it to future generations to care for these sentient beings which will lead to better care of ourselves and the environment.

Alexander Cabrera, United States

John Pertew, United States

Ashish Panwar, India

Please save animals,they are with us not for us. Nothing makes us human by killing another sentiment being

Mark Conrad, United States

Kelly Conrad, United States

Liberate them all!

Jessica Scofield, United States

Ruth Olafsdottir, United States

Kelly Chianciola, United States

Jon DeLeon, United States

Pray for change

Janelle Colondres, United States

We are ALL earthlings.

Kathy Medina, United States

Jesse Herman, United States

This is beautiful.

Samesa Hoskin, United States

We all live on this planet together.

Yesenia Barrera, United States

Thank you so much for this. All my life I've been oblivious to such an accomplishment and am quite thankful to see so many other people fighting for the voiceless.

Julie Livingston, United States

Lori Van Buren, United States

Bailey Smith, United States

Hélène Baribeault, Canada

Lisa Benedix, United States

For those who don't have a voice I sign this.

Katherine Arena, United States

Jennifer Brennan, United States

The Golden Rule applies to ALL beings....not just humankind! "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Animals are living, breathing, sentient beings that deserve to live their lives free from the tyranny of mankind.

Christina Polyukh, United States

Neyda Serrano, United States

These souls are everything for those who care. I truly do believe this.

K Smith, Australia

Alexandria Gonzalez, United States

Animals are sentient beings just like humans and should be given the same rights.

Henry Salmon, United Kingdom

Brittany Spencer, United States

Would you want it done to you?

Roxanne Vasquez, United States

Animals deserve basic rights just as humans do.

Joanne Reyes, United States

"May All Beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all"

Inish Moloney, Ireland

In fifty years this declaration will be pinned to walls in classrooms,hung in government buildings and carved into memorials

Marie Kranidis, Australia

Alexander moyer, United States

May God punish those who mistreat animals. May we be given the wisdom to accept the fact that all Gods creatures are sentient and deserve to live as God intended; not as human food or human entertainment, nor as test subjects or sacrifices

Stacey Citraro, United States

I'm passionate about animals. I'm animal rights activist and advocate. Being a voice for the oppressed is my life. I will be a voice and promote awareness until the day I die. Feel free to view my work:

Alireza Jabbari, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Animals are angels of our life.

Gabi Spyridon, United States

Animals have rights and I am just one voice for them

Chandra Fuller, United States

Teresa Bewsey, United Kingdom

I will never stop fighting.

Julia MacDOwall, Canada

All living things are equal, why lots of people think we're better than other animals really makes me sad. They are so self absorbed and need to start thinking about others!! >:(

Laura Lanér, Finland

Petri Uusi-Mäkelä, Finland

Millamaria Vaittinen, Spain

Kirsi Tapola, Finland

Aileen-Jay Baguistan, Canada

Mikael Mellin, Finland

Helena Åberg, Finland

Nadiia Nikoniuk, United Arab Emirates

Make torturers for peoples same like they're doing for animals

Yoko Mccartney, Canada

lyubomyra burlachuk, Ukraine

Elsa Beatriz Herrmann, United States

Some day if we kee fighting for animals rights. They will have the right to live and end their suffering. will happen ...ju

Wendy Ackinclose, Canada

Animals deserve the same respect as humans.

marie couwez, United States

Talia Falconer, Canada

Until every cage is empty, and all animals are free!

DAvid Fisher, United States

We are all natures creatures

Robin Monteiro, United States

Salmon Pascale, France

Pour les droits des animaux! Go vegan!

Marie Elaine, United States

karin voeten, Dominican Republic

Alara Mine Kaya, Turkey

Melanie Andrej, Austria

Lizza Reed, United States

Brian Miller, Canada

Dan Burbank, United States




FTLA Apparel, United States

We must learn to co-exist with all animals. They have every right to safely walk this planet without fear of being tortured for consumption, clothing, their ivory, for "trophy kills, tested on & murdered for barbaric purposes and greed.

Mary Ferguson, Canada

Anita DeMelo, South Africa

Helen Kopnina, Netherlands

Molly Egar, United States

I love animals and I hope that one day all animals can be free.

Regina Schwab, Germany

Eleanor Machon, United States

I love animals and whant all cruelty to stop and set all creatures free to live there natural way

Daniel Peters, India

Akarsh Radhakrishnan, India

I hereby abide and will strive to follow every right that pertains to our fellow earthling. I will also act persistently towards liberation and freedom for our innocent souls.

Andreas Hurmer, Germany

Viki Rambo, United States

Rachel Kuklinski, New Zealand

Daisy Salop, Mexico

Nandini Sharma, United States

Genesis 1:29 Exodus 20:13

S Sinclaire, United States

Alexander Gergel, Australia

Anne Gergel, Australia

Anisja Andričević, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Esther Son, United States

Dominique Olibrice, United States

Let the animals have a chance. They have been suffering far too long.

Hannah Butterworth, France

Have a cracker! Let the animals live!

Leticia Helena Queiroz, Brazil

Reading this makes you realize how wrong this world still is and how much work we still must do for the kindest, most vulnerable creatures on Earth. Humans really aren't beasts; they are monsters.I pray someday empathy will be the law.

Kesia Mina, United States

Nigel Nichols, Australia

Tasha Gergel, Australia

Animals are not ours to do with as we wish. One day humans will understand this.

Madeleine Lifsey, United States

Arlyn Herrera, United States


Jan Lajeunesse, United States

Thank you for what you do

Eve Lee, Indonesia

STOP animal abuse. Animal is our family. Raise humanity!!!

Veronica Zambrano, United States

Signed this in hopes that one day we can bring peace to all animals, not just our domesticated companions.

Noora Turunen, Finland

Jennifer Potts, United States

Alisha Armellini, United States

One day may we live in a world where everyone's eyes are open, animals are treated as the equal loving beings they are

Rodrigo Costa, Portugal

James Lenze, United States

i like animals

Alexander Pompian, United States

Bradley Smith, United States

Sandra Higgins, Ireland

Marilyn Mayer, United States

Scott Pine, United States

Cocca Santaga, Italy

It's time to respect animal rights

Nabila Umar, Indonesia

Anjanee Kendall, United States

I have always believed that animals should be treated with respect and love. We should not be carelessly harming them, but we should be living in harmony with them.

A V n, Canada

Lydia Noto, United Kingdom

Rudolf Mühl, Germany

Sigrid Dr. Neef, Germany

Mirella Seaman, Canada

Glennis Whitney, Australia

Janina Grage, Germany

Rolf Mense, Spain

Karin Guenther, Germany

Genaro Claussell, United States

Inge Stadler, Germany

Irene Bouslama, France

ken lang, Canada

Nicki Hill, United Kingdom

Emek Felekoglu, United States

Lauren Khoo, United States

Annemie Goeyvaerts, Belgium


Ceyara Garcia, United States

Gabriella Kiss dr, France

Jane Rudner, United States


Natalie Miceli, Belgium

Roberta Cutcher, United States

june bullied, Canada

animals are a gift to us and need to be respected, protected and loved unconditionally

Jimmy Johnson, United Kingdom

'Hold these truths to be self-evident' - I think animals deserve a new masterpiece not the repetition of one, but the cause is more important than the scruple: I wholeheartedly support this.

Melissa Wozniak, United States

Kamlesh shah, India

Singned on and behalf of: Akhil Bharat Krishi Go Seva Sangh [Mumbai, Maharashtra state India Offices at : Vardha, & Malagoan]. Trustee

melissa wagner, United States

Jacques KABANO, Rwanda

I support this project and I will protect animal rights anytime.

Sue Nielsen, United States

Continue this good work.

Akshar Goyal, India

I believe in Animal Rights. By protecting animals, we can show our actual power.

Nadine Robinson, United States

Lisbet Hofman Stahrenberg, Denmark

C V, United States

Monica Puente, United States

Love this!

Giselle V. Wilson, United States

Anne Cooper, Australia

Marvellous idea. Those poor darlings... Look at that picture...

Chloe Shaw, United States

This blew my mind

Margaret Smith, United States

Jarred Perley, United States

Rebecca Riebe, Australia

Plaxy Folland, Australia

Liana Vargas, Australia

Jolie Blue, Australia

May all sentient beings be safe, respected, and free

Paul Mazdon, Australia

it's self evident stupid

Clancy Warner, Australia

Sharon Kelley, Australia

may all beings be happy may all beings be free

Carmel Young, Australia

“Today more than ever before life must be characterized by a sense of Universal Responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.”—His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Darielle Brunton, Australia

May all beings know happiness and freedom

Faheem Jehan Zaib, Pakistan

Cheyene Jones, Canada

Rebecca Hone, Ireland

Nathalie Ramirez, United States

"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Ghandi

Michen Thuemer, United States

Scaughdt Iam, Germany

Ryan Knoble, United States

fernando moya herrera, Costa Rica

Rishabh singh, India

Ragnhild Sollund, Norway

olivier marquet, France

Youme Lee, Korea, Republic of

Kelly Alder, United States

It's time. It's been way too long. These animals live in a Holocaust every single day.

URSULA SAND, Switzerland

Lilah Woods, Canada

Audrey Jean, United States

Kenneth McPheron, United States

hannah hilton, United States

Lina Bradauskaitė, Lithuania

Sarah Sudheer, India

Kelly Frink, United States

Elysa Muniz, United States

Breea Kindred, United States

Daljeet Phermaen, Canada

Lena Hernandez, United States

carole firth, United States

this is the most truest and important document I ever seen.Animals are our brothers and must be equal to humans -never less than. All sentient beings are owed the right to live freely and free from harm.

Lina Muñoz, Colombia

Saihashna Rajkumar, South Africa

Saihashna Rajkumar, South Africa

Rohan Mehta, United States

shashikala narayan, United States

i completely agree

Ines Nitsch, Germany


Keiron Dalle, Canada

Sarah Hernandez, United States

Payal Mehta, United States

Stop abusing all animals which include farm animals too. Save the planet

Aidan Wiggins, United States

We must do something now.

La Quinda Butler, United States

I believe this is a noble cause and I wish I had known about this declaration sooner.

Diane Applin, United Kingdom

Daniel Orejuela, United States

Probably needs to be written differently for greater effect and cooperation?

Kasey Hunter, United States

Agatha Stafilidess, Egypt

Nadine Lyb, Albania

Billy MacArigacus, Greece

Catherine Staffy, Greece

GRATELLE Maud, France

URSULA SAND, Switzerland

Terry Hodson, South Africa

MARY scates, United States

Carmen Figueiredo, Brazil

Anna Rogovska, Ukraine

Sunirmal Datta, India

Living beings have souls, pain,fear,love and motherhood. So they must cared in same way done to humans.

Laurynn Stack, United States

Athena Hogue, United States

Виктория Волковая, Ukraine

Sílvio Teixeira, Portugal

Σπυριδούλα Γιαννοπουλου, Greece

Yvonne Wey, Switzerland

Steve Harris, Denmark

Hanneke Mol, Netherlands

Elisabet Dale, Sweden

Sue Poriazis, South Africa

Animals are sentient beings, capable of love, joy, pain and fear, just like us. They must be treated with love and compassion.

Daulis Webb, United States

I love animals, and I suffer every time they get hurt.

Tracy Cronje, United Kingdom

Karina Herrera, United States

Sofia Herrera, United States

Animals can't ask for help. They can't ask for freedom. They can't ask for protection. They have no voice. Humanity must be their voice!!!

Ross Romanos, Australia

Animals are innocent and vulnerable and we have the responsibility to protect them by giving them the same rights as human animals have.

Linda Bower, United States

May all beings everywhere be wild and free :)

John Bachman, United States

Erik Žofiak, Slovakia

Laura Farris, United States

With love and compassion forever, XXOO

Louise Barker, United Kingdom

Dominique Joron-Breuil, France

Très belle déclaration en espérant que cela fasse évoluer les choses

Lorraine Brabant, Canada

Patrick Truyen, Belgium

Marni Gent, Canada

David Millions, Portugal


Luísa Xavier, Portugal

Libby Basford, United Kingdom

Delicia Burnell, United Kingdom

Susan Duckworth, United Kingdom

João Alpoim, Portugal

Animal freedom!

Sérgio Lourenço, Portugal

Kelly Dixon, United Kingdom

Gary Kemp, Portugal

Eva Ibrahim, United States

Lila Alexandraki, Greece

Chryssoula Zerbini, United Kingdom

Manto Osho, Greece

It was time! Be blessed!

Aris Tragoustis, Greece

Markella Mama, Greece

catherine jacob, France

Sam Post, Canada

Christina Brown, Canada

No truer declaration! I agree with this declaration 100% !

Ryan Petersen, United States

ANIMALS are not OURS. WE are ANIMALS. WE are not SLAVES to each other! WE are FAMILY. STOP EATING ANIMALS!!!

Elisa Hernandez, United States

Pamela Harp Gentry, United States

I signed the scroll on NARD in Los Angeles. Let us stand united for the rights of the animals.

Adeline Ng, Singapore

Beth Music, United States

Dipen Patel, South Africa

Animal rights! Carnists must be held accountable for their crimes. Go vegan!

ludo stassijns, Belgium

Theresa Bass, United States

William Music Jr, United States

Arie Spruijt, Netherlands

Tammy Allen, United States

Joanne Fleming, United States

We are all one.

Cazna Fitz-gibbon, Australia

robert ibbitson, United Kingdom

Jennifer Doherty, Canada

Kimberly Thomas, United States

Janet Roper, United States

Anisiia Nykoniuk, Lithuania

David Anderson, Ireland

Marya Anderson, Ireland

Melanie Chipperfield, France

Liz Lopez, United States

Blanca Delgado, Ecuador

Ada patricia Ballina sanchez, Mexico

Anya Cruz Boijseauneau, Mexico

Relisten and Reread with love please!!!!!!!!!! Sad tristísimo: El hoy desilusión de Rodolfo Giuliani no apoyo su Donald Trump en su increíble noble sistema siciliano que por $, narcisitas, poder entre terroristas no están respetando la vid


cristian flores, Mexico

Marita Vanoirbeek Kempeneers, United States

Guadalupe Garcia Guadalupe, Mexico

Montserrat Bueno Martínez, Spain

Marizabel Barrancos, Bolivia

Herminio Aroca, Spain

esmeralda garcia jaimes, Mexico

Pamela Lara, United States

Maria Elena Lavin, Mexico

Alejandro Gomez, Mexico

Demos libertad y respeto a todos los animales del mundo, aprendamos a convivir y a conservar el planeta en orden y armonia


Gloria Elena Baqueiro Magaña, United States

Aquiles Garrido, Mexico

Jose GARCIA, United States

Paola Dominguez, Argentina

El maltrato animal es algo que se debe terminar y vivir una vida digna

Margarita Maria Alfaro Monge, Costa Rica

Q se respeten sus derechos Noooo más maltratos en contra de ellos y quede todo en impunidad

Olga Maria de Jesus Almada, Mexico

Corzar Yaya, United States

Rosa Vidal, Mexico

Mabel Herrera, United States


Bertha Cecilia Martínez Cobo, Costa Rica

Me uno a esta campaña por todas las especies animales

Olga Flores, Mexico

claudia Claudia, Mexico

julieta moreno, Mexico

Zenon Stepkowski, Canada

Laura Miranda, Argentina

susana cardiel, Mexico

será aprobada esta declaración por el gobierno de todos los países y cuando?

Rafael Hernandez, Panama

Jeff Lake, Canada

No 'Comment' needs to be forthcoming, as the 'evidence' is EVIDENT~! One only has to be AWARE and 'Pay Attention'. (no 'payment' involved, because it's FREE; just like 'They' should be;any more than 'Humanity' expects for itself~! )

Florence Martin, United Kingdom

Macx Adams, United Kingdom

Lyubava Malysheva, Norway

Ted Foss, Canada

Karla Paranto, United States

This is our job, Mother Earth

stan the man, United States

deborah marie, United States

Joachim Kübler, Germany

susan hartland, United States

Samuela Bernetti, Italy

Anna Delaney, Ireland

Anita Merrigan, United States

LEGAL RIGHTS and mercy for animals worldwide NOW

Annette Gehling, United States

Conny Jonsson, Sweden

Stepas Mazuolis, Lithuania

Glenn Martin, United Kingdom

Antonella Zuppini, Italia

Linda Hearns, Canada

Harsh Salgia, India

Patricia Jardine, United States

Anne Önbäck, Sweden

peter vandenberg, Canada

monica reynolds, Canada

all animals have the RIGHT to live their lives in freedom - without pain and fear and sorrow that human beings continue to subject them too.........for as long as I live - till my dying breath I will fight for them .........

Susan Wheatley, United States

It is humans who have decided non-human animals are "lesser" beings. They are not. Non-human Sentient Beings- fellow Earthlings- MUST be given their freedom from human-imposed bondage, abuse. Until then, there will never be Peace on Earth.

Jade Shreeve, United Kingdom

Mi Renyard, United States

Elspeth Duncan, Trinidad and Tobago

When we live in harmony and with respect for all animals of the planet, then we will know true peace.

Amber Badger, United Kingdom

Michaela Thompson, United Kingdom

Charlie Claveau, United States

Ankur Dubey, India

Taeleece Underwood, United States

lexi muskett, United States

cheryl McIntyre, Australia

I agree

Cynthia Leeman, United Kingdom

Tracy Collins, United Kingdom

Nilgun Sen, Canada

Katie Holden, United Kingdom

Vicky Alhadeff, United Kingdom

Alexandria Hall, Australia

Christine Dyer, United Kingdom

Mary Drody, United States

Jonathan Clode, United Kingdom

Zina Villano, United States

Emma Dowd, United Kingdom

It's about time the abuse and violence towards animals stopped.

Debbie Moran, United Kingdom

Spencer Burrows, United Kingdom

G D, United States

Elaine Baxter, United Kingdom

Paul Ruffy, United Kingdom

Beautiful image but doesn't do anything to challenge stereotypes of big cats and safari animals somehow being more relevant and important than cows, pigs, sheep and chickens, which are the most oppressed.

Laura Dunn, United Kingdom

Lesley Ann Hartman, United Kingdom

Sarah Cowan, United Kingdom

Nick Mott, United Kingdom

Martin Pease, United Kingdom

Elaine Sadler, United Kingdom

Tracey Lazell, United Kingdom

Gina Robinson, New Zealand

Laura Rghif, United Kingdom

Paula Rogers, United Kingdom

Julie Rowbotham, United Kingdom

Louise Vicentini, United Kingdom

Bette Daniele Scuzzese, United States

Chantelle Daniels, Canada

Susan McCauley, United States

di domenico maria, United States

chivit carine, France, Metropolitan

Michael Amy Cira, United States

Andrew Byers, South Africa

Antonella Nielsen, Denmark

Fernando Magalhaes, United Kingdom

Melanie Edwards, United Kingdom

Svitlana Grytsiuk, Ukraine

Glen Venezio, United States

Ruth WAlker-Mahmood, United Kingdom

barbara ito, Italy

Frances Fitzsimons, United Kingdom

christiane olive, France

V. Gargagliano, Canada

Susanne Daisley, United Kingdom

Michelle Young, United Kingdom

Adrian Baker, United Kingdom

muriel compain, France

corinne mansat, France

Mary Finelli, United States

Nonhuman animals need and deserve effective legal protection, too!

Genevieve Lambert, Belgium

Jenna Marchal, Belgium

Audrey Mason, Belgium

Martine cuisenaire, Belgium

Michelle Abouchabki, South Africa

Glynis Goldsbrough, United Kingdom

Hernan Silva, Chile

Joseph Yanko, United States

Virginio Bandi, Italia

Jemma Meecham, Australia

There is no more urgent social justice issue than the worldwide animal holocaust. The epic global crimes against voiceless living creatures has created the greatest horror show on earth & is humanity's greatest shame.

Gerlinde Holzer, Austria

Heike Staff, Germany

Hana Koehler, Germany

Deanne Sykes, Australia

Ruth Parramore, Australia

Animals are not them, not others. They are our equals. They have lives of their own. Animals are sentient and are not ours to own, eat, wear or experiment on.

kevin catchpole, United Kingdom

Dorothy Parker, United States

Kerri Buttons, Greece

Humans are are disgrace on Earth.No compassion for anything but themselves .

Thierry Rouby, France

Nicolas Gérard, France

Lotta Persson, Sweden

Josephine Cupitt, United Kingdom

Nancy Van de Velde, Belgium

Animals are my friend. Animals are like me. I'm an animal.

Tina Dunleavy, United Kingdom

jane racine, Canada

Vilya Ageeva, Russian Federation

Raffaella Mendini, Italy

Jose Avetikyan, Romania

Fernando Pueblo, United States

Alisa Adobajor, Russian Federation

Ann Must, Estonia

lillyanne cullum, United Kingdom

Melissa Adams, United States

Eric Badofsky, United States

POM POM, France

Pas des cages plus confortables : des cages VIDES. Exploitation Abolition ! NON au spécisme.

Benoit Dupuis, Canada

Debra Dragonheart, Australia

We are all one.



Clovis C, France

All beings must be protected

Cesar C, France

Joanne Ferguson, United States

Audrey Taieb, France

Kirsten Muller, South Africa

isabelle golion, France

Philippe Def, France

Sylvie Lefevre, France

This means so much to me! I am so proud to put my signature on this document! It is time for humanity to acknowledge the existence of animals and respect their lives!

Barbara Peterlin, United States

caroline salfati, France

Mary Shabbott, United States

All animals have a right to live out their lives without fear of being hunted down or their homes torn away from them.

Karen Wilson, Canada

Nicki Teixeira, United States

lynda lee, Australia

Kate Danum, Denmark

Carolyn Black, United States

Animals should be revered and cared for being the amazing creatures they are. People are selfishly blind to not support, connect with and to see each animals unique beauty.

Stephen Bové, United States


Debra Yanko, United States

Zainab Khan, India

Rebecca Daniels Smith, United States

tetiana savchenko, Ukraine

Evgeny Rogozhyn, Israel

Tymur Akayev, Ukraine

Jan Garen, United Kingdom

Elisabeth Ritter, Germany

Jevranne Martel, United States

Karin Nelson, Canada

Animals MUST be given rights, personhood status and allowed to live free from harm.

Estefania Aparicio, Mexico

Danielle Prochaska, United States

Fina Fina, France

evelyne simon, France

Michelle Kruize, Netherlands

Cassandra King, United States

Maureen Cachia, United Kingdom

marie Khattabi, France

Katy Bodman, United Kingdom

Emma Pettersson, Sweden

Valérie Esquiros, France

Anna Diveu, France

We have freedome and respect why not them , they are equal has us

Michaela Janthur, Germany

James Jones, United Kingdom

Katie Lloyd, United Kingdom

I will do my best to protect animals, in my lifetime and I will aim to educate future generations in order to allow them to do the same❤️

Rita Donovan, United Kingdom

Birgit Görtz, Germany

Matthew Dempsky, United States

Verna Knapp, United States

Animals are in my heart not on my plate.

Venera Kinda, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Catalin Coraci, Romania

Brandy Johnson, United States

Mick Ryder, United States

Troy Ragan, United States

Brian Oehlert, United States

Brittany Oehlert, United States

Philip Volpe, United States


Marissa York, United States

Nicky Landeryou, United Kingdom

Cathy Borrego, United States

Mathias Klausen, Denmark

Matthew Giglio, United Kingdom

maria nixon, United States

sandra etchell, United States

emanuela truzzi, Italy

Dinesh Kudtarkar, India

massimo marchesini, Italy

Monica Hammond, United States

Jennifer Foxtrot, United Kingdom

Alan Haas, Canada

Natasha Rusiecki, Sweden

emma mcarthur, United Kingdom

Catherine Walls, United Kingdom

francoise munka, France

Myriam Venegas, United States

Oliver Dykes, United Kingdom

At the very least, there can be no excuse for not granting to animals ECHR-equivalent rights to Life and a prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. Por lo menos, los animales deberian tener derecho a la vida y a no estar torturados.

Duquesa Bronwyn Cleare, Spain


Marion Tucker, Malta

This should have been written and signed and upheld centuries is better than never!! Peace on earth and goodwill towards ALL creatures who inhabit it!!

sonia egger, Switzerland

Adrian Appley, United Kingdom

This must succeed.

Monika Koestler, Germany

Joanna Novosedlik, Canada

daniel bokken, Belgium

christiane smeets, United States

Patricia Friedman, United States

Armando Acero, United States

Animals are people too!

Jane Gordon, United States

long overdue

samir kraus, Germany

Milla Chaney, France

Sarah Brasset, France

Deanna Krieglstein, United States

Kathleen Quinn, United States

Samia Boudjenane, France

Lori Harsh, Canada

Ashley Sawyer, United States

Jonathan Workman, United States

Gintare Kozlovskaja, Lithuania

Mauro Almeida,